5 Ways to Wear 1 Oversize Blazer

If chocolate is the perfect companion to peanut butter, a dinosaur earring is the equivalent accomplice to an oversize blazer.

A bubblegum-pink fanny pack will do the trick, too. Ditto for a furry blue muff reminiscent of a Sesame Street character, Gen Z yellow velvet trousers, suspenders, an eggplant moonlight as a bucket bag and a sequin dress with scales plucked straight from the beloved children’s book, The Rainbow Fish.

Lexie Sickles, partner and chief communications officer behind cult-favorite brand Rebecca de Ravenel, is the magician behind these outfit potions, which in essence boil down to: oversize blazer + miscellaneous whimsical delight = unequivocal cool.  Isn’t that satisfying? As a self-appointed apprentice, I’m taking copious notes. Grab a pencil and scroll, scroll, scroll for another edition of “5 Ways, 5 Days.”

Her blazer on repeat all through the below outfits is a vintage Ronaldus Shamask number, similar style here.

Day 1:

Vintage tweed suit pant — another here, vintage Céline purse, Céline shoes, Céline earring

I am a loyal pant enthusiast and furthermore, a huge fan of a full pant suit. I actually wanted to wear a different suit every day this week but Amelia said no since that would defeat the purpose of “5 days, 5 ways.” One blazer for five days straight, it is. When you move as slowly as I do in the morning, a suit is the easiest way to get up, get dressed and get out. The pink bag around my waist and T-Rex earring you see here gave me that hot little push I needed on a Monday.

Day 2:

Forever on a conquest for the perfect pant, I shop men’s floors just as much as I do women’s. These pants are one half of a men’s Acne suit I recently purchased. I had the suspenders added after. This whole outfit is very much my style: a little bit classic and a little bit masculine, mixed with something unusual. My red slides always seem to drum up conversation and I’m known to wear a statement earring more often than not. I found this bag at the Rose Bowl Flea Market; I’m a committed tiny purse buyer and this one gave my Tuesday just the right amount of Clueless.

Day 3:

Everyone should own a pair of yellow velvet pants. This aqua stole wrapped around my arm doubles as a purse and has a hidden zipper compartment. I schlepped an exceptional amount of hanging bags today, so this outfit was actually more practical than it looks!

Day 4:

Vintage Ralph Lauren top — another here, vintage Giorgio Armani trousers, vintage belt — similar here, Balenciaga boots, Rebecca de Ravenel earrings and bag, Elizabeth and James sunglasses, Sidney Garber bracelet and vintage bracelet

Today (and most days) I channel Annie Hall. I was in meetings uptown for most of the day, so this white silk ensemble was an informed decision. The patent leather boots you see here are sensationally comfortable, so whenever I have a busy day and night we always agree it’s best to do that together.

Day 5:

You will (almost) never see me in a dress or a skirt. This is my mom’s sequin skirt from the 90s that wore here as a top. My mom is quite cool and reads Man Repeller so now once she sees this I’ll have to give it back. When I bought these kelly green pants they quickly turned into a closet staple. I wear them so much I’ve had to have the piping restitched twice. This Olympia Le Tan clutch is one of my most treasured items. My boyfriend and I collect Nobuyoshi Araki polaroids and he gave me this on my birthday a few years ago. It was one of those things that I kept boxed up on a shelf for awhile because I didn’t want to ruin it. Now it’s pretty beat up from overuse. I could say yes to these earrings every morning, but since it was Friday, I said hell yes to sequins and color and faces on my ear lobes.

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Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Sara

    I was so excited to see this… I have about 5 checked blazers in my various online shopping carts and haven’t decided which one to pull the trigger on yet. I love each of these unique styles…especially the pantsuit! I would love to see the 5 days 5 ways applied more practically for those of us with jobs that require less formal/fashiony attire. I’m a personal chef and its hard to translate the looks into my daily life. I imagine its the same for nurses, doctors, teachers, or anyone whose clothes need to bend, move, and possible be washable at the end of the day. Thats one reason I was considering the blazer…easy to throw on over my uniform of black leggings and grey hoodie and easy to remove once the food starts flying. Would love to see how other women maintain some personal style within the confines of a functional wardrobe. Thanks, as always ,for the great content!

    • Hayley

      Can you share which ones you’re eyeing?

      • EmKay

        Hahaha same Sara, i have about seven tabs open with checked blazers, all relatively cheap (for my budget) ranging from $50 to $73. There’s an H&M “Single breasted jacket” for $50, “grey checked longline blazer” from missguided for $67, a “grey checked blazer” also from missguided for $73, “Plain Studios Oversized Blazer In Prince Of Wales Check Co-Ord” from ASOS for $64, “Fashion Union Tall Double Breasted Blazer In Check” also from ASOS for $72. If for any reason SOMEONE has one of these and likes it…let a girl know.

    • 808kate

      I’m a healthcare worker (inpatient stuff) and so as much as I want to try out the looks on Man Repeller, I have to adapt what I’m inspired by to my actual life … I found that if I keep the colors neutral I can play with silhouettes and vintage and not look out of place (I usually either do grey/black/navy/light blue/white or cream/rust/olive/brown). Or the opposite, I do interesting colors or patterns with a classic silhouette (like if I had a colorful patterned blazer, I would pair it with cigarette pants and maybe interesting earrings so it doesn’t look overboard). I’m always trying to balance what makes me feel like myself, and being respectful to my position and patients. I’d love to see how other people navigate diverse types of workplaces too!

      • rachel

        Oh man, I work in banking (the most conservatively dressed of all industries, I am convinced), and relate to this so much. One of my favorite things is to wear a plain t-shirt (I love the ones from Gap) with what would normally be a stodgy outfit. It kind of balances things out, and sets be apart from all the other bankers.

  • Maren Douglas

    1. Love all of this
    2. Wish so badly I could wear an oversized blazer without looking like a linebacker
    2b. Fun story – at dinner with my family my dad said “you are so lucky to have inherited my broad shoulders” and our waiter tried (and failed) to stifle his laughter and I am SCARRED FOR LIFE.
    3. Will still probably buy one though 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Olivia AP

      Nah, just wear them I was a swimmer and I have the broadest shoulders. Bet the model have some empty space in the blazer, we just fill it, nobody will notice the difference

  • Andrea Ang

    I feel almost dumb for asking this but is the Sies Marjan scarf linked the same one worn in the photo? There’s no hidden zipper~ mentioned on its product page and that’s totally what’s drawing me to it.

  • Catherine Jimmerson Morgante

    Are you kidding me? I would be laughed out of the board room if I dressed like that.

  • Cheryl

    I am a bit conservative with my style. But this I believe it could work for me. The blazer is over sized and black. It was purchased as a suit but I treat each piece as a separate which makes the combination vast. But when it is time to dry clean either the blazer or slacks they’re both dry cleaned at the same time. It keeps the color match the same if I wore both as a suit.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jay

    Day two and day four nailed it for me.

    Any more ideas on actually affordable blazers that fit well? Cause I figured most of the oversize things are just… well large. And not flattering?!

    • rachel

      It is all about the shoulders. If a blazer is oversize with fitted shoulders (as above), it works, but if not, the blazer is just too big. I think they can be found at all price points, but it really takes some digging around.

  • Aydan

    I was JUST thinking about how I should by an oversized blazer….:-D

  • Arden

    I know this isn’t really the point of this story, but I am OBSESSED with all the Celine earrings.

  • You’re killing meeeee with that first outfit. I love a good wide leg pant always, so the past year and a half has been delightful for me.

  • patyof

    omg I want to be Day 4 every day of my freakin life

  • Maggie Lanham

    I’ve been sitting here trying to find the words for how I feel about this story but they fail me, so I’m word-clouding it and just want to say:

    what What WUT Amazing Chic inspirational vintage! menswear BOSS tailoring Confidence! earrings! Yessssssssssssss

  • Deja

    I would recommend to purchase Men’s Blazer and get it tailor because I have board shoulders
    and it fits me well.


  • Megan

    day 4 is all i want to be

  • Khushi

    in 2014, Leandra made a post about a double-breasted blazer. Made a reference to peanut butter. You did the same in this post. Coincidence? Coordinated? Are you an iteration of her, created by a Man Repeller robot-army creator?