Last week, our good friend Haley informed us all that it’s fall by internet shouting “IT’S FALL FREAKS,” which, in my opinion, is the best way to alert the masses that the best sartorial season (also my opinion, but come on) has arrived. Though we had bouts of unacceptable, almost-80-degree weather and I literally sweat through a sweater since her glorious proclamation was made, I’m pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty sure it’s still fall. Either way, my fellow vowel name cohorts on the edit team — Elizabeth, Edith, Ashley– and I, all dressed like it was for five days in a row.

Click through below to see our additions to this round of Office Apropos — a solid mix of is-it-cold-enough-to-finally-wear-jackets (kinda), can-my-legs-still-be-somewhat-naked (sure) and do-I-still-need-sunglasses (100 percent yes) fall outfits.

Photos by Edith Young and Elizabeth Tamkin.

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  • Senka

    More gorgeous MR women!! Edith can I please have your hair? Erica you are stunning! All you dress so cool. MR is probably the coolest office that ever existed.

  • theysayshycity

    I don’t wear jewelry and now I need my first initial, giant size and on a chain

  • Anne Dyer

    The one liner Larry David approved outfit descriptions are even better than the clothes. And the clothes are super good.

    • Senka

      On that note where is the Curb your enthusiasm season 9 article on Man Repeller? I’m sorta expecting Amelia’s take on it. 😀

  • Leslie Hitchcock


    • Shevaun

      I came here to say this. Bless u.

    • Kaylan Waterman

      yessssss. on point!

  • G

    Erica’s lewks are on point

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    elizabeth is a baddie.

  • ChiefCC

    Elizabeth’s outfits are everything❤️

  • Isabela

    OMG Erica! I’m in love with all your outfits!

  • gwendomouse

    Erica is further proof that there is nothing wrong with being a Slytherin.

  • Kat

    erica!! your boots on wednesday!!!!!!!!

  • I swear Erica has the best pants ever!! Need the Rouje jeans immediately.. and maybe the Mango ones….

    • Sooji

      Yes! Came to the comments to say exactly this! Erica has amazing pants!

  • Michaela H

    Oh my god, Erica, that Wednesday outfit. Here. for. it.

  • Jessica Barthel

    Erica I’m in love with your style! BLOWN AWAY by every single outfit. Espeically the last- I never would have considered a jean jacket with track pants but will be copying that outfit this week. Thank you!!!

  • Abby

    Those red shooooessss I need them!

  • Jessica Downing

    Like everyone else, I’m so in love with everything Erica put together!!!!!!!

  • Amelia

    Edith is my new style icon.

  • Coco

    Edith you are killin it!

  • Maren Lindquist

    All of Erica’s looks are amazing! I’m also loving Edith’s Opening Ceremony top on Friday, so cool!

  • Jessica

    I find that Paul Simon’s Graceland is also an excellent morning soundtrack. I always leave the house in the BEST MOOD if I have this on when I’m getting ready.

  • Annamarie Morris

    Erica, I have been lusting after those pink cords for WEEKS after seeing them on pinterest and not being able to track them down! THANK YOU

  • Maren Douglas

    Starting the morning with a Bee Gees playlist sounds delightful

  • Rae

    Ashley, I’m obsessed with those ASOS loafers! I had them in my cart but they sold out before I could buy, boo. Anyways, they look great, you look great.

  • Amy L Campbell

    I would love to see a style story on Elizabeth’s genuinely genius layering technique/s, she always looks like the most perfectly wrapped present!

  • Fari

    erica! i literally just saved all your looks onto my pinterest style board. every outfit is a dream.

  • Monica Francis

    Erica, I am with you on the Slytherin/Ravenclaw thing and also every sartorial choice you made last week. SO good!

  • Châu Giang Viettourist
  • Chetna Singh

    Thank you so much for featuring our scarf! Love the hair tie Elizabeth!

  • ashley

    Erica fridayyyyyyyyy. Jacket as a shirt is something my annoyingly busty self wants to do

  • patyof

    Jean jacket as shirt! 😱

  • TinySoprano

    Just when I thought Hayley was my only pants goddess, Erica joins the pantheon (pant-theon?)!

  • Bo

    So excited to see RM Williams boots on here via Edith’s Monday feet! They are the wonder from Down Under and worth every penny.

  • Fabi


  • Megan

    Hey Erica, I love your Rouje jeans! I’m trying to figure out fitting and size on them, do you recommend sizing up? I checked the size chart and I should fall within the size 36, but kind of afraid my butt and thighs won’t fit! They literally looked so good in your Tuesday outfit pic I pretty much have to have them.

  • Rahil Folsomshop

    Hi Erica, I love your outfit. Your dressing sens is too good.

  • Modupe Oloruntoba

    ERICA, the end.

    Also Elizabeth’s Friday look!

  • Kaylan Waterman

    love how committed Edith is to that WIP Overall uniform. WERK (in progress) :D.

    • Edith

      Ohhhh Kaylan I’m so glad you noticed

  • Lilli

    Erica your outfits are the bomb! Every single one amazing! You have such an awesome sense of personal style.

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