What’s Your Fashion Equivalent of a Baby Blanket?

What’s nice about a button down shirt is that, should the situation call for it, you could rip the shirt off your body without really ruining it. (I taught myself how to sew buttons back on shirts just in case.)

See, when you dress as casually as I do, it’s nice to wear things that have a bit of secret drama. I don’t know when I’d ever need to rip my shirt right off, but it’s nice to know that I COULD be enflamed in a fit of passion at any moment, without having to fumble with buttons. It’s nice to know that I COULD flash someone if I needed to get someone out of detention like Cat did in 10 Things I Hate About You but without untucking my shirt.

I also like button downs because they always look good on me, no matter what kind of day I’m having. They fix every outfit when I don’t know what to wear. They work in every kind of weather. They always make me feel put together. They can work as a skirt if you’ve got one large enough, or they can be worn sans pants as a beach coverup. And they make me feel like me. The whole world and every dad wears button downs; they’re hardly unique. But when I wear one, I feel like I’m in “my signature.”

While getting dressed one day, my friend Sam, who had been staying with me for over a week, said, “Button downs are like your security blanket, huh? They make you feel comfortable.” I’d never really thought about it before. She was right. She told me hers were these oversize scoop-neck T-shirts that she had a bulk of in black, white and navy.

I think about this idea every time I reach for a button down. Before, when I grabbed one, it felt like a cop-out. “You can do better than this. You can be more creative than this,” I’d whisper to myself. But now I’m like, “Yes. Grab that cozy motherfucker and feel good about yourself all day.” I definitely have the same thing with sweaters, too. You can’t rip those open but maybe that’s for the best; security blankets have a tendency to wear down as-is. Then your mom puts them in the wash without asking your permission and they turn to shreds and you have to cuddle a piece of string all through college

Anyway. What’s your fashion security blanket? Why does it comfort you, or make your outfits feel complete? Post a picture if you have one. Give your security blankets its much-deserved glory!

Photo by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Tiffany & Co. necklace.

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