Monocycle: Episode, 55 What It’s Like to Work With Your BFF
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You’re probably wondering what my ideal outfit is, right? But you would only know why I’m asking this question if you have started listening to the episode already. Before I continue with this intro, let me just explain said outfit: this kimono, these shorts, these shoes. Dress like a lady of leisure, but don’t actually be one. That’s my mantra for the summer of 2017.

Glad that’s out of the way! Now that we are engaged to be married, let me continue: This week’s episode of Monocycle is part of the theme of the month in that it’s about what it’s like to work with your best pal. When you think best pal, often you think of the women (or men!) you’ve known since they were girls (or boys!). The people you grew up with, or who you met in a social environment. While Amelia and I met in a work setting (we were interns together at the same start-up in 2009), we became fast, personal friends. This process of burgeoning friendship was accelerated when she creepily booked a ticket to Paris and came to visit me when I was abroad just two months after we met, but you can hear more about that act of a true serial killer in the episode. Between then and the time she started at Man Repeller, there were about four years of unadulterated friendship colored by love and heartbreak and pillow talk and one very strange blog idea (it was called Pony Tales and Broken Nails) which frankly, made me want to work with her more. A lot of people warned us about what could happen to a friendship when soiled by the transactional nature of a business partnership, but so far, we’re doing okay.

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  • Amelia Diamond

    i hate/love you

  • Flóra Mihály

    You are both so lucky that you can work together easily and stay friends! I am a first year college student, and I had a lot of group work. Most of the time the groups were already made up, and I always thought that I’m not a teamworker, I like to handle things alone. But I had great and not very great groups. There was only one time when I actually could choose whoever I want to work with.I had made very good friends in the first semester, so there was no question who I was gonna work with. At first it seemed right, then the disaster came …(at least I thought it was disastrous) Everyone worked so differenty.. And I tried not to judge, because I still like them. Noone said it, but I guess everyone just knew, we don’t want to work with each other next time. But the good news that we are still friends, cook togeher and watch movies on Sundays. So I’m glad for you, and thank you for sharing this, this is actually inspiring!

  • SL

    Leandraaaaa, can we see more of your outfits again?

  • Indre

    This was great! More of the same please!!