I Tried the Most-Hyped Blow Dryer in Internet History
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I have very thick, wavy, Middle Eastern hair. In addition to there being mass amounts of it, each individual strand is thick enough to floss with. The last time I even bothered blowing it dry was over Thanksgiving because my mom made me. The whole process took an hour. To be clear: This wasn’t an hour of styling it to perfection with a blow dryer. This was an hour of doing that thing where you flip your entire head upside down and blast the dryer on “high” all over it then flip it back over and keep going. It was an hour of that. And my hair still wasn’t completely dry by the end.

I normally just let my hair dry naturally. It takes a while, but it saves me from the frustratingly long process of trying to do it myself. It doesn’t look terrible, but the always-showing-up-to-stuff-with-wet-hair thing isn’t ideal.

My disdain for blowing my hair dry is so strong that I’d never considered purchasing a new one until the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer caught my eye. And by “caught my eye” I mean reeled me in, almost involuntarily. It was slow at first — a friend recommendation here, a Facebook ad there —  then suddenly it was everywhere I looked. It won Allure’s 2017 reader’s choice award; it blew some girl at Business Insider’s hair dry in 10 minutes; Wired called it a “masterpiece of efficiency;” The Verge dubbed it “the Tesla of blow dryers;” Cosmopolitan put it to the test against another top-notch hair dryer and, you guessed it, the Dyson won. I couldn’t escape it. But… $400 for a blow dryer made by a vacuum company?

At this point, there was only one thing left for me to do: try it. Below, the alleged reasons it’s better than any other blow dryer and my test results.

Disclaimer: Dyson sent me this product to try for free, but this isn’t sponsored. In fact, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little part of me that hoped it didn’t live up to the hype, because hype annoys me.  

Allure.com says it’s lighter.

In addition to being three times lighter than the classic blow dryer, the product has been designed to maneuver more easily, which makes it feel even lighter. This is achieved by placing the tiny motor inside of the handle, rather than at the very top like most dryers (causing awkward L-shape we’re used to).

Was it lighter?

Maybe I’m weak because the most lifting I do is with two-pound Bar Method weights, but it felt only slightly lighter than a regular hair dryer. A little disappointing. That being said, the shape of it really does make it easier to maneuver.

Allure.com also says it’s quieter.

The “supersonic” part of the name is not just to make it sound cool and futuristic. This dryer is literally supersonic. Dyson engineers specifically added two blades to a hidden impeller inside the cylinder that make it move faster than the speed of sound.

Was it quieter?

YES. Creepily so. It still makes noise, but less than a normal dryer. My roommate in the other room couldn’t even hear that it was on and my apartment is ant-sized.

Dyson says it’s less damaging to your hair.

The dryer allegedly prevents extreme heat damage by measuring the temperature 20 times a second to ensure that it is consistently at a healthy temperature for your hair.

Was it less damaging?

Though this kind of answer likely requires more of a long-game test, I will say that my hair hair has never felt the way it did post-blow dry before. The air from the diffuser was hot but barely ruffled my hair.

Sephora says it’s quicker.

Dyson uses a patented digital motor V9 in its dryer that makes it SIX times faster at drying hair than its competitors.

Was it quicker?

Abso-freaking-lutely. THIS IS THE PART WHERE I’M GOING TO RAVE BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF. I started blow drying at 3:40 and my hair was completely dry by 3:50. Honestly, it was mostly dry by 3:48 but I kept going an extra two minutes because I just couldn’t believe such a miracle had taken place in my very bathroom. As I’m not a regular blow dryer user, I’ll admit there wasn’t a whole lot of technique going into my process. Despite using a diffuser, which is meant to retain curl shape, my hair came out much sleeker and straighter than it normally would. I blame user error, but I honestly didn’t mind because DID I MENTION MY HAIR WAS COMPLETELY DRY IN 10 MINUTES?

No device has ever managed to dry my hair in less than an hour — not even salon machinery. As much as it pains me to join the hype train, I can’t keep this to myself in good conscience. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer comes with a hefty price tag, but if drastically-decreased drying time would change your life as much as it did mine, and $400 isn’t entirely outside your budget, I can confidently say it’s worth it.

Tried and loved it? Tried it and hated it? Have a blow dry trick I need to know about? Tell all in the comments.

Candice is a freelance writer based in New York City. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Lady Grinning Soul

    I have one, my husband bought it for me as a surprise gift a few weeks after I couldn’t stop shrieking after finally holding one in my hand at a store (it just landed here).
    It is absolutely fantastic. Dries my hair so so so much faster than every other I’ve ever tried.
    I had a horrible haircut a few months ago that ruined my hair, but this dryer made it regain some movement. A miracle.
    I love mine!!!!!

  • cuffers27

    Dammit I really didn’t want the conclusion to be that you loved it because it’s sooo much money for something you can get for sooo much less. I am tempted but don’t know if I can spunk that much for a hairdryer…

    • me

      Although definitely not 400$, nearly 20 yrs ago, I sucked it up & spent 100usd on a salon-grade dryer which was a huuuge expense for me at the time.

      It lasted nearly 20 yrs, so I’d say the purchase was definitely worth the enhanced dry time & quality of my hair.

      Now I have a cheap-ish big box store-quality dryer & I can definitely tell the difference in the texture of my hair: sadly, there’s no comparison to the previous $$ dryer !

      Depending on your hair type, maybe spending 400$ would be a good investment ?

  • Rachel

    I want that blow dryer so much but it’s so damn expensive, $500 in Canada UUGGHH!!! My hair dries fairly quick when blow drying but I feel like I do so much damage to it and I haven’t yet found a good heat protector serum or spray for my hair which is thick but fine.

  • I believe it. Have you ever used a Dyson vacuum? Those things are made out of magic.

  • Cosette

    I’m super happy with a Parlux I inherited from a friend…it’s super quick and I half dry/ half air style. Much, much cheaper and my curly, frizz prone hair is very much tamed. So question the $700AUD price….

  • So glad you liked it Candice! I have Middle Eastern hair that is super thin – unlike all my sisters and family members – but I also have been struggling with blow drying for YEARS. I HATE how long it takes with a normal hair dryer and also was never satisfied. You know that almost dry, but never really dry feeling you get with a mediocre hair dryer? Yeah, that feeling was like kryptonite for me, but I never had enough patience to stand around for another 45 minutes to get my head super dry.

    Well, last year my husband was reading some tech article and said Dyson was coming out with a hair dryer – it had just announced pre-orders that day. We owned one of their awesome vacuums and I thought, if it’s anything like their other products, it must be good. Also, I like that they’re all about the science, while other companies haven’t innovated at all. So I got right online and preordered the thing immediately. I was still using the same blowdryer since college so I didn’t feel bad about the splurge, if it did anything for drying my hair faster it was worth it!

    A few months later I received it in the mail, and it must have been one of the early shipments because when I posted about it, friends of mine hadn’t even heard it existed! Tried it once and immediately I loved it!

    My hair has NEVER felt so dry, and healthy after a blow-dry. It’s amazing! I wrote an early impressions review over on my blog, if anyone’s interested: https://www.shessobright.com/2016/08/09/say-hello-to-the-dyson-supersonic-hairdryer/ but I should probably do an update since I’ve had it for a while now.

    Would recommend to anyone who hates blowdrying their hair, has never been satisfied with the way their hair looks or feels when it’s dried by a blowdryer, and feels it takes too damn long to dry it. It’s a magic product! If you’re like me and have had an old blowdryer for like 8 years, it’s definitely worth the splurge!


  • It seems good, it seems amazing, but $400 amazing? ERRRR I agree with you, I kinda don’t want the hype to be real, I can’t justify it!!


  • Sounds awesome, but jesus-god that price point is obscene. It makes me think of my bestie who has purchased two of their over-priced room fans: they look great, but when her A/C went out she was knocking on my door to borrow my cheap Costco special tower fan.

    To be fair, I’ve been using the same Bedhead brand hair dryer since I was 14 (I’m nearing 30) and that thing has not let me down, even when I took it abroad and abused it with a higher voltage. For reference, my hair is curly and coarse and I need a diffuser to reach that 1980’s big hair realness if I’m going natural.

  • lateshift

    honest question for anyone who owns one, if you have any take on this: the drying time savings sound unreal/amazing! but do you have any thoughts on level of work involved and results? ok, obviously less time means less work overall, but what I mean is: if your hair is normally a giant frizzball if you airdry it or blowdry it without using some serious arm strength with a round or paddle brush, but now you want to go natural instead of styled-looking, AND still have to have a dry head of hair sometime within the first 12 hours after washing it – would this do the trick with or without some expert, heavy-duty brushwork (which – spolier alert – I’ve always been thoroughly incapable of)? could you just use a diffuser setting and your fingers and come out with the same softness and shine you’d get from a heat tool + brush combo, or is there more to it?

    • I have no skill when it comes to blowdrying and no technique, but it didn’t seem to matter if I put my hair up in sections (like you’re supposed to when blowdrying) or not – it still turned out great! It was kind of insane how little you actually need to do in order for your hair to be tamable. No heavy brushwork required.

      P.S. Their website is also 30-day money back guarantee, so it’s easy to try it and if you don’t like it, send it back.


  • Julia

    My nerdy boyfriend bought me one as a Christmas gift, mostly because he likes spending money on fancy tech stuff. I hadn’t even asked for it because it’s absurdly expensive. But BOY OH BOY this shit is no joke. It has changed my life for the better. I can blow dry daily and its lightning fast and far less damaging.
    PS – I think this review is absolutely spot-on. I’d say it’s best for those with thick or damaged hair they’d like to blow dry regularly. If your hair is thin and already dries quickly, it’s not worth the price IMO

    • Serena

      Can I borrow your boyfriend just a sec?

  • Geri Schultz

    I have one and absolutely LOVE it!!!!

  • Ciccollina

    I want to hate this hair dryer because I hate those Dyson hand dryers in public bathrooms, they whoosh water everywhere! Sadly it’s becoming more and more apparent that I need a Dyson hair dryer in my life. SIGH.

    Ps. Reeling over the fact that it takes your AN HOUR to blow dry! An hour?!! It takes me two minutes because I have precisely eleven hairs on my head. I can only dream of such volume.

  • Serena

    Can we get a Manrepeller promo code?!?!?!? I too have Middle Eastern hair and have been agonising over buying this every since I saw it EVERYWHERE. I tried it in the store and was too quite impressed.

  • Teresa

    I don’t have one, but I know you can buy this hairdryer at Bed Bath & Beyond. Hello 20% off coupon!