My Favorite Natural Deodorant is Ugly and Un-Cool, BUT IT WORKS
Photo by Edith Young

For the past month, I’ve been lopsided. Each day I wake up, look at my phone, watch 12 more minutes of episode two of Big Little Lies while eating an Icelandic skyr, slide into my Eileen Fisher, then apply one deodorant to my left armpit and a different one to my right. My tender pits have been the site of a formulaic experiment meant to answer the question that nags women every morning before we face the day, power posing alone in a corporate elevator even though that Ted Talk has been found to have no real scientific merit: Does natural deodorant work?

I would never deign to make a medical claim about anything in this column, seeing as the higher degree I’m pursuing in creative writing is literally the opposite of being a doctor, and also because I’m wrong about everything nearly 100% of the time, but: I don’t like using drugstore deodorants with aluminum or titanium dioxide to block my pores from sweating. I worry about my lymph nodes! The titanium dioxide thing is controversial, and while I’m normally a messy bitch who lives for drama, I’m staying conservative with this one simply because I’ve found plenty of clay-based and salt-based natural deodorants that work just fine. Also, I try on a lot of clothes I never buy, and I’m always slinking out of Reformation or Aritzia dressing rooms, trying to flee before employees notice I’ve popped a button and left a white streak all over a fresh piece of upcycled yellow gingham or whatever. Natural deodorant stains less, in my experience.

My editor Leslie wanted the metric for each deodorant’s success to be, “does it stop sweat in a blazer?,” but I haven’t been able to look at my secondhand power suit since election day. I go to barre class or yoga most days, and so I used that activity to test each deodorant’s mettle, though just living with armpit hair in the summertime in New York City is enough to put a deodorant through its paces. Yesterday, we looked for a body of water to go swimming in in Manhattan, and the only results that came up on Google were stories about dead bodies in various shallow bodies of water. This city never sleeps and never stops murdering!

I’ve loved natural deodorant since college, when I found out about Soapwalla, a skincare line invented by Rachel Winard in her kitchen after she failed to find cosmetics that could accommodate her lupus diagnosis. Soapwalla was the first natural deodorant I ever ordered online, and I found the little jar that held the clay-and-essential oil blend to be so precious. I’d never applied deodorant with my fingers before, preferring Old Spice’s Fiji, the best option up to that point for heterosexual men who understand the stigma around Axe. Caressing my armpits with this lavender-scented, silty paste was possibly the first real beauty ritual I ever indulged in. I should’ve just stopped with Soapwalla, but as “bathing” became “self-care” and “self-care” became the “self-care industrial complex,” I strayed. I spent money. I dug my grubby little fingers into other jars and rubbed sticks inside my mouth in the name of holistic dental hygiene.

Here’s a list of horrible natural deodorants I convinced myself I loved for awhile. We don’t need to speak about them in the comments, or ever again. Don’t @ me:

1. Aesop Vetiver. Insanely expensive, and just makes your sweat smell like spoiled vetiver, a word I’ve never bothered to look up.

2.The Honest Company Deodorant Natural Spray. Jessica Alba’s Honest makes a much cheaper vetiver deodorant, but aren’t we all mad at her over sulfates or something? I convinced myself last summer that Aesop Vetiver was “my thing” but then I ran out of it and smelled it recently and it brought back some tough memories of when I lived off the J train, a lifestyle that’s mostly just waiting around and eating hot dogs from the food court inside of a grocery store.

3. Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant. Don’t try to tell me you poured love into this dud of a product, boys.

4. Tom’s of Maine Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant. “Tom” is the name I usually hear when I talk with friends about natural deodorant, which happens exactly as much as you would think, given my other hobbies (bathing, rubbing my mouth with sticks). This one is truly aluminum free, but Tom has a history of misrepresenting the naturalness of his products. Plus his toothpaste tastes horrible, worse than the Arm & Hammer baking soda toothpaste my mom made us use growing up.

5. Lavanila. An evil deodorant. Don’t be tempted by the mini sizes at the Sephora check-out counter. Let me be clear: I’m not a powdery smell lover. I only like things that smell like mint, lavender, sandalwood, medicine, bread or gin. Thinking about the smell of Vanilla Coconut Lavanila makes me want to die right here. I swear I’ll do it, right here in this shallow body of water in one of New York City’s finest parks!

6. Schmidt’s. I find the paste version of this deodorant insanely hard to use, even though they give you a small spatula for applications. I lost the spatula within three days of owning this. The stick version is fine. I’ll allow the stick version.

Though the self-care industrial complex is just a new ploy to make women hate themselves so they’ll buy stuff they don’t need, I will admit I was wooed by some exciting new “innovations” in underarm technology. Fig + Yarrow makes an almost scentless “Underarm Lotion,” which I promise is no different from “Underarm Deodorant.” Smartypits is good as well, but includes “probiotics” in its formula for some reason. Meow Meow Tweet, a vegan beauty company I normally genuinely love, generously offered me an “underarm primer.” Two days into priming my fucking armpits, I looked at the ingredients and thought, hmmm, this is just lotion, and it’s melting off my body.

I did like Meow Meow Tweet’s Grapefruit Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick (they make a cream version, too). Some natural deodorant heads prefer a baking soda-free formula because it can be an irritant, but this baby glided onto my hairy pits as smooth as a girl in a one-piece on a slip-and-slide.

A couple of indie brands surprised me.The new Soapwalla citrus smells even better than the OG lavender deodorant cream, but its texture felt gritty next to the supersmooth Captain Blankenship Lime & Vetiver cream deodorant, which has a coconut-oil base. Coconut and my facial skin don’t work well together, so every time I tried this, I checked my underarms for bumps and pimples, which thankfully never materialized.

Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant felt the coolest (temperature wise, not like, coy at a bar) and I was about to declare it Queen Deodorant until an aesthetician at my part-time job recommended a $2.31 solution, available basically anywhere. It’s called Crystal Deodorant Spray, and it’s scentless. It’s basically salt water. Which made me think, could I just make this myself? I mixed up a batch of water and kosher salt yesterday and sort of slapped it on my armpits (there are no synonyms for armpits; I’m sorry I’ve said “armpits” or “pits” nine times). It didn’t really work. The moral of this very good anecdote is either buy a spray bottle or buy Crystal for less than that.

I’ve used Crystal daily for the past few weeks, and my summertime “vibe” has improved. I sweat out of my pits, but my chest is the worst, for reasons I don’t understand. I’ve sprayed this over my chest before putting on a sports bra and I’m drier. Best of all, when I take my sports bra off, it doesn’t have that horrible lingering vetiver or grapefruit mixed with BO stench. And don’t worry, I did a highly scientific residue test where I sprayed some on my arm in direct sunlight to see if it left a white cast. It didn’t! I licked it off because my electrolyte count was low.

Crystal’s label features a photo of a sexy man flexing while a sexy woman holds a candle up to his pecs? I don’t know. It’s not aligned to my personal aesthetic, but not everything needs to be, I guess. My personality is not what you would call “breezy,” but as you can see, I’m walking through summer like one. Do any of you have a pool I can borrow? It’s an emergency.

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  • Fat and the Moon deodorant cream changed my life. Seriously. Made by an angel fairy in the woods (her name is Rachel), it’s aluminum free and all that jazz but it’s fully legit. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me, and I’m a maje sweater.

    • Kate Barnett

      this was recommended to me by a witch-y friend, too! As soon as I finish my black chicken paste (which I love) i’m ordering some of that to try.

    • Meg S

      Might have to try it. I’m a maje sweater too. It sucks to be me in the summer, reapplying my lavanila all the time.

    • Kirby

      Do you find yourself having to reapply at all?

      • Nope, it honestly works all day. I’ve tried everything from that horrific “clinical” stuff to Kiehl’s & all the natural stuff and Fat & the Moon is the only thing that works for me. It doesn’t really have a scent either which is nice.

        • Kirby

          Awesome. I was just checking out her sensitive out cream since baking soda irritated me, but I’m not sure if it will work as well as the regular kind. Time for some research

    • Sommer Naffz

      another fat & the moon deo lover here—smells earthy, but yummy.

  • hearceespeak

    I’m ALL about the ClayDry in Winter Pine. I’ve used SO many natural deodorants and this one is SO DAMN EFFECTIVE. I am a sweaty person… and I never sweat with this. I swear the winter pine makes a difference, too. I find it at a local health food store (or online):

  • Hayley

    I love the Schmidt’s charcoal-magnesium stick. I find that it works really well, even on super stressful work days!

  • Kate Barnett

    love love love black chicken axilla deodorant paste. although about to try fat and the moon next.

  • Abby

    I love primal pit paste (it’s out of austin) and I agree — natural deodorants don’t stain! I think it’s because of the aluminum salt in antiperspirant? I’m a scientist but not a pit scientist. Also I’ve noticed that I don’t sweat as much with natural deodorant! I’m not sure if it’s because the pores are open or what but whatever I’ll take it.

  • Sage

    I’ve been using the rock version of this for a few years. I peeled off the label and put a cute sticker (fine it’s Glossier) on it so it doesn’t look that ugly.

  • Laure-Helene

    Lavanila comes in lavender scent which I find effective and pleasing!

    • Meg S

      That’s what I use. I want my deodorant to smell like a field of flowers or something.

  • T

    primal pit paste is my jam, also piperwa i! jar deodorant is my newfound love

  • Agent Nateur No. 3 is my go-to. With Eucalyptus and lavender, I put this on before my morning exercise and smell just as good after. It also reminds me of the candle burning in the entrance to my lagree studio – my active mediation.

    • Jennifer

      Yess! I use Agent Nateur as well and it works great!

      • Leslie Price

        I got all swept up in the Agent Nateur branding, but when I tried it, it really didn’t work for me. Unlike Claire, I love Lavanila.

        • Sabletoothtigre

          Also on team Lavanila. It works for odor-86ing abilities but the white chalky residue tho…

          • Hayley

            My stress sweat always triumphed over Lavanila, and I could not get over the white residue. Schmidt’s (the charcoal magnesium one) hasn’t left any marks on my clothes and handles the stress sweat like a champ.

        • Alison

          Wow, I am doing it wrong. Lavinila does not work for me. At all.

  • Magdalena

    no love for LUSH Dirty? it works! smells like sandalwood AND lavender. and sort of minty, too

  • jules_js

    I love natural deodorant talk!!! I’ve tried a bunch but they did not go well, lately I’ve been experimenting with putting apple cider vinegar on straight after the shower, then using a makeup brush to put baking soda + cornstarch on (this gets messy so I should work on this part) so far so good with this method! even if I sweat it doesn’t smell so I’m happy

  • Lindsay D

    My ex is a big keihls enthusiast. One day he came home with the deodorant for me(he thought it was hilarious his 110 lb gf sweated more than him) Is it natural enough for you? Its the best I’ve ever used and no annoying smell.

    • i love the kiehls cream deo too! unfortunately it contains aluminium so not the most natural at all 🙁

  • Kirby

    I’ve recently been using a natural deodorant from a shop on etsy Beckyboo (who is sadly on maternity leave rn so the shop is temporarily closed), and it is awesome. It’s a cream spread and you get a cute lil wooden spoon to scoop it out with AND it’s in a glass jar which is great since plastic is actually evil. It’s even been tested by marathon runners. I wore it on a recent trip to California and smelled great the whole time. The only problem is that it is irritating my (abnormally sensitive) armpits like crazy. If it weren’t for that, I am sure I would use this deodorant forever. Will give some of these a try to minimize my irritation!

  • I used the Honest Co. deodorants for just under 2 years and then they just stopped working on me. I’m not sure if my body changed or if they changed the formula, but suddenly it was awful. I switched to Native deodorant earlier this year and I’m completely enamored with the stuff. The scents are all very lovely and they cover up my sweaty stink so well!

  • Lauren Carlson

    I swear by Crystal. I’ve been using it for years! Also, it should be noted that I am a sweaty person. I don’t even mess with that “glistening” talk – I am a sweaty betty. The Crystal doesn’t have antiperspirant, which does keep you dry but also can lead to breast cancer, so pick your poison. However, no matter how sweaty you may get, you don’t smell. This stuff last me through a morning subway commute through the swamp that is the underground of NYC, a workout class at lunch and then the trip back home. Also, it’s affordable and can be found at any CVS, Duane Reade, etc. In closing, it’s the best.

  • I’m with you on the Lavanilla scent!! It’s awful! I’ve tried loads of natural deodorants and found nothing that works so far 🙁

  • Abby

    Schmidt’s is the natural deo that I think works best, but every time I buy it the stick falls apart in like two uses. I refuse to apply with my fingers, so scooping it into a jar and continuing to use it is out of the question. For now, I’m using Stinkbug Naturals and I like it, although I think you can definitely tell its “natural”.

  • Brooke Ireland

    I could not recommend these deodorants more highly! I actually got to a point where my sweat didn’t smell and I wasn’t using deodorant at all. Plus the gal who makes it is so cool!

  • patyof

    Ugh. The Crystal one does work. I’ve always got the roll-on version but I hate waiting for the liquidy formula to dry. I’m still trying other stick formulas but I was just thinking recently the same “this is really just lotion” thought. UUUGGGGHHHH.

  • Rheanonn Perez

    i LOVE the schmidt’s cream deodorant! yes it can be inconvenient to scoop it out & rub it on ur pits w fingers, but it works & smells so good. the first time i used it, i wore it all day & then ran 5 miles & i could still faintly smell the heavenly rose vanilla scent. so. good.

  • Andressa Rautenberg

    Do these deodorants works also if your sweat smells bad? I’m trying everything that I find to get rid of the smell and I cannot find a definitive solution. 😭

    • M

      Rub a slice of lemon under your arms when you get out of the shower! I have been a smelly sweater all my life but I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and I’ve noticed a world of difference. I still use deodorant on top, but the lemon seems to kill the smelly bacteria (or something like that)

      • Andressa Rautenberg

        So you are saying that you don’t rinse the lemon from your body?

        • M

          Yes, I usually just cut a small slice and rub it under my arms when I get out of the shower at night, and I make sure to squeeze it a bit to get the juice out. In the morning, I put on deodorant like usual. I’ve noticed that when I use the lemon, I can actually smell the scent of my deodorant during the day as opposed to my own odour. I hope it helps you as well!

          • Andressa Rautenberg

            Thanks for the tip. I read somewhere that the lemon can burn the skin. That’s why I’m a little bit surprised.

  • Sabletoothtigre

    Tarte’s deo is actually really good. I say ‘actually’ because I was not expecting it to be good/work. But it do.

    Also Primal Pit Paste.

  • Ashley Minyard

    I’m big on the Crystal roll-on. It’s my first summer delving into the whole non aluminum deodorant situation, and it seems to be doing pretty well so far! I’m also a sucker for lavender scented goodies.

  • Charlsey

    This article is the BEST. Just one of my armpits became allergic to the White Pine Clay Dry natural deodorant I’ve been using for YEARS and I have not been able to find anything I like to replace it. Target had the Schmidt’s in lime and when you sweat it is probably one of the most vile things ever.

    • hearceespeak

      I love White Pine Clay Dry!! The only natural one that’s worked for me. Sorry to hear you became allergic.

  • Jac

    crystal makes a hard version of their deodorant (not a roll on formula…like a literal crystal looking thing) that i use and love. because it’s a literal crystal thing it hardly gets worn down at all — i got the “travel” size 3+ years ago and there’s still about a quarter of it left. you just wet it (i use rosewater bc i’m fancy) and then rub it on like a normal deodorant, unless other people are around and you have to answer 5000 questions about it

  • Danielle

    i have been using crystal for so long now!! it is honestly one of my favorite products, and the pomegranate scent smells great.

  • The Eclectic Ginger

    So far I’ve been liking Pit Paste’s Cool Lime; but will definitely give your suggestion a go! I still sweat in sweltering heat but it does have a nice smell and keeps my pits at bay. And please, for the love of mercy no one should EVER use Tom’s of Maine products. When I first tried delving into the natural deodorant world I went for their deodorant first aka big a$$ mistake. I received chemical burns so badly that I couldn’t wear deodorant for a month in order for my skin to heal. And that was in August swamp heat. I came out a survivor after that fiasco lol.

  • Ursula Johnson

    My favorite is a roll-on, Aloe and Almonds (sold at Spouts and Amazon, etc). It has ugly packaging that I initially dismissed, but it smells nice and isn’t overpowering. (I have a lot of fragrance sensitivities – Schmidt’s Rose smells amazing but makes my throat hurt). It might not work for the super-stinky crowd and I always reapply before an evening yoga class.

  • Liz W

    PiperWai paste is the best! It works as well for my super-sweaty manfriend as it does for me! Smells fresh but the scent fades pretty fast. Even in the summer I tend not to get sticky because they throw tapeoca or something in there as well. It’s nicer to my pits after shaving than Soapwalla ever was. Women-owned, too. They are great.

  • Kay Ann

    I have two GREAT recos that aren’t on here.

    Native works as well as any drugstore brand I’ve tried. On top of that, they have excellent customer service and really fantastic scents that rotate every couple months. The current one I’m using is Grapefruit and Bergamot and omg it smells so good I wish it were a perfume.

    Piperwai is the one I wear when I know I’m going to sweat (NYC heatwave, spinning class, etc). It’s stupid expensive: I spring for the stick version over the jar, and the company makes you pay for shipping, which incidentally takes forever. But it’s worth it for me to have an effective natural deodorant that outperforms all the other ones I’ve tried.

    • Erin Rose

      I second the Native recommendation! I use the coconut and vanilla scent and it is amazing!

      • JJ

        I third it! I bought their sample pack and am trying Lavender & Rose right now. I like that even when I do sweat through the deodorant, it doesn’t leave a bad scent on my clothes like other drugstore brands would.

  • Jen

    I feel you on the Tom’s of Maine. Many moons ago, I purchased a camomile-scented stick of this crap, which somehow smelled like soothing tea while still in the package, and rancid BO a mere hour after application. I have no idea how or why it made me smell WORSE than if I had worn nothing, but there was clearly a violent discord going on between my personal body chemistry and this vile combination of oils/herbs/chemicals.

    I do, however, have to disagree on the Schmidt’s. I found the stick to be super-effective, even during the hotter months. The Bergamot Lime did the trick for me.

  • doctor Zoidberg

    Piperwai is the best, hands down. It took me years to arrive to it. Many years of simply quitting deodorant entirely since nothing worked as I hated all of them. Recently I tried Piperwai (excellent customer service btw) and their activated charcoal deodorant is great. Even on 90 degree days.

  • Heather Chambers

    Dude, the probiotics work, provided you don’t kill them by mixing them in when the stuff is still too hot. (I made my own deodorant for like 5 years and the recipe with the probiotics was by far and away the most functional. Best deodorant I’ve ever used.)

    But the Schmidt’s Cedar and Juniper one works well enough, doesn’t break me out, smells like trees, and doesn’t involve making a big oily mess in my kitchen, so I buy it.

    Also I found the crystal either works 100%–or it just doesn’t, and I can never tell what kind of day it’s going to be until it’s too late.

  • 808kate

    I was wondering about the crystal one because the active ingredient is “potassium alum” which is another word for “potassium aluminum sulfate” (and the chemical formula for my fellow nerds is KAl(SO4)2·12H2O) so wouldn’t that still technically contain aluminum?

    • sum

      I think the the molecules are supposed to be too large to enter through the skin. But it’s definitely still aluminum.

      • 808kate

        ooh interesting. thanks!

    • Sarah B.

      Thought I would chime in… Potassium Aluminum Sulfate (aka: Alum or mineral salts) are VERY different than the “bad” Aluminum (Aluminum Chlorohydrate/Aluminum Zirconium). Aluminum Chlorohydrate and Aluminum Zirconium are regulated by the FDA as drugs, and are purposefully intended to plug the pores so as to stop perspiration. On the other hand, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate (what is in CRYSTAL Deodorant) will not block your pores and will simply prevent stinky bacteria from growing.

  • Kim

    you need to look for the Lavanila Sportluxe scent with the silver top! Smells like Irish Spring soap

  • When in doubt? What would Iris (Apfel) do? Layer! I start with the crystal but don’t stop there. Can’t speak highly enough of Earth Science brand. Something powerful in that liken plant. My choice, of course, and may not work well for others. However, layering – with the crystal as base – may be a good start as one finds their own ‘pit fit’.

    • XOErica

      I like Earth Science too!

  • Julie Blakeman

    Zero is horrible! It smells worse than b.o. My husband said I smelled like a milk cow!

  • kevynryan

    On another note, did you mean “deign?” To deign is to assume something to be beneath them, not just to postulate. Seemed weird.

  • Martina Rich

    The crystal deodorant contains also a form of aluminium that will be absorb from your body…so it is as bad as a regular deodorant !

  • Aydan

    YOU ARE MISSING PRIMAL PIT PAST!!! I swear swear swear by this stuff! it’s so incredible and yes I use the jar version which is soooo weird at first, but I promise you this stuff is amazing! I NEVER smell, whether from kickboxing to yoga to sitting in the office!! ADD IT TO THE LIST!

    • agroto

      I second this! I just made the switch from regular ol’ antiperspirant to Primal Pit Paste about a month or so ago in summertime heat and humidity of coastal South Carolina and I love it so far! I have the lavender scent, but I ordered a little sample of the jasmine one too, and they’re both great. I really like the texture, I too enjoy the ritual of rubbing in the paste every morning, and I really feel like it keeps my sweating under control and smell-free.

  • Mushky Rubin

    What about Weleda? I found them to be amazing!

  • Mushky R

    Weleda? They’re amazing!

  • stinevincent

    I am so sorry to burst your bubble, but most crystal deodorants probably contain aluminum compounds. The likely culprit is “alum,” or potassium aluminum sulfate. After Tom’s did NOTHING for my stank, crystal deodorants were my jam until I learned that. I’m a big devotee of soapwalla these days.

  • Greenborough

    Great article! Thanks for your honesty in saying all those other ones are crap. I have gone through a lot of those natural deodorants too. Soapwala made my armpits black and itchy. Totally freaked me out! I too use Crystal but in the stick form. Love it!!! It lasts for a year or longer. Also the cheapest option.

  • Victoria Barbosa
  • Aisha

    Yes! This article is so true. I spent the last two years and about $100,000 trying to find a natural deodorant that worked. Finally I asked my acupuncturist and she said she uses the crystal (the solid one.) Tried it, LOVE it, hope it works forever.

  • ecece

    This is a great article. It’s so hard to find a natural deodorant that works. I’ve recently switched over from Crystal roll-on to Earth Science. The tea-tree lavender smells amazing and works a lot better than Crystal. I highly recommend! They are sold in Whole Foods.

  • june2

    FYI, BO is also largely enhanced by eating dairy/meat/onions and garlic. If you’re vegan, the natural deo’s work great – not so much if you eat meat/dairy. I learned the hard way. Anyway, am vegan now for many years and low BO is just one of many benefits!

    • Caro A

      I do not experience this as a vegan and natural deodorant user. I am using Schmidt’s right now and am reading this article because it’s not working! My clothes smell 🙁

  • RachelPoo

    Interesting. Natural deodorants and antiperspirants are great for the skin because they don’t usually cause skin irritations. But just because a product has a high percentage of aluminum doesn’t mean that you can’t protection from skin irritation. I used to be all into products like this one, but when I noticed that my excessive sweating was too much for the product to control, I had to look for something a little stronger. But the problem is that I was having bad skin reactions to all the products that I was using. I was breaking out in redness and in some areas, I actually was starting to see some scaring. So I finally found this product from Certain Dri that had 25% aluminum and was made for excessive armpit sweating. But because this clinical strength product is designed for sensitive skin, I noticed no reactions like I had with other stronger antiperspirant deodorants. And they also don’t test their products on animals. You should consider this a hyperhidrosis solution too as well as this product on this webpage

  • KaliKate

    So I am a natural deodorant pro ever since I got mono freshmen year of college altering my body chemistry forever and making my armpits extremely sensitive to all deodorants. Seriously. I form reactions to even natural deodorant after using them for too long.

    Anyway, in my experience Tom’s is garbage and just gives you lemon scented sweat, the crystals are *fine* but don’t really make me feel like they deodorize, I used milk & honey’s cream for a solid year before I began reacting so that’s a big plus I really liked it. Malin & Goetz gave me a reaction as well and Lavanila doesn’t actually do anything.

    Now I use the Takesumi detox deodorant and I love it. Actually keeps the sweating down and I don’t feel like I sweat through the smell. Plus the charcoal has actually lessened any reactions my poor underarms were experiencing.

  • Jillian

    I have a new one for you to try that we just picked up at our shop, Seven Sisters, in Portland, OR. It’s from Vapour Beauty and is called AER Next Level Deodorant. You can buy it from them directly or it will be up on our site one of these days : )

  • Kristy Reid

    Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant all the way! One of the things that has bugged me about natural deodorants is the grainy texture. This stuff glides right on and works soooo well.