Monocycle, Episode 56
Back With a Vengeance
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Helloooooooooo ladies and gentlemen of the jury! How are you doing? How has your week been? Your month? Your quarter? Your whole damn year? Mine has been weird, which doesn’t say much because I have concluded that weird is the least effective adjective one can use as an illuminating descriptor in the entire dictionary. It can mean anything, good or bad. How does this ice cream taste? “Weird.” How are you feeling? “Weird.” Do you see how by answering these questions I’m not answering them at all?

If you are wondering whether I have lost it, the jig is up, I probably have. But I’m digressing. Man, I feel like a kid of 21, blogging into a computer with reckless abandon. Will THEY edit me? Will they not? It’s been like, three days since I hit my finger tips to this keyboard and let the words flow out of my brain. It’s also been like, days, since the words flowing out of my brain have sounded like anything more than BLOO BLEEP BLA BLING KRING TING LING SHANTI. (In case you didn’t pick up on that, those words don’t actually mean anything, at least not in my native Language of the Hidden Temple.)


Nothing. Never mind. Let’s stop beating around the bush — the point is that Monocycle is back and so long as I don’t accidentally fuck up my life or it doesn’t accidentally fuck me up (see: December 2016), my anticipation is that we (Monocycle, Malcolm Gladwell and me) are back for the long haul. The long haul! So sit back, relax, grab a coffee and enjoy the next 11 minutes.

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  • Arden

    Yayyy Leandra you’re back! You sound so energized and happy and I’m picturing you as a smiley ray of lemon sunshine in the best way possible.

  • Alessia

    I’m so happy for you!

  • me

    Sis: So good to hear you again !

    I’ve been feeling lost for some time now, so your renewed passion today is giving me a nugget of some much needed hope.

    Re future podcasts, I vote for your continuing to go deep whenever possible. There’s a lot of fashion/fun stuff on MR, but your thoughtful words (verbal & written) are what I respond to and admire the most ….


  • Spanky

    Answer from the masses: we DID miss you. You don’t have to have deep thots, it’s your voice and that keeps us hanging on your every werd.

  • stephanie

    A++++ for MASE!

  • Jane

    YES! All of the content on MR is FAB but I’ve missed your unique perspective, voice and links to clothes (all of which I buy or try to emulate). Everyone needs a break to gain some motivation and I’m so glad that you’re ready for a comeback! <3

  • Mag

    I liked the song. I think it’s the opposite of her playing the victim. It has a mentality of “fuck you for beating me at your my own game”, but acknowledges how she’s always known exactly what she’s doing. I respect that.

  • Isabella Ferraro

    Yaaaay, welcome back, I’ve missed you so ❤

  • Jules

    You’reeeeeeeee baaackkkk! This MADE my day — let the weekend begin!!

  • Mariana Medeiros


  • Anna Fiore

    Welcome back! You sound so reinvigorated.

  • Fransjejohanna

    Happy you are back!! ❤️

  • Hilary


  • Anum Bashir

    one of my favorite episodes to date!!!! 🙂 🙂
    felt like a big ol’ hug.

  • Karina Egg

    Omg I can’t believe how much i’ve miss listen to your podcasts!! So glad you’re feeling much better, everyone needs and deserve to take a break sometimes, so welcome back!!!!

  • Fofy

    yees wee missed you so much!

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    You’re back!!!!!!!!!! Let the happy dances commence 💃🏼

  • Kathleen FitzPatrick

    Enjoyed this and hearing your voice. Do what you do.

  • Serena

    I’m SO happy Monocycle, and you Leandra, are back! And yes, you were very very missed but I thoroughly enjoyed your Instagram stories from Italy… #somuchburrata

  • Heleen Peeters

    So happy to hear you’re back !! WE MISSED YOU !!!!!!!!!

  • Em Berlin

    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen your posts online! I’ve never actually listened to monocycle before (because usually listening just seems like that’s going to be an effort.) But anyway- I did. And so much of what you said has really resonated with me that I went on a binge of your podcasts. I went to the gym yesterday and spent an hour on the treadmill being like ‘Yes, mhmmm’ probably looking like a total weirdo while doing it but, whatever. I can’t wait to read articles by a newer version of Leandra Medine- I definitely empathise that for you, going to the next level to push yourself is going to be a process of ‘Trail and Error’ you know- Every creative person goes through these phases. Like, musicians, actresses etc- Sometimes you flop and other-times you win big. But I think that’s what will ultimately makes you the best at what you are doing. Yay for your comeback!

  • MaryRose

    So excited you are BACK and bring Monocycle along with you!!

  • Anne Dyer

    Style, style, style! We miss you putting lewks together and/or standing in the street in a one piece. Hit the pavement with Amelia and some fall pieces and see what happens.

  • Em Berlin

    A thought just occurred to me Leandra (I’m still listening to monocycle btw) It’s probably because you are an editor and instead of producing the content yourself- You are injecting the idea’s into other people. I don’t know. I don’t know what happens internally- When I was still in uni I had a blog myself on culture and Fashion- Locally based. Despite that the contributors I hired were graduates- They didn’t know how to do anything. Like, they literally, were like puppy dogs bringing back sticks to throw back into the yard- I didn’t know how to deal with people who had such little initiative- Back then. Though, what it does call to mind is that when I started editing and training them- Yes, I felt like, well what else do I have to add? I handed everything that I had to them….. I don’t know. Perhaps your change is also inviting a new facet to manrepeller- A new audience. I think it must be difficult for you, I really do, you know- At this stage, this is the first time in history ever that any real fashion-journalism transition has been made into the next phase of life- Genuinely. Most people do this on instagram by sharing baby photo’s and capitalizing on the ‘mum’ thing. I know that’s something that you want- But, your career most certainly is beyond that. You are a leader. You are better than a single outfit photograph, you can think of anything witty, entertaining or interesting to say at anytime- Come on Leandra- I’m really counting on you to lead the way into this generational transition of online fashion journalism in blogging (There is no shorter name that I can think of) I’m not there yet- But I wish I could help…. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF- YOU GO GIRL! You CAN do it!!! XOXO Leandra #fan.

  • Kelsey

    Hi Leandra- I LOVE these episodes.

  • Lilli

    So happy that you are back Leandra , I really missed Mono cycle (And Malcolm) and your writing!

  • annie holland

    Gurl, this episode is so spot on for the point I am at. I think I have been running on empty for like my whole life..
    I have been bartending for 6 years, I university for the whole length of these past 6 years. And I never turn off. I am finally graduating in December, I was planning on taking the LSAT this month, postponed it until February. I have so much to get done, that I get nothing done. But I thrive on the stress, the lack of sleep, the drinking too much but yet being functional, the drama, the attention- it is all so self indulging.