The Best of Paris Fashion Week Street Style

This season’s round-up of Paris Fashion Week street style confirms the answer to a question I posed two months ago: Is “trying” finally back in style?

Yes, yes, one thousand times yes.

The street style in Paris is serving up full lewks: a straw hat that reaches all the way up to Pluto, leather Bermuda shorts paired with a Cruella de Vil-esque coat, half (yes, half) of a trench coat belted over a tomato-red suit.

It’s a thrill to behold, because it’s clear how much fun people are having with their clothes. A great outfit, when you think about it, is not necessarily a couture ballgown or a Comme des Garçons sculpture, but rather a deliberate combination of patterns and colors and textures and tailoring that converges into something beautiful on a person’s body. That’s the thing about visible effort, artfully executed: When mixed together in a thoughtful way, even something extraordinarily simple can escape the realm of “just clothes” and enter the echelon of “wearable art.”

It’s also fertile ground for inspiration, challenging your eyes and brain to think constructively about how the moving painting you’re savoring was put together, and why it is making you do a double take. These extra mental steps have an inevitable Domino effect that knocks straight into your own wardrobe, tipping over the comfortable staleness of outfit combinations worn a million times over and rearranging them into the shape of new possibilities.

I can’t wait to get dressed.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • Grace

    Having a hard time even starting this slideshow bc I have been shaken to my CORE by this first look. Iconic

  • Janet

    Enjoyed that very much! ❤

  • Ulricha Ferdinandsen Bodenhoff

    No. 64 though – silhouet game strong 🍌

  • Sarah

    Love the last picture – stilettos contrast nicely with the farmer denim overalls

  • Jessica

    I’m noticing a lot of red. Its speaking to me. Maybe b/c I’m usually afraid of colour (When people ask me what my favourite colour is, the answer is always grey).

    • Mimi Moss

      I noticed a ton of red in these photos as well as the article about what certain people were thinking when they put their street style looks together. I don’t like bright red on myself and barely have any in my closet (except for shoes!) But I love it on other people. Also suspect that the beautiful woman in 62 may be from the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  • Amber MB

    Thank you for the Pride & Prejudice reference (pls let it be a P&P reference)

  • Emily Michaelis

    96 is genius

  • Alli

    that half trench I AM DECEASED

  • Millie Lammoreaux

    THE LEATHER BERET. Never in my life did I think I’d be coveting a leather fucking hat. Want so bad.

  • Zero Gray

    I personally feel that most of the people dressing for Paris fashion week have no idea what they are doing. The outfits look like they closed their eyes, pulled out 4 or 5 mismatched things from their closets, added an ugly accessory or colored ankle socks with heels, and walked out the door looking like a crazy bag lady. Am I wrong? It’s the same every year.

    • Yes you’re wrong. When I was working there, I used to see people dressed in interesting outfits like these on the streets of NYC daily. Some people enjoy going all out and looking unexpected every day, and I love that.

    • BuffyAnneSummers97

      Yes you’re right. Many outfits seem to have no comprehensible references and some are mismatched head to toe. BUT! I think they all have an eye for proportions.

    • Brit

      I’m having a difficult time connecting with these looks as well! Maybe I’m expecting that paired-down French elegance and just not getting it here?

  • rachel

    Is it too early to declare cherry red the color of the season?

  • B4B

    Proof that unique, quirky accessories are an outfit maker/breaker!! Looks like people are still wearing the jeans, trousers, and sweaters of the minimalist fad layered and accessorised to the max. Trying is my favourite trend because I don’t have to buy anything (thank god), just “try”.

  • I’m loving this slide show so, so much. All of the oversized menswear details are inspiring me, and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the quirkiness of the old days of street style when everyone didn’t look and dress the same.

  • Megan

    The attitude and poise of that half trench coat is legendary and inspiring

  • Elizabeth Beanland

    I am gagging this is too good

  • Meemaw

    The gentleman in #50 stole my look. Am I now famous?

  • izzy

    whos the women in slide 47 & 137? thanks

  • I am always inspired what creativity exists and is rarely recognized! The streets are the best catwalk !
    Dress The Part

  • Ayaka Miura

    27 is me with my dog cookie ahahaha thank you so much ! my instagram is @ayakapics xxx

  • 18. the colors, the lightheartedness + fun of this photo simultaneously makes me smile and immediately want to dig through my husband’s belt buckets and pull out my jr. high soccer socks. This slideshow is inspiration for a season!

  • ericabeckster

    Does anyone know #54’s social media?? I neeeeed that hair cut and want more pictures

  • Rosie

    If anyone recognises the jacket in photo 26, purleease tell me where and how I can aquire it!

  • Pandora Sykes

    There are some seriously nuts outfits in there

  • Caroline Christianson

    That lime green sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Astonishing new styles on the way..!

  • Emily

    Also, I’m fairly confident #35 stole her jacket directly from Cher Horowitz’s computer closet.

  • Jen

    why are some of these people looking so shabby?? There are some absolute winners but far too many that look like they just got out of bed and not in a good way…

  • Nordgreen

    these outfits are pure perfection!

  • Sarahtonin

    Is slide #78 Garrett Borns, aka the musical wonder BØRNS, wearing a Thom Browne skirt?? I adore his music and his style (especially when he’s repping Gucci)!

  • Mekalah Loxley

    An orgasm for the eyes! I’m going to bully the back of my wardrobe for textures, shapes and colours to create a visual body-buffet to feast on. Love love love!