I Still Miss Jenna, But J.Crew is Pretty Good Right Now

I miss Jenna Lyons at J.Crew so much. I miss her in that way that you miss your friend who moved away even though you two never hung out when you lived a block from one another.

Jenna made J.Crew into a store that, whenever I found myself in a mall (some time soon, I would love to talk with you about how much I love malls), it felt weird not pop my head in. J.Crew — every single one — became a store that felt like my local coffee shop or something.

Me, at a random J.Crew location I’ve never been in before: “Hey guys!!! Just in the neighborhood so wanted to say hi. Oh wow, Maxine, do you look great or what? Carol! Love your shoes. Available in my size? Hey, Bob! Sharp shawl-neck.”

Them: “Literally, who are you?”

All of us: *Burst into group laughter then team-high five*

After Jenna left, I took a bit of an accidental J.Crew hiatus. Didn’t mean to, just stopped shopping altogether, really. But now it’s (don’t get mad at me) almost “Back-to-School Season,” and for whatever reason, I recently checked out J.Crew for the first time all summer and was pleasantly surprised. I am happy to report that post-Jenna J.Crew is still good! Like really good.

Into this red-and-white funnel-neck striped shirt as an alternative to my over-worn button-down.

Also into this blue-and-white striped one-shoulder bow top (on sale for $69.50).

I need this fatigue shirt to tuck into high waist white jeans and fulfill my Lauren Hutton dreams.

What kind of horoscope writer would I be without a Taurus horoscope shirt?! (They have all the signs. Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio are my favorite of the bunch.)

I don’t know what to say about this striped turtleneck with buttons down the neck other than I WANT IT.

These camouflage pants are really cool, and an excellent cut.

This mustard-colored bow top is black tie-perfect but also cool how they styled it (with khakis).

Oo, a star covered, no-clue-where-I’d-wear-this-to-but-who-cares jumpsuit!

REALLY FEELING this pajama-y polkadot trench from J.Crew Collection.

Oh, and I’m really excited about their throwback-to-1988 rollneck sweater. So perfect with a pair of loafers.

It feels good to be back for a bit of a homecoming. I still miss Jenna, and I’m keeping my eye on other brands at all times, as always, but you know me: I love to feel cozy. Just me, my sweaters, and my best friends Maxine, Bob and Carol.

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  • Christine Göös

    Yes. I just went in and was like JENNA WHO? Jk, but you get the point. J.Crew is annoyingly good right now.

  • Mellisa Scarlett

    I’m obsessed with J.Crew more than ever right now!

  • lillian c.

    ok ugh the aries shirt SUCKS and the rest are cute. why does this always happen

    • Cristina

      Same with the Taurus bummed!

      • chouette

        Ugh nobody likes their actual sign! The Scorpio one is my rival school’s colors 😐

    • Tayler Lord

      the libra one is SO BORING!

      • Bo

        Seconded re Sagittarius

        • pamplemousseismyjam

          K- Virgo here, sames.

      • prairie dogs

        So is the Leo one! Too southern sorority girl for me 🙁

    • Rachel

      I know! Super disappointed in the Virgo one, it’s so un-Virgo like but some of the others are super cute!

    • T-Fierce

      Do not get me started on Gemini. YELLOW?! hellno.

      • pamplemousseismyjam

        I love the Gemini one. Let’s trade, you can sport virgo. Keep everyone guessing.

        • T-Fierce

          perfect because I love the Virgo!

    • Actually the Capricorn shirt is super cute and comfortable. I bought it this weekend and I love. Finally being a Christmastime baby has paid off.

  • Omg I’ve been so obsessed with J.Crew lately! I was wondering when you guys would do a post about them.

  • nikilips

    J. Crew w/out Jenna looks like Zara had sex with Banana. It doesn’t feel authentically Crew. I would not be shocked if sales go down as they’re pushing away their loyal customers aiming for the Zara set, just like BR with Webb a few years ago. It frustrates me how everyone is trying to be like Zara to get that Zara $$$. Evolve, don’t pivot…

    • chouette

      Not to mention they’ve got like a billion dollars in debt that’s being restructured right now… really curious how that’s gonna play out.

    • dasha

      Weren’t there a bunch of articles on how Jenna and Mickey Drexler’s initiatives drove away a lot J. Crew’s loyal customers? I mean the J.Crew of Jenna Lyons collection is great if you want her aesthetic, but the problem is that aesthetic, seems to only look good if you look like Jenna Lyons.

  • Andrea Raymer

    I have almost made it through the week without purchasing something from J.Crew. PLEASE DON’T TEMPT ME. I already had my eye on that blue and white striped top when I had my semiweekly sale section peruse yesterday morning (I am trying to wear more blue to make my hair look redder). I managed to resist but now that star jumpsuit is calling my name.

    I even forced my college freshman cousin to purchase a 3 piece workout outfit in palm print just so we can match. I own a gingham sports bra because of this addiction (that new balance collab is excellent). I have purchased 3 bathing suits from them this summer and I have not been to the beach.

    • Lindsey

      You’re hysterical. This is true commitment.

    • i do the same thing with swimsuits! whyyyyyy

  • Charlie

    Miss Jenna. Always will.

    Having that said. I love J.Crew, but like somebody else pointed out I hope that they will still keep honouring the legacy and character Jenna left behind. Not looking for another Zara or any other brand for that matter.

  • Layla Gibbon

    I am sure Jenna’s vision will be there until 2018 because of the nature of the fashion cycle? She probably had a hand in this collection, I imagine it was designed before she was fired/left/whatever.

    • Jessica Downing


  • ginger

    The gallery photo’s appear to be missing…I don’t want to have to make all those clicks to see what you’re talking about. Feels manipulative and annoying. I love you’re writing, just not the production style of this post.

  • Meg Castellano

    Saw those camo pants online yesterday after reading Harling’s post, was riding a high from all the sale items- then furiously searched my company’s dress code if camo print is on the do not wear list as I’m adding everything I see to my cart that I’ll probably never checkout

  • Hayley

    Definitely already had that fatigue shirt and the Taurus shirt in my cart, can’t wait for a 25% off sale to hit.

  • I loved this. I agree they have soooomuch good stuff for fall!

  • Greenborough

    Great article! I love reading and talking about J. Crew. Those camo pants are pretty fabulous.

    That said I think J Crew has been in such a funk the past few years. I loved Jenna Lyons in the beginning but then I think she went too far down her own rabbit hole. Most of J Crews shirts are sleeveless, ruffled or one shouldered. Sometimes with a pattern. It’s waAayy too much. There will be 7 sweaters that are ruffled, off the shoulder, and sequined. Who buys that crap? It looks tacky.

    I wish J Crew would go back to what it used to be. Great t-shirts, great chinos, yummy cashmere sweaters (I just bought that 1988 rollneck sweater), great denim, chic and playful styling. Super simple and classic Collection items.

    But the endless ruffled, off the shoulder shirts just kill me.

  • tmm16

    Conflicted on the Taurus shirt because I like it but wish it wasn’t long-sleeved.

  • Kacie Medeiros

    I think its going to be really interesting since they bought the madewell head designer over to j.crew. Beyond curious to see where this goes

    • dasha

      Somsack’s previously started out at J.Crew and worked closely with Jenna. He’s the reason for Madewell’s success, and definitely understands how to execute the J.Crew “look.”

  • SE

    have legit been stalking jcrew for that side-button funnelneck since it debuted on sarah bernhardt and jl herself at nyfw in FEBRUARY, so have naturally already ordered in two colorways. that said…is this collection not jenna lyons’ last for the company? so technically i don’t understand how she can be missed yet within the context of the new arrivals….

    • AA

      I’ve been trying to find out when the last collection designed by Jenna Lyon’s would be. Where did you hear this?

      • SE

        I just assumed since she was all over the styling of these pieces at New York Fashion Week in February.

        Also, spoiler alert: the sideways shirts came in and I can’t decide if I don’t like them or if I just hyped them up too much in my mind. Dilemma!

    • Jessica Downing

      I had the same thought, collections are started so far in advance that the stuff coming out is still heavily Jenna-influenced. I’d say this fall collection is probably the last one with that much of Jenna in it, but she supposedly still a ‘creative advisor’ until the end of the year because that’s when her contract is up. So who knows!

  • Katy

    I think I’ll always love J. Crew, but I do miss Jenna so much. Obsessed with the new horoscope tees, tho.