Bella Hadid Tricked Me Into Buying Orange Sunglasses

I first laid eyes on Bella Hadid’s orange sunglasses while clicking through an slideshow of Milan Fashion Week street style. I paused on the photo in question and felt the glands in my armpits start to sizzle, the arteries in my heart start to thump with extra blood. Nothing — and I mean nothing — gets me more excited than when I realize I am being influenced by an influencer. It’s so much fun.

But also, I feel like I see the same stuff over and over again on the internet, so it’s refreshing when something new appears on my radar and perks up my need-to-purchase antennae.

I was immediately drawn to the sunglasses silhouette, which I felt offered a new and different alternative to the cat-eye heard ‘round the world per Adam Selman x Le Specs. Ever since that craze blew up and refused to fade (so far), I’ve been searching for sunglasses that marched to the beat of a slightly different drum.

Part of that stems from my job as Man Repeller’s Fashion Editor because I am constantly conducting market research for shoots and stories. In addition to attending press appointments and being eyeballs-deep in the “new in” sections of Net-a-Porter, Topshop, Matches Fashion, Shopbop, etc. every week, I also scour the “discover” page of Instagram for things I haven’t seen before. It’s kind of like being on a safari, if you replaced the animals with clothes and the binoculars with a phone screen.

After my orange sunglasses-induced freak-out, I embarked on a Jeep ride through the interwebs to try and unearth their evolutionary origins. The answer came via the website Hadid’s Closet, which, in case it wasn’t clear from the name, is a blog dedicated to the respective wardrobes of Bella and Gigi Hadid.

After going back a few pages, I found the sunglasses. Bella was photographed wearing them in a different outfit while exiting a hotel in London on September 19th. True to the website’s mission statement, outfit credits were provided, and I learned that the sunglasses were from none other than Australian designer Poppy Lissiman. EUREKA.

They’re $125, which isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot less expensive than all the deodorant I’d have to buy if I just let my armpit glands sweat the craving out.

Has something like this ever happened to you? A moment of reckoning in which you are confronted with an item so spine-tingling you drop everything to chase it down like a freaking gazelle? It’s a rare and wonderful impulse and, frankly, gives me an adrenaline rush akin to the first taste of a really delicious new food. Tell me about your chases in the comments section. Fair warning, though: I will probably copy you.

Photo by Timur Emek/GC Images via Getty Images. 

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  • Jennifer

    Great, I just spent 30mins on Hadid’s Closet like a zombie. Snap out of it Jen!

    • Harling Ross

      it’s kind of addicting. sorry!!!!!!!

  • Yeah … once upon a time this owl purse hit my eyeballs and screamed YOU WANT ME at the same time:$_35.JPG?set_id=2

    It hangs on the wall now and I am still happy to have bought it (a few years ago).

    • b.e.g.


  • Madeline C

    I know the EXACT feeling. I found these Freda Salvador shoes last friday and became immediately obsessed with them, did a bunch of internet research on them, hunted on their instagram account for pictures of them so i could obsess about them at different angles and bought them all in about 30 min. I am now currently refreshing the delivery status so I can go to the FEDEX store the second they get in. It’s a rush that I try justify like is intuition about what I truly love and it is worth spending the money on. But maybe I am just addicted to highs of purchasing, hard to say. EITHER WAY I WANT THE SHOES AND MUST HAVE .

    • Harling Ross

      I think Haley has those!! she wears them often so they must be good. i trust her with my life.

    • SE

      SAME but with these and i 100% bought them because of haley. and nbd but i’m wearing them right now.

      • Anna Kalmbach

        What brand are these?

        • b.e.g.

          I think Haley had an article recently in which she evaluated a bunch of her own clothes, and she posted brand of these shoes. Or maybe she’ll see your question and tell you.

          • Haley Nahman

            Freda Salvador!!!!

  • Pandora Sykes

    I wore yellow ones last week in Milan and in every single picture I look like a miserable Terry Richardson. I am never making this mistake again

    • Juliana Salazar

      LOL @ miserable Terry Richardson

    • streats

      I nearly spilled tea all over my duvet from belly laughing at this. Holy shit this is a warning we all needed to hear.

  • Maren Douglas

    Mmmm I sense I will be spending an embarrassing amount of time on hadidcloset tonight.

    • Harling Ross


  • Alli

    Oh man. I relate too much. While traveling in Seoul last summer, I was testing samples in a department store in search of the perfect new K-beauty regimen and stumbled across the unlikeliest of things: a simple Swedish hand cream, from La Brüket. The visceral swell of joy and satisfaction I had after inhaling the sage/rosemary/lavender scent on my hands (which stayed ALL DAY) was unlike any reaction I’ve ever had to a product or object. I didn’t buy it right then because I convinced myself I didn’t need it as much as I needed the true Korean staples like sheet masks and serums, but oh, dear reader, I NEEDED it. Ended up buying it on Amazon as soon as I got home, and the package arrival gave me an embarrassingly enormous thrill. A year later, it has immeasurably improved the softness of my hands, the aromatherapy aspect of my aesthetic, and my general quality of life tbh. Zero regrets. Many fond rosemary-scented memories.

  • Bella Hadid is a beautiful girl but I think almost everything she wears is awful. Those sunglasses are no exception. Some say she’s a risk taker, I say she just puts on what her stylist wants to promote

  • Meemaw

    She is a beautiful girl but she bought that whole face. Call me old fashioned but I just can’t move past that fact.

    • streats

      I wouldn’t call you old fashioned. I might call you Judgey McLadyshame, however.

      • Meemaw

        She’s phoney AF. As are you, most likely, since my comment pinged your radar. Lol.

        • streats

          I was mostly being light-hearted but okay! I just don’t dig people getting shamed for choices they make about their own bodies.

          • Meemaw

            Ok. I’m not shaming, I’m distressed. Buying a new face, barely out of her teens, for the express purpose of being a supermodel, is not..

          • streats

            Ok, I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t realise that was what your point was, I thought you were disagreeing with cosmetic surgery in general. With that said, people change all sorts of things about themselves for their career. I don’t know much about her to know the extent of truth in what you’ve said, but I daresay that her world is very different to the one you and I live in. That’s not to say it’s not not-healthy but I guess a question to consider might be do you think modelling is a valid and legitimate career for someone to choose? If so, does modifying your body for it not compare to what professional bodybuilders or actors do? Getting a bit conceptual here but I guess I don’t really see an issue with an adult (even if barely so) going to extreme lengths for the career they want.

  • Martha Pietruszewski

    I follow a similar site for Harry Styles, just on the off chance I an afford an embroidered men’s Gucci silk suit.

  • Camilla Ackley

    I did this for my first ever pair of high heels; I saw the patent wedges from the Sonia Rykiel x H&M collection and my thirteen year old self attached like a baby duck. I spent 3 days tracking them on ebay and asking around like crazy, I even called an H&M in Denmark to see if they had any and if they’d ship them to me in London. In the end they restocked on the website and I wore them once. It was glorious.


  • b.e.g.

    My search was more difficult. Late summer 2015. Online I saw a model wearing a pair of silver pumps with a tall vamp and chunky heels. Can’t remember what forum. Unfortunately I didn’t know the model’s name or what designer’s clothes she was wearing, and more importantly I did not know the shoe brand. Ugh! Immediately I dropped everything. I kept searching for silver chunky heels. Nothing. Well, actually, I found loads, but not the ones. It took me about a week of relentless search and multiple telephone calls – “please look at this photo online, such and such.” Nothing. Seriously, I didn’t work for a week until I found them. I can’t even recollect the route I took. All I remember is that I was obsessed. Then I had a breakthrough. I found another model wearing the same shoes in another colour. Aaah! Eureka! From there I was able to track them, paying close attention to the clues. I bought my Dorateymur Turbojet Silver beauties from Opening Ceremony Sept 2015. They had only two pair left, and one was my size. It was meant to be. I had them overnighted. Later that autumn I bought another pair in black patent from Moda O. It was worth the work.

    • b.e.g.

      As I read this article again, and all the comments below, I wonder how much productivity is lost nationwide, heck, worldwide, because of online searches. They could save us so much time by simply telling us every brand featured. The thrill of the search and find be damned. I did this same thing again for a pair of Rejina Pyo pumps. This time I called Moda O where I saw them, but they refused to tell me the brand name of shoes the model was wearing. Moda O eventually did sell the pumps, but not in the orange I saw featured, and I realized then they hadn’t disclosed the brand name waiting for their Preorder sale to start on a new brand for them. Afraid we would go direct to the designer. Which is exactly what I did once I found out the brand name about six months later. I purchased mine direct from Rejina Pyo in S. Korea for about 30% less than Moda O. Unfortunately for me they didn’t fit and had to return them. Ugh!

  • Bo

    I know this feeling, i visited the Zenni website after seeing those mega cool 10% amber Rat Queen sunglasses Haley had on instagram and would have ordered a pink version in literally like 4 seconds (add to that 15 minutes of finding my last optical prescription and entering it) but I got stuck on the engraving option and don’t know what to have carved on there (“do not resuscitate” is over the 15 character limit). Please help

  • Amy Putman

    This title is everything. You guys rock