There’s Still so Much Good Stuff on Sale (Like Pink Jeans!)

My virtual shopping cart must be a distant cousin of Simone Biles or something, because it’s currently doing the splits. With one wheel buried deep in the vestiges of summer sale season and the other rolling toward newer, full-price items, it is demonstrating an unprecedented degree of decision fatigue.

Okay, maybe I’m projecting. My shopping cart isn’t demonstrating an unprecedented degree of decision fatigue — I am. It almost feels sacrilegious to lust after full-price items when there’s still so much good stuff on sale, but the full-price items are 100% lust-worthy, so I’m keeping my options open.

This mixed-print dress from Attico is way out of my budget and yet has been relentlessly haunting me nonetheless. I want to wear it to every single wedding, cocktail party and miscellaneous black tie shindig from here until eternity, ideally with a miniature rainbow bucket bag in tow. I would justify these hypothetical expenditures vis a vis exceedingly discounted footwear, like these Cornetti sandals down from $250 to $63.

Speaking of discounted, the high-waist plaid bikini I’ve been eyeing from Lisa Marie Fernandez since it first dropped is now on sale for half the price. I would like to wear it pool-side with a pale green sweater draped around my shoulders, resin earrings the color of golden hour in Nolita and wicker wedge sandals. To be clear, this ensemble isn’t for swimming but rather for lounging on a chaise with a fistful of grapes.

My affinity for pink pants grows stronger by the hour, so I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my supreme delight upon discovering a pair that perfectly captured the color of a conch shell’s innards — on super sale, no less. I am yearning to pair it will this (regrettably full-price) crop top because it looks like it would go perfectly with my tan-in-progress. Ideally, I would seal the outfit’s envelope with espadrilles and a 60%-off necklace from Givenchy that reminds me of Mancala marbles.

Can someone please tell me what to buy? My shopping cart and I can only do the splits for so long. One of us has very tight hamstrings.

Photos by Edith Young.

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