I Tested 13 “Easy” Outfit Tricks From Fashion Week Street Style

As I poked through NYFW street style photos in search of “easy” DIY styling ideas, I found myself struggling to parse inspiration from admiration. Was I pulling an outfit because I thought it genuinely reproducible — an idea you or I might be able to iterate on — or did I love it for a more ephemeral reason: a specific garment, perhaps, paired with a certain attitude, framed in a particular setting? Both hold their own kind of value, but only the former is immediately useful. What’s the point in my suggesting you wear a bralette under a blazer, for instance, if really only works on her, you know?

In essence, I needed to know whether I was full of shit, so I decided to check my work. Over the course of a Sunday afternoon, I tested the 13 styling ideas I pulled, on my own person with my own closet, and concluded whether or not I was.

Idea #1: “Wear a blazer over a bralette.”

On me: thrifted Burberry blazer — another here, NSCO pants, Urban Outfitters bralette, ASOS mules

This girl looks so cool and not like she’s at Coachella, which is impressive considering she’s wearing a bralette sans-top. Mathematically speaking, she’s showing less skin than a turkey on Thanksgiving, but when I tried the look myself, I felt surprisingly exposed. If I wore this for real, my nipples would freeze off on the subway and I’d spend all day tugging my blazer closed.

Reproducibility: Low to medium, more so great in theory

Idea #2: “Make your menswear matchy.”

Pants and a coat rendered in varying shades of the same hue paired with an all-the-way-buttoned shirt and sneakers, as presented on the woman above, struck me as a perfect fall equation. On me, it worked pretty well, but suit pants would’ve looked better, plus I think I just need her coat?

Reproducibility: Medium, because without the right stuff it won’t pack punch

Idea #3: “Belt your blazer with a fanny-pack.”

You couldn’t swing a cat in New York this fashion week without hitting a fanny pack. I found this instance on the left to be a particular treat, because look at her socks. Considering her ingredients are top-to-bottom designer, I worried my own stuff wouldn’t do the trick, but I was wrong! I loved it.

Reproducibility: Surprisingly high, copy-cat-magic

Idea #4: “Wear a button-down as an undershirt.”

On me: Madewell shirt, thrifted button-down, Lou & Grey pants, AGL boots

Wearing a T-shirt over a button-down sounds cool in my head and looks really great on Bryanboy, but layering things that aren’t designed to be layered can sometimes result in IRL disaster. I’m pleased to report that was not the case here, but you have to have a thick T that has some structure to it for this to work. Güd luck.

Reproducibility: Higher-than-you-might-think (a.k.a. medium)

Idea #5: “Make a lemon and mustard sandwich.”

DUH. Love Gen-Z yellow, love mustard and have already worn this particular combo. This is a no-brainer-please-do-try-at-home-immediately.

Reproducibility: High as a sunny kite, baby

Idea #6: “Go white-on-white post-Labor Day.”

White-on-white, which was all over NYFW, was another duh. I used to be picky about whether the shades matched, but now I’m pro-clash. On Reese, her creamy white shirt against her stark white pants almost pleases me more than her pom pom shoes. This one was easy as pie, although I wish my sleeves contained 4x their volume.

Reproducibility: High, high, high, do right now

Idea #7: “Wear oversize denim over oversize denim.”

On me: Zara pants, thrifted button-down, Loeffler Randall shoes

I know the Canadian tux is older news than Jennifer Aniston’s engagement to what’s-his-name, but I liked how she sized it up here. (Canadian jammies?) Although my recreation is suspect, I felt so personally fulfilled and comfy in this outfit I almost smiled with my teeth.

Reproducibility: 100 if you have baggy denim stuff

Idea #8: “Don a big beige suit.”

On me: thrifted button-down, thrifted Burberry blazer — similar here, Loup pants, ASOS mules

Big suits were all over runways in February, but I hadn’t thought to pair my beige blazer with my beige pants until I saw this vision of a woman on the left, then I felt dumb for not. I loved this look, although I recognize not everyone will have the goods on hand. Also, I’m not sure where I’d wear this?

Reproducibility: Probably low 🙁

Idea #9: “Wear a dress over a dress, over jeans.”

On me: Vintage Levi’s, thrifted green dress — similar here, Loeffler Randall shoes

Dang, Christene Barberich looks so great here. I knew this would be tough to approximate because her red coat is a literal dream, but something about the layering combo called me, and seemed somewhat copyable. It was harder than expected though, as I’m sorely lacking in button-up dresses. This turned out fun, though, if pretty different from hers.

Reproducibility: Low-to-medium — but worth a try

Idea #10: “Layer big shirts and soft sweaters.”

This is the kind of outfit I always see, always want to copy, always assume looks better on a dude than me. I want his trousers and everything, really. Anyway, I felt safe and cool in this, and think most people would. It’s a Yes with a capital Y.

Reproducibility: High, going on my fall circuit

Idea #11: “Give your miniskirt a peek-a-boo.”

This girl is cuter than a clementine and, as a fan of creative buttoning, I was immediately compelled by her approach here. I’m not a XL fan of miniskirts, and haven’t worn this one in a couple years, but this outfit was really easy to imitate! Her ‘tude, less so.

Reproducibility: Pretty high if you’re into minis

Idea #12: “Opt for super utility.”

On me: Gap pants, thirfted T-shirt, ASOS boots

I obviously had to try this utility lewk. I have a talent for making all outdoorsy clothing immediately read camp counselor, and I count this among my talents. This ‘fit was perhaps too easy for me to recreate, although I was dying for a cargo assist. I’ll admit this would be a bit much for an everyday office look, but I’ll be packing it next time I go upstate.

Reproducibility: High! Although not sure you’re interested?

Idea #13: “Ditch color and add volume.”

The pieces of this were so simple, all volume, that they struck me as fairly easy to imitate. Of course, you need to have big black pants (these look and feel like ski pants, pleasingly, though I wish they were even bigger), but the off-the-shoulder is easy enough to fake. I would 102% wear this.

Reproducibility: Medium-to-high, ingredients-willing

This was an affirming exercise in that it proved admiration does not always equal inspiration. Sometimes, a look belongs solely on one person, in one moment, with one backdrop, like art. It was an oddly refreshing exercise, though, to see an outfit I liked and then immediately try it on myself — so rarely does that leap happen this directly. For me and most people, getting dressed is a very personal experience, but copy-catting had me stumbling across combinations I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but it was all worth a try.

Street style photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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    Yes! 12! Very Jane Goodall.

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      Can we devote an entire article to the Jane Goodall aesthetic, plz?

      • Haley Nahman

        i volunteer as tribute

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          Can I join if it means I get to wear neutrals and hang with awesome animals for the rest of my life?

        • elizabeth v

          please please please. She’s been my style icon since i was a little girl… very MR.

  • True outfits ideas right there. Thanks for the inspo!

  • idea #10 has been my go to look since like age 15

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      Love your screen name. Also, I too am about #10.

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      yes, this was my fave and I want to immediately go home and change into it.

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      The look and the dude wearing it. yum.

  • Adrianna

    Love that this was a Haley post.

    I think your interpretation of idea #4 looks better than the street style version

    Half the women in my tech office have worn idea #10 the past two years – (myself included!)

    • Haley Nahman


  • tmm16

    Honestly I love all of these looks. I am HERE for the return of the blazer and suit.

    Also jealous of the thrifted blazer in #3. I need to find that somewhere.

    • Haley Nahman

      Me too I think I’m finally a blazer person!

      And got that cream one at 28 Scott Vintage in Bushwick. It’s such a good store!

      • tmm16

        OK adding to my list of vintage stores I need to go to ASAP!!!!

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    Love this post! I love the interpretation with your own closet. Totally inspired to do the same now!

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    Look #10 is the reason I own at least three grey sweatshirts. And will probably be buying more this year. It’s a very timeless look.

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      Need more XL sweaters

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    Love these! Feeling some true button-down inspiration here. From what I can tell, the trick to dresses over pants is the dress should be about mid calf. It seems off to me when the dress is shorter than that.

    • Marta Millere

      yes, or of a contrasting shape – e.g. bootcut jeans with a t-shirt dress over it, maxi dress that hits the calf with skinny jeans. not sure about normal – aka a-line – dress and straight classic jeans…

      • Bmo

        Yes! They should look like totally separate pieces and not like they came in a set.

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    This is such an inspiring article!! Now I want to try a bunch of these. *Obsessed* with #10 and #12. Also very into #8, altho I agree that I’d have no idea where to wear it.

    • Haley Nahman


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    My favorite looks from your article are the ones where you’ve chosen men as the inspiration. I love the borrowed-from-the-boys lewks for fall! And, just another example that fashion transcends gender norms. Maybe MR can do a follow-up article where you style a guy in a similar way, using women and men street style pics as inspiration?

    • Haley Nahman


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    You actually look amazing in most of them! Great job in figuring out how to do it with what you already have.

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  • Some of these looks work better than others ! I’m a little concerned with some of the taste level. # 6 minus the camel toe , #3 wear the fanny pack as a crossbody bag , never add bulk at the waist . #9 just don’t do this !! Most successful #2 The men’s wear is a pretty great look in monochromatic in blends the look into a look and not a mistake . # 8 this beige suit idea is a great go to look , I love this as a fall look,very chic !
    Dress The Part

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      Yeah. It is so interesting, especially because, I wouldn’t even get inspiration rom menswear if it wasn’t for this article. Also, I think they were the best looks on her out of all these ideas.

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    I’m completely signed up for look #12, however, I don’t believe the pants you linked to are the pants you’re wearing

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