How to Dress for Limbo Weather Between Summer and Fall

Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style is having a hard time transitioning her outfits to fall. She wants no part of it, because as I have told you at least a million times, she is most happy when mostly naked and headed toward a vacation. But I’m a big believer in the happy medium. When I dressed her for this shoot, I set my sights on a few things:

1. This photo of a young Ralph Lauren on vacation somewhere in a perfect 70-degree weather outfit.

God gives us approx 3 days a year to dress like this and today is the day – don’t fuck this up!!!

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I shared it on Instagram at the very beginning of summer when it still felt like spring and I spent all of July and August regretting not approximating his turtleneck-plus-shorts look while I still had the non-sweaty chance.

Turns out, early September sets an equally lovely stage for it. Here is Katie demonstrating as such:

The hat, glasses and earrings steer this otherwise sedate look away from any accusations of minimalism, but it’s far from fussy. Sometimes there is so much style in simplicity.

2. Next, I wanted to incorporate a swimsuit.

Just as we did at the start of the summer with one pieces, I see no reason not to extend your summer two-piece tops by repurposing them as cropped shirts for a party. If showing skin isn’t your thing, layer your bikini bra over a tank top, button-down, turtleneck or T-shirt.

3. Finally, my (personal) ideal out-to-dinner outfit in beach towns where the weather drops at night:

Is there any outfit more perfect than a cable knit sweater over a calf-length dress to make you feel like you’re walking a sartorial tightrope between seasons?

No! And so what if I’m dressing vicariously through Katie? Two birds, one branch: I get to live out my own dressing fantasies, and Katie, though dressed, gets to go on a sartorial vacation.

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • ReadER451

    Insert (fire emoji)(fire emoji)(fire emoji). Great styling, Amelia! Great modeling, Katie!

  • apps

    Thank you for posting this! She looks lovely. What a path breaker!

  • apps

    And damn it! Please all designers- real women have boobs!

    • Millie Lammoreaux

      Not “real women”, just some/a lot of women! ~Real~ comes in a gajillion shapes and sizes, etc etc.

    • lateshift

      sorry but – gah, this sort of size-ist comment kills me. Every time. Even if – ESPECIALLY if – it’s not a conscious dig, but just sort of thrown out there casually and thoughtlessly. Enough.

      Intentionally or not, this sort of remark basically body-shames women who don’t have large breasts as not being “real women” – whatever the hell that means. That’s nasty stuff. And not even remotely accurate. And I’m saying this as a proud DD cup.

      Someone doesn’t have to be super-curvy or large-breasted or overweight to be a “real woman.” They can be skinny and flat as a board, and still be plenty “womanly” too, BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN and that is how they are shaped, which makes it a womanly shape. I get that some people dealing with their own body issues feel better if they can body-shame others, but all they’re saying is that they don’t actually have a problem with society pushing a feminine body ideal that is unattainable for many women – as long as their own body type is promoted as that ideal. NOT COOL.

  • Aydan

    sweater and shorts is seriously just too good! I’m on it!

  • Abby

    #3 is my ideal outfit! BRB while I try to recreate this.

  • Look 3 is my go-to; I feel like my best person when wearing a sweater over a calf-length dress. Also, I have worn this multiple times when flying between countries with extreme temperature differences and it works wonders when you arrive in Greece.

  • Millie Lammoreaux

    Ohhh MR, how can I express my love for this post? Seeing a woman who has a body very similar to mine (large breasts! Hips and a tummy but relatively thin limbs!) really makes me so happy. Like, that’s exactly how I look in a cable knit sweater and this post is telling me that I should not be ashamed of that. So sick.

    • Millie Lammoreaux

      Also following Katie ASAP.

    • Abby

      My thoughts exactly!

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  • Alison

    I like #2 way more than I would if the outfit were described in words. Love this, Katie!

  • Mack Nielson

    Love the yellow dress look!

  • patyof

    Ok I’m dying to wear outfit 1 but since it’s still in the low 100s here I am probably going to have to wait till……. mid November. If I’m lucky. Wah!!!

  • Paola GP

    YAY! More Gen-Z Yellow! Also – apparently I’ve been sleeping on this LL Bean sweater game.

    • Amelia Diamond

      these are men’s. the men’s ll bean sweaters are better imo

  • Lee Rosenthall

    Reminds me of how Diane Keaton dressed in “Something’s Gotta Give.” (Well, the turtlenecks in summer, anyway – Diane would never wear short ANYTHING.) Love it!

  • Kat

    The last few days I have been staring at my wardrobe in despair, so this is extremely timely! Thank you Amelia!

  • katemcpsf

    Hard to tell where Ralph ends and Katie begins!? Thanks Amelia I love all of these looks and only want to ever wear giant visors now!!

  • Needed this!!! I’ve been so lost lately with the weather we’ve been having.

  • Sophie

    I’m going to try to control my jealousy here – 75 degrees is like peak height-of-summer in Denmark. We’re at about 60 right now and I’m already looking at woollen underwear :O

    • lateshift

      but hey, on the plus side: my hair never looks better anywhere on the planet than Scandinavia…that chilly summer thing comes with a side dish of low humidity (humidity of the steamy, pizza oven-ish variety, I mean.) And also, not so much with the hurricanes. It’s not a perfect tradeoff…but it ain’t a bad one either!

  • Love this post, Katie has such a gorgeous style. X

  • Amanda Poppe Merten

    The RL inspiration is amazing and her spin on it was fantastic! Such a great idea

  • Maggie Lanham

    a resounding YES to the chunky sweater over a flowy midi length dress! it absolutely IS the most ideal vacation lewk. it’s one part cozy and one part romantic and it makes me want to sing walking along the beach like an llbean siren.

  • I think this weather may have passed here in the UK but hoping it’s going to come back. I love wearing shorts / skirts with jumpers LOVE IT way too much than I should

  • the fox forgot

    Yesssssss I will wear my short shorts until I need to whip out the moon boots

  • Heidi

    Won’t you be excommunicated from the fashion world for including plus size brands?

  • Hannah Betts


  • kelly restivo

    Approximately 3 days, sad when you see someone look so cute,because they were on top of it. Feeling cute when you got it together those 3 days

  • elpug

    the title for number three is perfect

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