5 Summer Outfit Ideas in 3 Layers or Less

Got an ice pack?


I used to think that if you wanted to say something provocative or seductive or just plain complicated with what you were wearing, you had to wear a lot of clothes. But now that I’m getting older and have genuinely started to favor efficiency/optimization over effectively anything outside the realm of soul, I realize how flawed that thinking was. Assuming that I could not make a complicated statement with my clothes for the duration of a ~four-month period wherein it is plainly too warm for further layers than that of a top and bottom really missed the point of getting dressed.

And as someone who marvels at warm weather, loves it more than most things and cites the invention of the hashtag #lovesummerhateverythingelse as her most valuable contribution to Instagram, how could I possibly be free of opinion for the duration of my favorite season? How, I ask you? Tell me the fuck how.

And while there is a special merit to dressing like the human equivalent of an onion who has been laying idly in the produce section waiting for a hand to grab it so that it could extol its own virtue, to let the peeling begin only to find it might never end, that’s not really an option right now.

So here are five outfit ideas that employ no more than exactly three layers of clothing but that do not compromise even a single idiosyncrasy:

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  • Hayley

    Those Celine sandals…be still, my beating heart.

    • Leandra Medine

      i got them 60% off at the very beginning of juneeeeeee

      • Hayley

        WHAT? WHERE?

        • Sonia

          YES WHERE

  • in love with 8 & 9, especially that pom pom crochet crop!

  • MenStyle1
  • Andrea Raymer

    Milanese woman spending the summer seaside (in 1954) is my summer aesthetic every year.

  • Alexis Thomolaris

    I’ve missed u, your style, your writing and your humor, Leandra! <3 what a nice hump day surprise.

  • SIDEWALK SLIPPERS! I love it lol. Unfortunately my indoor slippers have become sidewalk slippers at this point. Ah, the fabulous life of the remote worker!

  • melodyvon

    i’m sorry I wore this a month ago and I’m kinda jewish, are we twins? because I wouldn’t doubt some it takes two magic happening here


  • Caitlin Crow

    Now I know how to best describe my summer vibe: woman going through menopause, wears up-cycled Eileen Fisher, gives exactly zero fucks

  • K

    That Vika Gazinskaya dress looks so extremely cute on you. Lovely outfit.

  • elpug

    <3 it all

  • Nicole Smith

    Had to push my lower jaw up with my hand to make my mouth close over the green pom pom top. Still doing it. Typing with one hand.

  • Nat

    Your a) links and b) references to other articles are gen-uin-ly hilarious.

  • Lou

    I would like you to elaborate on the last outfit plz

    • Leandra Medine

      You got it sister. Tell me how and I will deliver #deliver

  • ahh yes the Milanese. it is exactly my goal to find a suitable second hand version of that color block Vika. I am doing fertility stuff too now so after dropping 20k yesterday I no longer have the 500 for the emerald beaut you are wearing. good luck with making a baby.. the needles during prep aren’t that bad IMHO

  • Shea

    I love the idea of dressing for the life you want just to put a little more joie de vivre (as you say) into everyday life. I wish all of the lewks from this shoot were hanging in my closet and ALSO the caption about the Eileen Fisher book of style and being a menopausal woman who doesn’t give a fuck — YES.

  • Leigh

    Leandra, as always: great outfits, great descriptions. Side note: from my experience, you will not be injecting yourself with a big ass needle, your man will be and then you’ll yell at him because it hurts. Later, you’ll look back and laugh.