Rosie Assoulin Makes Seashells (and Clothes) Come to Life

This summer, Rosie Assoulin posted a smiley face made of seashells to her Instagram. The shells were pressed into sand, captured by Boomerang, washed over by water right when you thought it might wink. It was a clue — even if accidental — into the goings on inside her brain, which she turned inside out once again during fashion week.

What I wouldn’t give to live inside there!

For her Spring 2018 collection, Rosie massaged what she does best. There were no design gimmicks, no novel frills for the sake of it. There was no out-of-the-box venue, like the artist’s home she showed in for Resort, or the plastic gym she showed in for Fall 17 that was set up like a grandmother’s plastic-couch-covered living room at tea time. There were simply beautiful clothes that pushed comfort zones just enough to please the fashion-weary eye and make its future wearers feel special.

If you’ve been following her for a while now, you’ll recognize a few silhouettes, like the asymmetric ruffled skirts, colorful piping, soft plaids. What this collection looks to be is a declaration — again, even if accidental — that she has settled into her designer skin. She knows who she is, and somehow, inherently, she knows who all of us are, too. It’s the only explanation I have for the reason everyone loves her. There is a magic about Rosie Assoulin that makes you believe she could, in fact, get a seashell to give the camera a wink.

Photos by Nicole Cohen; check out her work on Instagram @sketchfortytwo.

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  • diane

    Her best collection to date! I want everything but especially that red poplin peasant blouse (bed jacket?) and matching pants. The cut of the clothing is much more flattering than in the past, when the volume of the fabric was almost overwhelming for the average woman (read: under 6 feet). Too bad the price point is so high and the line never seems to go on sale.

  • Claude

    I really like the idea of a messy, almost-wrinkly, unfitted style that her line projects. But as a naturally messy-looking person, I need some structure/ fit to my outfits. I can’t imagine looking anything but frumpy in most of these. However that navy pajama suit can get in my closet anytime it likes!

  • Never not liked Rosie Assoulin’s collections! Thanks to MR for introducing me to her stuff from the beginning.

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  • Sarah Mårtensson

    That green dress will live inside my dreams 4ever

  • Maren Douglas

    Love this collection so so much. Particularly obsessed with the jewelry and the shell collars and cuffs.

  • Brielle Saggese

    These images are beautiful!

  • Caro


  • Rosie Assoulin is a personal favorite. Every year I see an enlightened progress !
    Dress The Part

  • olivesgirl

    Love it all…specifically that POLKA DOT/BALLOON DRESS!!!!!

  • Arden

    I never crave floor length skirts until I look at Rosie’s collections and then I’m like why don’t I wear one every day???

  • CarlyC

    This entire collection is so dreamy.