3 Ways to Wear Your Swimsuit All Day

…And get away with it when you’re nowhere near a pool or beach


HYGIENE-WISE, I get why wearing a wet swimsuit all day is a terrible idea. But what about a dry one? Isn’t a dry swimsuit essentially a bodysuit that can, in theory, get wet? Like if it rains or something, you’d be set! IDK, I’m not a gyno. What I am is a styler of clothes, and someone who waited for this moment for what feels like my whole life. Summer is finally here, and honestly, I cannot be bothered to wear real clothes. Sometimes adulthood means putting on pants, though. So behold: three ways to wear your swimsuit all day, if it’s dry (MOM), without a beach or a pool or a blow-up swan in sight.

There’s nothing to see here except me here, folks!

Suits these days are so damn pretty you can hardly tell if they’re tops for the Queen of England or swimsuits for Poseidon’s aquatic chorus. Trick the masses with print-clash-y trousers that hit just a little too high. Where’s the flood? Right here, baby.

Excuse me, where’s the nearest margarita opportunity?

Come dressed for any and all parties at any and all time of day. Polka dots help, ruffles assist, flat puffy sandals ensure that you stay dancing forever and a midi skirt + tube top make it a fête.

Don’t mind me, I’m just playing half-day hooky.

Does it count as a day off if you leave a little early? I don’t know, does it count as a doughnut if there’s not a hole? I’ll leave that existential question to you and HR, but I will tell you this: Keep a pair of pool slides on your person at all times and tie a bit of tie-dye around your waist. You’ll look like you’re on permanent vacation even if you can’t sneak out.

…And yes, technically, I could have just styled breathable bodysuits instead, but don’t you feel better knowing that you could jump into a body of water headfirst at any moment? Same. So, hello summer! I am ready to dive in!

Modeled by Daphne Velghe of Silent Models NY, follow Daphne and Silent on Instagram @daphnevelghe @silentmodelsNY; photos by Edith Young.

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  • Man those Tory Burch pants are sooooo cooooool

  • just me

    nice piece but the only swimsuits I want to see are on the gorgeous Leandra!!

  • dietcokehead

    THANK YOU FOR THIS VINDICATION for when I asked multiple friends last week if I should buy a bunch of one-pieces and use them as streetwear all summer and they acted like I was crazy and my crotch was going to fall off.

    • Olivia AP

      Don’t listen to them. After watching Love on Netflix I just did it

  • Caitlin Crow

    i luv this idea so much and want to wear nothing else…but anxieties about ease of pee breaks are stopping me. : /

    • old_inside

      If you just bunch the fabric up and pull it to one side it is a very easy procedure 🙂

  • Yes! This is my favourite holiday look, so easy so good and always ready to go swimming! Definitely up for wearing it at home too. I might have to get some more swimsuits now

    – Natalie

  • Duda Adc

    Question: is it wrong to by swimsuits to style as daywear on holiday but then plan to wear bikinis on the beach (I ran even with sunscreen)? Totally onboard with this idea since I have struggle to find bodysuits that really hug the body without feeling naked.

  • Alice

    The first look is: FIRE.

  • Maggie Lanham

    10/10 people I surveyed would wear all of these – the polka dot ensemble being the favorite. It hasn’t been a productive day at work.

    • Amelia Diamond