I Wrote You a Summer To-Do List (Now Get the Fuck Outside!)

Print this out and leave it on your fridge for maximum productivity. LOL just kidding.


I know it’s already July, but “Make Summer To-Do List” was at the top of my list all June long and I just never got around to it, to be honest.

1. Throw out any to-do lists that precede this one because if that stuff’s not done yet and the world didn’t end then it’s clearly not the end of the world.

2. Oh! But do finally send out all of those thank-you cards.(Except tone the glitter and the ideas of grandeur down to a level four. Thank yous are appreciated no matter the card stock and confetti.)

3. Get vitamin D levels up.

4. Become one of those people who goes for after-dinner walks.

5. Increase my ice cream/non-dairy frozen, sugar alternative to at least once a week — not including weekends.

6. Perfect the weekday drink order.

7. Memorize all the words to a song of the summer so that I can blow all the motherfuckers standing around in a wedding circle out of the water.

8. Carry on the tradition of packing way too last-minute and almost missing every single train/plane/ferry ever.

9. Find The Shorts. The ones that are the only ones that matter until it gets too cold to wear them.

10.  Stop telling people, “I’m smelly.” They know, you know. And they smell, too. Let’s all carry on like flying birds.

11. Drink more margaritas in general.

12. To that, eat more chips and assume that guacamole is a given, like brushing your teeth in the mornings.

13. Wear bikinis instead of bras and designate entire days to exist without underwear.

14. Read a book. Just one! About anything that I enjoy and not that I feel like I “should” read. More than that is a bonus.

15. Leave my phone at home as often as I can.

16. Get really good at cutting up the following: watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, dance floors.

17. Wear sunscreen.

18. Try hard to not lose any sunglasses but also not be too upset when I inevitably lose my favorite pair.

19. Get back into napping.

20. Wake up every single morning by reminding myself — without countdown or agenda in sight — “it’s summer.”

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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  • Kelsey

    This is excellent, especially that last one!

  • My favorite: Get really good at cutting up the following: watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, DANCE FLOORS.

  • Get back into napping! Haha. We have painters doing the exterior of our house and yesterday between noon and one, they were all in the shade taking afternoon naps! I thought, these guys have the right idea during break time!


  • Mateus Rodrigues

    Definitely using this all year long! Loving it <3

  • Maria Pires

    “Print this out and leave it on your fridge for maximum productivity. LOL just kidding.”-why? sounds like a great idea!
    I love how you used the “to do list” in a playful but still helpful way! 5 stars

  • Julia Park

    Typo catch! In #10 it says “I’m smell” instead of “I smell.”

  • Chloe

    Thank you for this, it made me smile reading it and it really does remind me of summer 🙂 It’s a good list to live by and inevitably it would make your summer better rather than worse. My favourite one is the last one, waking up everyday and reminding myself that it’s summer seems like the best way to really enjoy every single day.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Re: #16 – just found out kiwi skin is edible…so maybe don’t cut it, just chomp into it!

    • Kate


  • Emma

    awwww my sunglasses:(( that was too real. I alway loose a pair after a few months. may they all rest in peace!!!

  • Madison Grace

    Fave: leave phone at home. So true!!!

    mads xx

    MY BLOG: http://www.bymybedside.com

  • Trịnh Thanh

    I really love the angle that you took with this post


  • TCAN


  • Jay

    Ok… I’m late at joining this conversation… but this is mainly due to the fact that we don’t have any summer (like what is 17 degrees Celsius and rain all the time) and I have too much work…

    BUT!!!! I have a few days off next week and I’m absolutely gonna rock them.

    So, summer bucket list:

    1 – fully agree. All go to trash. Make a new one.

    2 – thank you cards? WTF?

    3 – Im fine on Vitamin D. Having a balcony helps.

    4 – Not during work week, but else… could try?

    5 – Hm… not actually warm enough for that. But I like mango sorbet anytime and have a nice cheesecake with berries recipe that might work? Or having some cool summer fruits? (Read that you can bake water melon on greatist… that might be a way to make it work even in this winters summer?)

    6 – Will so do that. Chardonnay. Thanks.

    7 – Easy. I remember shit and know “Malibu” by heart – plus have amazing skills in singing languages I dont know (hello JB, hello “despacito”)

    8 – Only work trips those days, but I totally mess them up, and sit there with three shirts but no skirt (so jeans it is… more weather appropriate anyways) and I always forget my toothbrush… – oh, and I mess up gym bag or purse or…

    9 – got them and they are even cheap… http://www.asos.com/asos-petite/asos-petite-denim-mom-shorts-in-lucinda-wash/prd/7183954 (much better than they look on asos, i ordered all colours after figuring how great they are…)

    10 – no. I hate that. But there is nothing wrong with smelling well. Get a lot of nice oils, lotions, fragrance for hair and skin (dont like perfume in summer that much, stains on shirts and SKIN!!!) – even scented sun screen is cool (if sun should ever come out…)

    11 – not into them. But Mexican food is cool and I’ll just have wine. Could go to my favorite Mexican again?

    12 – see above

    13 – check. And sport bras count as bikinis. Oh, and go only in Sportsbra to gym (pants of course) and pretend its like hot and your in LA

    14 – check. Or Manrepeller for that purpose.

    15 – check. Or silent mode. Actually, where is it right now?

    16 – hm… can do that. The dancefloor thing will be making Sunday dancing a thing… very cool hitting the (outdoors) dancefloors at Berlin waterside clubs Sunday afternoon.

    17 – mine smells like coconut, so yeah i do. (But there is something about the smell of any kind of – traditional – sunscreen that I just love…)

    18 – just got new ones – http://www.asos.com/asos-petite/asos-petite-denim-mom-shorts-in-lucinda-wash/prd/7183954 not intending to loose them

    19 – not a fan. Too much to do… but well… maybe after wine…

    20 – Yeah. And i have only a few days off. So make them count. Totally…

    Looking forward to it actually, starts only Thursday… but having set this bucket list… almost feels like it…