Juicy Couture is Back and Better Than Ever

Jamie Mizrahi will never forget her first Juicy purchase. “It was a waffle-knit oatmeal-colored tracksuit,” she said. “I was obsessed with it.” As the newly-appointed creative director of Juicy Couture, Mizrahi was tapped to bring the brand to its full potential in 2017. Instead of reinventing the wheel, though, her intentions are just the opposite: “I didn’t want to come in and change the brand to be something entirely different,” she said. “I really wanted to hone in on that nostalgic feeling, touching on that Juicy girl we all remember and making it work today.”

Here are five things to know about the first collection under her creative leadership, which debuted yesterday:

1. You won’t find the word “Juicy” embroidered on the back of any pants.

“I tried not to go to that place of irony,” Mizrahi told Amelia during the presentation. “I just wanted to make wearable pieces that girls will want to wear and feel good in — happy, light and comfortable.”

2. The collection is inspired by updated nostalgia:

“It’s bringing back all the things I loved most about Juicy in a way I would wear them today,” said Mizrahi.

3. Mizrahi’s biggest challenge was to introduce a new iteration of Juicy Couture without eroding the brand’s beloved DNA.

“I didn’t want to turn Juicy into something that it’s not, something that people couldn’t recognize,” she said. She explained how its meant to be broken up and worn with items you already own in your wardrobe; that it’s very much still Juicy, but doesn’t have to be taken so literally.

4. The styling incorporated a 60s/70s vibe, with subtle references to Richard Avedon and Jean Shrimpton.

AKA, it’s not just about the early 2000s. If you’re not yet ready for full velour ‘fit, dip your toe back into the Juicy pool with a terrycloth head scarf that has flowers tacked on to it. I also have never needed a pair of pink tights as badly (if ever?) as I do now.

5. Alison Lou designer Alison Chemla did the jewelry for this collection.

Speaking of the Jean Shrimpton theme, I will be waiting patiently for a pair of these white daisy earrings.

Like Mizrahi, I distinctly remember my first Juicy possession: a lime green terrycloth hoodie. I’ve watched with intrigue as the brand rode the wave of 90s nostalgia back into the zeitgeist, landing with a splash courtesy of the Vetements collaboration last summer. With the strategic appointment of an incredibly talented stylist like Mizrahi with a pre-existing celebrity clientele (Katy Perry, Kate Upton, Nicole Richie, Eva Mendes and Britney Spears among them), Juicy Couture is poised to capitalize on that momentum even further.

As for the clothes? Mizrahi accomplished exactly what she set out to do. The collection smells satisfyingly like the old Juicy, but the styling (sweatshirts tied asymmetrically, normcore-esque ankle socks peeking out from stark white sneakers, tailored blouses paired with relaxed jogger pants and stiletto sandals) introduces a delicious whiff 2017.

Click through the slideshow below and tell me what color tracksuit you’re eyeing. I’m partial to the lime green, but hey, that might just be my nostalgia talking.

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • theysayshycity

    “I didn’t want to turn Juicy into something that it’s no[t]”?

    (sorry, I can’t turn the editor in my brain off this morning)

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Kristin

    I love it. But I also wouldn’t have minded a JUICY on my butt again… we all still wear those, right? …Right?

    • TinySoprano

      Was just thinking that too! I mean, I’m in love with their new stuff the way it is but can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to get some iron-on letters and diy some butt-verbage. 😉

  • I never owned any Juicy but I certainly saw a ton of it growing up and this is genius – Mizrahi did an amazing job pumping terrycloth into 2017.

  • Maddie

    I ADORE this collection!! It’s a fun, bubbly way to dress up athleisure in a sea of modern, sleek adidas & puma sportswear collections. Loving the whimsical, tongue-in-cheek vibe. For some reason I could see the always chic Blair Waldorf rocking a good portion of these looks.

    • Arden

      Blair would absolutely rock these looks!! Especially the flower adorned headband.

    • TherapyCranes

      I was coming down here to say the same thing re: Blair!

  • Katy


  • Arden

    I never realized how much I need a pair of bright blue terry cloth leggings in my life until just now

    • Harling Ross


  • The first thing I bought was a burgundy zip hoodie and I bought it with the commission from my after school job in a boutique and how excited I was to buy something so nice with my own money. I still wear it around the house (13 years and going strong!)

    I’m definitely getting the nostalgia vibes from this, I can see Summer Roberts in these looks while she walks her pet rabbit (RIP Marissa Cooper).

  • Madeline Marie

    that poofy white dress is the stuff of dreams. I’ve been wanting to bring back the crinoline since the mid 19th century

    • Julia

      I neeeeeed it

    • Chloe

      It’s a balenciaga reference as re-interpreted by Vogue fashion fund finalist Cecilie Bahnsen. ‘Designers’ knocking off other designers and claiming to reinvent a tired 90s brand is what is wrong with fashion today. For the 10% where there is creativity the rest is just all fluff

  • Patricia

    I was totally ready to write this collection off… after vetements and then a cheesy collaboration with Urban Outfitters I thought it would be more of the same. I was SO wrong. I love the New Juicy!!

  • TCAN

    Amazing !!!

  • B4B

    Uh this woman is a genius! Never thought I’d want a striped jumpsuit and terry cloth leggings but…

  • Kattigans

    OMG need the dress in #12. Viva la Juicy!

  • Awesome new line – I’m so impressed by how far they’ve moved away from the glittery excess of the early 2000’s! My first juicy suit was the traditional velour in navy and I loved it! I would never wear them out in public, but I’m not going to lie, they are super comfortable. But hey, I’m from New Jersey, so obviously I’m a little bit biased 😉


  • Emily M

    Whaaat, never thought I’d see the return of Juicy. Those rainbow stripes are perfect, although I can’t ignore the fact that they look even better in groups of three. Maybe I can convince two friends to get the other striped looks and we can just walk around in them together.

  • Alison Lou is the best

  • pdbraide

    I lost respect for the Juicy brand when they aggressively took Liz Carey;s Bird handbag identity. I don’t understand how it was ok to do that to an independent designer just because they could. https://www.purseblog.com/bag-deals/bird-handbags-end-sale/

  • Sarah Mårtensson

    Ignoring this “comeback” from Juicy. They are dead and buried, forever. I can’t. With. This.

  • Anne Dyer

    I worked for Juicy from 2007 through 2012 and I can tell you for certain she #nailedit