5 New Ways to Wear an Oversized Cardigan This Fall

Certain people have a knack for wearing trends and making them wholly, utterly their own, to the extent that they seem like something newly invented, incontrovertibly emblazoned with the stamp of personal style. Ida Petersson, Buying Director at Browns, is one of those people. She will pick up everything you thought you new about oversized sweaters, dump it all into a mixing bowl and bake you a tray of cookies you’ve never tasted before, despite the fact that the ingredients are familiar.

So what are you waiting for? Take a bite. Or five.

Day 1:

Despite what my choice of platform shoes may say, this is me at my happiest, most casual best. I’m obsessed with Hawaiian shirts. I probably own at least 20 of them, all collected over the years. Jeans in some form or another are also pretty much my go-to base every day, and this pair from Frame are a great shade of blue (not too dark, not too light). I consider leopard print a neutral so these shoes get a lot of love from me, not least for the fact that Saint Laurent makes one of the most comfortable platforms out there.

I have always loved an oversized cardigan. They are such genius things: comfy, cosy and so versatile. They can easily be shrugged on and off so they make the perfect transitional piece for that in-between-the-season period. This particular one by Isabel Marant is a total winner, not just because it’s the perfect shape, but the neutral color makes it an easy layering piece. It’s an excellent base for so many outfits, a fact I’m only too happy to demonstrate! All in all, this is the perfect look for a Monday. It’s an outfit that will take me anywhere.

Day 2:

I’m going to a gig tonight so decided to base my outfit around these fabulous Ganni sneakers. They are so comfortable and the platform means I’ll have a few extra inches of height, which is perfect for peeking over people’s shoulders. If you’re short like me, these sneakers will literally be your best friend. I’m also slightly obsessed with checks at the moment so I couldn’t resist this skirt. I blame Virgil; the AW17 Off-White show was just too good!

Day 3:

Bright colors always make me happy and I just love the bright, bold red of these Ganni cords. They’re a definite mid-week pick-me-up. Plus, how fun is it that cowboy boots are back in fashion? I knew the second I saw this pair from Ganni that they belonged on my feet.

Day 4:

Kurt Cobain was (is!) a massive musical hero to me. His music played a big part in my growing up, which made R13’s tribute tee feel so right. And who doesn’t love a furry slipper? This pair from Givenchy is ridiculously comfortable. This is an outfit I reach for all the time.

Day 5:

It’s Friday! This is what I’m wearing to go out with some friends. My trusty cardigan is perfect layered over one of my favourite dresses from Magda Butrym for a cold evening spent gossiping on a roof terrace in East London. I’m teaming my dress/cardi combo with these epic Prada platforms. Like I said, I’m a fan of a platform!

Follow Ida on Instagram @kattshoppar and visit Browns. Photos by Annie Jane Jones.

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  • Okay but did you see her shoes though?! [insert heart eyes emoji here]

  • Anne Dyer

    Hm. Perhaps I should homeschool my preschooler, save the tuition and buy this cardigan. No?

    • Go vintage, they are everywhere

      • Jade-Yue-Ryu

        TRUTH. Goodwill is an excellent source for this.

  • Aydan

    yessssss on cardigan time of year! I seriously feel like my fashion choices have already become infinitely more diversified now that its not oppressively hot every day in NYC! I fully will be participating in one cardigan 5 different ways in the coming weeks!!!

  • tmm16

    I totally wish I was a cardigan girl, but alas, I am not. In my next lyfe though I will be.

  • My favorite is Day 5! And… I recognize the Ace Hotel’s lush entrance! Makes me miss London <3

  • The colors here actually improved my Monday mood. Man Repeller magic. Now to find an affordable pair of shoes like those leopard ones…

  • Arden

    I was mercilessly mocked throughout college for wearing a sweater SUPER similar to this one that I swiped from my dad. Happy to see MR is vindicating my cozy choice (and giving me some styling ideas).

  • This is cute, but alas, there’s no way I could pull this off. I’m too petite for oversize tops. I just end up looking like a child. But, I guess I can do oversized things if they aren’t bulky – then it doesn’t look weird.

    Darling Marcelle

  • Jam Jam

    She looks great.
    My future is in that Magda dress. It’s got a hint of Stevie Nicks.

  • amdv