My three sloth toes are crossed that the street style offerings of this New York Fashion Week will prove we’ve graduated from February’s documented puberty. I’m confident we have; the slow death of the see-it-everywhere trend has given way to something different. Let’s call it a newfound sense of fun and freedom. I chose those words carefully, too, because there seems to be a marked sense of creative looseness in the way women are presenting themselves these days. It’s feeling less stuffy (a consequence of overwrought minimalism or maximalism) and more honest.

Maybe it’s a result of our collective headspace. I’d be remiss not to mention that, just as it did in February, the Fashion Week train has pulled into an emotionally hectic New York and world. We may not be on the heels of Trump’s inauguration, but we’re in the trenches of the DACA repeal, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, and the political grief and turmoil that’s stricken the whole U.S. over the past year. Last season, we saw a lot of political activism on the runway and even on the streets as a result, to mixed reactions. It will be worth noting how the industry — designers and attendees alike — chooses to address the current climate this time around: by using NYFW as a means of brief and beautiful escape or as an opportunity to participate in the conversation?

(Which would you prefer?)

Click through the below slideshow for the former (the escape) while you ponder the latter (the conversation). We’ll be updating daily to give your brain a colorful place to rest for a couple minutes, inspiration guaranteed. Comment your favorite photos below, shot by beloved MR photographer Simon Chetrit, and we’ll meet you there.

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • Chelsea Truax

    I love that these looks are so unabashedly intentional.

    • Leandra Medine

      can you say more on this? i dont disagree but want to hear your thoughts!!!

      • Chelsea Truax

        While there are definitely still instances when I am very much feeling the ‘normcore’ vibes, there is something just so refreshing about the creativity and the thought put into these photographed outfits/head-to-toe looks. It feels like there is more of a sense of individuality and pride in ones self rather than the obvious tryinghardtonotlooklikeyou’retryinghard mentality that seemed to be prevalent when normcore was having its moment.

        • Martha Pietruszewski

          I totally agree. I also think these looks are more attainable than other “street style” posts that I’ve seen. The people depicted seem very confident and effortless, whereas a lot of times street style is just wearing the most outrageous thing you have in your closet.

          • Andrea

            Agreed!! MR is the only one I go to for streetstyle pics noawadays – though these outfits may not be 100% authentic, they seem better than the TRYHARDS in magazines like VOGUE, NYLON.. etc. That are just way over the top and pretty sure they get paid to wear those outfits. I will say job well done, kudos to the photographer as well!

          • Bailey

            Way more than in seasons past, so many of these looks feel like they were pulled together with items that were already in the wearer’s closet, and may very well be in your closet and my closet. It’s the way they’re put together that makes them “intentional” (I disagree that the word equates to inauthentic) but there is something almost democratic about the direction things are going in. Lots of these outfits are thoughtful and yes, intentional in the way they were put together and I love it. They are each showing off a distinct point of view and while that in itself may be a trend, I feel like we are getting away from status-symbol, brand-specific articles of clothing being the things that define street-style as “good”.

          • Laura

            “I feel like we are getting away from status-symbol, brand-specific articles of clothing being the things that define street-style as “good”.”

            I totally agree with this sentiment. Maybe it’s because people in recent years have not had the $$$$$ to buy these types of items. Therefore, second hand and thrifting has become a more popular means of procuring clothes. The culture of obtaining clothes in this way, of course, would bear an outfit(S) with a more eclectic or varied aesthetic. The more unauthentic fashion of status symbol, and brand specific wear looks is now reserved for people like Melania Trump, The Housewives of _____, or Steven Mnuchin’s wife stepping off a government funded jet. All have big $$$$$.

        • Ashlyn Grace

          Definitely. I feel like fashion recently has been totally “I’m going to wear this literally just because I like it and I like the way it looks on me and I’m proud of it.” Not as much, “This is flattering (or unflattering !) on me and this is the style and this is what the mannequin at the store was wearing”

      • Anne Dyer

        I’m not gonna lie, 9 made me throw up in my mouth a little. Just a smidge. To my eye it’s clear where the authenticity lies, 10, 15, 26, 28, 38, 40, 42 (Heeey Leandra!), 50, 53… I could go on. It’s not the lewk it’s the actual look, the face, the intent, the joy and the complexity. The forced roll of a jean feels forced, the ease of natural hair and a crop top feels free.

        • SAGE

          I love 9 juist because it’s not a ‘cool’ and ‘effortless’ look but it embraces a fantasy.

          • Anne Dyer

            Yup. New number 9. I like it.

          • I went back to number 9 and was perplexed why you reacted so viscerally. Now I HAVE TO KNOW what the old number 9 was….

          • Anne Dyer

            Ha! Love viscerally. Nice word choice. It was three super obvious looks on three super obvious women who were posing while being photographed, trying super hard to look “street”. It was so inauthentic I responded with a visceral gag reflex. PS – I used to work in high profile retail (Sting, Cher and Michael Kors all shopped l with us, and now I’m obviously name dropping, it’s just to set the stage!) Paris Hilton was walking out when she caught sight the paparazzi. She immediately started eye fucking the camera, walking very dramatically down the stairs and flipping her hair so much I thought she may fall over. It reminded me of what shall be known as the former #9.

        • Abbey

          In defense of #9: it was giving off some serious Parent Trap “Annie’s outfit on her first day of camp” vibes, especially from the waist down. That made me like it.

          • Anne Dyer

            Now it’s a different number 9, I totally like the new number 9 🙂

      • Anna Pepperspray

        Just count the number of different pant styles on these pictures! There is no border. It is as if we have been going trough this trial period for the past 20-30 years and now everyone is just picking the shapes they liked best/that makes them feel most comfortable. Looking at these pictures does not make me want to buy a specific kind of style (skinny, culotte, flared, straight, midi, hotpants…) but rather makes me think: so which one do I prefer for myself?

    • Hi I’m Viv

      I totally agree. I feel like not many of these people are authentic.

      • Alison

        With only a photo to look at, how do you or I know what is or isn’t authentic for the wearer? Not being a jerk (or not trying to be one). I’m genuinely interested in how authenticity is defined right now.

    • Merrynell

      Yes! Love how accessible and seemingly more personal a lot of these looks are — that most of the people dressed how they normally would on the daily, and put on whatever they wanted from whichever season the clothes were from, and for no one in particular (NOT even for fashion’s sake!) but themselves. I can’t even find a label to mark what this “trend” is… so, I say more power to personal style!

    • I agree! I feel finally comfortable again actually matching my clothes. In the past few seasons, I’ve been all about mismatching and perfectly clashing. Like, it was cool to look cool but you couldn’t look like you were trying to look cool. That takes a lot of effort to look haphazard! The same amount, if not more, as it takes to look put together. I feel like people who actually care about their outfits (and always have) finally are able to show that again. It’s in style to give a shit!

  • Hayley

    Wait let’s make rollerblades a thing again.

  • EP

    I stood outside the Jason Wu show today at lunch because it was near my office. Holy shit. I had no clue what the swarm of street style photographers were like! I would be so embarrassed to have to stand there while everyone looked at me because of what I was wearing. If I were a fashion editor, I would purposefully wear something that would make for a boring photo so that I could just do my job.

  • Lele

    These photos are so beautiful and captivating! I love that there are people of all shapes and sizes depicted here. I think super thin bodies will always be involved with fashion (and shouldn’t ever be considered less womanly than more curvy women), but it is so uplifting to see the inclusion of not just the standard size 0 (or 00) walking around fashion week. I love seeing these stunning, stylish people! Keep em’ coming.

    • Simon Chetrit

      Thank you! I worked hard to incorporate a greater diversity this year, as I do whenever I shoot.

  • Great colors this season! And very little branded clothes. Everyone’s looking casual and relatable. I recognize #42! Ha!

  • Kristen J

    In at least two of the pics, the looks involved layering multiple pairs of pants. Celibacy statement? Intentionally long bathroom breaks? Really cold legs? Just something new and different?

    • Voovoo

      Haha. Yeah..#62 made me wonder if I’m Rip Van Winkle..asleep for a hundred years..and I wake up to find: slacks over jeans! It just took me by surprise.

      • Selena Delgado

        omg same. Impossible to pull off, but she looked good

      • Ashlyn Grace

        I zoomed in on it just to make sure I wasn’t missing something lol…I say I’d never wear it now but just watch me in six months

    • I’m going to bet that those are one pair of pants that are designed that way to fool your eye. I saved that look because I love how clever it is! I have a pair of jeans that look like jeans plus jean shorts over. People always think I’m wearing two pairs of pants, but it’s just one clever pair of pants!

      • Kristen J

        I spy “KCFW”! I’m just down I-70 in Lawrence 🙂

        • Hi!! Yes, I showed two collections with KCFW and it was such a great experience! And actually, I work my day job in Lawrence. Nice to meet you here on MR!

          • Kristen J

            That’s fantastic, good for you!

  • Apps

    Refreshing to see more color and sizes being shot for street style! I agree that looks are very relatable. Kudos to you people for recognizing and showcasing that style comes in all sizes and shapes. Now the designers need to show that diversity too! Ulla Johnson are you listening?? Only 4 models of color????!!!! No size variations?! Why?!

    • Selena Delgado

      Did you see the Eckhaus Latta show? Diversity.. right there

    • Simon Chetrit

      Thank you so much! I try to insure representative diversity as much as I can when I shoot.

  • ByeBeckz

    Serious questions from someone who doesn’t live in a city with a fashion week- where do you (and magazines who cover street style in fashion weeks) find these people? Are they ALL attending shows? Do people just randomly dress super cool in hopes of getting in a magazine/blog and then stand outside popular photog areas? Thanks!

    • Lil

      Srsly dying to know 2~

    • Mariel

      Same, I live in a small town in Ecuador, South America and all this outfits got me like !!!! WHERE DO YOU EVEN FIND THESE CLOTHES ??!!! but like in a good way I will to try similar styles someday but until then I’ll be gasping at these pictures

    • Andrea Raymer

      both! most people are leaving/arriving at shows, but there are definitely a lot of aspiring influencers that dress up and peacock for the cameras in hopes that someone will publish their photo and make them famous.

    • Haley Nahman

      It’s people entering/exiting shows

    • Adrianna

      I developed my photography portfolio a few years ago by googling where fashion shows were happening. At the time, Lincoln Center. It was really a fascinating and bizarre spectacle to see a crowd of photographers run and swarm one person. I quickly noticed who the seasoned fashion photographers were, (middle aged men with giant camera lenses), because they ran to specific people I wouldn’t have looked twice at. I saw some celebrities (“celebrities”) of varying fame – Lisa Rinna, Padma Laksmi, Ramona Singer, and the Hilton sisters. I even saw Bill Cunningham doing his craft, and he looked at me like he didn’t understand why I was taking his photo.

      Some were critical that people showed up just to have their picture taken – they weren’t part of the fashion industry – but that’s why I had the opportunity to build my portfolio.

    • Simon Chetrit

      There’s kind of a mutually agreed upon system here. There’s no point to wearing these nice outfits without being photographed in them professionally and by the right people, so everyone benefits and everyone also needs to cooperate for good images.

      People ARE mostly attending the shows, but I personally never limit myself to just attendees or ticketed people. Sometimes the chicest people are just nearby enjoying the atmosphere and photography bonanza outside. Or just walking by. New York is blessed to have loads of fancily dressed people all the time, especially in certain areas or certain streets, around certain events, etc.

      They are outside the show, but they’re also everywhere if you really look.

  • I like that people seem to be wearing what they would normally wear to work. Which is what fashion week is for most people…their job. #19 is a perfect example of relatable NYC work fashion: black pants, white shirt and black shoes in the style du jour.

  • Selena Delgado

    I can honestly say (with confidence) that I can and would LOVE to pull off looks 37, 42, 48. My fashion goals include look 63, other than that, many of the ladies (disregard the men, they are dashing!) seemed eager to be ‘caught’ on film. I’m thinking more Emanuelle Alt, and less effort.

  • Gene Day

    Has anyone else seen Breakfast on Pluto? Look 32 reminds me of the outfit from the “My tights, they’re in ribbons” scene. Right down to the hair. Awesome.

    • Carrieanne Luicadi

      WITH YOU 100%. Love that film!

  • Beatrice

    I need some new goddamn blazers! 70 & 48 specifically are fodder for my Ralph Lauren-in-Aspen-in-October fantasies

  • Shevaun

    Wow help everyone looks so good

  • Fereshteh-Faith Oftadeh

    Muslim babes in the chādors were the best, just sayin 😉

    • Simon Chetrit

      There were more this season and I went out of my way to photograph them!

  • Aggie

    #74 is gold, going to the thrift shop to draw doodles on a grandpa jacket now

  • Cristina

    I just wonder if anyone is ever gonna mention the “sheer leggings” Kim K is donning are actually called pantyhose and they’ve been around since the dawn of time. Pantyhose. She’s wearing pantyhose as pants.

  • Lottie Harper

    I… don’t understand…. what the temperature is out there? Is it just really cold indoors that one needs to bring a down coat or fur?

    • Andrea Raymer

      Its kind of chilly! finally we have a september fashion week that isn’t 100 degrees, so the jackets are coming out even if they aren’t really needed.

    • Adrianna

      I think some people think about their outfit more than the weather. I’ve seen a woman wear a thin, cotton trench in 18 degree weather during fashion week in February.

    • Simon Chetrit

      Fairly warm, honestly. Been summery the last few days.

  • Caitlin Crow

    thank you guys so much for all of these; they = serious eye/brain nourishment. couldn’t edit down to a few favorites. made itemized list. 3. bookmarking for how i wish to dress my human paper doll, aka husband 14, 17 (hi, LMC), 27, 30, 35, 43, 57, 68, et al. = DDW (denim done well), which i cannot do well at all and therefore admire 16. little house on the prairie/autumn in new york, trying this later 41. was just eyeing vintage silk pj set this morning, now will have to purchase 58. very aspirational as i cannot imagine wearing any element of this outfit and yet love how it looks 62. see 3. (paper doll) 81. inspirational proportions also interesting use of belt alert 107. see 58. cool outfit made even cooler with use of cool friends as accessories 115. can’t wait for socks n’ sandals weather 116. see 81. (proportions) 120. see 3. & 62. 128. mentally filing for how to master tunic over skirt/dress + sherbet colors 133. now i want a hair wrap 136. movement. must find wind asap. 137. BAG 139. Giovanna, pls give me ur t-shirt.

  • Dahlia

    Simon, your photography is absolutely captivating. I love how dynamic all of these pictures feel!

    • Simon Chetrit

      Thank you so much!! It can be very chaotic and I try to portray that

  • 28, 43 and 46 had me yearning…

  • Woah baby! New York is bringing the thunder this season. Looking great everyone,keep it coming!

  • eganmay

    #132’s lone forehead curl gave me the strength to go on.

    • BuffyAnneSummers97

      Read this as ‘strength to go on in life’ rather than ‘resolve to finish looking through the slideshow’ and have actual tears in my eyes from laughter

      • eganmay

        please know i’m not kidding when i say that is 100% what i meant

  • Abbey

    Loving lots of these, but will be thinking about #50 and #136 for a while.

    Proof that the oft-repeated “dress for your shape,” which usually means “wear clothes that make you look thinner,” doesn’t have to. Neither of those outfits would have had the same effect, same awesome lines, etc. on a straight-size person. Excited to see more like this!

  • karaaaaaaa

    had a double take w #13 – NICKI!

  • Paula Rodio

    Holy crap I think I love 95% of these outfits.

  • Dorinela Hamamci

    Some outfits are downright ridiculous, and not in the tongue-in-cheek fashion sense way, but more like trying too hard to emulate the crazy lady in the neighborhood to get some attention and your picture taken.

  • Mary | O Blog da Mary

    Loving all the looks on NYFW right now!

    Mary | O Blog da Mary

  • Liz

    My ankles are ready to be cold all season long. Bring on the cropped pants. Also, I only enjoy looking at pictures of the people who seem to be enjoying themselves. I’m 100% uninterested in “Serious Fashion People.”

    Love the slideshow! Truly diverse, which is perfecto.

    #5 guy 👌

    #28 with the upside-down-ish jeans (?) DELIGHTS me.

    #53 is crazy fierce. I am intimidated by her but also want to be her. The somehow makes powder blue and orange seem like power colors?

    The couple in #65 crack me up. Who are they? Where are they going? Are they serious about their look/s or do they have a sense of humor?

    The woman in the blue jacket in #96 wins this slideshow.

    The woman wrapped in floral wallpaper in #110 looks like she arrived in a time machine from an alternative universe.

    The guy in #120 is sooooo chic.

    • BuffyAnneSummers97

      I think cropped pant is often paired with sock boot as a solution for cold ankle.

  • Fat Tony

    A lot of these looks are amazing including 186 but the whole time I was looking at it all I was thinking about was Milo from the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  • ChiefCC

    Love 31!!!

  • Megan Allen


  • Fleurette

    So much inspiration!! i am being so inspired by this blog 🙂

  • Marielle Nicol

    so much love!!!!

  • BuffyAnneSummers97

    Lol @ Paloma blocking the whole fucking crossing with her garments. Love it!

  • Lindsey

    Hamish Bowles’ expression is amazing.

  • Olivia Ewing

    Awe thank you for the feature! I am look number 12 on day 4’s gallery. Follow to see more of my fashions and see my blog updates @lifestylebyliv


  • Emmie

    no. 59!!<3!

    Ps. should i be investing in a cummerbund??

  • molly_maureen

    grateful for the outfit inspiration right when I need it most – during this transitional weather stage.

    one question, though: what is the secret to wearing Balenciaga’s knife mules all day and not getting a foot cramp?

  • NikNak

    Is 35 Amelia? 👌🏻

  • Omg Leanda’s neon. <3 <3 omg omg omg need that yellow

    • Also the three of you look so cool together. Modern SATC, just missing one!

  • Arden

    these bright monochrome color looks are giving me life

  • Millie Lammoreaux

    I feel like a traitor to fashion as a whole because I HATE ANIMAL PRINT. Whew. Had to get it out. I know it’s a neutral for so many people (included beloved writers for this site!!) but damn. I’d love to see it just disappear forever.

  • Jillian Colin

    Where the heck did #78 Girl In Tie-Dye Top get her sweatshirt ?? Obsessed

  • Stacey

    This brought a smile to my face. I enjoyed the bright colours, outfits all in the same colour tone, very matching outfits, the variety of shoes and the big smiles. It looked like the people being photographed were having a pleasant day.

  • Ai-Ch’ng GB

    One of my favourite stories of the salon, because there is so much to love! Aside from (the most important thing that most of the subjects are smiling so broadly/clearly having fun), the diversity in beautiful skin tones, hair, and frames is mesmerising. The ones that really jumped out for me?
    #2 – is that Phil Oh? I like his outfit – that’s what I’d wear, for sure
    #16 – that straight-up-and-down silhouette – so flattering. It’s an I-can-eat-as-much-as-I-want-sans-worrying-about-loosening-my-tight-waist outfit
    #49 – it’s exactly what I’d wear daily
    #51 – streamlined and long, dark with gold buttons <3
    #59 – that hat!
    #66 – those cool overalls, her smile, her everything!
    #90 – just so easy peasy
    #118 – super-comfy and completely lacking in pretension
    #121 – all those lush fabrics, like a luxurious lounge room
    #153 – for the scarf that'll never fall off awkwardly
    #157 – colourful and comfortable

  • Lucinda Bayly


  • Jenny Brownlees

    Thank you THANK YOU Man Repeller and Simon for capturing the Street Style I really want to see; diverse in age, race, size and style! I feel you are really leading the way with this and it’s so refreshing to see. I’m so bored of other sites images; whilst yes, they’re no doubt pretty pictures I feel the real origin of Street Style (documenting everyday personal style) has been lost – yours are the only one’s I’m consciously looking at in lieu of this. Keep up the great work! Jenny x

  • Hayley

    Yay Emily Weiss! That Kelly bag…drool worthy!

  • Mara Ferguson

    that was nourishing

  • Ashley Minyard

    Oh hello I spy my old roommate- Lookin fab as #4

  • Marisa Clark

    Because 469 photos aren’t enough… <3

    I can't take my eyes off the screen.

  • karla bon

    siena miller??? <3

  • elpug

    I love the amount of reds/oranges going on and the gentleman in number 66

    • elpug

      and 94 is simply of another era

  • mia |-/

    Simon Chetrit these are a gift!

  • Maggie Lanham

    Can someone ID the woman in (current) slide #6? She’s all over the slideshow, and I know I know her (but her name is eluding me). Her style, from gorgeous hair down to her badass shoes, has me transfixed and inspired!

    • Maggie Lanham

      also current #18. Just plain insane in every good way.

  • Mozi

    Great stuff in here! Love it how the photographer shoot “normal” people and not just those that we usually get to see around the web in fashion weeks’s street style. Well done! <3