3 Non-Boring Fall Outfits Under $100

Finding a pair of amazing shoes under $100 can feel like a challenge, but a whole outfit? That’s more than a challenge. That’s a Mount Everest ascension. It shouldn’t be, but it is, especially when your style proclivities fall into the maximalist-leaning camp and your heart is rarely content with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo. The more you want to pile on, the more expensive it gets, and that’s a bummer. It shouldn’t cost more to be yourself.

Great news: it doesn’t have to. Elizabeth styled three non-boring outfits under $100 and dropped a whole bunch of budget-saving breadcrumbs of wisdom while she was at it. I scooped them up like the Hansel to her Gretel and transcribed them below for you and your wallet’s mutual pleasure:

Outfit 1 Total: $99.79

Nasty Gal lace dress, $30;  Jescakoo leotard via Amazon, $12.90; Ambiance flannel — another here, $9; Zara earring, $19.90; H&M shoes, $27.99

“Amazon is your best friend if you’re in the market for cheap basics,” Elizabeth told me. That’s how she sourced the hero item of this ensemble, a Jescakoo leotard, for the cool price of $12.90. You could easily throw on the leotard and call it a “Cher Horowitz playing tennis” kind of day,  but at $30 a pop, why not frost yourself with a lace dress that looks like something a lady of leisure would wear whilst drinking her morning latte?

Outfit 2 Total: $97.89

Nasty Gal track pants, $45; Zara sweater, $39.90; H&M shoes, on sale in store for $7; DimiDay market bag via Amazon, $5.99; Ribbon as headband from packaging, $0

“The intentionality of a monochrome outfit automatically makes it look more high end,” Elizabeth advised.

I nodded my head in agreement as she tied a ribbon around the model’s hair. “I saved this from a package that was sent to the office,” she said. “That’s another budget style tip: Get creative with your accessories. You never know where you’ll find a free one.”

I made a mental note to start rifling through the office’s recycling pile more often.

Outfit 3 Total: $76.78 (optional $39.90 bag bumps it to $115.78)

Zara trousers, $39.90 — similar style here; SweatyRocks tank via Amazon, $11.89; Dream Pairs sandals via Amazon, $14.99; Sunglass.LA sunglasses, $10; Zara bag (optional!), $39.90

While styling this last outfit, Elizabeth pointed out that incorporating at least one dramatic silhouette ups the ante on an outfit composed of simple, affordable pieces. “These Zara trousers are the perfect example,” she said. “They prove that ‘affordable’ and ‘sophisticated’ aren’t mutually exclusive.”

BRB, getting that tattooed on my eyeballs. Or maybe a pair of yellow-lensed aviators will serve as a sufficient reminder…

Modeled by Lara Ghraoui of Wilhemina Models, follow her on Instagram at @laraghraoui. Market and styling by Elizabeth Tamkin; photos by Edith Young. 

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  • Barbara Acevedo

    too cold already to wear these in my city :'( (Bern, Switzerland)


  • pASHionateLEY

    thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. My pocket can’t afford most of the items posted on man repeller so this was a great treat!

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  • Trsum

    Fast fashion, though /:

    • Hil

      exactly. it’s easy to shop “affordably” from zara and h&m but i feel so icky doing that

    • Mary

      while i agree that collectively we need to move away from fast fashion in a drastic way- people constantly implore man repeller to do more affordable features and to my knowledge there isn’t really a way to buy new, fashionable clothes that are both cheap, ethically made and widely available. if there is please let me know!! i dress 95% in secondhand/vintage myself but the problem with that is then everything that’s styled is one of a kind (or at least, you can’t go to a website/store and order one for yourself of the same item easily)- which is good for inspiration but is just a different form of inaccessible.

      • Daniel Szilagyi

        It’s the old rule that went something like “cheap,fast and good. You can have two but not all three at a time”

  • Love them!!!

  • mariahg

    Can we have more posts that include less expensive options like this?? The expensive outfits are, without a doubt, beautiful, but not the easiest on the budget.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      yes! be prepared to see more often 🙂

      • mariahg

        THANK YOU! I love the ManRepeller look, but can’t really afford many of the options MR uses in shoots, etc. (though I crave, covet and adore them and will eternally have them in online shopping cart limbo). Can’t wait to see them!

  • Bmo

    That 👏 god 👏 damn 👏 tank 👏 top 👏
    I’m buying 10

    • Elizabeth Tamkin


  • Hannah Laub

    Hey guys, the link for Zara trousers goes to a pair of pants that is a completely different cut from the ones in the photo. I found a pair on Zara that look really close to the one’s in the photo, but those are $90. Thought you should know in case your hyperlink isn’t going to the right target on the Zara sight!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      It seems as though the pants we used are sold out 🙁 and so the link directed to a different pair. I will hunt down a more appropriate pair!

      • Hannah Laub

        I can see why they sold out. They are gorgeous. And no worries! I just wanted to let you know in case there was a problem with the link 🙂

  • tmm16

    MR should do more affordable fashion posts! I love love the “fashion” but my wallet doesn’t.

  • This should be a weekly post from you guys! LOVE LOVE LOVE the accessibility.

  • uhhh can I plz be a MR model??

  • Elizabeth’s styling is killer!!!

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      thank you!!! 🙂

  • Lindsay Slusher

    I loved this, and would LOVE to see more posts with affordable options! To be honest, I started straying away from MR’s fashion posts because everything was always SO expensive. Rather than complain, I just realized I wasn’t your target demographic and didn’t read your fashion posts because I knew I couldn’t afford the items you were showcasing. But even if you guys keep posting high end clothing but added affordable alternatives to achieve the same look, I think a lot of us would be sold!

  • Ashlyn Grace

    YES YES YES!!! ok I’m not even gonna lie right now: even these outfits are a bit expensive for a lil youngin’ student like me living on minimum wage and gift cards from last Christmas. I ALWAYS check Goodwill before I go shopping anywhere else (I know, I know…swallow your pride and get digging) and stores like Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor (basically high end consignment stores) can get me the exact same clothes pictured here for about $12 with the tags still on them, and the only thing I sacrificed was a little extra time searching through all the rest of the stuff. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I’m looking for on MR and I’m glad it shows people YOU CAN BE FASHIONABLE WITHOUT SPENDING 100% OF YOUR BUDGET ON CLOTHES

  • starryhye

    I suddenly realized I need red track pants in my life!

  • Ava Cadee


  • Andrea

    Love Elizabeth’s style & styling (and that you go by Eliz) 😍

  • milla

    I’m sad to see fast fashion on this blog. I’m all about saving money- what about thrifting or buying from affordable ethical brands like Everlane?

  • love the last look, and muwt I say : what a gorgeous babe !

  • love the styling so much <3 made me excited again for autumn, which is usually the land of boring outfits. also, it is so hard to buy at hm and zara and not look like hm and zara, and this just proves the point that it is possible, yay!

  • Such a good post. Love all three looks. x

  • Julia Park

    I’d love to see this with all thrifted items too!

  • Emma Matell

    Just got myself a completely red tracksuit, a red dress and a red pair of latex-boots.
    After seeing this article tho, I’m still not satisfied. Will the struggle be eternal? #fashionvictim

  • Sam Stanley

    so sad I missed out on those wonderfully millennial pink h&m loafers defs already started adding them to my virtual closet *sigh* also since I started reading mr my wardrobe went from a black abyss 2 a regurgitated rainbow, ty

  • While I love the premise of this article, I am disappointed by the promotion of environmentally damaging pieces. Fashion is estimated to be the world’s SECOND largest polluter. (chemicals, cotton production, transportation, factories etc. etc. etc. ) You could easily pull together these outfits with thrifted items!! That would have been 100x cooler to read.