Meet Man Repeller’s Summer Interns (and Creep on Their Outfits)

Hailing from all corners of the country (or globe, in mine and Louisiana’s case), this summer’s MR interns are like a mixed goodie bag of different talents, interests and style personas. We arrive at Man Repeller HQ each day, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the miscellaneous adventures that await.

On a regular day, Margaret programs our Snapchat with the hilarious inner workings of her brain. Madison is the revenue team’s right hand woman. Ana makes the beautiful collages you see in articles like this one. Louisiana is the photo-prodigy behind most of our still life portraits. Victoria gets to attend business operations meetings and use fancy words like “deliverables.” Then there’s me, the one who wrote this! Together, we make a pretty great team.

Although our summer at Man Repeller is sadly creeping to a close, we’re comforted by the thought of our outfits being immortalized in the MR archives for years to come. We hope you enjoy perusing our very own edition of Office Apropos, because we sure enjoyed playing street style darlings for the week!

Want to get to know us better? Take the express lane to the comments section and we’ll meet you there.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi. 

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  • Kate Rockett

    That Jaquemus top is sickkkkkk (& looks so great on you!)

    • Amy L Campbell

      Thank you! If designers were spirit animals, Jaquemus would be mine

  • Natalia Soto

    the ultimate dream gig for a sixteen year old, slightly fashion obsessed new yorker such as myself.

  • Dani Heifetz

    ok, now forever wanting to dress like ‘a simple watermelon who is down on her luck but still optimistic’

  • Jaime Gelpi

    proud cousin moment #TEAMLOUISIANA (and shamelessly open for hire next summer)

  • Natali
  • Allison Harrington

    You guys are so cute omg.. how do I get this job?!

  • Allison Harrington

    Love this.. you guys are so cute!

  • Josie

    I love this post!! How did you guys get internships with MR?? It is my dream!

  • Margo Ghertner

    How do you all find your interns? Do they email you all via the careers email address to apply?


  • Maggie Lanham

    Louisiana I’m obsessed with your all-white outfit and just bought a Muji shirt thanks to you! I’ve been looking for a shirt like that for three years!

    You all have such great summer style – loved seeing this apropos!

  • Rebecca

    Amy rocking some Alpha 60! Best Melbourne label ever <3

    • TinySoprano

      Too true! I got an awesome one shoulder top from them on Sunday that makes my head and left shoulder feel like the middle of a flower. And the sales girl was the most adorable human ever.

  • Sarahtonin

    Omgosh, Louisiana’s style is absolutely amazing! Can I intern with her / pick her brain for outfit ideas / raid her closet??

  • Lil

    Margaret’s captions had me LOLing out loud

    • Margaret Stolte

      🙂 lol

  • lily

    Okay, what are your twitters/instas/whatever you think I should follow? I am very team #intern

  • Once again I want to raid every single one of their wardrobes!

  • Ashley Kordik

    OMG- bringing back the RING POPS!

  • amy your style is faaaaabulous

    • Amy L Campbell

      Aw, THANK you! <3

  • Paola

    my question is: how do I become a man repeller intern? 😀

  • Eliza Lennon

    Yasss Amy fellow Aussie on the MR interns team – 900% want to follow in your footsteps in the not too distant future