Mara Hoffman Is Really Good Right Now

There was a phase in my life where a Mara Hoffman bathing suit was THE BATHING SUIT. The only one. To own it felt as urgent and important as the Polo bikini did in high school — the white-string variety with the rainbow-colored Polo logos wallpapered all over that my friend Kim had and I was so jealous of. I was 23 when I decided I needed a Mara Hoffman two-piece and 24 when I finally got one. As summer went by, I wore it to near-extinction and then, pretty quickly, got sick of it. All the palm trees and tropical birds and fringe and beads made for a fun run, but it wasn’t me, I decided. I thought I had outgrown the brand.

Fast-forward to June 2016, when co-Founder of Urban Bush Babes Cipriana Quann posted this beautiful Instagram.

THAT DRESS! And bless her heart, she left a link to the credit in the caption so I didn’t even have to tap. That it was by Mara Hoffman made me do a double take. No neon nor fringe in sight. It was good.

One year later, it’s gotten even better. I linked out to Mara Hoffman suits in at least two In My Carts well before warm weather was even a twinkle in Mother Nature’s eye. Now that it’s actually starting to act like summer (thank you), I’ve been visiting her website often. On any given return to her URL, there are always three things minimum that I want. 

Right now I’m most in love with the items in the slideshow above: a yellow two-piece that I’d split up into multiple outfits (I just bought the top), a green polka-dot dress for hot days when I don’t want to look like a mess, countless swimsuits and a rainbow number because why the heck not.

It’s not “cheap,” but it’s certainly affordable (especially right now — there’s a sale). Plus, after listening to her podcast episode on The Call, she’s someone who feels good to support.

And though I thought I’d outgrown the tropical prints, it’s weird: All of her dresses seem to look better with giant cockatoo birds hanging from the ears, and who am I to argue with what feels right?

Modeled by Eydis Evensen of Silent Models New York, follow her on Instagram @eydisevensen. Photos by Edith Young, styled by Amelia Diamond with market assistance by Elizabeth Tamkin.

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