Céline Dion is Here to Save Us All
Photo by Gordon Von Steiner via Vogue

For years, maybe decades, not giving a fuck was the ultimate flavor of cool. To radiate confidence while renouncing the rules of the upper echelon was counterculture in a nutshell. But as that spirit of effortlessness grew in popularity and capitalism did what it does best, “not giving a fuck” became a set of grooming rules in its own right. Ripped jeans, messy hair, dirty sneakers, dad hats. Most of us now recognize this attitude for what it is: an aesthetic. The appearance of not giving a fuck is liable to take as much thought as appearing to give one.

Giving a fuck has its own look, too, and is typically assigned to a whole other different type of person: frilly dresses, bejeweled eye shadow, the perfectly planned candid. (If you think I’m not going to bring this around to Céline Dion, you are sorely mistaken!) The lightening-speed proliferation of culture through social media means “attitudes” quickly become LEWKS, their trappings interchangeable and indistinguishable from each other.

I think this is why authenticity became such a priority a few years ago, for brands and people alike. But now authenticity feels like its own PR play, which is hilarious if only because it’s so predictable. At this point, everything feels calculated because it is! To care is a lewk. To not care is a lewk. The question of what could possible feel real any more hangs in the air.


Céline Dion does not fit into any aforementioned box. Céline Dion is not cool. Céline Dion is so embarrassing. Céline Dion is my hero. Look at this please:

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And this:

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And this:

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Just a few weeks ago The Cut published a story called “Welcome to the Céline Dionaissance,” which is an incredible headline and confirms what I’ve long suspected, which is that she’s having a moment. Said moment came to a head last night on Instagram and then again this morning: Vogue published a profile on her entitled, “How 2017 Turned Céline Dion Into an Icon—Again.” The above clips of her dressing up in couture are pulled from this video and are literally incredible.

Forgive me while I over-intellectualize something as pure as the above videos, but I think Céline Dion is having a comeback because she’s radically different from most “personalities” in the spotlight. She’s so uncalculated and unabashedly herself. Who she is happens to embody so much of what pop culture has deemed dorky: jerky but confident dance moves, utter dedication to a character for the pure drama of it, genuine kookiness. She exudes not a lick of self-deprecation nor feigned self-awareness. She’s ridiculous and so comfortable in that space. She doesn’t give a fuck but she doesn’t not give a fuck.

Maybe this is what real authenticity looks like. Maybe this is how you break the cycle of attitude commodification. Maybe just be Céline fucking Dion, you know?

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  • Alison

    Also, she has real talent! Céline can SING. She is a celebrity who has a point of view, is silly, works hard for the money (as the song goes), and genuinely seems to enjoy it.

  • Junglesiren

    Glad to see her back. The girl has major talent.

  • Olivia AP

    Yes! I was waiting for a MR article on her style. She is fabulous

  • Emily E

    In just under two minutes, Celine Dion has become my world.

  • Danielle Cardona Graff

    I think the issue is people are confusing “not giving a fuck” about the look, vs not giving a fuck about what people think-or dressing for one’s self as opposed to the opinions of others. IE; the girl who wears ripped jeans that she paid for that way, with a “Vintage” band tee from H&M (of a band she may never have even heard of), and a designer “vintage inspired” leather jacket might appear a little try-hard in her “effortless” look, whereas someone like Celine has a major fashion moment in head to toe LOOKS that probably took hours to achieve-and she DOES give a fuck about the look- but clearly not what anyone thinks of her.

    • JennyWren

      Agreed. I am not a high-fashion person at all, but I live in an area where a lot of people will go to a wedding wearing their *good* jeans. It took my husband a while to realize that I wasn’t wearing printed dresses and skirts everywhere because I was worried about what people thought, but because it was an aesthetic I liked and wanted to craft for myself. If all I wanted was approval I’d be wearing jeans shorts like everyone else.

  • Dominique Nancy

    I met Céline when I was 20 at a dinner that she and her late husband had organized at a restaurant in Montreal for Céline’s musicians. I was invited to accompany a friend. Céline came to me; we shook hands (oh, boy she has a strong grip) and we spoke a bit. Don’t remember what we talked about; my hand was hurting to much. Call me a masochist, but I liked her right away and I love her today. Yes, she is a talented singer (and actress too for those who don’t know) but more importantly she is authentic and it appears she still is despite all the spotlight. She’s a great example of an Alpha Woman; funny, kind, strong, true to herself and to what’s really important in her life. In Vogue’s video, she shines like a star and has fun playing the part of a diva! I say “playing” because in real life Celine seems to really care about others, she certainly doesn’t have a diva attitude and maintains a strong link to her roots. I wouldn’t mind that my path crosses hers again. This time, I would give her a kiss on the cheeks instead of shaking hands though.

    • spicyearlgrey


      • Dominique Nancy

        Yes, definitely an alpha woman! Love her.

  • sarahsparkle

    I have always imagined that this is what Vogue shoots must be like.

  • K

    Couldn’t have described it any better. Great article!

  • omg she is such an icon!

  • dk

    There is a 10 years old inside me which is very excited about this. However, Celine Dion is having a moment because she decided she is going to have a moment. Do not think for a second that her moment is just random. She has always been fascinating, she has always been a true diva. For the past years, she’s been having her Vegas show and caring for her sick husband. Sad as it is, it was clear that once he passed away she will reign supreme all over again. #fangirlmuch?

    • Amber MB

      DEFINITELY all curated and PRed and styled beyond belief *Law Roach Law Roach Law Roach* which I find a liiiiittle bit awkward, but also I LOVE HER and am just glad that she’s out there being all middle-aged-don’t-care and fabulous

  • Felicity Anderson

    Yes!! Queen Celine 👑

  • JennyWren

    I love that third picture with the huge headdress. She looks like a space alien high priestess. If I had a picture of myself looking like that I’d hang it in every room.

  • gwendomouse

    Well, it is clear to see that nothing in those pictures or the video was authentic and unselfconscious. It was a highly styled couture shoot for Vogue, not paparazzi shots of her doing grocery shopping. I think Celine Dion was fully aware of how she would look, and what attitude she would show, and was having fun by not taking herself too seriously. That said, middle age becomes her. She looks much better now and seems much more comfortable in her own skin than in her early 30s where she always struck me a a bit Trying Too Hard.

  • Jukebox_babe

    It’s so refreshing to see a shoot in which the talent is eating it up and having a ball. This must have been so fun to shoot! Models/talent are so concerned with image and branding these days that they increasingly refuse to do or wear things that will push the envelope or “get the shot”, so to speak, even when working with top artists with resumes longer than the model’s lifespan! The best jobs are the ones where the model puts all self consciousness aside and goes for it like Celine did here. Fashion, and especially couture, exist as a fantasy world where a person can be or do anything. It’s a horrible shame to restrict the creativity and collaborative spirit by playing it safe. “Giving a fuck” stems from fear, but the truly cool are fearless. Millions of followers may mean something now, but the timeless, groundbreaking images/art one creates are what makes an icon.

  • Elizabeth

    YESSSS to all of this!!

  • I’m pretty sure the idea for this was born in the Vogue Instagram booth at the Met Gala. Celine really worked it and found a new medium, good for her for having fun with it. But must admit I’m pretty tired of all the obsessing over celebrities as I wrote about with none other than Celine as my cover photo, here’s the link http://www.primadarling.com/fashion/celebrity-fatigue-part-1/

  • Ivona Iwarra Josipovic

    I loveeed the video! She is awesome and no one ever looked cooler in couture than miss Dion. <3

    Ivona from http://thesmokedetector.net

  • Serena

    This video is sooooooooo f-ingggggg coooool

    I CAN’T

  • Emmie

    it’s all coming back to me now

  • Agnes

    Guys! It all started at the MET-galla – check out the clips of CD/The Queen singing and dancing (again at Vogue). I’m so exited for this! Also happy to see a woman thrive after losing the love of her life as well and live her own story and celebrate life..

  • alexia

    I went to her concert twice in Paris in two years (the second time as a present for my sister, ok it was a very good excuse to see her again!) and didn’t regret it : the two shows were so different! but one thing was for sure : she gives you that energy like nobody else, she is just radiant and she shares that strength with you. The second time she just walked right in the middle of everybody with just 2 bodyguards to protect her and sang just like that, in the middle of the arena. With the current context, I thought it was really bold and a huge present to her public.

  • Paula Rodio

    My mom has always been a huge fan. She had her Celine Dion live in Memphis (1997) recorded in VHS and my sisters and I played it over and over and over. It’s quite magical and empowering to see a woman take charge of the stage like she does…just her and her talent.

  • pdbraide

    they played a bit of Daddy Cool by Boney M. You should do a fashion post on Boney M. I love Celine

  • Ella

    Thing is, I don’t think this attitude is new-found.
    She was 26 when she married a man twice her age. While certainly famous at the time, her star was definitely still on the rise then, and yet she stuck to her guns. There’s something wonderful about ignoring those who cast judgement on a relationship that does not, on the face of it, fit the script for a pop princess. That’s a good deal of self-knowledge and DGAF confidence for a twenty-something.
    She’s been impenetrable to the bullets of critics basically her entire life.