9 Things I Regret Buying, TBH

Although I’m bad at what my therapist calls “impulse control,” she’s not what I’d call “overly helpful,” either. Her advice to “sit on my hands” when I feel like buying something, for instance, is completely impractical since I type for a living. Being at my computer all day feels a lot like sitting in a mall that’s open 24/7, and I end up buying a lot of random stuff that I let fill up my small apartment because I’m not good at admitting defeat. To illustrate what I mean, I’ve catalogued a list below of things I regret buying but refuse to return:

1. A pink velvet lace-up choker

I bought this because I was guilty of trying to look cute at Coachella. Sue me! I never wore it because I was camping and what that actually means is I didn’t shower for three days and, instead of a pink velvet lace-up choker, wore a thick layer of dirt that congealed around my joints. I chose to “embrace” this look; it reminded me of a time in middle school when my friends and I held a competition to see who could go the longest without showering until one of our mothers intervened. I bought the choker at the same time I bought this phone case, which is “vaguely vaginal” and can’t fit in my back pocket. Practical.

2. p50 Lotion

Because the internet is my gospel, I immediately bought p50 Lotion after seeing a bazillion people blog about it. After about 30 seconds of smearing it all over my skin, however, there was a lot of stinging and redness, which reddit forums have since educated me is “normal.” (I was unprepared for it at the time.) I sent my siblings and parents a series of selfies documenting the progression of what I thought was my face melting, and no one responded for at least 24 hours. When my dad finally responded, he told me to “take a cold shower,” which was weird and also not helpful. I haven’t used it since because I’m scared.

3. Instagram Stalker™

At the time, I was dating a chef, though the term “dating” might be generous given the fact that he mostly avoided me. Anyway, I was in the throes of checking his Instagram a normal number of times a day (24) when I became obsessed with finding out whether my behavior was being reciprocated. So I paid $20 for Instagram Stalker™, an app that lets you know who’s liking and commenting on your Instagrams. The chef wasn’t even in the top 20 and my mom was number one.

4. Hinge Plus

The only app that lets you sort by height, but you have to pay $11 a month. The only man that engaged with me on this app was 6’8” and said he wanted to “climb me like a tree.” The end.

5. Matcha powder

I am what my mother calls “gullible” and what I call a marketer’s dream. I recently walked into a wellness shop and plopped a huge bag of matcha in my bag because I’m obsessed with the allure of wellness, and when I got to the cash register, was informed that bag would cost $150. Too embarrassed to admit I could definitely not afford $150 worth of matcha, I completed the purchase and started crying as soon as I walked out. I have made exactly one cup of matcha tea since.

6. A 12-pack of essential oils

Honestly, what am I going to do with eucalyptus oil other than go around smelling like Vicks VapoRub all day? No shade to Vicks. I also bought a 500-page book about aromatherapy at the same time and I have not read a single page. I showed it to my roommate and she said, “Can’t you just Google that?” and she’s right, you can.

7. A Miley Cyrus concert tee

Even though it made me vaguely uncomfortable, I went to the Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour out of sheer loyalty. (I used to be obsessed with Hannah Montana.) I decided to buy a concert tee at the end of the show, a decision I can’t explain considering it scared me. The shirt features Miley in a thong and nipple pasties. I’ve only had the courage to wear this shirt once, to the gym, where I felt people staring at me as I pretended to know how to work an elliptical machine.

8. A $14 beer at a One Direction concert

Other than being ridiculously expensive, this beer was purchased to announce to a swarm of confident, crop-top-wearing teens that I was an old, and not one of them. However, breathing the same air as Harry Styles is something I will never forget despite having to literally pay a friend to go with me. The truth is: I’m down with the teens, and my own crop top made me self-conscious enough that I was avoiding consuming liquids and didn’t even end up drinking the beer in the end.

9. One specific set of Whole Foods groceries

I once went on one of those cleanses where you cook all your own food, and sauntered into Whole Foods like I owned the place, only to start crying when my total came out to $300 and I had to ask politely if I could put everything back. After this incident, I started listening to a podcast where Oprah explains the power of “no” repeatedly. It’s only half-working.

TBD whether or not I need a new therapist. At least she’s covered by my insurance.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Beth

    You. Are. Hysterical.

  • Mila

    Hahaha this post is amazing

  • Samantha s

    After reading this article I think that knowing what someone REGRETS buying provides more insight into their personality than things they DON’T REGRET buying. For me it was a 4 pound bag of hemp seeds on Amazon for $30ish because I was going “to start making my own hemp milk”. I blame Instagram.

    • Tessa Meyer

      I have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS about a $30 t shirt with Ted Bundy’s wanted poster on it that I can’t wear outdoors

      • leisurefox

        omg…do you have a link lol. i literally finished anne rule’s the stranger beside me an hour ago

        • Tessa Meyer

          Just for you, I went back through my email and found the order code. It is made by a local artist so the proceeds go somewhere good, and it is literally the softest thing I have ever worn. Best part: I misremembered the price, and it actually costs $16.66!


          • leisurefox

            you are amazing. thank you for this lol that price is so cheeky

        • Laura

          Oh, my, God, that is the creepiest book. I read it when I was living alone – scared the s#$t out of me. Ann Rule writes the best true crime.

          • leisurefox

            she is an incredible writer but i am definitely reading some fluffy stuff after this!

  • Sell that p50 to me on Depop. I’ll take it off your hands!

  • Amanda Faerber

    My regret is some facial clay cleansing mask that a Bachelorette contestant was hawking post-Bachelorette. Stupid, stupid. I don’t need a clay cleansing mask and it comes in powder form with instructions to carefully mix it with special water. Haven’t touched it since I opened the package it came in.

    • Andrea Raymer

      I, too am acceptable to Bachelor contestant Instagram marketing. I am now on my 3rd bottle of $30 sugar bear hair gummies but my hair has never been this long before so I feel like I can’t quit.

      • Amanda Faerber

        I’ve wanted to try those but have not pulled the trigger!! I don’t know if I’m glad/sad to know they actually work! Hahaha!

        • Andrea Raymer

          buy them on amazon, they are like $6 cheaper there

      • Rebecca

        just get plain biotin. it works. and its cheap.

        • Andrea Raymer

          But are they bright blue and taste like candy? Do Bachelor Contestants shill them on Instagram? If a z-list reality tv castoff isn’t trying to sell it to me, do I really even need it?

  • Christina

    The first sentence alone is one of the funnier things I’ve read this year.

  • Robin

    This is hilarious and sadly, very relatable. I regret buying a new stack of Avene sun screen (mind you, im a poor poor student), both face and body, right before summer ended knowing full well that even though I SHOULD im not gonna be wearing sun screen in winter. So while that is losing it´s function in a drawer it makes me feel guilty two times over

    • mariahg

      Girl, absolutely wear that sunscreen in the winter! You can get so easily burned during the winter months! Maybe gift that Avene to a friend if it’s the kind that doesn’t work under makeup and try La Roche Posay anthelios serum or Elta MD.

  • LMB

    I once late-night bought a do-your-own-Brazilian-waxing kit off of Amazon for $50 and I’ve never even opened the box. Hit me up if you’re braver than I am and are capable of ripping your own body hair out by the roots.

    • Tess

      trust me, you made the right call. There are some patches of hair you can rip off yourself, your pubic hair is not one of them.

    • doublecurl

      literally burn it and never ever wax your lady parts yourself TRUST ME

  • Imaiya Ravichandran

    LOOOL now that the choker trend is over and done with, i realize i have 20 pieces of expensive useless string just lying around.

    • Pterodactyl111

      Maybe artfully tie them on some things around your house?

      • Imaiya Ravichandran

        i might tie them together and make a jump-rope

    • doublecurl

      hair ribbons are in now though!!!

  • Andrea Raymer

    I mostly just regret buying weird flavors of snack foods for the sake of experimenting. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad, but always I am stuck with an entire bag of chips to eat by myself and then feel bad about it.

    • Lindsay D

      this is me! I can not resist the urge to try all the Oreo flavors

      • Andrea Raymer

        I currently have half-eaten packages go both the Salted Caramel and Coconut flavors in my cabinet.

        Also, I don’t even like candy corn but I can never resist the urge to try the weird flavors of it. There is a bag of mint-chocolate flavored candy corn next to me right now. its not horrible.

  • Abby

    I think my only regretted purchase this week is the chicken over rice I had for lunch, which had waaaaay too much hot sauce and was basically inedible 🙁

    I shipped Lilly and Oliver so hard.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • theysayshycity

    I want to climb you like a tree is the mating call for the ages and yes, I’ll be borrowing that

    • Tessa Meyer

      I’m not saying that I’ve used it on a 6’7 blond and it works, but I’ve used it on a 6’7 blond and it works.

    • Kiks

      I once heard a man say he wanted to hire a Sherpa to climb me (I’m 6’1). I was offended but also it was pretty funny.

  • Kate Alexis Clausen

    Serge Lutens water lip color… I thought “everything i buy from this site I LOVE so this stuff will be amazing”… I was so wrong, and I can’t return it so now I wear it under other lipstick and keep it in the box it came in because the price was enough I can’t bring myself to throw any part of the purchase away.

    • Abby

      You and I must have read the same article, because I came *this close* to pulling the trigger on those lip colors and am not very glad I didn’t.

    • Sandra

      One could make a list like this only about makeup. So many regrets… remember when I started reading ITG and read Alexa Chung’s Top Shelf in which she recommended YSL peachy lipsticks. Bought two, both looked terrible with my olive skin. Damn you, ITG! Haha

  • Lauren

    My biggest recent shopping regrets include Vinter’s Daughter (not worth it AT ALL), a pair of Rag & Bone jeans (which I bought online — never buy jeans online), and an order of japche at a weird vegan asian spot in Soho last week for lunch. God that was so gross.

  • mapillski

    Everytime I get a gel manicure on my chronically bitten fingernails a little part of me dies

  • Pauliina K

    this is the best thing i’ve read on the internet this week!

    anyway, my biggest regrets are all party outfits i’ve bought and only worn once: a glittery, wide leg “going out” jumpsuit, a sequined dress that makes me look like a disco ball that i got for new years eve in 2014, a pink tutu i thought would make me look like carrie bradshaw… etc.

  • jackie

    there was a sushi place near where i went to school years ago that had these amazing green tea mints. i once bought a pack of 1,000 on amazon when i was slightly drunk one night. it was $10. the shipping was $30. definitely regretted that!

    • Bo

      I buy the best useless shit when I’ve been drinking; somehow I own three copies of Death Becomes Her and I definitely didn’t buy any of them when I as sober

      • Millie Lammoreaux

        Drunk me once bought a pillow made out of concrete (it…was…art?). Not only that, but drunk me left a review that very same night saying “a concrete pillow?!?! THERE IS GENIUS AMONG US”.
        The stupid thing arrived completely crumbled and broken.

      • Soliga Dagar

        Drunk me once bought an oversized hammock online and then immediately forgot about it until it arrived a week later.

  • tmm16

    The $60 Forever21 online order that I never received (and never will) because I drunkenly sent to my old address! So truly, $60 I regret spending and will never see in my life. Edit: Forever21 said they couldn’t help me cause it’s my fault I sent it to the wrong address. Edit 2: Never online shopping from them again!

    • leisurefox

      one time i paid to overnight a pair of f21 shoes to myself and they sent me the wrong size and wouldnt refund me or send me the correct size lol somehow it is always your fault with them

      • tmm16

        Lesson learned: Never order online from Forever21 unless you don’t want to receive your order!

    • Mallory

      I ordered online from them one time too and never received my order! I filled out an affidavit and everything and they refused to help me. The worst- so over them.

    • PCE

      They have the WORST retail customer service ever.

  • Mariah, WHO ARE YOU?? You’re hilarious.

    • Liz Wassmann

      Right????? Dying laughing

  • Ash

    Oh, the Matcha. I have a small tin of it (because I was trying to be responsible and not buy something big I would not drink) that I’ve made one cup from. It was slightly gross.


    Three bottles of some Hawaiian coconut oil w/ flowers because I thought it would work magic on my dry skin. I hate applying it because it doesn’t sink in right away. Also have to wait for it to melt into a liquid before use…I “don’t have time” for that. Untouched for two-ish years.

    Clarisonic. Used maybe two or three months…long enough to where I needed to change the brush head. Didn’t want to spend money on replacements. Also thought it made my skin worse.

    Eyeshadow palettes. I don’t even wear eyeshadow.

    There are many, many more, but those are the few I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Kattigans

      Eyeshadow palettes. I don’t even wear eyeshadow. —> this is me. I have to say no to sephora now because I used to have a major problem

      • Kiks

        I’ve finally been able to stop buying eyeshadow palettes because I never wear eyeshadow and when I do it’s the same two or three shades only.

        Now ask me how my lipstick collection is going.

        (I am only allowed to go to Sephora twice a year when I run out of Bumble & Bumble hair product.)

    • Hayley

      I get the matcha tins from Vitacost.com for like, $7. I add it into smoothies all the time.

    • mariahg

      You’ve gotta give the Clarisonic some time to work. You break out a bit at first because it’s pulling out tons of gunk from your pores, and your skin has to get used to the brushing. It’s also important to get the correct brush head. I also regularly boil the brush heads (NOT the handle) to rid bacteria, and I’ll use a clorox wipe on the part of the handle where you snap in the brush head.

  • Autumn


  • M Rae

    omg don’t give up on the p50! mix it with water on a cotton pad to dilute it a bit. don’t scrub it into your skin, just dab. and if youre buying chokers, you’re young enough to only be using it a few times a week.

  • Maria

    LOL!!! this makes me want to write my own list…

  • Liz Wassmann

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Food cleanse = been there done that 😉

  • Margaux Anbouba

    I WISH I felt that p50 burn. I used the product for almost two years without even a hint of warmth, which I would have loved because I like to think it means a product is working. BUT I met the founder once, and he told me for the first two weeks, wet a cotton pad THEN add the p50 on top. Should dilute enough, if you want to try again?

    • mariahg

      Did you notice any difference in your skin when you were using P50? Any results (good or bad) at all? I see it all the time on ITG and I keep thinking about trying it out.

      • Margaux Anbouba

        for sure. i have large chin pores (ugh) and it totally tightened them up, as well as helped reduce black heads on my nose… for me, it was a great daily exfoliant/peel, but i still needed something manual around nose corners for when my face was feeling extra flakey.

        • mariahg

          Once I run out of my current toner, I think I might try it out, or maybe Paula’s Choice BHA. I’d recommend a Clarisonic for physical exfoliation!!

          • Sarah P

            +1 for Paula’s Choice BHA, I have really sensitive skin and it hasnt bothered it at all.

      • Margaux Anbouba

        also, smells terrible. like, embalming fluid bad.

    • Carly

      This! You can (and probably should) ease into P50. That’s the way I started it and was able to progress to straight P50 after a week. Also… if you get flaky or dry easily in any specific areas (e.g.sides of the nose) then I would avoid those areas.

      Definitely makes a difference with even skin tone and texture though. Can confirm because as well as using it on my face I’ve taken to swiping the back of one hand with it as well. My left hand is now much cuter than my right tbh.

      • Margaux Anbouba

        story of my life. trying to switch up my serum try out hand so both of them look nice when i’m 50

  • Kattigans

    Haha, this post is a gem. I had impulse control problems too with shopping. I once spent $172 on groceries at whole foods (its down the street from my apt) and honestly i think I was blacked out when it all went down bc nothing from that purchases was memorable. It did not constitute the spending of $172 I definitely do not have to spend on groceries.

    • Kattigans

      One thing I’ve learned is to really start asking myself “do I need this?”. Also, online grocery shopping has helped a lot too. Everything adds up.

  • Michelle Tsai

    Everything You Wrote in Quotes or Powerful Slam Poetry Piece?

    impulse control
    overly helpful
    sit on my hands

    vaguely vaginal
    take a cold shower

    climb me like a tree

    Can’t you just Google that?


    • doublecurl


    • Suzan

      Ha too good 😀

  • Bridgett

    Umm…I’ll definitely take the p50 lotions off your hands, if you don’t want it!!!

  • Emily M

    A macrame plant hanger because I get sucked into basic trends sometimes ((often)). I haven’t even put a plant in it because I’m afraid I’ll kill it but I also can’t bring myself to buy a fake plant so the macrame hanger is just…hanging there. A tan knotted string in the corner of my room. Sigh…

  • Lil

    Super regret buying trendy, fast fashion pieces that I just had to have for this -one- party at the time.

    Massive eyeroll to my past self because there are rare occasions where it’s appropriate to wear a glittery backless halter crop top to.

  • Kate Rockett

    Ahhh! Scrambled down here to comment after reading #5 because the ABSOLUTELY same thing happened to me years ago at a Teavana on the upper east side. I left with 3 canisters of various green teas, about $180 poorer, and my dignity scattered like ashes. It still gives me shame-chills.

    *Editing to say that mine also went to waste. When I moved out of that particular apartment, the tea didn’t make the trip 🙁

    • I had that experience at at Teavana, but I had just become unemployed, so I laughed and said “no way.”

    • Hayley

      I had the same experience — such regret.

  • Rosie

    Whenever something doesn’t have a price tag, I think “well that’s definitely out of my price range!” and I am British and therefore too polite to ever even ask how much it is. Flip side, this has probably saved me a lot of money.

    • Jeanie

      Haha, I’m the same way. I’m American with a bit of social anxiety.

    • Amy Brumbpo Tungus

      Ha, that’s me buying moisturisers in Selfridges. I mostly awkwardly stand there on my phone and search the product on the website to find the price Beats having to pretend to not be mortified when they tell me how much it costs.

      • Mia

        What’s your fav moisturiser then?

        • Amy Brumbpo Tungus

          I love anything Perricone (any of the Plasmas are just the most insane shizzzz ever) or Origins but haven’t been able to justify buying a moisturiser that ridiculously expensive since I’ve moved out of my family’s home. I haven’t found anything amazing and affordable enough to qualify as a favourite yet….I’m still looking. Any suggestions?

      • PCE

        This is brilliant and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this yet.

    • Basil

      Haha! Very much so. My colleague once paid £2 for one bulb of artisanal organic garlic, and was too embarrassed to tell them to get lost. I hope it was worth it

  • Camilla Rose

    Mariah Adcox, you made me spit my lunch everywhere from laughing. You are hilarious.

  • Megan Greffen

    I’m traveling and went to Barry’s Bootcamp Milan. It’s bad enough that I paid for it, even though I could have ran and then drank espresso all day like the Milan FW models, but NO I had to buy a fucking tshirt. Because it says Barry’s Milan.

    I got up to the register and was too embarrassed to put it back, while also forgetting about that lil ol’ thing called the exchange rate. I’m mortified.

  • Coco

    One summer day, I attended a concert in the park where I drank an entire bottle of Rose to myself. I then went to a embroidery class, at a really hip store, that I already had signed up and paid for. I was early to the class, so I browsed around. I was really sweaty and uncomfortable about being semi-drunk at such a laid back event that I proceeded to try on a linen tank top and then decided I needed to buy it, because a linen top would complete my “cool girl who embroiders” new personality. This top was $100 and like the matcha story, I was too ashamed to admit I could not afford it and have only worn it twice.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    I bought a handbag at an on-line Kate Spade Surprise Sale. All sales final. Even though I checked the dimensions of the bag, it ended up being too small, even though I loved the color. I used it a number of times and passed it on to my daughter, who thought it was great for carrying a few essentials for going out. I think long and hard before I buy anything.

  • Ashley Minyard

    I feel a deep connection to every aspect of this article

  • Lola

    Lol well done! I needed this kind of laugh. I have a few of these items remaining unused around my apt but I won’t name names 😉

  • Kep Las

    This is hilarious! I could see it in my mind, actually…#3? #4? #9? I’m in tears with laughter (with you, of course, not at you)…Nice piece!

  • Sophia F.

    Every quarter I somehow end up buying a shirt that’s going to help me ‘push outside my comfort zone’ and try a new color. I wear them once, my family cheers, then mysteriously, I just am ‘not feeling it…’ ever again.

  • Jeanie

    I regret cheap clothes that I can’t return cause the shipping is more money. Also, things that didn’t check for size/weigh.

  • Antoinette

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read today. After all the natural disasters and the threats of war by immature boys in grown up bodies, this was such a great reprieve! I actually laughed out very loudly!

  • You had to pay a friend to go with you to a One Direction concert? Be my friend and you’ll never feel THAT specific pain again

    …if there’s ever another One Direction concert

  • Ana P

    I’m crying at this lmao. The aromatherapy part reminds me of the immense “Flavor Bible” book I purchased assuming it would make me a world class chef instead of just intimidate me with its hugeness. (never got past page 2)

  • You can use Eucalyptus oil for cleaning/polishing floors, I believe. Lots of hippy/feng shui guides speak of this – seems like it’d be a pleasant smell in low doses. Maybe try mopping with hot water and a few drops?

    • Bo

      Yes! Add a capful to a spray bottle of water and use it as an all-purpose kitchen spray

  • dricous

    Hahahaha loved this, I identify with almost all of them 😂

  • Bo

    I’m going to be honest: what is p50

    • Millie Lammoreaux

      Biologique Recherche p50 lotion. It’s a $$ chemical exfoliant that I personally think is over-hyped and wayyy overused considering how strong it is.

  • Mariana

    Buying a subscription of videos of pilates exercises for 3 months WHICH I NEVER USED (bah-bye 45$)

  • Sarah Mårtensson

    Screaming!!! I jumped on the matcha-train too and now i have more matcha at my home than i’ll ever drink. Do I even like matcha?

  • Meemaw

    I hate hype so much that I probably would have passed on Noah’s Ark. Yet I too still have a WTF was I thinking list.

  • This piece is so. Freaking. Good. I was in a (maybe still am in) a “watching YouTube makeup tutorial videos 24 hours a day” stage and wanting all of the makeup they use. Regardless of skin type or complexion. Two recents – a contour kit (I don’t even know how to contour or want to despite the 1 million tutorials I’ve watched) and multiple eyeshadow palettes of which I’ve only used 2-3 shades. Another thing- false eyelashes. Have multiple pairs and do not know how to get them onto my face. Also where am I going to wear false eyelashes ????

    • JB

      Those damn makeup tutorials suck you in. I’m SO CLOSE to buying all of Victoria Beckham’s new Estee Lauder collection. lol

  • Lilli

    HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA “Too embarrassed to admit I could definitely not afford $150 worth of matcha, I completed the purchase and started crying as soon as I walked out. I have made exactly one cup of matcha tea since.”

  • thewholeshape

    Essential oils are the best! In addition to smelling like a SPA (not vicks), you can diffuse eucalyptus and your apartment can smell like a spa. It’s great for colds/congestion, itchy scalp, dry hair, cold sores, is a natural bug repellent… essential oils are an alternative to a lot of the chemical-filled stuff you buy at cvs.

  • Jay

    Oh, I hear you girl… Never was into essential oils or matcha though, but I have several cooking ingredients (and three spiralizers) that I never use nor know what to do with (though I actually do cook… but never that fancy)… then there are things in my bathroom I dont actually even know what to do with?! Has been a while since I got them… (well, and for the festival tattoo kit, I know what to do with it, theoretically, but well… there’s no summer and so I have an excuse…) and don’t talk about shoes (Ick… like the idea was good and they were on sale… but too small?!) or clothes (well… love your take on yellow, but … not for me…) or that bike I needed to have cause it looked so cool?! Well… currently parked at my BF.

  • Karen

    Thank you! I needed this, you are hilarious and very relatable, loved reading this!

  • pamb

    Hysterical, especially the beer at One Direction. Who among us hasn’t bought an expensive drink/bag of groceries/matcha tea in an attempt to prove that they belong?

    My own expensive drink story: back in the day, attending the wedding of my husband’s good friend in NYC, another wife and I sidled up to the bar and ordered glasses of champagne. $25 each, charged to the room, two wide eyed Midwestern girls gulped it down and chalked it up to the Tourist Tax (things you overpay for on vacation because you don’t know any better).

    • Lindsey

      I went to see an off-broadway show back in june and got a $25 gin and tonic in a sippy cup. plus a $5 bottle of arrowhead water. and i’m from la- i’m no stranger to expensive drinks. but even i was trying real hard not to be bug-eyed when i heard the total.

  • Sugar Bones

    I stopped reading this to go buy the lips phone case in red.

  • Sophie Kreuze

    I once bought a pie that was €30. I didn’t know it was €30, I was kind of expecting it to be €12 or something, but at the cash register I was too proud to say no, thanks, I dont want it, so I bought. Also turned out that that pie was the worst pie ever :-/

  • Raisa

    I think you should give P50 lotion another try. My boyfriend has acne prone skin, I got this for him and it has been a game changer ever since. I use the new formula for myself, keeps my skin look bright and glowy, mostly blemish free. Results typically appear with continued use.

  • Audrey
    • ApocalypsoFacto

      so perfect

  • Serena

    SAME SAME SAME!!! This is so relatable… no.5 made me laugh. Out loud. I did that at the hairdresser once with a “shampoo” he sold on me. It was $280 NO JOKE. I bought it and cried.

    • Kiks

      $280 SHAMPOO???? Was it made of diamonds? Does it scoop the cat litter box for you? Did it at least smell really good??!!

      ETA I am not shaming you. My bathroom is littered with wasted money and broken dreams.

  • Pandora Sykes

    I love how insanely random this one list is. Kind of want to do one myself

  • Alice C.A.

    More Mariah please! This was gold.

  • Basil

    My impulse to buy pointless stuff ha been tamed (mostly by guilt) by being married to someone who literally doesn’t buy anything. For eg, his birthday is coming up and he wants work shoes, work trousers and work shirts as presents. After nearly a decade of this I’ve given up on trying to get him something more fun. But – it still happens. My number one regretted purchase is a baby swing, but I put the blame for this one squarely on the shoulders of postnatal hormones, sleep deprivation and amazon prime. One evening the baby refused to go to sleep for TWO HOURS and I read this advice about how super easy it is to get the baby used to falling asleep in a swing, and then transitioning to a cot. So easy! And thanks to amazon prime I was able to order one in under a minute. It arrived the next day and I regretted it immediately, but will NEVER admit this to my husband, even though the baby outgrew it within a week, would perk up and laugh every time they went in it (pretty much the opposite reaction to what I was hoping for) and it plays horror movie creepy “music”. I’m hoping the next kid likes it so I can justify it, and never ever admit that it was a huge mistake.

  • ihaveacooch

    i love my miley cyrus bangerz concert tee. i wear it to sleep. reminds me of when i was a lil thottie.

    ditto on the p50 tho…….that shit made my skin worse

  • alexia

    Ohhhh you’re bad 🙂 I truly sympathise and have my own share of useless purchases like the book in aromatherapy and a set of 40 euros ingredients that got used like once (the mask was truly awful).. And also the 40 euros airplane pillow that i never used, and also the bad quality silk shirt from h&m that I wore once, couldn’t iron properly and eventually threw away, and the 1-2 euros apps for productivity or whatever that never got used…. The list could go on forever… Learning now to make better choices though, acknowledgment is the first step they say 🙂

  • gracesface

    Jenis Ice cream. I have tried at least 3 flavors and with the exception of Salty Caramel I’ve been disappointed every time! Now I buy Tillamook Ice cream by the 1/2 gallon and I’ve found I have less desire to eat it all in one sitting (like I sometimes do with pints) and it is SO good. I will say Jeni’s ice cream sandwiches are good tho!

  • Katrina

    I could totally relate to the beer at a 1D concert. I, too, bought one with the attention of shoving to the preteens’ faces that I was indeed an Adult Directioner. I ended up not drinking it either.

  • I’m NYC based and out of sheer respect for this article I would like to volunteer to take that P50 off of your hands lol

  • beccamu

    I used random shoelaces as chokers but also just spent $100 on moisturizer. So. Feel u.

  • Majo

    This was too good to be true😁

  • MaryAshlyn

    I have never related to an article so much in my life.