8 Things Team MR is Wearing to Death This Summer

You know that extra fun feeling when you buy something new, and not only does it fit perfectly and make you feel like the best current version of yourself, but it also jibes with the rest of your wardrobe and provides you with newfound outfit inspiration where previously there was but a dried-up well of fatigued question marks??????? It’s truly the best.

Ooh actually, you know what’s even better? When you buy something online on a total whim because it spoke to your gut, maybe even something on final sale just to raise the stakes a little, and it comes and it’s FANTASTIC? And it’s all you want to wear over and over and over again for months? That’s the best.

I was a recent recipient of the above euphoria when I ordered a pair of fluorescent-pink Apiece Apart pants from the Moda Operandi sale. I don’t wear a lot of clothing in the pink/red family, because I have pinkish/reddish skin and prefer to counteract it with cool tones, so these pants were definitely out of my sartorial comfort zone. Something about them called to me, though. They reminded me of the pink highlighter pens I annotated all my textbooks with in middle school. My brain got a happy buzz just eyeing them on my computer screen. They looked so cheerful! Before I knew it, a UPS tracking number was in my inbox.

After trying them on and gleefully confirming that I had ordered the correct size, my love affair was free to unfold accordingly. As of writing this, I am practically a one-woman worship cult. I can’t get enough of these weird pink pants. I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve worn them.

Because I’m always curious what other people are newly obsessed with wearing, I polled seven other members of team Man Repeller about their favorite summer 2017 purchase. Keep scrolling for our current wardrobe heroes (with shopping links so you can jump on board, naturally).


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Apiece Apart Pants

Why they’re so great: In addition to the reasons I delineated above, they are literally the only high-waist pants I’ve ever worn that aren’t uncomfortable when I sit down, which in my opinion is nothing short of a miracle.

Where I’m wearing them next: Hopefully out to dinner with my boyfriend because there’s a 99% chance he will make an entertaining comment about them.


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Hunza G Tracey Yellow White Frill Bikini

Why it’s so great: It’s sunny and puts me in an instant good mood — basically beach lemonade for your body, minus the pee-in-the-ocean connotation that tends to come up for me from the words “beach lemonade.”

Where she’s wearing it next: The beach or the pool or under anything sheer that needs to be made street-legal.


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: BDG white linen dungarees

Why they’re so great: They are so light and flowy it feels like I’m wearing nothing at all, which is the ultimate goal when it’s hot and sticky out. I often wear them with a sports bra underneath for maximum comfort.

Where she’s wearing it next: To a BBQ, to the grocery store, to work — pretty much all occasions.


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Maison Cleo tie top

Why it’s so great: The sleeves are so large and the neckline is incredibly flattering, which means the resulting proportions accomplish something all good Man Repeller clothes do: make you feel like the best version of yourself, often to the chagrin of those uninitiated.

Where she’s wearing it next: Probably out to dinner in the Hamptons on Saturday night, exactly how I’m wearing it now (with drop-crotch pants + lace up sandals).


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Eytys Mother Canvas Sneakers

Why they’re so great: These sneakers kind of snuck up on me. I didn’t wear them much at first, but once I started wearing them with vintage Levi’s and ankle socks, I suddenly never wanted to wear any other shoes. They’re a real dark horse of a summer fave, because a) everyone’s been wearing white sneakers for years now so who cares and b) most people are opting for sandals right now, but the heart wants what it wants, per Selena Gomez. They look good with shorts, dresses, all kind of pants. Everything. Screw a sandal!

Where she’s wearing it next: Considering I’ve been wearing them every day, the answer is work. But there’s pretty much nowhere I wouldn’t wear them.


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Dodo Bar Or embellished wrap skirt

Why it’s so great: It’s super easy to wear and is somewhat adjustable, so as the day goes on and delicious meals are consumed, you can adjust!

Where she’s wearing it next: Beach, tacos + margaritas, taking my dog for a walk, doing gymnastics (just kidding). Better yet, let me know if you have any cool summer plans and I’ll come with you and wear it!


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Gold-and-red leather hand earrings by BenuMade

Why they’re so great: They appear to be gold from afar, but a closer gander reveals that they’re actually genuiiine leather. And the designer Pauline hand-crafts them in Prague! I went a little crazy and bought her Matisse earrings too, for good measure.

Where she’s wearing it next: A sock-puppet show.


Best summer 2017 fashion purchase: Levi’s denim vest

Why it’s so great: It’s comfortable, functional (so many pockets) and instantly makes any warm-weather clothing combinations look more put-together without adding a sweat-inducing layer.

Where he’s wearing it next: I would say my next date but I don’t know if there’s room for a third in this (the vest’s and my) summer romance, so like, maybe brunch next weekend?

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  • Hayley

    I got a pair of re/done shorts on final sale this summer (and only paid $96 or something) and had the waist taken in and they are PERFECT. Short, but lots of thigh room, and hits at the perfect spot on my waist. I can honestly say this is the only pair of shorts that I own (other than workout shorts) that I love.

  • Abby

    Ok I need those pink pants that linen overall thing IMMEDIATELY. I’m also digging the denim vest look.

    But HALEY, internet person who I am way too invested in, those shoes are $160 and you realize that they are just classic white vans ($60) but more designer-y, yes?

  • Andrea Raymer

    Elizabeth, THAT SKIRT!

    Haley, I’m with you one the white canvas sneakers. Ive been wearing my black vans that (everyone in the city is wearing) every single day since sandals aren’t doing it for me this summer due to my constant habit of injuring my feet in the summer. The past couple of days though I’ve been feeling like I need a white pair.

    also, as a marching band kid, I would like to point out that I find sock tan lines weirdly sexy. thanks band camp.

    • Alice

      I have “summer” white sneakers. They are usually supergas but this year I bought a pair of white old skools and have been wearing them a lot.

  • Selena Delgado

    AH the dungarees are incredible.

  • Erin

    This post has given me an identity crisis. Although a devout overall lover I’m typically staunchly opposed to both white AND linen for my booty region. But alas, I’ve fallen in love so before I order and open this new chapter of my life I must know: what is the recommended underwear situation for those glorious overalls & on a scale of 1-buttcrack how see through are they?

    • Jasmin Aujla

      Skin color undies and hardly see through at all!

      • Erin

        Bless. Thank you! Calling this new phase: Erin A.L. (After Linen)

  • I will forever be jealous of those pink pants, Harling. They’re one of my favorite things that I don’t own.

  • Abigail Larson

    this just really blesses the deepest parts of my soul.

  • Kirby

    All I want for this summer is a linen jumpsuit!!! but after so much searching I can’t find one I like enough :/ it’s probably (definitely) my fault though because I have an exact idea of what I want in my head that probably just doesn’t exist, which tends to be my biggest obstacle in all of my shopping endeavors…ugh)

    • ES

      Have you looked at Elizabeth Suzann and/or Reifhaus linen jumpsuits?! They have some nice ones.

  • ES

    I love this post 🙂

    I especially love those gold leather earrings!!! Currently deciding between the matisse cut-outs or the tassels … think they’ll be great to wear with a black dress to an October wedding!

    • prairie dogs

      Oh my gosh the Matisse ones are beautiful aren’t they? I’ve been planning to finally get my ears pierced this month (hi, I’m 30) and I think these earrings are my motivation to just do it.

  • I bought the pink pants because you posted a photo of them on instagram, and they breathed new life into my closet so thank you for that.

    • Harling Ross


  • Lindsay D

    matt i love your vest, i hate that its on sale for $22.49 and my size is so out (if you’re a L or XL click fast)

    personally, i will be living in my levi’s 501 cut off shorts and seeing how long i can go without washing.

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Natali

    Wonderful and unique Leandra and Elizabeth!


  • ChiefCC

    Adore Elizabeth’s skirt!!! So fun and flirty!

  • Meg S

    Excuse me while I buy everything from that etsy shop. Those earrings are amazing.

    • Sheila T.

      I am bookmarking the etsy shop for a rainy day!!

      • Meg S

        I did the same thing.

  • M Rae

    @Harling any deets on how sizing runs for those pink puppies (pants)??

    • Harling Ross

      i’d say they run a bit small! i’m between sizes and i sized up

  • Maggie Lanham

    Lots of thoughts:
    First, you ALL handle summer weather much better than me. Love to see each of your personal aesthetics shine through the heat waves (is there an Office Apropos ’round the corner?!).
    Second, Amelia – what are those sunglasses?! I have a pair of rimless shades, but maybe I need two? Third, Leandra – am very interested in those linen, drop-crotch, button fly pants! They look amazing!
    Finally, Edith, I have those earrings, too! Her shop is chock-a-block full of amazing things

  • Morgan

    I literally had been eyeing those linen overalls forever but couldn’t justify shelling out $80 and just found them on sale literally yesterday for $40 and immediately got them and now they’re sold out in every size. So glad I got them when I did haha 😀

  • spicyearlgrey

    jasmin darl how does ur skin GLISTEN so??

    • Jasmin

      Humidity!! But thank you <3

  • rachel

    This post is really reminding me that I need to swing by Goodwill for some new summer purchasing. I think the last thing I bought was a skirt for work (I work at a bank, so this is not exciting news.) Though it does have a zipper all the way down the side, so there is an element of danger haha

  • Lindsey Hoover

    I’ve been searching for pink pants like those since I saw you post them on Instagram. Truly amazing!

  • merriam-webster

    “… it also jives with the rest of your wardrobe …”

    PSA: above should be “jibes” * (vice jives).

    * jibe: to be in accord : agree —usually used with with a story that doesn’t jibe with the facts

    Great post !

  • Molly

    I just got a pair of pink pants just like Harling’s and I love them so much but I can’t think of ways to wear them!! I love her look and will be copying it, but I also would love to see a pink pants photoshoot 🙂

  • Justyna

    Where are Edith’s sunglasses from? SO GOOD!

  • BB

    How does anyone wear white linen overalls and live in NYC? You can’t touch anything or you will be soiled. 🤔