Welcome to Get Back on Track Month

Is anyone else out there craving a good old-fashioned life syllabi for the imminent adult semester? After our July brain vacation where we straight up sent it to the spa and our August theme of waving our hands up in the air like, “SO WHAT,” I think we are chomping at the metaphorical life bit, if not only because it tastes like shoes and apples.

To scoop that sensation up, our September theme validates these feelings while providing a transitional wardrobe hack: roll your sleeves up (it totally changes an outfit) and GET BACK ON TRACK. This month, my friends, we are going to get some shit DONE.

This is different fromΒ New Year’s resolutions because there’s no deadline — no implication that the way we were (or are) needs improvement. Instead, it’s a time to recenter, refocus, so that our noses are pointed in a direction that makes us jump out of bed in the morning and say, “Hell yeah!”

In the words of Cher Horowitz at the end ofΒ Clueless, “Oh my god, I love Josh.” Only Josh is the thing you’ve been striving for all along. Tell us in the comments section some things you hope to learn, see, do, read and accomplish!

Photography: Lousiana Mei Gelpi
Creative Direction: Emily Zirimis

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  • Anne Dyer

    “Oh my god, I love Josh.” Oh my god, I love you Amelia for using this reference. I had zero time to work out with my little ones home all summer and I for one can’t wait to lift a weight. And do a sit up or maybe run in place. It all sounds amazing.

  • Adrianna

    I LOVED receiving syllabi in college!!

    You know how you had to read articles and excerpts from resources like Blackboard? (Liberal arts majors know what I’m talking about.) I would print those out horizontally, two pages per sheet, and get it spiral bound at Staples. I got the idea after I worked as a copy clerk in Staples. My cover page would be a section of the syllabus listing the readings and due dates.

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg yessssss to hissss

  • ReadER451

    After going HAM on the end of season sales, I want to narrow down my new season wishlist and find some good solid purchases that will last me through Feb/Mar.

  • Adrianna

    I’m moving for the first time in 8 years by the end of September. (From East Village in Manhattan to Park Slope in Brooklyn.) I don’t anticipate that I’ll get rid of a lot of stuff, but I’m hoping to develop a new relationship with NYC. It’s easy to get in a very specific rut or impression of this city after a decade in one neighborhood.

    I’m moving into a two bedroom, which means it’ll be the first time I won’t be sleeping, working on side projects, reading, watching TV, and eating in one room. We’re turning the second bedroom into an office, so my intention is to turn my side into an art studio.

  • Maria

    Feeling v inspired by this article, thanks MR. I’m looking forward to finishing my fashion portfolio and graduating in the spring!

  • Arden

    Amelia for real did you read my gdang mind??? As I was walking to work in the offensively cold New York weather this morning I was making a mental checklist of how I’m going to get my head in the game looking forward. Step one: donate the bag of clothes I never wear anymore!

    • tmm16

      I’m also throwing out clothes! I am currently creating a fall capsule wardrobe and only want to keep 30-40 pieces. Everything else is going on Poshmark for v cheap or being donated.

    • Aydan

      I’m doing this too!! I figure these beautiful dresses sitting in my closet I somehow have decided I don’t look good in are definitely worthwhile to someone else and better off served moving that way!!

    • Jac

      one suggestion – instead of donating to your local thrift shop, consider sending some of your nicer to-donate items to a charity based in/around texas or a national one that is providing relief efforts there. often the items that get donated after a natural disaster aren’t the nicest, so sending nicer items can really make a huge difference to people who’ve lost everything

      • Arden

        yes!! i’ve been researching where is best to donate for this – do people have vetted recommendations?

  • Well, it’s electoon time in Germany and I still need to find out who is getting my vote in 23 days. That and … hmm… books? Buying a new table? Being as content as humanly possible? Looking forward to your contributions!

  • This month marks the beginning of a new school year (my last one!), so I plan on finishing a very well-written, Insomniac City by Bill Hayes, watching less Netflix and doing more writing (has anyone tried a bullet journal?), and finding new ways to make money (I’m all for suggestions on a great side hustle)!

    • Sydney JG

      Love bullet journaling!! It’s so fun and amazing way to keep organized.

      • Glad to hear it works! I think I’ll have to keep mine minimal as I’m not a skilled calligrapher nor drawer haha

        • Kristen J

          I’ve done a very minimal bullet journal for the 18ish months, and it’s been a life saver for my day-to-day to do lists. I do it for the efficiency and not the beauty. My art skills = stick people.

      • Amelia Diamond

        I want to try this!

    • Amelia Diamond

      good book??

      • Yes! It’s a little slow, but very well-written.

  • tmm16

    AMELIA I swear you know exactly what I NEED every MONTH. I just moved into my first apartment after subletting for 2 months since I moved to NYC. The other day, I literally typed in My Notes on my iPhone… “Things I Need to Do to Get It Together”


    But anyway, after a terrible experience with my last Tinder date, I’m swearing off dating til I get on my feet (See a theme here?) I want to decorate my new apartment (thinking minimalist, plants, cool photos, ya know) and spending more time with friends, coworkers, and networking. I want to cut my hair, eat better, join a gym, and just overall, get.it.together.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I love this list!

  • Emily

    I’m gonna need for these Chanel boots to stop being everywhere because I keep picturing them in a disco-meets-Annie James in the parent trap (my forever association for cap toes) look and it makes me sad I can’t have it

  • Robin

    Starting an internship down a slightly different career path on the 18th so very much feeling the ‘new start’ vibes. Looking forward to all the opportunities for personal and professional growth to come and re-motivated after the last 6 months of serious work demotivation.

  • Sarah

    I’m starting my new ~ d r e a m ~ position in consulting and would like to hit the ground running! I’ve been working out a lot and would like to keep up those crunches achieve abs of steel. Lastly, I’m trying to get back into drawing again. I considered going to art school when I was younger and would like to start getting back into the habit of creating weekly.

    • Amelia Diamond

      so exciting!!!

  • Ashley

    Woah- great timing! My plan for the weekend was already to ‘GET SHIT DONE’.
    I’m working towards launching my jewellery business as my side hustle but keep getting distracted by summer, dating and the Edinburgh Fringe fest (lots of late night partying, drinking and generally not taking care of myself!)… time to get productive and down to work.
    Excited about this month!

    • Rosie

      Hi Edinburgh friend!

  • Jenna

    I am literally packing up for a post-grad position as I type. I hopefully leave tomorrow (but I’m moving from Texas so travel is super tricky right now).

    I hope to make new friends. Which feels juvenile but that’s the shit I want to get done. Plus have fun (my college was too small and I was too uptight to enjoy it) and take better care of organs that are not my skin, which hogs all of my tlc (I totally play favorite child when it comes to skin).

    Also less screen time? Or else, less tv streaming on my computer…
    And, more kindness and compassion. Always.

    • Mariana

      That is not juvenile. When you move to another city by yourself (meaning no family or boyfriend) is really important to make new friends. We are social animals, we need connecting so, in my point of view, that is not juvenile but a very true and smart thing to say!

  • Hannah Nichols

    I’m a high school art teacher and this is my first semester as a grad student (at night). Teaching and doing my own work at the same time is starting to feel daunting. This article is the kick in the butt that I needed!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      feel free to kick me in mine now!

  • Ready 4 this!! My goal is to kick some butt at work and show my superiors that I’m ready to take on more responsibility… wish me luck!

  • Hannah Betts

    a) WORD
    b) BOOTS

    • Amelia Diamond

      C BOOTS

  • Hilary

    Love this theme & love this photo! I’m getting some hints of Royal Tenenbaums inspiration, Emily and Louisiana…

    • Amelia Diamond

      me tooooo

  • DarthVadersCats

    YOU GUYS! Perfect theme for my month of holidays πŸ˜€ I’ve been planning on creating a clotheswap community between my friends, and now I’m pretty motivated to do so 😌

  • olivesgirl

    always working on being the kindest, most compassionate, least lazy version of myself

  • Ceciles

    I’m trying to quit social media! It’s something so overwhelmingly addicting in the same way sugar is addicting. The thing I loathe the most about my lifestyle is how much time I spend staring at screens. What a simple way to cut the crap and engage in the real world than deleting a few apps. This is something I’ve tried to do again and again to varying degrees of success, but this time I’m ready to stick with it!!

    • Cristina

      Same! Also helllooooo more storage space lol. Facebook takes up half my storage!

    • Brennah

      If you want a helpful app to counterintuitively get you off your phone, try Forest! You can set an increment of time you want to not look at your phone (say half an hour) and press start. This plants a tree, which grows over that time period. If you exit the app, you kill the tree!

      If you succeed, you get a happy little tree for your Forest and it gives you coins. These coins can be used to buy other kinds of trees or even plant real world trees in developing countries! https://www.forestapp.cc/en/

      • Amelia Diamond


    • Amelia Diamond

      I hate it too. I HATE that I come home and do it after working online. Should we try this together?

  • Kat

    What timing! September will (hopefully) be the first month I won’t be in constant pain since last November. I have finally been diagnosed with endometriosis and had an operation at the start of August.
    I’m still prone to tiring easily and the occasional twinge of pain (or more if I get stressed as I discovered today) but I’m feeling more alive than I have in ages!
    With that in mind, I’d like to get back into the activities I used to love –
    – playing sax (I wasn’t able to with the pain, which meant I had to quit my band 😫 And they’re now taking a hiatus as he singer, drummer and guitarist go to Australia for a while. So potentially I need to find a new band, but starting playing again would be a great first step.)
    – meditating. When I have been able to do this semi-regularly I’ve really noticed a difference and my mental health has been shot to hell by my physical health being so awful. I want to feel better in myself in my mind, now I’m feeling better in my body.
    – some form of (gentle) exercise – I’m thinking Pilates as I’ve really enjoyed it in the past. Time to stretch out this body!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I am so glad you’re beginning to heal and do the things you love again!!!

    • Mariana

      Hey, fellow endometriosis sister. I’m glad you have your diagnose, I had mine in April but I have a moderate kind of endometriosis, but it took AGES to discover it (is it the colon? is it cysts? is it from my mind? is it…?!?!?!). You reminded me to check in with my OBGYN, which I have been delaying :p. Be well!

  • Abigail Larson

    Gonna finally make a monthly meal plan and STICK TO IT IF IT ENDS MY EXISTENCE.

    Also Amelia, not only are you an angel sent to earth by the Maker himself BUT you’ve also managed to read my mind (as well as most of the comment section’s) and given all of us that final and most welcome sign of “get your shit together!”. Plz adopt me.

    • Amelia Diamond

      consider yourself adopted!

  • Samantha Serbus

    So funny! Today is the day I’m signing BACK up at my favorite yoga studio. I originally left because it was out of my budget, whereas today (honestly it’s still not the smartest financial move) it’s doable and more importantly – I need it! My brain, body, mind, soul need it bad. Yoga does major things for me and I’m “getting back on track” with putting my health/wellness first. Otherwise, everything else falls apart and I become the grumpy person at the office. Taking charge of the ‘tude!

  • Everyone seems to be feeling this lately. No more shopping (help! LD sales) for this month. Cleaning out the closet. Trying to do more with less. And, ideally, not putting off for tomorrow the dream space I deserve to live in today.

    • Mariana

      Whenever I see something that I like, which is often (because HELLO INTERNET) my mantra latelly has been “Mariana: buy experiences not things, buy experiences not things…”

  • Yes!! On Tuesday we’ve all got a duty to get back on track!


  • Jay

    I kinda hate this… still wanna believe in summer to come – but officially ended it with my BFF on the balcony wrapped in blankets with candles burning and red instead of white wine… Summer sucked this year and I’m getting into fall mood kinda…

    And seriously, fall is cool.

    That’s the time when there is no holidays so you can actually get your writing done, while working a full time 50 hours job. It’s the time where the trees are kinda … well?! Mostly shaking in wind?! And the leaves come loose before they Color? But whatever, its kinda pretty, and I wanted to improve my stitching anyways. Oh, and there are some pants to fix. And I could make ironing a habit…

    And there is Netflix – could we please chat about what is watchworthy? (I’d love to categorise in like: “full attention” – nothing else doing besides – “Ironing” – meaning Im still pretty focussed but can tolerate more trash, like marvel and stuff, – doing dishes and other stuff around the house that involves moving – for which I prefer reality TV – Real housewives or the VMA…. which however were not pleasure at all but felt like forced and pain?!)

    Problem is, I have been totally losing it on everything current, so please… what is up on netflix? What reality is worthy? Help…

    But no worries, Ill figure something…

  • Michelle Bruni

    I want to fall in love with my research again! Starting my PhD this month (wow I feel old but so young l o l) and I want to put the best foot forward when it comes to this new journey.

  • Alice

    I just want to make a realistic timetable once I get my school one. I’m TERRIBLE at organization, committing to myself and I really want to have academic success and go to the gym 2x and once a week to ballet.

  • Kate Alexis Clausen

    It’s time to find a new job. I will be updating my resume and doing some good self love work. I’m also meeting with a few professional friends to discuss opportunities. Yay!!

  • dhruvy

    i hope to start playing the piano again! i feel like i have this immense calling for it but i always place it last on my priority list.

    • Amelia Diamond

      this is one of those things on my life list that i’d like to learn how to do

  • Vanessa Munevar

    YES. Reading a little life and then I have two more on the line. Also I’ve been deleting instagram from Monday to Friday, it may sound dumb but it really works for me. Less adicting every new weekend.

  • spicyearlgrey

    how THE FUCK does manrepeller know what i need in my life at EXACTLY the right time??

  • Sabah Malik

    Speaking directly to my brain/heart, just quit my job after 3.5 years and want to refocus on what it is I gosh darn want out of life woowooo

    • Ecem

      On the verge of quitting myself! Wooo

      • Amelia Diamond

        good luck to both of you, big things ahead i just feeeeeeel it

  • Arianna


    • Amelia Diamond


  • Ana

    I’m 18 and moving to Bolivia from New York all alone this month 😊

  • emily moran

    BULLET JOURNALING: it’s what’s for breakfast. Diving into this method has helped me get my shit together but also listen to myself/track how my sched effects my overall wellness. Also, I recently purchased a car for the first time and am handling all payments/insurance etc. like a g-dang adult. Satisfying but intimidating as fuq.

    • Amelia Diamond

      someone else said this!!! i am going to try it.

  • I hope to finally start writing my thesis and finishing it by the end of October (but no pressure if it slides into November). I’ve been having real anxiety about it as it is the largest piece of academic work that I’ll have to produce up to date and I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself under which I always collapse!

    • 808kate

      I’m writing my thesis too .. It’s really intimidating to try and tackle, even to open up the Word document I have my background on! I’ve been struggling with the same things. But I’ve been trying to break everything up into small more manageable pieces (like I separated my background into sections with an outline and then just worked on one bit at a time) and that’s helped a bit!

      • Amelia Diamond

        you guys are going to be amazing!!!!

  • Kattigans

    Lol to the Clueless reference. I love how “get back on track” can be the new “get it together”

  • I deleted Facebook from my phone and was going to deactivate completely, but can’t because I need it to use for dating apps! Drat! I’m hoping to reclaim a little of my sanity and the time that I would’ve spent arguing in the comment section of people’s posts.