New York Summer Street Style is a Mixed Bag of Mom Sandals

If you, too, have been pondering the death of the trend and the rise of personal style, look no further than the humid streets of New York for proof, where you’re as likely to see a mod miniskirt as you are a frilly dress or neck-to-knee athleisure. It’s hard to find the common thread between denim jumpsuits and off-the-shoulder tops and shirts knotted around waists because there isn’t one. It’s referential to infinity!

Unexpected outfit pairings are an unexpected upside of 90+ degrees. Lace and overalls (slide 13), board shorts and clogs (slide 26), a chambray button-down with no pants (slide 33). No breeze, no rules. Anything goes, which is why it’s a treat-and-a-half to click through. Do it to the soundtrack below if you’re really committed, and gird your bookmark-clicking index finger, because there’s enough inspiration for everyone. See you at slide 59!

Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.

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  • ok everyone knows a-punk is a late summer/early fall song

  • Caro A

    love these!!! and thank you for making the pics of a diverse crowd!

    • Simon Chetrit

      Thanks for reading. I always aim to shoot as diverse a group of people as I can!

  • Hayley

    Where can I find a green cargo jumpsuit (similar to the one in the slideshow) that isn’t over $200, BUT isn’t millennial pink like the Madewell one? Ideally, Madewell will make it in more colors, BUT UNTIL THEN, my heart yearns…

  • So what you’re saying is Fall’s hottest accessory is a dog? To the shelter!

  • Aydan

    so many fellow summer goths in this! I love it!!! (what my friends call me for dressing in all black in the 90 degree new york heat)

    • Leandra Medine


  • Ana Tellez

    Slide 51 holds a special place in my heart

  • Emily Katherine

    One of the best slideshows. I miss NYC! Also, this playlist is ON POINT for NYC summer. All around just wanted to say YES to this post.

  • Kay Nguyen

    Every single outfit is so cool! Wish I can pull them of like these people 🙁

  • Erica H

    Where are all the Haley articles?

  • Selena Delgado

    I wanna chill with the person in slide 48.

  • Xenia Viray

    Thank you for celebrating individuality in a fashion article. Being inspired is amazing. Wearing what other people are wearing so you don’t feel stupid is old hat. Thank you!


  • Cynthia Schoonover

    Fun slideshow. Nice to see some ladies in my age bracket.

  • Rachel

    I love an immersive MR article, and I love NY street style! PS- anyone else think the snack in slide 45 looks like an ambiguous Jon Snow?

  • Amelia

    This Haim song is the soundtrack to my summer

  • A Mom

    “mom sandals”? I’m confused. Help a mother out.