Magnetic Eyelashes are Terrifying and I Highly Recommend Them
Collage by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Everyone loves a party hat! Everyone, but no one more than my eyelids, which have been deprived of fun ever since I was 16 and used blue eyeshadow to cover up a stye (it didn’t work if you were curious!!!) before trying to sneak into a Miami club with my two cousins. My eyes didn’t party for at least ten years after that. No makeup-equivalent of refined sugar allowed in this household. Not under my roof, thank you.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I changed my tone. I fell into an eyelash extension addiction that more or less robbed me of my finances and later, my actual lashes. (It may have been my hypochondria acting up, but I was convinced the extensions were making me bald.) Boy were my lids happy. They were like, “Finally, mom is acting cool! Mom is letting us have Gushers! This rules!” We were all happy, honestly. Those big, long eyelashes changed my world for a while. I loved them so much. I would have hugged them if I weren’t worried that would ruin them. But like I said: bald; no money. I eventually gave them up.

It’s been two years since my last lash extension session. I miss them every day but have taken an oath to never go back. It’s too much of a slippery slope to mess with. Recently, however, I found the loophole:  TEMPORARY MAGNETIC EYELASH EXTENSIONS by One Two Cosmetics. There’s no mess (or smell) of glue, no time consuming mistakes, no wonky one-corner-coming-off-at-3-a.m.-situation. They’re re-wearable. Aesthetically, they do the trick. I need to get better at putting them on, so I’m about 65% sold — but intrigued enough to tell you about them.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re about to click “buy” and are pre-purchase-curious:

– You get two sets per pack and they last a while since there’s no glue, but even still, at $69.00, they are expensive. You can buy about 100 non-magnetic “falsie” pairs on Amazon for under $10.

– Rather than line your lids all in one strip like the kind you buy at CVS, these are slices of eyelash bread that you clamp over your top-lid lashes, a.k.a the ham of this scenario. They stick together with magnets.

– They are really hard to figure out at first. It took me a million tries. The key is to hold the bottom strip under your top-lid lashes, then put the top strip on top of your top-lid lashes (sorry for all the “tops”) like the above metaphor’d eyelash sandwich. It’s likely you’ll develop your own technique, though, sort of how everyone has her own unique mascara-in-the-mirror face.

– DO NOT PULL THEM OFF. GOD NO. Instead, push the magnets in opposite directions to disengage the magnetic pull then gently pluck them off.

– They last all night, whether you dance like crazy or blink a lot. But…

– Because the magnet is in one spot, you have to be okay with corners blowing in the wind a bit.

– They’re a little dramatic. I love them for a theme party or a black tie event. If I were to make these part of my daily routine, I’d cut them down a bit.

– They look better with mascara already on your lashes (put mascara on first, let it dry, then apply). The inner corners of my eye to the middle part, where the extensions begin, looked like I’d forgotten something without it.

Other than that, the joy is all yours to experience. I sort-of recommend. More than anything, I needed you to know about this. Because I’m intrigued, I will definitely try again. Did I just wink at you? Yes I did. Now it’s time for your thoughts, tips, hopes, dreams and opinions.

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  • Abby

    They look great, but magnets near my eyelashes seems kind of terrifying? I worry I’d rip all my lashes out taking them off and, as someone who once ripped out every single lash on her right eye by accident, I am sincerely trying to avoid that.

    • Amelia Diamond

      i don’t totalyl know how to write out this movement but you know ( this is gross) that movement if you get a booger (i am so sorry) on your finger and you push one finger one way and the other finger the other way to get it off? that’s the movement – you gotta de magnetize the magnets, not rip them off your lashes whilst they are still magneting.

      • Emily Crittenden

        You know how you guys use the phrase party in the comment section? I just read this article and the accompanying comments and I am just standing in my driveway watching my kids play and smiling like I’m hanging out with a bunch of great and hilarious and supportive girlfriends talking about the latest and greatest in lashes. You guys really achieve what you set out to do. You have no idea. This is my first comment, but man, I love the crap out of this site.

        • Elizabeth Taylor

          LoL 😂😂

        • Amelia Diamond

          omg i love the crap out of this comment!! i am supposed to be doing something else due literally in like, an hour and i am here, again, for no reason other than to hang out in the comments section. SO WELCOME

  • MG

    I had the partial ones and I did not love them….

    • Marquise de Merteuil

      What did you dislike about them?

      • MG

        When they arrived, one of the spares was stuck in the hinges of the case and I never got it out. It’s unrelated to their effectiveness but wasn’t a great first impression. Also, the partial ones are really long but only cover half the length of your eyelid. It just looked odd. I think the full set would be better. I spent sometime practicing getting them on and it took a few tries but wasn’t awful. I think another issue is that they are not curved – the base is straight and it is a little awkward. I would l try a short lash if they changed the base.

        • MG

          I did get a full refund though so you don’t have anything to lose if you want to try them!

        • Marquise de Merteuil

          Thank you! Hmm maybe I’ll wait for advancements in magnetic lash technology before I try them. I’ve read a few complaints about the base being straight

  • Charlsey

    We got some of these at work and safe to say I am not very good at applying them

    • Marquise de Merteuil

      Do you think that applying them would get easier with practice, or a battle every time? Those actually look like, if adjusted a little, they’d look good on you

    • Amelia Diamond

      I know you said this was you. I but I looked at this for a long time trying to figure out if it was me.

      • This cracked me up big time for some reasons

  • Seattle Sam

    If you were, say, getting married, would you wear eyelash extensions again? I am trying to figure out what to do for my day bc I have no experience with false lashes vs extensions vs mascara vs magnetic (?!?!) and would love to hear your opinion

    • Kate

      Have you tried tinting your lashes. That’s what I do and I love it. You can also perm them.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Honestlyyyy… if it were my wedding I would get great extensions put on because then you don’t have to think or mess with that day-of.

    • Morgan Siggard

      I got a lash lift s few months ago and gotta say it was great! Add some top knots mascara to that and it could be a great option if your hesitant to get falsies or extensions. I have eczema and didn’t get a reaction from the lift. And it lasted for a full month and made my lashes pop all day damn day without a stitch of mascara. I may be biased, as lash glue is a No- go for my sensitive skin, but I would say take a lash lift on a test run a few months before the big day and see how you like it. Cheaper than extensions and won’t make your lashes fall out.

      • Amelia Diamond

        wait what is a lash lift

        • My understanding is it’s like a lash curls them chemically. I’ve seen the lift+tint option sold together a lot.

      • Anni

        SO SO GOOD!! BUT —- this works best if you have naturally long lashes already that just aren’t curled, there’s a reason this is a huge hit among the asian beauty community especially those of us with long stick straight lashes that hit all kinds of sunglasses. It can definitely work on other lash types too but if you already have shorter lashes, a lash lift is not going to give you your va-va-voom of extensions.

    • hdangelo1

      Extentions!! No mess, no fuss, no worry!

  • Merillionaire

    Should we be concerned at having a magnet that close to our eye? Could that mess with like…opthamology stuff? To quote the prophets ICP “fucking magnets – how do they work?” LOL

    • Amelia Diamond


  • lily

    oh Amelia

    • Amelia Diamond

      ??? (!!!)

      • lily


  • Harling Ross

    wow i need these

  • Emily

    woah!!! your lashes look amazing (actually, before and after). I’ve been terrified to do anything to my eyelashes since one time I sneezed while curling them and lost a chunk from the middle – it did grow back and now I am very risk averse, haha

    • Amelia Diamond

      I dye them :/

  • Lucy

    which set are you wearing?

    • Amelia Diamond

      the HALF set!

  • xtyb

    Well, I got the lash extensions after you told us to and I liked them for a little while but actually I felt like they were too dramatic and just made it look like I was trying to hard (I’m older than you and my personal freak-out is when people my age use Latisse and they have those crazy lashes and red-rimmed eyes). But if they are more secure than the glue style I will totally check them out if you say so!

  • Ok also I’d just like to do a little PSA for NeuLash. It’s a serum you put on every night and it makes your lashes crazy long. I get asked about once a week if mine are real and I literally tell everyone about NeuLash. It hasn’t made my eyes change color or done anything else funky to my orbital area. It’s expensive, yes, but one large tube has lasted me more than six months so far, which makes it way less expensive than extensions.

    Check it out, for real:
    (Full disclosure, that’s an affiliate link bc mama’s trying to earn some shoe money, ya feel? But if you’re not into that just search for NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum).

    Truly, it’s THE BEST.

  • Ok also I’d just like to do a little PSA for NeuLash. It’s a serum you put on every night and it makes your lashes crazy long. I get asked about once a week if mine are real and I literally tell everyone about NeuLash. It hasn’t made my eyes change color or done anything else funky to my orbital area. It’s expensive, yes, but one large tube has lasted me more than six months so far, which makes it way less expensive than extensions.

    Check it out, for real:
    (Full disclosure, that’s an affiliate link bc mama’s trying to earn some shoe money, ya feel? But if you’re not into that just search for NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum).

    Truly, it’s THE BEST.

    • Amelia Diamond

      ok i am just more entranced by your amazing pink eyeshadow

      • Thanks! It’s kinda red-ish in person and when I wore it my mom asked if I was sick. :/

  • Nellie

    I got eyelash extensions a year ago for a black tie event and there was no going back. I have small, deep-set eyes and the extensions make my eyes look larger and, interestingly, I no longer need to wear eye makeup. They are that good! But like Amelia, I worried about lash damage. So I started using a lash conditioner every night and it works for me–my natural lashes are still strong and long despite the extensions. Good to know there are alternatives like these magnetic ones, though. Extensions are definitely a commitment…

    • Amelia Diamond

      what lash conditioner do you use?

      • Nellie

        Revitalash—nightly. I also wash my extensions with a gentle soap (Cetaphil) and don’t wear eye makeup (so no tugging from pencils,etc). I’ve had lots of luck with this routine.

  • Jul Mara

    Amelia I needed this post ONE WEEK ago!! I was looking for lashes like these on Amazon for this past weekend but I didn’t trust the reviews on any I found 😬 ahh! Now I know

    • Amelia Diamond

      what did you end up getting??

  • Casey McDermott

    I went through the same eyelash extension addiction you did! Loved them for about 2 years, got too expensive and time consuming though – not to mention feeling like a bald cat once they came off for good. I miss them so much but as you said it’s a slippery slope. I was SO excited when these magnetic lashes came out but to be honest I tried them and returned them. I found them incredibly hard to apply, and for some reason I couldn’t get them close enough to my lash line for them to look anywhere near natural. I watched a ton of YouTube videos trying to get the application technique right but finally gave up. Until the next eyelash invention comes out…

  • starryhye

    I really like the idea of these! That price tho?… Same goes for eyelash extensions; so dang expensive. Plus all the women that I know who have them, keep them *way* too long and it looks ridiculous. I’ll stick with my $20 bottle of generic Latisse.

  • hdangelo1

    I always had naturally long healthy lashes. But, you always want bigger, better. So, I used Lattise for over two years. My lashes looked fake they were so long. What a mistake! Ladies, once you stop using Lattise your lashes stop growing, something the company never tells you and no one seems to talk about – it stunts their growth and your lashes become short, stubby & brittle for at least 2 years or more! From then on each time I’d apply mascara I looked like Tammy Fea Baker (clumpy, goopy lashes)!! So, I finally circummed to lash extensions about 5 months ago. Mind you, I’m very good about only washing them with water, not sleeping on them or touching them and they last over a month! I pay $55. for fills each month. So worth it. I’ve asked my girl if my real lashes are still healthy & she says “Yes! I wouldn’t still be in business this long if I applied these to unhealthy lashes, or balding ones.” Just wanted to let you all know to be aware of these serums similar to Lattise…unless you plan to use them till you’re too old to care!

  • hdangelo1

    Has anyone on here done the brow microblading? I’ve always had very thin brows my whole life, so I tried it. They are supposedly supposed to last “up to” 3 yrs. Not a chance. My girl has done them 3 times in 5 months for me and they look great for the first month or so and then they start fading. I don’t go in the sun or use harsh cleanser. I know this topic is on lashes, but just wondering if others have had similar experiences?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think you have to get them darkened a few times – a woman in our office does this so I’ll ask her. Claire wrote about microblading for us too if you’re curious, mostly because it’s funny, but this doesn’t include her follow-up:

    • Harper H.

      I did microblading here in LA (I actually work at a Salon that offers the service) and it is LITERALLY THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE. Yes I’m dramatic but it’s truly amazing. I use retinol and live in Cali so obviously I’m in the sun a lot, I got my first touch up after two months, and now it’s been about a year and I need another touch up. They absolutely fade after the first month, if you want them to look the way they look the first month then your esthetician needs to go even darker when doing them for you. Three times in five months seems very extreme, she might not be going deep enough when doing the microblading or if you have very oily skin this can also affect staying time.

  • livybau

    Eyelash extensions for me are like getting bangs…bomb idea the day I go get them, but always ending in a giant sob fest of “WHY DID I DO THIS”. Every. Time. Mine 100% made my lashes go baldy too (TWICE – yep…didn’t learn my lesson the first time so went in for a round 2 of regret). I switched off and ended up trying Careprost (penny pincher version of Latiesse) and this actually worked. Lashes grew and STAYED LONG. HALLELUJIAH. Would 100% recommend.

    • Nancy Camello

      Latiesse is wonderful, best stuff ever, I love it!

  • Maria Maria

    Having a heck of a time getting them on. Also, have had 2 runs with extensions. $ & time were the big obstacles 4 me. If you don’t get these on right, mine have fluttered away. Good thing I bought 2 containers.

  • Beth

    Just came here to say that “Mom is letting us have Gushers! This rules!” are two of the most relatable sentences in the history of journalism.

  • Tracey Gee

    I tried them and didn’t like they. Too fake looking.

  • Maki

    They look amazing but I am scared of buying them because everyones opinion on them is different. I tried 2 dolars Ebay ones ( and I loved them but the magnets are too obvious and I dont know if I wanna pay so much for One two lash ones.

  • Liliana Z. del Río

    they look amazing, how many times can you re-wear them?