Dispatch From Paris #2: Some Looks I’d Wear Fresh off the Runway

Is it good or bad to want to wear an outfit immediately after you’ve seen it walk down a runway? I can argue on behalf of both sides. On the one hand, I recognize the power of speed and impulse in a remarkably fast-paced climate. How satisfying it must feel as a designer to know, immediately, that you’ve produced the stuff of fashion virality!

On the other hand, though, there is slow fashion, which not only takes time to make but also to resonate. We’ve spoken about this before. There are some designers who show a collection that makes you uncomfortable, but you’re pleased to be uncomfortable because you know that the unease is an indication that the designer isn’t just maintaining the needle, she’s pushing it forward. So maybe you don’t “get” it immediately, but six months from now, when you can actually have it, you’ll be surprised to find your taste has been informed by whatever it is you shunned during the last runway season. A lot, but not all, of this kind of stuff comes out of Paris.

Here’s the thing, though: I could count at least 10 (fine, nine) looks dating back to days three and four of Paris Fashion Week that I would readily use to cover my body, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing — it doesn’t distract from the emotionality of the clothes (at least as far as I can see), and doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll be too bored to wear any of it by the time it is available later down the line (these are, after all, spring clothes, and we are, after all, entering winter). And what’s more? It’s fun to picture a new you for a new season. I recommend you try it it, then share your thoughts on the comment branch that is the tree of Man Repeller below.

Here are mine:

Feature photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images; runway photos via Vogue Runway. 

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  • Kacie Medeiros

    Thought of you immediately when looking at the Marant show

  • Juliana Salazar

    The Miami in me is very excited about generation windbreaker (!!)

  • Olivia AP

    Leandra, I kind of want to know what you think about Jacquemus new collection. BTW when I looked at pocture no.6 I thought: omg, Leandra did it first

  • agilent hawking

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  • NikNak

    I think this is true for me with music a lot. If I love song too much right away it’s something I usually end up hating later because it was to catchy.

    Then again sometimes a song (or an outfit) just speaks to you right away…

  • Janet

    I would put this on my body right now since it speaks to my art déco garconne heart at fits into autumn, too. ❤https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/698829d774cca9f9d7a6fb8e2008748c4b477aa69a921626b65bf61c186a1b6f.jpg

  • Mal

    Also can we talk about how much the model in 1st picture looks like Margrethe from “The Nanny”?

  • Jay

    Oh… the Belgians showing in Paris… Hooked on that. And forget all the time about how great Chloe works?! (Though its my scent for like ever?!)

    And – please…. – help – cause I want to be that Balmain Girl.

  • Great ideas! I love these styles.