Tracee Ellis Ross’s Instagram is a Gold Mine of Outfit Ideas
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I rarely remember red-carpet dresses, because they’re usually all so similar and therefore blend together like the bottom of a bowl of five different of vanilla ice creams. Not so with the rainbow, caftan-esque number Tracee Ellis Ross wore to the MTV Awards. The dress was Rosie Assoulin, the stylist was Kara Welch, the jewelry was vintage Neil Lane, the shoes were Giuseppe Zanotti (and not at all boring). It was a magnificent, mint-chocolate-chip sundae of a team effort. I am confident in positing that Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the few actresses who could have pulled off the results with so much palpable joy.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s red-carpet style is consistently killer, thanks to the combination of a talented stylist and a client who clearly likes to have fun with what she wears. What I’m even more interested in unpacking, though, are her off-duty outfits, documented throughout her Instagram feed. I have so many tabs open on my Internet browser right now with various posts I’ve bookmarked and plan to emulate as soon as humanly possible. It’s slowing down my whole computer, but I have no regrets. First things first: I will attempt to breakdown Tracee’s rules of style according her Instagram.

Work day in #NYC Styled by me out of my closet #TheGirlWhoLovesToShop

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1. Do not resist the urge to match your shoes to your pants whenever the inclination strikes.

2. Let your kimono dress declare itself the new caftan without even opening your mouth, obtain a pair of earrings named after your best friend and wear the same shoes twice in close succession because they make your toes feel like the best versions of themselves.


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3. Turn the boiler-suit trend on its head by cutting off the sleeves and layering a midnight-blue sweater underneath, plus lacy socks for good measure.

4. Re-wear the aforementioned sleeveless boiler suit, this time with fire engine-red shower slides, a top knot and crystal-embellished shades. Oh, and a backpack!

#GeekChic #Twinning with my pal @terrytsiolis ❤️❤️#ElevatorSelfie for more on my nectarines…go to my InstaStory

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5. Take that same backpack on an elevator selfie journey featuring the perfect pair of white jeans and three nectarines.

#Caught #TheGirlWhoLovesToShop

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6. Couple your Vetements track pants with sunglasses resembling the goggles you wear at the dentist when you’re getting a sealant, except way cooler.


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7. Utilize a pair of Fran Drescher-pink socks to transform white flatform sandals into a multi-seasonal affair.

VACATION 🙋🏾🙋🏾🙋🏾🙋🏾

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8. Find an ancient vessel and outshine it with your cool hair and your cooler coverup.

Trying to stay in the shade #Sunday

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9.  Match your lipstick to your headscarf and DIY your own backdrop.

Work day look #2 #TheGirlWhoLovesToShop #StyledByMe

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10. Point to the heels on your ankle boots when they’re too good to ignore.

Just found this online…never seen it before. My mom holding Chudney with Rhonda (left) and me (right). Must be 1975.

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11. Get yourself a matriarchal lineage as epic as Diana Ross’s, if you can swing it.

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    Dang, I had no idea TER had such good style! Following immediately.

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    Tracee Ellis Ross is my hair-spiration, style icon, attitude influencer, and unofficial selfie coach

  • Jill

    Such FUN in her stylings. Love it.

  • Bria

    Tracee is so underrated when it comes to great personal style. I was stoked when I found out she was working with Karla Welch. She did such a killer job with Ruth Negga this past award season.

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    Tracee Ellis Ross is a blessing to the world.

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      could not agree more. could not!

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        Same here, following right now!

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    I once shared an airplane with Tracee Ellis Ross and she was head-to-toe in Givenchy.

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    I love her!!!

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    I LOVE Tracee Ellis Ross
    She seems to have a fantastic, easy going personality, and a great sense of style. She’s comfortable in what she wears unlike most other actresses

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    OK that settles it. I want to be her when I grow up.

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    Tracee Ellis Ross is my spirit animal

  • Suzan

    I love it when people who are in the public eye rewear their clothing. Because it’s such a normal thing to do right? For us mortals at least. So why not too for the celebs?
    And I also love it when I recognize the reworn items, it almost feels like you have a little inside joke with that person right there and then (even when I’m just looking at a screen). And it helps with the style inspiration, the whole “how to wear one item different ways” thing (also one of my favourite article series here on MR!).

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    Man Repeller should watch Girlfriends!!!

    • One. of. my. favorite. showssssss!!!! Literally up there with Friends and I am waiting on Netflix to add the series so I can binge watch!

  • Katy

    LOVE her. Also, I think the way they dress her character on Black-ish has to be inspired by her IRL style–lots of jumpsuits and wide legs and chunky flats

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    Tracee has been ahead of the game for years!

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    She was def top 5 at the Met Gala this year too.

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    I NEED to know where those pink trousers are from!! Can’t stop thinking about them since this post went up!

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    i always forget her mom is diana