Like few things do in the fickle world of fashion, the clothes of Sex and the City have retained their relevance. Carrie’s opening sequence tutu is as delightful now as it was then; Charlotte’s pink “comeback” dress is still iconic as it is classic. When I think of viable outfits for a pool-to-swanky oceanside party transition, I close my eyes and see a white topped, blue sarong’d outfit of Samantha’s in the Hamptons. While Miranda’s smart lines stick with me far more than her attire, the combination of orange and green appeals to me solely because of her. Strongest together, it’s the uncontrived coordination of their group looks that stands out the farthest: Carrie, Samantha and Miranda on the beach in white button-downs and swimsuits — Charlotte MIA because she was gallivanting around, getting crabs from a twenty-something; the famous rooftop scene where all four women wore bright playthings and epitomized summer. Anything they wore in these scenes you could and would wear today.

But because the style of SATC was about paving the way for personal fashion, about saying something new or declaring something true about yourself, rather than get too literal today and replicate their outfits, why not use the straw from your glass of lemonade, stick it into the show and sip the sweet inspiration out of it?

• Charlotte •

That’s exactly what the goal was for this Sex and the City in the Summer shoot: re-imagine the main characters’ most memorable warm-weather outfits.

Charlotte’s outfit was one of the hardest in terms of avoiding a literal carbon copy. That pink dress and black belt plus sunglasses combo was perfect, and why mess with a good thing? I started with a light pink Christian Siriano top that boasts a massive bow in the back. Rather than pair it with the skirt that matched, our MR Charlotte got high-waist Monse zip-ankle leggings, folded up to her calves to add some skin. (Wild, Charlotte!) To tie it all together then clash it: hot pink kitten heels.

• Samantha •

Next came Samantha’s, tricky given only that there was little similar on the fall/pre-fall runways to her sheer aqua coverup. Her “look” ended up being about the Rosetta Getty robe dress (a Made by Dawn bikini bottom and velvet Fleur du Mal bikini top underneath), plus one very Samantha Missoni headscarf. The Fendi shoes added that signature Sam motto, “no such thing as too much.”

• Miranda •

It would have been too boring to dress our Miranda in an orange-and-green silk outfit verbatim. So why not turn a black and green No. 21 feather peplum into top? It was the funky Steve to logical Miranda — which in garment form is the smart, sharp Fendi skirt that fanned out underneath, and in tribute to the shoes of the series: royal blue Manolo Blahnik heels on her feet.

• Carrie •

Finally, Carrie. It was either find a giant tutu or find something tutu-like. As if by prophetic divine intervention, Alessandra Rich made this white puffball of a cape for her Fall 2017 collection. It requires no pants, but our MR Bradshaw wore a white one piece under it for summer’s sake. She braved the West Village cobblestones in satin Roger Vivier heels, and on her arms, black patent leather gloves for impracticality’s sake. They made both the outfit and zero sense.

 • The Beach •

As for the team scenes, that was as easy caring for your very loud, rowdy and lovely neighbor’s plants…

 • The Rooftop •

…Add water, place in the sun and let the magic of New York City do the rest.

Alright everyone, sing it with me now: hot child in the city.

Photographer: Tory Rust @toryrust
Stylist: Amelia Diamond
Styling and Market Assistant: Elizabeth Tamkin
Makeup: Amanda Wilson @amandawilsonmakeup
Hair: David Cruz @thedavidcruz
Models: Giedre Seks @imgmodels, Ese Otobo @msamodelsLara Helmer @heroesmodels, and Roshelle Sumner @dlmodels

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  • I love this! You nailed it. I just recently started watching Sex and the City again, and I’m relating to it so much more now that I’m a fabulous & single writer living in the big city 😉

    • Adrianna

      I watched it as a teen and in college, and I found that I didn’t appreciate the show until I rewatched in my mid-20s

  • tmm16

    YES!!!! I knew immediately when I saw this shoot on ManRepeller’s Insta story that this rooftop shoot was SATC-inspired!!!! I LOVE. I need Samantha’s look like now.

  • This is everything! Everyone looks fabulous but that cover photo is probably my favourite – it screams summer/sunshine/eternal happiness.

  • Adrianna

    That rooftop photo is everything

  • Oh my god this is SO GOOD!!! I need a poster from the rooftop picture

  • Rachel Dlugatch

    omg more like this plz

  • Alice Tye

    I almost never comment but I think this is my favourite shoot you’ve done this year! <3 that rooftop shot

  • Harling Ross

    so so so so so genius, amelia christina diamond

  • allison fargo

    SATC style is definitely something that deserves a second look. LOVE!!

  • Nailed it. Bravissimo. Encore, encore!


  • Katy

    LOVE THIS, and pop culture inspired shoots in general. Maybe for your next one, you could do Blair and Serena’s Paris wardrobes from the season 4 premiere of Gossip Girl?

    • Mandeep

      i second this please!

      • Sofia

        i third this! YAS. Serena + Blair forever. But how about also adding some Chuck and lonely boy in the mix? All women, obviously, nobody cares about menswear… 😉 but think of all the print clashing & suits (a la Chuck) and bomber jackets worn with sullen looks (a.k.a. the Dan)

    • Leandra Medine

      oooo what an idea. thanks katy!

  • Áine Hegarty

    Styled so well!!!! A plus Amelia and Elizabeth. So impressed.

  • Megan

    I LOVE these reimagined looks, but for some reason have never understood the hype around real SATC style itself… there’s just something off about most of it, maybe because I’m the wrong age and have no sentimental connection to the show, but to me the outfits (with some notable exceptions) tend to seem either meh or just a bit overdone…? Could be it’s an American thing that I don’t get, too. Does anyone else feel this way? The SATC obsession just confuses me! Is it just about wearing whatever you want and having ~personal style?

  • Sofia

    I love this story! You guys killed it! So jealous of the team that got to play around with these outfits…. Also, that Miranda outfit it everything I want to wear all day every day. Feather boobs? Satin shoes? Yes please!

  • Mayanda Dorie


  • me

    Amelia: You can dress/style me ANY DAMN TIME.

  • Elif Öz

    maybe you could do a gilmore girls one, mother-daughter kinda thing? by the way the rooftop shot is phenomenal!

  • Pandora Sykes

    Ha ha, brilliant!