I’m Ready for New Going-Out Clothes

I think I want new going-out clothes. I haven’t uttered that sentence since the age of 21 when my college roommates and I were dabbling in a strict nighttime uniform of peplum tops and bandage skirts, and frankly, I never thought I would again. But here I am: just a girl, standing in front of my closet, asking it to thrill me.

Since college, my going-out uniform has evolved considerably in substance but hardly at all in breadth, by which I mean I tend to wear the same five or so pieces over and over when I’m getting dressed for a Friday or Saturday night activity. I still like this rotation of items a great deal, but I’m craving some additional ingredients to add to the mix for the sake of variety, a.k.a. the spice of life.

What about a pair of pale green corduroy pants, for example? What a spicy ingredient those would be. I realize pale green corduroy pants don’t scream “night on the town” at first glance, but picture them with a knit crop top and bubblegum pink velvet shoes and I think you’ll change your tune. This ensemble is an apt manifestation of the characteristics I attribute to a cool going-out outfit: immune to the pitfall of accidentally wearing the same thing as someone else, but not so offbeat that it doesn’t retain some sense of good old-fashioned sex appeal, whatever your personal definition of that may be (for me it’s pretty much anything paired with a high heel).

Extra points if those high heels are plaid and married to pearl-adorned straps. I blame the remaining portion of this outfit on Haley Nahman for catching the pink-and-red sartorial bug and spreading it to anyone within a five-foot sneezing radius. I guess that’s the danger of sitting diagonally across from someone every day.

Lastly, I’m craving a long-sleeved dress of middling length that vaguely resembles a nightgown, and LOOK!!!!!!!!! Topshop is a mind-reader. I would wear it exclusively with knee-high boots and romantic gold jewelry because I’m planning for my fall partying persona to be “Victorian-era equestrian who just woke up from a fun nightmare.”

How about you?

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Teresa

    My going out clothes always consist of things I’m not afraid of ruining with spilled beer and grime. I think I need to go out better places.

    • Alexa M

      I used to own a pair of shoes which I used exclusively for going to one particularly grimy club.

      • Teresa

        You get me. The slip-proof sole I’m pretty sure is intended for bartenders is key.

      • fortinbras

        Me too! I ruined a pair of shoes going out, and then I learnt my lesson.

  • I love those pearl Miu Miu sandals <3
    For going out I don't know why but… I always wear black! I'm a very boring person!

  • Arden

    The struggle to find an outfit that is aesthetically interesting, flattering to my body, AND something I don’t mind being soaked in gin and glitter is truly real.

    • Harling Ross

      lol the trifecta

  • mapillski

    I just bought a pair of Steve Madden platforms for like 75% off (which were originally like $90, I just couldn’t justify it to myself) and I’ve been thinking about going out clothes ever since. That first outfit is just the inspiration I needed

  • fortinbras

    Does anyone know where I can get something similar to the REDValentino top? I really like the cut with that fabric but I can’t find something like that anywhere!

    • Bmo

      If you have any sewing skills at all, I would suggest you make it! The shape is very simple and you could get away with no zipper/buttons if you use stretchy fabric.

      • fortinbras

        That’s actually a great idea, why didn’t I think of that? I’ll try to see if I can get access to the sewing machine at my uni, thanks!

      • Charlie

        Great idea!!!

    • Aritzia usually has a lot! They might have some left over from late summer, still. I got a *ton* for my honeymoon this past summer.

  • silla

    But here I am: just a girl, standing in front of my closet, asking it to thrill me.

    This sentence is everything to me! Harling you’re the bee’s knees. My favourite going out clothes is ALL WHITE. It presents an arrogant picture that you are immune to spillage that is very captivating. I have huge dry cleaning bills, but what is the point of a savings account if you don’t constantly empty it for day to day living ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Suzan

      Haha, love this attitude!!

  • Morgan Siggard

    I’ll take outfit number 3 please!

  • Nordgreen

    Awesome post, good job!


  • Jay

    I just treated myself to over the knee boots – and wore them to work today – haha… (all partners in the firm were on klausur meeting, so no criticism from that side… and from all colleagues got the best of spirits back…) sometimes its fun to dress up and just… you know?!

    Really liked the combo…


    • Alexa M

      that outfit is ADORABLE

  • Briana Ottoboni

    I’m a college girl with about 5 black going out tops that are set on repeat (along with a few others that live in friends’ closets that all maintain the same all black aesthetic). It’s become more of a school uniform than something to be proud of creating. Let’s make going out clothes cool/FUN again!