The Best Street Style to Copy From Men’s SS18 Fashion Week
Photo by Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

Women’s Fashion Week doesn’t begin until September, just after Labor Day, and while I can wait (I can definitely wait — mama needs some time to sleep, eat, kick out her feet and run around naked before the hullabaloo begins), late June/early July tends to be the Petri dish where my lack of inspiration sits out in the sun for too long and starts to fester. Trends that once felt special are everywhere you look, on everyone you look at. <-Sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition, but I’m in crisis mode here. Dresses are fine. Skirts are whatever. Wearing your swimsuit doesn’t get old, but the novelty certainly wears off, like when you eat pancakes for dinner for five straight nights. It’s all denim shorts, white tees and blegch.

Well thank heaven’s for the men’s calendar! Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway season just recently walked in Milan and it’s going strong in Paris, which means the street style is out and about on the damn streets. It’s as though someone from above answered my I-Can’t-Get-Dressed prayers. Below, four looks I’d like to try (and how you can, too).

Hey Chris Martin, You Don’t Know Shit About Yellow

Photo by Melodie Jeng via Getty Images

Chris, I’m so sorry. You’re a total musical beaut, and that was rude, but your lovely line, “And it was all yellow,” feels like crayon compared to this masterpiece of an outfit. The only person who might be able to top all this saffron is Harling Banana Ross (who styled a head-to-toe yellow shoot).

Hawaiian Shirts Are Not Just for Tom Selleck

Photo by Edward Berthelot via Getty Images

Stock up on a few men’s SSBDs (short-sleeve button-downs, thank you/please) and wear them as your coverups over one-pieces and bikinis.

Keep Cool in Long Sleeves and Jeans

Photo by Nataliya Petrova/NurPhoto via Getty Images

So long as the denim is baggy, your shoes are comfy, your face is shaded and the shirt is breezy, all’s good, chill and easy.

There’s Money in All Sorts of Fruit Stands

Photo by Christian Vierig via Getty Images

Chicken or egg scenario here, because I don’t know what’s more important: either start with a fruity swimsuit or, start with a pair of board shorts. Add the other element after and don’t you even think about matching or “go-ing.” Blue sandals will make you dance and for good luck, add fruit salad earrings.

That should hold us for at least a few more weeks. I’m hungry. What do you think?

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