How to Hide Panty Lines (if You Hate Wearing Thongs)

The ultimate VPL test


Thongs are comfortable in the way two-inch heels are comfortable: In a vacuum, at their absolute best, they’re much worse than wearing nothing at all, but they offer such great circumstantial and comparative benefits that wearers are able to look past the discomfort and even grow to believe they’re just as good as going bare. I guess I’m saying people who claim thongs are more comfortable than full-butt underwear are mildly delusional (there is a reason people pick wedgies), but I say it with tenderness and empathy, because I love a block heel, too.

If you couldn’t tell, I wear full underwear exclusively, regardless of the resulting vulnerability to visible panty lines, a.k.a. VPL. (Bless an acronym that doesn’t make me say “panty.”). Women hate VPL. Maybe men do too, but who cares? And while I’d like to sweep everyone’s VPL fear under the tantalizing umbrella of the patriarchy (because isn’t that fun), I actually kind of get it. I, too, would rather a dude on the subway not be able to detect the exact shape of my undergarments through my pants. That shit’s personal. But thongs aren’t the only salvation! As I’ve been saying since I wrote my anti-thong thesis in April, some full-butt underwear really does the trick.

I’ve been loyal to Calvin Klein Invisible Hipsters for years. I believe they check almost all the boxes of what makes underwear good, barring two things: 1) They’re made of nylon instead of cotton, which isn’t ideal for the bits, and 2) I guess this is a personal problem, but I’m getting sick of them. I want to wear cute high-waist cotton ones! But cotton is notoriously bad for VPL and I maintain my position that strangers don’t need to understand the physics of my butt.

I was curious to find out what other styles and materials might achieve the same effect as my Calvins (AYOOO), so I tried five and made our photographer Edith stare at my butt for 25 minutes in our photo studio. The below documentation, which includes the Calvins as a control, is the result. I’ve rated each pair on their pants-off appeal, their provided level of comfort, their shape-shifting effects (a.k.a. do they help, hurt, or do nothing to my natural shape), their price and, finally, their immunity to VPL. The scoring is as follows: 1, bad; 2, not ideal; 3, fine; 4, good; 5, dreamy.

Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster

Style: Seamless hipster
Made of: 72% Nylon, 28% Elastane
Costs: $10

CK Invisible Hipsters acted as my control for this experiment because I own about 15 pairs and wear them all the time. I like how they look by themselves. They appear truly seamless in that they simply sit atop my skin. That’s 4 for pants-off appeal and 4 for comfort (would give more if they were made of cotton). The price, at $10, is incredible given the quality, which means another 5 for price. For the rest, let’s consult the photo. It does not at all change the shape of my butt, which gets a 4 for shape-shifting. The visibility surprised me. While I always imagined these to be genuinely seamless, you can definitely see the seam. That said, it’s very subtle (and doable, in my opinion) so that’s a 3 for immunity to VPL.

Overall score: 20

Hello Beautiful White Signature Panty

Style: High-cut bikini
Made of: 100% Cotton
Costs: $38

I don’t own a single pair of high-cut underwear, so this was a first for me. High-cut anything does two things: lengthens the shit out of legs and shortens torsos. I couldn’t decide if the latter was worth the former, but either way, I enjoyed the adorable little cotton novelty of it. That’s a 5 for off-pants appeal. It was a little close to going up my butt though, so that’s 3 for comfort. A knock goes to price, 2, because although it’s well-made of “combed baby rib-knit” cotton, it’s more than I’d ever pay for a single pair of underwear. Per the photo, it’s a 2 for immunity to VPL — it’s def visible — but countered with a 4 for shape-shifting, as the high cut is kind of cute, even through pants.

Overall score: 16

Jockey Tactel Hip Brief

Style: Mid-rise brief
Made of:90% Tactel Nylon, 10% Lycra Spandex

Costs: $11

I’m surprised these cost more than my CK Hipsters, as I assumed Jockey would be the budget option. That said, this isn’t your average cotton underwear sold in packs; this is specialty shit, and for $11, I’ll give it 4 for price. Supposedly, these have a “smooth, silky feel with plenty of stretch,” and a “unique leg binding [that] helps eliminate panty lines.” Unfortunately, this leg binding didn’t work with my shape, which means a 1 for shape-shifting and, as a result, 1 for immunity to VPL. They’re not as uncomfortable as they look though, so I’ll give a neutral 3 for comfort. By themselves, they’re kind of cute, if a little translucent. That’s a 3 for pants-off appeal.

Overall score: 12

Commando Cotton Bikini

Style: Standard bikini
Made of: 71% Cotton, 29% Spandex
Costs: $28

I’ve never seen truly seamless underwear made of cotton (more specifically, “a luxurious European fabric that is beautifully breathable, supremely comfortable”). I’m so impressed! That’s an immediate 5 for comfort. They’re cute off too, although bikini isn’t my favorite cut, so just 4 for pants-off appeal. Visibility is basically NILL. Damn. That’s a 5 for immunity to VPL and a 4 for shape-shifting (nada, which is a good thing, but no improvement either). Price gets a 2, because it’s a lot for a single pair, but maybe worth it for people looking for cotton that’s truly seamless.

Overall score: 20

Hanes Smooth Illusions Brief Panties

Style: High-waist brief
Made of: 86% Cotton, 14% Spandex

Costs: $4

First off, $4 is banging. That’s a 5 for price. They’re also made of mostly cotton, feel okay on and aren’t cute, per say, but are totally fine and basic, so that’s a 3 for pants-off appeal and 4 for comfort. The other metrics are where these babies get into trouble. They are not ideal for fitted pants, despite being designed to give the “confidence of shapewear and the comfort of a panty.” I suppose the photo speaks for itself: My butt cheek is essentially cut in half, causing a very visible line through the pants. That’s 1 for immunity to VPL and a 1 for shape-shifting. These are okay for the price, but not even close to a seamless experience.

Overall score: 14

Commando Classic High-Rise Panty

Style: High-waist brief
Made of: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
Costs: $34

Last up, we have another Commando pair, but this time a high-waist nylon pair. Despite not being cotton, they are a super satisfying material. They’re both comfortable and, due to the coverage, secure-feeling. They smooth me out in a nice way. That’s a 5 for comfort and 5 for shape-shifting. Worn alone, they’re cute, if a little Spanx-ish. I’ll give a 4 for pants-off appeal. The price is high, BUT, for something that kind of feels kind of like Spanx without the too-tight discomfort, $34 isn’t terrible, so I’ll give it a 2 for price. The underwear line is remarkably invisible. Take a look at the photo. Any wrinkling you see is just the pants, not the underwear, promise. It’s completely invisible. That’s a 5 for immunity to VPL. 

Overall score: 21

Okay. Let’s tally it up! Here, in order of lowest to highest:

Jockey Tactel Hip Brief: 12 points
Hanes Smooth Illusions Brief Panties: 14 point
Hello Beautiful White Signature Panty: 16 points
Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster: 20 points
Commando Cotton Bikini: 20 points
Commando Classic High-Rise Panty: 21 points

The Commando Classic High-Rise Panty (pardon my panty) is the winner at 21 points, just one above the other Commandos and my Calvins (SORRY) at 20 points. My personal apologies to Jockey and Hanes, I promise I’ll to wear you babies under my finest dresses and sweatpants. And look for my Hello Beautifuls in my next sexy photo shoot, because they made me feel like Kylie Jenner in a good way.

Thong-lovers: DID I CONVINCE YOU? Honestly, that’s why I wrote this entire story. It wasn’t to make you stare at my butt.

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Having just fished some lace out of my butt crack, you have me convinced. Though $30 is a lot for a pair of undies..

  • Rebecca

    haley i swear to god you crack me tf up with lines like “the physics of my butt”. also your fidget spinner manrepeller instagram story this weekend had me rolling!

  • Shevaun

    So I COULD NOT SEE VPL IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS. They all looked smooth to me.

    But, I think we all scope our own butts for VPL harder than we do anyone else’s.

  • Suze

    I’m totally with you on the no-thong thing, Haley!
    I go as far to actually select my pants (upperpants, not underpants) on how visible they make the VPL! Has to do with the cut of the butt and the material as well (no to polyester, in this sense, but also in any sense).
    But I do also make an effort to choose panties that are most flattering and least visible. And to up the stakes a bit more: I want them relatively cheap and I want them in organic cotton. Needless to say I’m on a continuous quest!

    Thanks MR for also discussing these kind of topics. You guys made an every-day-loyal-reader out of me since the ‘The Great Ingrown Hair Conspiracy’ article over a year ago (kinda falls in the same category). Love you, guys!

  • Amanda Orlando

    This post kind of surprised me because many of my friends kind of like their VPL as a sort of fashion statement (?), myself included. This might sound crazy but I think there’s something to be said for VPL!

    • Amanda Orlando

      That being said, I still enjoyed this post and I got to learn what types of underwear are called. Helpful because I’ve always used the terms “brief” and “hipster” interchangeably and now feel very silly.

    • kristina

      my friend and i are totally into VPLs too!

    • Xyzing123

      I get that. Someone elsewhere on the internet was like, “why am I trying to convince people I don’t wear underwear! They’re there!”

      • Ai-Ch’ng GB

        This is truth indeed! For me, though, it’s because it’s just plain uncomfortable physically – because panty-visibility on my body means it’s usually too tight for me… and then it rides all over the place. I’ve worn silk shorts under my jeans before just so I don’t get them riding all over the shop/VPL… so it’s less about visibility than it is about just feeling nice and comfy. Maybe if my derriere was two sizes smaller and a whole lot more toned, I could wear a wider variety undies.

    • Ashley Spears

      yes me too! I thought we were all embracing it now? I especially love it with a tight high waist denim

      • Amanda Orlando

        Same I like it with high waist denim. With a smooth dress pant not so much, but with jeans it just works!

    • Marta Millere

      I feel like adding that I have a lot of male friends who enjoy looking at a camel toe. 😐

  • Ok I for one hate (dare I say loathe?) the VPL, and also almost always wear thongs, but the ones I wear (No Show Thong from Victoria’s Secret) is so comfortable I don’t even feel it! Another thing I am not above (unless wearing a skirt or dress) is going commando! So comfy! So free!

    • Hayley

      I love the Hanky Panky classic rise one and find it to be totally comfortable, too. Victoria’s Secret rocked when they had their Lacey panty in the O/S option, but then the quality totally diminished when they introduced sizes and changed materials.

      • Jacqueline

        I swear by Hanky Panky, too!

        • Hayley

          I love their annual sale when their classic thongs (in not “normal” colors) go on sale for like, %70 off. I stock up once a year.

          • When do they have their annual sale!? I’ve been wanting to try them but $20 is steep.

          • Hayley

            I forget the exact dates — sorry. However if the annual sale happens again I will definitely try to remember to post back here and let you know!!

      • Kattigans

        I have super old Lacey panties in the O/S option (like 7 years old LOL) and they have held up! The quality change totally ruined a good thing

        • Hayley

          I definitely got the OG VS Lacey’s when I was in college, and put them through the dryer… hence why none are around today. I applaud your ability in keeping them wearable for 7 years!

  • Greenborough

    You guys are banging out great articles! Super useful and informative about the best basics for women. Keep it coming…

  • Bridgett

    What, no love for the Uniqlo Ultra Seamless?

    • Amy L Campbell

      swear by them

      • Bridgett

        Especially, since they only cost $7.50, sometimes less depending on a sale!

    • Julie

      Totally agree. Love them!

  • Tessa Meyer
  • Amelia Diamond

    I LOVE THONGS (+ this/you)

  • Danielle Cardona Graff

    There are some thongs that are comfortable though! Hanky Panky, and also the Felina version of Hanky Panky, both I buy on super discount at Nordstrom Rack. I do love a hipster cut, or high wast cut under loose shorter dresses though.

    • Lyla

      Yes, to Felina!!!! I love Hanky Panky as well.

    • Engels_Beard

      Three anti-thong points: 1) they are never comfortable because they live in your ass crack, 2) They are gross because they move fecal bacteria from your butt to your bits, 3) Under loose dresses, they make your butt chew on your dress and no one needs to see that.

  • Kelsey Moody

    pardon my panty lol

  • Jessie Erikson

    I was just thinking this morning about how the VPL issue seems to be really dependent on booty size. It’s a hard thing for big booties (like my own) because everything rides up and sticks out more and wearing a cotton maxi skirt was a total joke, even with my favorite underwear, until I discovered skimmies/slipshorts. For me, I’m honestly doubtful that any of these would work because my butt just sticks out so much, there is so much more opportunity for VPL on the back, on the sides, everywhere. So I’m pretty experienced with this, and never had enough luck with ‘seamless’ things, though I have bought them. For me, the answer was BOYSHORTS, which I never originally imagined. I guess the trick is to have the seam low enough that they basically go under the cheek, or almost. Not all boyshorts are equal, of course. These are my favorite underwear in the world, and definitely affordable, especially when you buy them in a pack of multiples (though then you get less fun colors, usually): Maidenform Dream Boyshort

    • Jessie Erikson

      these are also good for other common issues for me, which include riding up and having the inner part of the leg hole kind of cut into my body (this is the WORST). These don’t typically do that. They aren’t cotton, but they do have a cotton lining, which seems to help. I don’t wear them to bed though. I also felt like they ran a bit small, but maybe my booty is just bigger than I thought. I also see now the amazon page says they provide rear definition and lift… that’s false, sorry. And maybe i’m just all about comfort, but they are cute enough for me in real life!

      • Meganh007

        Aaaahhh! I am not the only one!! I hate VPL but I have tried every kind of underwear under the sun and nothing helps my big booty. I agree that for a big booty you just have to go commando but love my boyshorts, when necessary. I cannot understand why anyone would wear thongs, its so uncomfortable.

      • Cristina

        OMG YES. I was just going to comment that the seamless never work for me. They roll up on the sides. And brief panty with a thick cut side is just a no go. Boyshorts are also my go too, although pants off I think they look best on skinny people with no butt because they still ride and roll up around my thighs and my hips. But they seem to stay the smoothest under clothes with a thong.

    • Xyzing123

      I have a big butt too and find that boy shorts are the worst. They just roll up creating a thicker, tighter line. This has happened with cheap stuff, expensive stuff, tight stuff, loose stuff! I just go commando 100% of the time unless I’m wearing a miniskirt and want to foil MTA perverts in which case I wear the boy shorts or bicycle-type shorts (this works, even with rolling/bunching, because my mini skirts are never also tight).

      • Jessie Erikson

        yeah! I always had that too, especially with cotton ones. I know what you mean. these maidenform ones haven’t done it for me though – almost never ever roll. sometimes I have to straighten them out when I first put them on, just kinda put them in place, but I never have an issue of them rolling up as I’m walking around.

    • Miss Crystal

      I’m glad someone mentioned booty size as a factor. I’m team full panty (Black bikini cut panties are sexy. I will fight anyone who says otherwise). I feel like as a booty-endowed girl, all thongs and g strings = instant wedgie. Boyshorts are amazing but it’s hard to find cotton versions 🙁

      • Jessie Erikson

        so true. I liked these fruit of the loom ones ( at one point, but my booty was much smaller at the time. they were cuter in person, too. I was never totally sure that they qualified as a real boyshort, but close… now i see it says 40/60 cotton/poly but I am almost positive I bought them because they were listed as 100% cotton two years ago, but maybe not!

      • Kelsey Alyssa

        That’s interesting because i have a large bum and find full panties worse for wedgies than thongs!
        More material!

    • hailey thompson

      As someone who is constantly referred to as ‘Big Booty Judy’ I will say G/V-Strings are the move if your bottoms share too much. I have been purchasing these for years now:

      If you’re not into that.. pick the CK hipsters a size up than what you would normally wear.

    • Eliza Weston

      YES! I love the Maidenform Dream boyshorts, although I buy the cotton version. I have a small, flat butt and these are awesome. They don’t ride up at all, and give no VPL:

      I have a drawer full of Hanky Panky thongs that I haven’t looked twice at since finding the Maidenforms. Best of all, they’re super inexpensive.

  • Emily

    Yes!! this summer I went and bought non-thongs for the first time probably since I secretly bought myself my first thong in 7th grade.. and I LOVE them. So much more comfortable, and I feel genuinely sexier in them. My bf loves them too and is low key disappointed whenever i wear a thong now. i’m really into the ‘cheeky’ styles, like this one:, which are so comfy yet super sexy, and don’t really pose a vpl problem.

  • Autumn

    I only wear underwear from Soma now. They’re super cute (some are lacy and all different colors), SUPER comfy and the non-lacy ones are really good for not much of a VPL. And they’re 5 for $38 or something like that. Highly recommend.

  • This may actually be the most useful blog post I’ve ever read.

    Charmaine Ng
    Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Harling Ross

    this post is an answered prayer but only because i like your butt that’s the only reason

  • dayman

    Thongs are the worst and anyone who says otherwise is a liar!! I’m particularly passionate because I don’t have any IRL friends who share my aversion


    Patagonia Active Hipster Briefs in black.

  • dietcokehead

    I’m sure my vpl situation is awful, but THUNDERPANTS

  • Julie

    I hate that I am a slave to the thong. But I just know it’d be worse if I wore full-butt panties and had to be craining backwards, checking my butt non-stop to ensure that there’s no VPL. It’s really a “two evils” situation.

    • Babs

      Honestly I just pretend my butt doesn’t exist

  • Kattigans

    Thong wearer all the way except for bedtime then I pull out my Hanes briefs. I became part of the tribe when I was 14 and never looked back.

    Pro tip for all the thong haters: you don’t actually wear the thong part in your **derriere** bc that leads to the wedgie but instead just gently place the thong ON your behind..sounds weird to describe (probably worse than saying “panty”), but it works! It also matters what brand of thong underwear you buy and the shape. I recommend: hanky panky if you can drop $20 per pair, VS body cotton thongs, and also Gap Body cotton thongs

    • Kattigans

      Also @haley do you have VPL with yoga pants? No offense but I cringe at the thought

      • Marta Millere

        Same. Just no.

    • Ashley Spears

      this is how i wear thongs – i always buy them a little bigger to avoid taint rape

  • Charlsey

    “Maybe men do too, but who cares?”
    You are quite simply, the best.

    • Charlsey

      P.S. can we have a follow up #pantypost that is cute/fun underwear that doesn’t have lace OR little bows. Ya girl doesn’t want to be girly

      • Alice

        I like bows but sometimes they’re unnecessary and the seam ripper is my bff.

  • HeatherDDD

    I’ve had several pairs of those Calvin Klein underwear and can’t stand them. They always ride up my butt and seem to look super worn after only a few washes. Good they’re working for you though! I recommend Chantelle. Amazingly comfortable, last for years, and every style I own seems to be pretty solid in the panty line game. I think they’re worth the price, but they also always have them on sale at Nordstrom Rack and the like.

  • Gia

    Omg I love this. I only wear thongs when I absolutely have to which is usually in a pair of wedgie Levi’s because if I wear full butt I won’t even be able to pick my wedgie? I don’t think that made sense sorry. But I wear this pair from Victoria secret it’s a seamless underwear with this kind of grippy material that helps it stick to your cheeks. I also have a few Calvin Klein ones and they are so soft and slippery that when I was wearing a skirt last week I didn’t even notice that my underwear had slipped halfway down my bum…

  • Alison Dick

    idk what I would do without aerie hi-leg bikini

  • Ai-Ch’ng GB

    Funny but true – you’ve written exactly what we all go through.

    I like Bonds (high percentage) cotton boy-briefs/hipster – but to get the non-VPL, I size-up to a size 14 (I normally wear 8/10 (AUD$16 each, so, not inexpensive by any means – but they last for years using a normal wash cycle, but find the size-appropriate ones cut into my tummy). Wearing the much bigger size means everything sits exactly where it should (flat and un-seeable by others under jeans and bias-cut silk slip dresses – the latter notorious in plain colours for calling out VPL), and is super-comfortable. I like the Commando briefs you’ve described above: haven’t seen them anywhere in Australia (where I live), but by virtue of your pictures above, those would be the ones I’d pick if my Bonds ones are ever discontinued.

    • Kelly

      I gave up on Bonds years ago because their sizing is wack. The fact that you need to size up 2-3 sizes so things fit properly is kind of ridiculous, I don’t understand how they figure out their sizing.

  • Lisa Mills

    Great article! Sorry to be Mrs Pedant but it’s ‘per se’, not ‘per say’. Keep up the good work! 🤓

  • Bo

    I find the Hello Beautiful underwear works for my spongy butt because the seam doesn’t cut across and into the main steak like fuller-coverage underwear tends to, but instead kind of curves gently along it instead. My VPL is almost completely minimised and they are just so comfortable to wear, although at like AUD$50 each, considerably less comfortable to buy. I generally buy a couple of pairs every six months as a sort of financially harrowing, life-affirming treat.

  • Madison Boyles

    great advice 🙂 thanks for the info…♥

    model agency

  • Amanda

    Swear by my Hanro cotton hi-waist briefs – worth the price. I just save money in other areas and my bits are happy.

  • Cristina

    This is gonna be weird buttt… VPL like… free it. If we can free the nipple and wear see through tops, like who cares? Nothing really works for me and for whatever reason, I’m just over it! If I wear a modal blend top, you can see my bra cup line. FREE THE VPL.

  • Kelsey Alyssa

    The Canadian brand Fortnight makes great IPL lingerie but it is pricey! I have a few pairs and can wear them under anything except tight gym leggings!

  • Verhanika

    They don’t come in Plus sizes, so nope. I’ll stick with my Lane Bryant thongs until someone can come up with a plus size panty that doesn’t create quad-bun, similar to quad-boob when your cup size is too small.

  • Mae

    Where are these jeans from? I love them!

  • Marley Arviso

    tbh I’ve been trying to avoid VPL since middle school. In 7th grade I wore a pair of yoga pants w/ underwear that caused major VPL (bc I was fucking 12 and still bough my damn underwear in a pack of 6) and my friend at the time decided to loudly point it out and make fun of me… at LUNCH… IN FRONT OF LIKE 6 PEOPLE. I was mortified and went home and asked my mom if I could start wearing thongs, she said no and I didn’t wear another pair of yoga pants until after high school hahaha

    P.S. thank you for creating VPL bc the word “panty” makes me cringe just as much as “adulting” does

  • Lyla

    I know it is controversial to say this, but I truly do not feel anything if I’m wearing a well fitted thong. My only negative feeling towards them stems from the potential whale tale. That is truly humiliating.

  • Rowie

    Omg thank you so much forever. Never has anyone written anything this thorough ever. The commando ones seem to be getting the best reviews everywhere. If I am to properly stock up on them I would have to invest about $188 which is 7x$28. It’s not that bad, I rationalize.
    I’m super embarrassed about VPL. On the rare days where I have a devil may care attitude, because the VPL is as ubiquitous as yellow cabs, I feel free-but not like myself. WARNING: the next statement might make me sound like a prude from 17th century Netherlands, but wearing full skirts all the time does take care of the problem. To prove to you I am no such prude, I own a total of zero full skirts.

  • YES.

    I’ve been “thongs can fuck right off” for basically forever. Hipster style underwear and boyshorts are my favorites. Personally, I find that a pair of “heavy coverage” underwear in a thinner material does wonders for any VPL and hides it well while still being comfortable. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel’s hipster has always been a favorite of mine, as well as the Fabletics version because the material is so thin and comfortable.

  • Kate Keith

    love the idea… but I just get my CK Invisible thong in a size (or two!) larger than I would normally wear and it’s loose and lovely with no U.T.B. action. It’s not there to hold anyone in: just for propriety and in case of taking a tumble in a short skirt!

  • 1. You’re truly an American hero for writing this.
    2. WHERE did you get both of your bracelets in the cover photo? They’re amazing, especially the multicolored glass one!

  • C. Killion

    Here’s a thought: if someone notices VPL, doesn’t that mean s/he is looking? Lacy bikini and hipsters wearing lady here, not heard any complaints.

  • Brianna Smith

    I swear by Aerie “antique lace” cheekies… they’re cute, come in multiple colors, and somehow I never get VPL in them! They’re not too expensive either, obv

  • I just buy teen/junior boy boxer-briefs from H&m, they fit like spanx, no panty lines, cheap and have either pokemon or dinosaurs on them. I do see that last bit as a positive btw.

  • Gumbygirl

    Why can’t we have boxer briefs like the boys? They look so comfortable!

  • Tea

    If a thong can’t be avoided, I highly recommend lululemon ones. I’m a believer after 32 years of VPL.

  • rachel

    I have two undergarments related rules for buying clothing: if it needs a special bra, no. if it needs a thong? HELL no.

  • emmar

    I can’t understand why panty lines are a problem. For real. Why do you need people to think you don’t wear underwear?

  • disqus_ZVhl5V4CUz

    People! Not all thongs are horrible! Cotton is your answer! And not the super thin type

  • A couple people mentioned them, but I really do swear by Aerie lace underwear. I personally love the boybrief cut, one friend loves the cheekies, my co-workers love the boybrief as well… either way, Aerie lace is AMAZING and I rarely – if ever – notice having VPL. They also started making a high rise lace boybrief that is truly incredible. Plus, they nearly always have deals like 7 for $27 or 10 for $32 (I think it’s 8 for $29 at the moment).

  • Roxane Shafaee-Moghadam

    Umm if you have a pronounced butt (not even a large one) but one with vary high shape.. nothing but a thong prevents VPL. Also – I don’t thongs are uncomfortable at all. Could I be the only one?

  • Laura Glendenning

    Ok I just have to defend the thongs. I remember when I first tried one andit wasso uncomfortable and it reminded me both of wearing a bra for the first time and wearing pads for the first time. For some reason i was convinced i should stick to it (because thongs are sexy? So i thought at 17…) and now i 100% loooove thongs. They are what I wear when I don’t want to think about my undies. It doesn’t feel like a wedgie, it feels like nothing.
    And when i wear cheeky style panties (which i find cuter then thongs) they often ride up and i find myself doing a awkward dance to try and get ride of a wedgie that shouldn’t be there.
    Just wanted to give thongs some love…

  • Marta Millere

    I was 12 when I realized that I had VPL and was pretty traumatized. I stole my first thong and never looked back……