I Found a Lip Gloss That’s Actually Perfect

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like your face isn’t complete? You can’t put your finger on why — your under-eye bags are in check, your cheeks are rather rosy, you washed your face, you moisturized it, you’re pretty sure you’re not dehydrated — but for whatever reason, something feels undone.

This happens to me all the time. Lately, I’ve even started setting up controls: drink alcohol the night before, don’t drink alcohol the night before; see what it does to my face. Drink a liter of water upon waking, don’t drink a liter; see what happens to my face. It is dramatic and distracting and sometimes I can’t believe I am this person. I was so sure I would never be the kind of woman who cares so much about, frankly, anything, but incidentally, I am not immune to the nuances of early onset aging. This is fine, I think, so long as I accept it and feel okay with it. But I digress!

I have another question: Can you pinpoint what is different about how I look in the above before-and-after shots?

It recently occurred to me that maybe the reason I believe my face to look incomplete from time to time is because of my lips. Obviously, when they’re dry, they’re dry. They require some balm or gloss and boom: problem solved. But other times, they’re not dry at all. On the contrary, they’re quite moist. But for whatever reason, they maintain this lifeless color that makes me look…not sick, but not not sick either.

I have historically sucked at makeup, and used to think the only variety of lipstick worth acknowledging was red. I’d buy boatloads of different shades, but found that I only really liked how it looked after I wiped it off my lips, when it left just a slight trace of color over the surface area of my mouth. Then I discovered a lip tint from Nars’ collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg called Éphélide. It is perfect if you’re the kind of person who is lazy about makeup, but does not want to sacrifice looking (and therefore feeling) super kül. If I had to describe the color, it’s like a dusty plum — which is not the color I’d pick to make my lips look their most natural, but like I said: I have historically sucked at makeup. Apparently this is what it takes.

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  • Carrieanne Luicadi

    I agree and its fabulous.

  • kate

    I haven’t tried that particular shade, but NARS lip gloss has been my go-to for years. They discontinued my favorite shade, a sweet pink called Pillow Talk, but the one above looks worth checking out!

    • ArtsDuMal

      The Gainsbourg lip glosses are a different texture, more slippery and they leave a stain. Really nice and natural looking!

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    This lip gloss looks great on you, Leandra! Even if I don’t put on any other make-up, I will wear lip gloss, because it gives me a pulled-together look even if I don’t feel pulled together.
    Your shoes are adorable!

  • Cristina

    I could tell a difference, but only slightly. I think it’s a great color for you, like your lips but better as they say!

  • Merrynell

    Love the color. Like you had just finished making out intensely.

    • Leandra Medine

      makeout gloss!

  • Lindsey

    Yes! That little bit of color does so much some how. Because my lips dry out so quickly, I found a tinted balm I’m OBSESSED with, Korres lip butter in wild rose is to me what this gloss is to you. It’s just the right amount of color, it’s not dehydrating, and it’s not sticky. I will never not have this lip butter on me.

  • The packaging on the Charlotte Gainsbourg collab is so pretty. So far I’m not loving the products I got (Hydrating Glow Tint and Multiple in Alice) but they are 100% going to stay on my vanity regardless.

  • Ariana Ost Haber

    I think you looked better before au natural 🙂

  • Jennifer

    My face-saver for moments like this is the Sephora Lip Tint in Brown (#13). It gives just the right amount of tint to give my lips- natural, yet defined boost in color, without feeling like I’m wearing makeup on my lips. It goes on wet, but in seconds it dries into a long(ish)-lasting lip tint. And it’s only $12! http://www.sephora.com/rouge-lip-tint-P415405?skuId=1818301&icid2=products%20grid%3Ap415405

  • MargotSilentT

    Could we please have details for your pinky ring?

  • diane

    I want the Chanels but I’ll settle for that lip gloss. Good color on you and I think it might work for me, too!

  • jilly

    yes, the dusty plum shade is key. drugstore version is Neutrogena Moisture Shine gloss in Vita Plum. It’s been the best shade ever for $14!


  • lateshift

    I heart Nars so very much, but for the past year-plus my go-to is Lune + Aster (I’m all about the shade PHD)…it’s all-natural and makes my lips feel moisturized and a-ma-zing. And the shade rocks.

    • Constantina

      Lune + Aster really is the best!! And so moisturizing!

  • ivyss

    oh my GOD where are those shoes from?