In March 2017, Chanel sent glitter boots down the runway. A few months later, the kirakira+ app went viral.

Coincidence? I think not. Kirakira has been around since 2015; I’m inclined to credit the boots for the boost.

As glitter boots infiltrated the feet of influencers and the feeds of millions of social media followers, they also ushered in a new era of glitter mania. I haven’t witnessed this much sparkle since my fourth birthday party, which was Tinker Bell-themed.

Shiny shoe after shiny shoe has tantalized me this season, but their ubiquity begs a very important question: Can you actually wear an aggressive glitter boot in everyday circumstances without looking like you fun-dipped your shins too far inside a disco ball? There was only one way to find out. I called in three of my favorite pairs and devised the following tips for pulling them off:

Tip #1: Lean into the sheen

Glitter boots make a statement followed by 1,000 exclamation points, which means the rest of the outfit will likely require a dose of excited punctuation to balance it out. A metallic trench coat is just the thing (the more reflective material the merrier, as the saying goes). Cherry popsicle-red cyborg shades don’t hurt either.

Tip #2: Introduce the disco with some Crisco

When you’re test-driving an adventurous new wardrobe ingredient like the boots in question, grease the wheels with a tried and true pantry staple, i.e. the sartorial equivalent of Crisco: a white shirt. Not only does pairing something classic with something ostentatious create a nice element of contrast, it also effectively allows you to experiment within the warm cocoon of your comfort zone.

Tip #3: Let opposites attract instead of being so exact

Well, well, well. Here we are at the third and final glitter boot takeaway (I didn’t set out to make all of these tips rhyme, by the way. It happened accidentally with the first two and I got excited and the rest is history). I guess now is as good a time as any to explain why I decided to style glitter boots with tweed Bermuda shorts. Can you think of a more unlikely duo? Exactly. Glitter boots are kind of like the stereotypical fictional popular high school girl in that they are extremely pretty, a little narcissistic and subject to a good deal of swooning. Ergo, per the plot of any compelling romance, their perfect match is the least obvious. That way it’s a much more interesting story, and a much more interesting outfit.

Do I get a trophy for the number of whack-a-doodle metaphors I used in this post? Please dispense accordingly in the comments. Oh, and tell me what you think about glitter boots.

Modeled by Zohara Even of Wilhemina Models, follow her on Instagram at @zohara_even. Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Rachel

    Remember when those Giuseppe Zanotti glitter ankle boots were huge and on every blogger in like 2009? I totally wanted a pair but could a) not afford them and b) could not for the life of me figure out how I would wear them. I later got a cheaper alternative and NEVER wore them. As much as I love glitter it’s just such a challenge ughh!

  • Hayley

    Glitter has been, and will always be, the herpes of arts and crafts… since I despise it so much (especially on greeting cards), I can’t imagine embracing this trend. You had a convincing argument though, Harling!

  • I kind of like glitter, but when I saw every it girl with those boots (since Chanel send to them all) and when I saw them with my eyes really open… they are a big no! They are a mix of rainning boots with Chanel with galatic girl go wild! Some trends are not meant to be!

  • Amanda Faerber

    Feel same as all who have commented. Glad to know I’m not the only person who just doesn’t get it with these … they’re *ugly*

  • mary schaubert hayes

    I love love love them, but will probably deal with this trend the same way i remember dealing with the miu miu ankle glitter peep toe trend (remember that?!) Buy an approximation/knockoff, love them, have them sit in my closet forever because the onyl time I wear them I get an unsolicited 100 comments on my apparel that I wasn’t prepared for.

  • Amelia Diamond

    I want these shoes and all of these outfits so much it hurts

  • Nicola V

    These are incredible and I would wear them so so much to brighten up my days! And I don’t care if glitter gets everywhere, it will just make people think I am a fascinating party animal (which I mean, I am, obv …).

  • diane

    $10K for those Chanel boots is obscene.

    • Leandra Medine

      They are not $10k! That’s the Saint Laurent ones

      • Serena

        They are closer to $1300 which is far less than I expected them to be. Maybe I’ll splurge when I quit my job and get my last salary…

    • Anya Mcelvain

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  • I love the colors in this shoot. I also can’t believe people are saying that they don’t wear their glitter shoes. I have a pair of silver sparkly sock boots and I wear them with everything.

  • Charlsey

    I want to compromise with a velvet boot, but still impractical when I have a large white German Shepherd.

  • María

    Glitter boots, leopard and that kind of coat (blazer?)…2017? Nope, Saint Laurent AW2014! The best thing about this outfit (and the reason I saved it back then) is that you don’t need to go around and freeze with bare legs because the black tights look so cool!

  • Dale Chong

    I find it hard to invest in glitter boots, seeing that these are all nearly $500<!!!!!!

    But–I do love these looks.

    Thanks Harling!

  • cbBKNY
    • sdanorth

      Wish I’d got these when they had them at Wild Pair! (Did I just date myself?)

  • Tip #2 sounds like your cool aunt’s #1 piece of dating advice. Love it!

  • Florina

    I am totally into these boots. I am anyhow only child, bit narcissistic, but never that popular girl, so I need to compensate somehow now 😀

  • Aydan

    that burberry trench is SO ON POINT!

  • Daisy Tinker

    Really appreciating the dedication to rhyme here guys. And the outfits are pretty sweet, too!

  • That first look is suh-lammin’

  • Elisabeth Austin

    THIS is how you rock glitter boots