5 Ways to Wear 1 Oversize Blazer

If chocolate is the perfect companion to peanut butter, a dinosaur earring is the equivalent accomplice to an oversize blazer.

A bubblegum-pink fanny pack will do the trick, too. Ditto for a furry blue muff reminiscent of a Sesame Street character, Gen Z yellow velvet trousers, suspenders, an eggplant moonlight as a bucket bag and a sequin dress with scales plucked straight from the beloved children’s book, The Rainbow Fish.

Lexie Sickles, partner and chief communications officer behind cult-favorite brand Rebecca de Ravenel, is the magician behind these outfit potions, which in essence boil down to: oversize blazer + miscellaneous whimsical delight = unequivocal cool.  Isn’t that satisfying? As a self-appointed apprentice, I’m taking copious notes. Grab a pencil and scroll, scroll, scroll for another edition of “5 Ways, 5 Days.”

Her blazer on repeat all through the below outfits is a vintage Ronaldus Shamask number, similar style here.

Day 1:

Vintage tweed suit pant — another here, vintage Céline purse, Céline shoes, Céline earring

I am a loyal pant enthusiast and furthermore, a huge fan of a full pant suit. I actually wanted to wear a different suit every day this week but Amelia said no since that would defeat the purpose of “5 days, 5 ways.” One blazer for five days straight, it is. When you move as slowly as I do in the morning, a suit is the easiest way to get up, get dressed and get out. The pink bag around my waist and T-Rex earring you see here gave me that hot little push I needed on a Monday.

Day 2:

Forever on a conquest for the perfect pant, I shop men’s floors just as much as I do women’s. These pants are one half of a men’s Acne suit I recently purchased. I had the suspenders added after. This whole outfit is very much my style: a little bit classic and a little bit masculine, mixed with something unusual. My red slides always seem to drum up conversation and I’m known to wear a statement earring more often than not. I found this bag at the Rose Bowl Flea Market; I’m a committed tiny purse buyer and this one gave my Tuesday just the right amount of Clueless.

Day 3:

Everyone should own a pair of yellow velvet pants. This aqua stole wrapped around my arm doubles as a purse and has a hidden zipper compartment. I schlepped an exceptional amount of hanging bags today, so this outfit was actually more practical than it looks!

Day 4:

Vintage Ralph Lauren top — another here, vintage Giorgio Armani trousers, vintage belt — similar here, Balenciaga boots, Rebecca de Ravenel earrings and bag, Elizabeth and James sunglasses, Sidney Garber bracelet and vintage bracelet

Today (and most days) I channel Annie Hall. I was in meetings uptown for most of the day, so this white silk ensemble was an informed decision. The patent leather boots you see here are sensationally comfortable, so whenever I have a busy day and night we always agree it’s best to do that together.

Day 5:

You will (almost) never see me in a dress or a skirt. This is my mom’s sequin skirt from the 90s that wore here as a top. My mom is quite cool and reads Man Repeller so now once she sees this I’ll have to give it back. When I bought these kelly green pants they quickly turned into a closet staple. I wear them so much I’ve had to have the piping restitched twice. This Olympia Le Tan clutch is one of my most treasured items. My boyfriend and I collect Nobuyoshi Araki polaroids and he gave me this on my birthday a few years ago. It was one of those things that I kept boxed up on a shelf for awhile because I didn’t want to ruin it. Now it’s pretty beat up from overuse. I could say yes to these earrings every morning, but since it was Friday, I said hell yes to sequins and color and faces on my ear lobes.

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Photos by Edith Young.

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