Drop Everything and Look at the Street Style Outside of Chanel

When it comes to fashion week dressing, the outside of Chanel is like the Olympics of street style. It is the ultimate stage upon which athletes of the industry pull out all the stops and finally perform the triple axle backflips of outfits they’ve been warming up for all fashion month.

Pre-and-post show this Spring 2018 season, pink ruffled dresses and puffy sleeves reminiscent of cotton candy floated alongside acid-wash jeans, shiny patent leather, simple white t-shirts and oversized trenches. Tweed jackets and black toe-capped glitter boots were common threads amidst all the mouth-watering variety. At a Chanel-hosted Olympics, everyone is playing for the same team.

There was a larger bow that tied the picture together, though: an overwhelming evidence of delight in the process of putting together a combination of clothes and accessories that, together, do the absolute most.

Tell me your favorite outfits in the comments down below. I’m handing out gold medals left and right.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • Hannah Nichols

    Number 6 number 6 number 6!!! Please let that be me in 50 years.

  • Well darling 17 and 36 . I’m all about color right now ! Color darlings is guiding fashion !
    Dress The Part

  • Chelsea Truax

    Ah snap, 64 is way too cool!

  • Nathalia

    61,64 and 92

  • Maren Lindquist

    12: gotta love a man in tweed and riding boots

    • yael

      I just saw him and couldn’t move forward! I’m stuck on that look

      • Leila Bagnall

        Yesssss the guy in 12 👌

  • Ulricha Ferdinandsen Bodenhoff

    43&68 !!

  • 56; 66; 67

    29 with the turquoise birkin and silver fingerless gloves. gasp

  • Gracie Livingston

    36, 49, 54, 64 !!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing

  • S

    <3 the small reissue bag in #2

  • rachel

    The little dog is number one (<3), but Leandra in that amazing blazer as shirt is a close second. Oh and the gentleman in head to toe white: amazing.

  • ReadER451

    #33 and #56 are my favorite. Feeling really good about my Zara black tweed jacket purchase right about now.

    • eizhowa

      The 33 is probably the only outfit I would actually wear in real life. It was so chic, but not as loud as a lot of the other outfits.

  • diane

    17, 22, 33, 36, 69 and 87. But mostly thanks for making me no longer crave those $10,000 sequin knee-high boots now that I have seen them on so many other people!

  • Ben Pechey

    101 ALL THE WAY !!

    • Modupe Oloruntoba


      • Ben Pechey

        TRULY A LEWK

  • Jul Mara

    6 is my role model. 11 is how I imagine my alternate universe life as a Real Housewife. I would like to borrow 54, 60, & 67 for grocery shopping and watering my plants, please. 36 has me DEAD. Look at that girl at 59! 😉 😉


  • Paola


  • The best street style is after you go on a long water fast! Right?

    Make ‘em laugh.

  • Holland Kennedy

    2, 6, 10, 17!!! 23 is super me, 36, 48, 57, 64, 75!!! 89, 91, 93, 96, 98, 101.. they’re all SO good ugh

  • Hudson Berry

    I live for the woman in the middle in #16. Die for the short/shoe.

  • A great collection for everyone, no matter if young or old.

  • Bella

    Normally love your articles Harling but this is way off the mark . They look great because 80% of people in this slideshow wore Chanel Chanel Chanel . I know that you are supposed to pay homage but some of these are top to toe . A bit eh really .
    The woman in the green stripe shirt and sequin dress , turtleneck and pant with racing stripe , red polyvinyl coat white pant combo, and the guy in the pink suit because those shoes , however , look 🔥💣🔥💣🔥💣

  • PFW street style or how many Chanel pieces i own, and how to wear the all at once

  • Modupe Oloruntoba

    17, 25, and 27 are so refreshing; Chanel is usually just a black and white ‘double c’ love fest.
    The guy in 32? LOVE.
    Shoutout to eternal fashion fave Margaret Zhang at 42.
    (59) Oh hai Leandra!
    Death by cuteness at 66.
    93 is the juice
    Could legit get married in 96, tbh
    Need coat in 99
    YAS 101

  • maddleff

    17 , 48, 54!!! gimme

  • Hi I’m Viv

    Did you really go to the Chanel show if you aren’t wearing Chanel Sparkle Boots??

  • Jennifer

    Ehh. Too much tweed, cap toe shoes, and quilted leather. Everyone is wearing the same things! How boring and basic. I think its great to pay homage to Chanel while attending the show, but geez, way to wear a uniform, you rich, fancy people. There were a couple peeps in there who did Chanel the right way though.

  • Leslie Hitchcock

    I’m so pissed I didn’t get that JW Anderson trench.

  • Natty

    36… Giovanna continues to have the most fun with fashion, ever. I am such a fan.

  • Chelsea Salvador

    number 56 forever. natural born STAR

  • Fiona Foran

    Obvs the dog. ❤️👍

  • Kim Duke

    #36 is the tits ! lovelovelove this combo

  • Roisin Nic Giolla Chomhaill

    Bronze 49 Silver 17 Gold 36

  • Hayley

    Look 36!!

  • Shevaun

    For the most part: IM BORED

    36 is good tho, good call MR commenters

  • Hannah Betts

    I love Chanel, and I love a trad Chanel look, yet I’m not sure I love the full Gucc aspect of some of these head-to-toes looks. It feels a tad literal.

  • Too much Chanel, not enough imagination.

  • Gabriela Cavalheiro

    A circus…

  • Jenny Robertson Johnson

    the picture of you looks the best

  • Odile Archambault

    33 🙌🏼 44 🙌🏼 54

  • Ellen Johnston

    Those silver Chanel sneakers, tho!

  • Andy

    oh my – look number 6 is what i aim for in old age #goals