Highlights From Man Repeller’s First-Ever Comedy Night

First, but not last.


Yesterday evening, Man Repeller hosted its first-ever comedy event, “Night of a Thousand LOLs,” at Sid Gold’s Request Room. To steal a joke from in-house MC Ashley Hamilton, I’m pretty sure we surpassed a thousand. In fact my graphing calculator clocked two million and five.

It was also our first-ever ticketed community event, and it sold out in less than 24 hours. A lot of community members bought tickets with friends, which meant we also got to meet the pals of our pals. A two-for-one deal, if you will.

The room was packed by the time Ashley took the stage to warm up the room, a task I’ve heard is one of the most challenging in comedy because it’s like limbering up a bunch of stiff joints (we’re the stiff joints). She made it look easy, though, spanning topics from dating and horoscopes to IUDs and Coldplay. How are those connected? You decide.

She was followed by five local comedians: Molly Devane, Wanjiko Eke, Jacqueline Novak, Chloe McGovern and Shalewa Sharpe. I wish I could copy and paste a recording of everything they said because it was collectively perfect and every time I recollect certain tidbits I have to stop myself from chuckling out loud — a particularly strenuous undertaking as I made my way home on the 6 train last night.

Some highlights:

+Molly Devane joked about being militantly single: “I would take my bag down from the overhead bin of the airplane in a way that said, I don’t need ANYONE.

+Wanjiko Eke pointed out a rather horrifying truism: “Did you know traveling is just being on your phone in other places?”

+ Jacqueline Novak laid out a robust and astute argument for why we, as a society, need to rethink the way we talk about penises.

+Chloe McGovern explained the formative/peak experience of being the hottest girl on her Birthright trip to Israel.

+Shalewa Sharpe discussed the enthusiastic pickup lines she’s been receiving on her “favorite” dating app, Soul Swipe.

I linked all of their names to their respective Instagram accounts so do yourself a favor and follow them immediately. Especially if you like laughing/have a soul. And if you like to look at other people laughing (weird) (but same), click through the slideshow below for a peek at what went down last night. There’s a panoply of quaking belly buttons to behold.

Thank you to Sid Gold’s Request Room, the coolest live piano event space this side of Neptune, for hosting our LOLs. Check them out if you’re planning a holiday party. Photos by Seher Sikandar

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