Kristen Stewart’s Buzz Cut Completely Changed Her Style

Visual evidence inside


Women who shave their heads for the sake of an aesthetic is not a “new thing,” but over the past few months, Hollywood buzz cuts have been making tabloid headlines again. Kristen Stewart debuted her buzz in March. Zoë Kravitz shaved her head in April, as did Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry. Keke Palmer buzzed her hair in May, and just last week, Kate Hudson joined the club.

It’s Kristen Stewart’s cut that’s of particular interest to me, though, because Stewart has undergone a red carpet style evolution as a result.

Before the buzz cut, Kristen Stewart had masculine edge nailed down: two-piece suits, brogues, motorcycle jackets, etc. After the buzz cut, her clothes took on a strikingly feminine quality: slinky gowns, sequins, bralettes, corsets, pencil skirts, mini dresses. Please see the above slideshow for copious proof. 

This shift made me think about how my hair influences the way I get dressed. My hair is naturally curly, big and dramatic. When I let it run wild, it makes a style statement whether I want it to or not. In an odd way, it’s kind of like an extra accessory, with the power to turn what would otherwise be a boring outfit into something more interesting. Even though my personal aesthetic is inherently a bit zany, I tend to dress less “kooky” when my hair is curly because the curliness supplies enough kook on its own.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Stewart experienced a comparable style adjustment post-buzz cut. Since she already had the aloof/DGAF thing down pat, her shaved head handily underlined the edge that has always set her apart from every other actor on the red carpet. She doesn’t need the assistance of a leather jacket to look cool anymore; instead, she can embrace that which she rarely did before (at least not publicly): form-fitting dresses, pale pink and glitter.

How about you? Does your hair impact the way you get dressed? Would you ever consider a buzz cut?? Or do you have one already? If so, SHOW ME (via photos in the comments below).

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  • When I shaved my head it immediately affected what I wore. Now that my hair is all grown out (it’s been 5 years) it’s easier to dress, I can wear whatever I want. I don’t really know why, but you can’t just wear anything when your head is shaved. It’s like a very particular accessory that must be addressed every day.

  • Kat

    I had very short hair (between buzz cut and 4 inches) between the ages of 13-19, and I dressed much more feminine then than I do now with long, curly hair. I also wore more makeup. To be completely honest, it was partly so people wouldn’t call me a boy. (Happened quite a bit even with the bowl cut I had in my youth.)
    Once I grew my hair all those clothes seemed too girly, so I started dressing much more minimally, with jeans and a T most days.
    Now I’m somewhere in the middle, with shoulder length hair. I think KS will probably calm down on the girly stuff but it is a shock to cut off all your hair and she probably wants to feel more feminine!

  • Kristen looks great, wow!

    Don’t know why but I’ve been doing it “all wrong”: now that my hair is longer I also want to wear skirts and dresses much more than with short hair … not that I look masculine, like, ever 🙂
    Of course I also yearn for short hair right now, but I think I am going to resist this time, as I still remember wanting it to grow fast last year. No shaving, though – my head does not have the right form for that .

  • Erin Koster

    I love having super short hair. For me, it was easier to move between really androgynous looks and super-feminine clothes and makeup from day-to-day. I also liked being able to color and bleach it frequently because the damage would be gone via a haircut every six to eight weeks. People notice you more when you have an unusual haircut.

    The downside was that my hair only did one or two things at any given time. (Of course, now that it’s finally getting long, I have the urge to chop it again.)

  • I am all for the buzz! I think it looks so pretty on a lot of women- the neck elongation is real!! I love the idea of doing it myself, but I don’t think I could ever part with my fake red hair (too much money/time sunk into this mane).

  • Abby

    I’ve had a pixie/buzzcut most of my life, including childhood, so I never get the “you have to dress different/it changes your style!!!” thing. I’m just me, this is just my hair, I do what I want. I do my hair this way because it makes it a complete non-factor in my life, so if I had to start thinking about it when dressing I would be peeved!

  • ♡genevieve♡

    !! I recently shaved my noggin! It was really freeing, like a nice method of self-negation if that makes sense. Getting dressed actually became more fun. While certain pieces in my closet don’t feel *right* with a shaved head, it’s more fun to play around with necklines and dressing more ‘masculine’ and i feel less fussy when i’m wearing a dress.
    i’m mainly excited for fall when i can dress like a little school boy (aka lots of collared shirts, plaid pants and loafers!!!)

  • Claire Honerman

    Short hair definitely changed the way I dress. I would recommend everyone shave their head at least once in their life. I shaved my head a year ago, and am in love with short hair! You can look like a completely different person day-to-day. Also I feel like it makes my outfits look more put together!

  • lillian c.

    I grew out my bangs and hair and it has totally affected my style. I’ve always dressed super boyish but with baby bangs and a bob i dressed much more sporty whereas now I’m rocking more of an unstructured 70s androgynous lewk. I think having more of a non style has made me pay attention to what I’m wearing more bc if i don’t do anything i look SLOPPY

  • Jessica

    I definitely had this. I used to have shoulder length bleach blonde straight hair and would wear quite andro/boxy/simple outfits – nothing very feminine at all. I had to chop it all short after some major damage and really struggle to dress now. The main problem is my wardrobe was all tailored to my longer hair, and now I don’t feel that it works with my hair but I can’t really afford an entire new wardrobe. Just waiting on it to grow back.

    • Harling Ross

      so interesting!! hair can have such an impact. glad i’m not the only one (and kristen haha)

      • Jessica

        I was really surprised. Turns out I was way more dependent on my hair as part of my ‘look’ than I realised.

    • Kiks

      You look beautiful with short hair and I need to own that lipstick.

      Do you mind if I ask what damaged your hair so much? Was it just the constant bleaching? I’m on a white-blonde kick right now and my colorist keeps saying she won’t bleach all the roots again because she’s afraid of breakage…but I have literally never had any serious breakage and I just want her to do what I want. However I am also too old/out of shape to pull off a pixie cut if it came to that. So, lame old highlights it is for me.

      • Jessica

        Thanks 🙂 the lipstick is Instigator from MAC.

        No, it got really bad after I did some hair modelling for a competition that involved a lot of extra bleaching (then purple dye over it) plus having actual wax put in my hair which caused the breakage when getting the wax out. That was all over about 6 weeks so my hair didn’t have time to recover between all the treatments. I’d been bleaching it before that for a good year without any issues at all, and it was in really good condition.

    • Alyssa

      I feel ya with the having to change your style when you cut your hair! I cut my mid length hair to a pixie cut 2 years ago and had to COMPLETELY change the way I dressed. I felt strange with low necklines and floral clothing (which i wore a lot of before I chopped it off). I now wear more structured pieces and love high necklines. Its amazing how much your hair can affect your personal style!

      • Jessica

        It’s real. Funny though, I went totally the opposite way – I don’t feel as good in my boxy structured clothing now, and especially feel like high necklines look really odd with my short hair.

        • Alyssa

          Wow interesting! I wonder if its when you change your hair drastically you feel like you need to revamp your personal style too and go to the complete other end of the spectrum. Its cool to hear from other people who have chopped their hair cause I always seem to be the only one with short hair. Its like a little short hair club in the comments

      • hair revving >> personal style amp’ing >> world outlook and in turn
        the very way you ARE and Relate with in Life!!

        quite magical!
        and that is the main thing about makeovers + style upgrades
        and a real focus on what we wear, why, how..

        women being spot on and intentional with their (outer) Self Image / visual presentation
        is a Mysterious / earth changing Act which highlights, stimulates and leads
        to so much MORE (response action love knowing integrity beauty and fun!)


    • ValiantlyVarnished

      I LOVE the way you look with short hair! And the outfit in the first pic is so edgy – I love it. I personally love short hair with edgier/andro items like leather jackets and boxy cuts – I say fully embrace it and just be a badass.

  • Coralie

    I think she looks incredible now! I wish I had shaved my head a few years ago, but having spent years growing back a pixie cut I just can’t face it now.

  • ericabeckster

    UGHH all these amazing photos (above and in the comments) are making me want to go back to my buzz cut SO bad!! (Growing it out into a pixie because I’m a bridesmaid soon) I felt like I truly started to find my personal style when I shaved my head for the first time. It was like a blank canvas where everything, even frills, made me look like a badass.

  • ladle

    I think I have too much hair for a short cut, it would go up. I am satisfied with the edge my dark loud red colour gives me. I can rock feminine and cool looks, no matter how I wear it. And braids look more badass than preppy and girly.

  • Inaat

    I had a buzz cut for a couple of months some years ago before I started growing it again. It was really nice to just be able to wash and go. But I felt kinda naked and I felt the need to wear strong make-up. I Loved it, but I feel more at home in my new platinum blunt bob, and I feel better in no make-up and can still do a strong eye if I feel like it.

  • C. Killion

    Nooooo! I want my hair back, wild, curly and brilliant white! It’s a tough transition, from a cut that seemed to be from a template for women my age, but no more! Along with the longer hair is more ease with colors in my choice of color, or even total relaxation with ecru, white, eggshell, cream. My hair says to the world that I am happy in my own skin at long last.

  • Emily

    My hair TOTALLY influences how I get dressed. A great haircut complements all of my wardrobe and aesthetic. A bad haircut makes all of my outfits feel kinda.. eh.

  • Joana

    What I came to realize is once you have short hair (bob and shorter?), you can get away with showing much more skin with a significant decrease in the male gaze department!! This is just my experience, but once my hair went short I found myself seldom asking “is this too sexy / too much?”, even if wearing the same outfits… Any thoughts on this theory?

    As per the article, she looks amazing and it goes surprisingly well with the RBF! Love it

  • Emily

    This is a super interesting observation and discussion. I shaved my head and now I am growing it out. I loved everything about having very short hair (even in a traditional professional setting).
    In thinking about my own experience in relation to K Stewart’s I’m also thinking about how queer/lesbian women recognize each other in public and how queerness influences fashion. Definitely have a lot of thoughts about this ….

  • Bambi loves Rose

    I am glad that she’s not wearing over-dramatic, big earrings. (Style rule no 1 for women with short hair in magazines )

  • Claire Emily
    • Claire Emily

      I was finally ALMOST bob length when I saw that buzz. My hair didn’t last long after that.

    • girrrrrl :hearteyes:

    • Harling Ross


  • Joana

    What I came to realize is once you have short hair (bob and shorter?), you can get away with showing much more skin with a significant decrease in the male gaze department!! This is just my experience, but once my hair went short I found myself seldom asking “is this too sexy / too much?”, even if wearing the same outfits… Any thoughts on this theory?

    As per the article, she looks amazing and it goes surprisingly well with the RBF (should probably consider this as a RBF antidote)

  • Sarah

    I’ve never cut my hair short, but I have natural shirley-temple like curl that I will straighten my hair or transition to a beachy wave depending on what outfit I want to wear that day. I find different hairstyles suit different looks better, and that my hair texture actually makes people I meet assume a lot about my personality.

  • Lee

    SO!!! I recently-ish went from waist length to bob to shaving half of it off and cropping the rest p short. (for best reference see Romeo + Juliet era baby Leo for my overall situation)

    and it’s had a similar fascinating effect on my wardrobe to kstew! I tend towards a more androgynes look generally, and when I had more obviously feminine hair this meant I’d favor more masculine styles. Now that my hair’s gone, I find some of those styles push me a little too far into butch territory for my preference. So now I find myself, when I’m putting in EFFORT(tm) tend to put a little more effort into makeup and gravitate towards more femme-y looks to balance it all out.
    Plus I’m currently in the depths of interviews so there’s added pressure for a sort of sense of Straight People palatability.

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    I’ve worn short hair most of my life. When I did grow it out, it was limp and stringy and I had to put it up or wear a ponytail. So I cut it short. At various times, I’ve had a chin-length bob. I admire these women who are able to wear a buzz cut. I’ve never thought of my hairstyle influencing the way I dress.

  • Lindsay Bell

    If I had a dollar for every time a woman told me they wish they had the balls to wear their hair like mine (i.e. super short), I would be a gazillionaire. I *love* short hair on women!! It’s only hair, folks. It grows back. 😉 Re: the article, when my hair’s this short, I find myself making a little more effort in putting a bit of makeup on, etc., when I leave the house. My style has always been tomby’ish — big boots, oversized tops/leggings — and that will never change. Also, I’m fifty. LOL You’re never too old to rock a short ‘do!!

  • Marie Louise Mikolajczak

    i always go back and forth for these very reasons! i can’t decide if i enjoy the short hair + play it down or if i want long hair + to play it down. if i have shorter hair while dressing down, i feel less feminine, but with long hair i can “allow myself” a “lazier” routine that still makes me feel fem. blah. dunno why i felt the need to share.

  • Cindy Nelson

    I shaved my head because fashion about six months ago because ‘fashion’ and was immediately blessed with a new kind of self confidence. For so long the way I felt about myself was attached to the way I looked, and really specifically to the way my hair looked, so the freedom was a surprisingly uplifting boost. It’s now growing out into a French-style crop and I’m loving it 🙂