Last week, our good friend Haley informed us all that it’s fall by internet shouting “IT’S FALL FREAKS,” which, in my opinion, is the best way to alert the masses that the best sartorial season (also my opinion, but come on) has arrived. Though we had bouts of unacceptable, almost-80-degree weather and I literally sweat through a sweater since her glorious proclamation was made, I’m pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty sure it’s still fall. Either way, my fellow vowel name cohorts on the edit team — Elizabeth, Edith, Ashley– and I, all dressed like it was for five days in a row.

Click through below to see our additions to this round of Office Apropos — a solid mix of is-it-cold-enough-to-finally-wear-jackets (kinda), can-my-legs-still-be-somewhat-naked (sure) and do-I-still-need-sunglasses (100 percent yes) fall outfits.

Photos by Edith Young and Elizabeth Tamkin.

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