Welcome to SO WHAT Month

Welcome to SO WHAT month on Man Repeller.

There are two ways to say, “So what?” The first is the passive aggressive, apathetic, eye-rolling rhetorical question you might have posed as a young teen when someone called you out for something. It’s an alternative to the more succinct “And?!” — the subtext: “Your point being?”

That is not the theme of this month!

It’s the second kind of SO WHAT that stands proud as our August mascot, a special blend of DGAF mixed with a healthy dose of Let Me Live.

SO WHAT is about letting stuff (whatever “stuff” may be: stress, sweat) roll off your back so that you can grab ice cream by the cone and enjoy the juice out of summer. This season tends to get shortened by mass panic that summer ends when August begins, but that could not be further from the truth: Summer ends at the end of September, or whenever you order your first hot coffee and feel great about it. August so-whats are meant to stretch that mentality and calendar farrrr.

So what if your summer’s not as “epic” as you planned?

So what if you hate denim shorts even though everyone else has declared them “the summer uniform”?

So what if you don’t get the dewey skin makeup trend?

So what if everyone can see your panty lines?

Etc., etc.

So what!

You know that I could play this game for hours, but rather than hold you hostage, I’ll let you get on with your summer as you look forward to a long-ass month of August here on Man Repeller.

Photography: Edith Young
Creative Direction: Emily Zirimis
Production: Ana Tellez & Louisiana Mei Gelpi

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  • Rachel Dlugatch

    LOVE THIS! I’m going to make a list of my “so what’s”…

    • Lauren

      I love that idea! I’m going to do the same and adopt this as my personal August mantra

      • Amelia Diamond

        list some of them here!!! right now mine is “so what if i haven’t unpacked a single box in my new apt since the day i moved in?”

        • Rachel D.

          So what if I’m 29 and single!
          [Better than being 30 in a relationship that isn’t right, which is where I was heading. This is a big one for me and I need to keep saying it til I believe it!]

          • Kat

            60000% better! You will be so much happier (and so will your ex).

          • freudianslippers

            oh girl, 28 and single and feeling you so hard. one of my friends is about to get engaged to a trump supporter and i just know that’s got to be worse than being single at any age!!!

        • Rachel D.

          So what if I’m not a 6am morning person! I can still get things done!

  • Are panty lines rude? I think about this a lot because I don’t wear thongs anymore and have decided to YOLO w the double butt look. I used to think of panty lines as a fashion faux pas. What’s the consensus?

    • Anni

      I don’t think they are rude but they are kind of eye-catching. When I walk by a lady with VPL I sort of unconsciously notice it and therefore look at her bum for a split second which would probably be even less ideal if I was a dude or if I was someone in her meeting sitting behind her as she stood up to present. I would be much more casual about the double butt if I was in line at Jamba Juice or on vacation but at (office) work it’s really a giant NO for me.

      It’s kind of a fashion faux pas for me – especially because a lot of times it makes it look like your pants are too small…BUT THONGS ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO. In this modern day and age there are so many AMAZING seamless panties that are boy shorts / bikini cut, whatever you want as long as it doesn’t ride up your bum. My HG are the UNIQLO boyshorts but other brands like CK also do really good “seamless” undies.

    • Amelia Diamond

      HONESTLY, i have a personal vendetta against them on MYSELF (or if i were to style a story for MR) because i don’t see the point in ruining the clean lines of an otherwise great outfit. it’s like intentionally leaving something wrinkled that doesn’t actually look good wrinkled. truly could care less about what they look like on something else.

    • Rachel D.

      YOLO with the double butt look is my jam nowadays. I refuse to wear thongs. I remember back in high school I’d be mortified to wear anything other than a thong (shock horror if someone saw a pantyline or realized I wasn’t cool cuz of granny panties). Have totally reclaimed my (double) butt look and am into the fashionable grannies now. Wasn’t there an article on MR maybe a year ago about pretty non-thongs? I feel like that’s where I found out about Hello Beautiful underwear which I adore!

      • Amelia Diamond

        i call them butt mittens (I LOVE THAT HELLO BEAUTIFUL UNDERWEAR THOUGH)

    • Rachel D.

      Also tried to convince myself for ages that thongs were somehow more comfortable than non-thongs but like lolllll it’s just not true. Also less sanitary. BRING ON THE GRANNIES.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    So what is my general attitude. I drink hot coffee year round, so that doesn’t count. Never cared for denim shorts, never worried about panty lines (at least I’m wearing panties), never cared for the “dewy” look in make-up. So what if I need to vacuum. It can wait because I’d rather sew or work a crossword or read Man Repeller. So what if a basket of laundry needs folding. I’d rather take a nap. I’m not worried about what the rest of the world thinks or does.

  • Once, at a Christmas party, my mom took a cookie off a tray, ate half of it, apparently decided she didn’t like it and put it back on the tray. When she realized I had been watching her the whole time she just said “SO WHAT?” and walked away.

    • Amelia Diamond

      HAHAHAHAHAH. Your mom rules.

  • Shevaun

    SO WHAT if I haven’t been employed in the 4 months since graduating from my master’s (sobbing quietly)

    • Amelia Diamond

      repeat the mantra repeat the mantra!

  • Amelia

    I have been trying every month to have a SO WHAT month so this is necessary inspo.

    also Amelia my fellow Taurus Amelia, where are the horoscopes?!?!

    • Amelia Diamond

      suz JUST posted them + it takes me a lot of brain power to do them so JUST HANG ON THEY ARE COMING

      • Amelia

        WAITING W BAITED BREATH *prays for it to be a month that makes it ok for me to spend money as I am moving in 2 weeks deep breaths*

  • Arden

    Am I the only one who immediately heard this classic tune in their head when reading this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al2M5DCW_ZE

    • Amelia Diamond

      Someone posted this forever ago on an old “so what” post and it keeps crackin me up

      • Arden

        THANK GOD I am so happy you brought this clip back into my life I have missed it so

  • Hilary

    I love this theme!!! I try to live by the “so what” mentality when I need a dose of DGAF in my life. I started loving “so what” because of this part of Andy Warhol’s book “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol,” so I have to share:

    “Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, ‘So what.’

    ‘My mother didn’t love me.’ So what.

    ‘My husband won’t ball me.’ So what.

    ‘I’m a success but I’m still alone.’ So what.

    I don’t know how I made it through all the years before I learned how to do that trick. It took a long time for me to learn it, but once you do, you never forget.”

  • lp

    Totally just wrote in my journal as my August 1st post that THIS will be my mantra and goal this month. After months of needing to do a lot of self-improvement and goal-setting, I’m OK with embracing a ‘so what’ attitude (that will hopefully carry on past this month) in order to not make big deals out of little things.

  • annie holland

    SO WHAT if my LSAT score is not what i imagined in my legally blonde day dreams

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Kritsida

    I love this!! SO true and funny at the same time!
    x. kritsida

  • Inaat

    YES! So what if I didn’t go on vacation this summer, I will go in the fall! So what if I can’t/dont want to cook, I will eat eggs and bagels for dinner. So what if I just stepped on my cats foot, I will just feel bad for a month.

    • Amelia Diamond

      “So what if I just stepped on my cats foot, I will just feel bad for a month.” ahahahhahaha

  • freudianslippers

    Oh this feels necessary to my life. My relationship just ended in a most spectacular fashion (pathological lying, another secret girlfriend, I have to find a new apartment and move all my stuff, etc.). I will be following carefully!

    • Amelia Diamond

      ok I AM SORRY, FUCK THAT SHIT, an BYE (which means so what)

      • freudianslippers


  • Lil

    I never wear undies, so what.

  • Audrey

    so what if i just decomitted from play a sport at stanford and gave up a scholarship and people keep telling my i quit and i can’t convince them i made an empowering life choice and all i want to do now is be a nerd and wear cool clothes

  • snakehissken

    So what if the guy I started seeing and actually really like is nine years younger than me???

  • alice

    At the age of 56 -Frizzy unruly hair ALL summer -random leg fuzz (they are sparser as we age so I’ve convinced myself that they are cute)-so what.

  • Thank you for this. My birthday is September 1st and I will call myself a summer baby til I die. I mean, Labor Day Weekend is usually filled with summer-like activities right? SO WHAT I wasn’t born June – August, LET ME LIVE my summer baby fantasy.

  • Jacqueline Ho

    I am going to make this my mantra of the month and see what comes of it! I am kind of excited to see what adventure lie. FYI i really love this theme for August the “last month” of summer, but let’s be real September is still summer right?!?! At least in California it’ll be indian summer! Here’s to a bunch of SO WHATs this month!