Ulla Johnson: I’m Newly Obsessed

For the past few months, while browsing my Shopbops and my Net-a-Porters and all the weekly sites I like to check juuuust in case they’ve got something new that I need to put in my cart (no matter how hypothetical), I kept finding my cursor hovering over Ulla Johnson.

This is not a new line. It was founded in 2000, years before I graduated college, when all I cared about was Abercrombie and what they wore on The O.C. 10 years later, when I entered the “real world,” my focus was dedicated to playing catch-up in the world of fashion. For me, that meant an education in the “big names” and less emphasis on the contemporary market. There were so many young labels to know and old houses to remember. I guess some brands just didn’t even register.

But man am I glad that the stars aligned so that finally, I could open my eyes and realize what had been right in front of me this whole time! It was that same “Oh my god, I love Josh” moment I had with Rebecca Taylor.

Ulla Johnson worked her way into my heart and her pants in my sweatshirt story. I styled an Ulla top on Stacy London. I am waiting for the Fall 2017 pieces in the slideshow above to hit stores and plan to keep them — as they say over email — “on my radar.” Meanwhile, there’s the current Spring/Summer collection and Pre-Fall (also above), which is starting to trickle in. I want so many things it hurts, such as…

This perfect, smocked sun frockthis ideal, more-than-a-coverup coverupthis great, lace-up beach sweater.

…I’m such a sucker. What about this one, tooThese shoes (who knew!). This airy blouse made for or designed by an angel, unclear. Here’s the dress versionThis apricot-colored dress for an August wedding. And these paper-bag waist moleskin pants, because they’re kind of strange but I’m kind of into them.

It feels like the beginning of a beautiful relationship, honestly. The ideal spring fling turned summer romance.

Photos via Ulla Johnson.

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