5 Easy Ways to Wear Espadrilles This Summer

When Amelia wrote a love letter to espadrilles last week, almost everyone co-signed in the comments. They’re easy to love, all comfy and versatile. But sprinkled in among the enthusiasm was some hesitation. “I think espadrilles are cute,” said Jennifer, “I can see the appeal, but I can’t just can’t seem to add them to my wardrobe. I wonder how Rihanna would wear them?” Fair question. Another said she couldn’t shake the country-club feel, but wanted to. There were some proverbial nods.

Well guess what! It’s your lucky Tuesday, because our next installment of 5 Ways, 5 Days happens to be about espadrilles and how to wear them. These Castañer espadrille wedges, specifically. Wanyi Jiang is the Design Director at Marie Claire, and she’s a huge espadrille fan. Proof is on her Instagram (SERIOUSLY, a lot of proof) and below: five days, five outfits, one pair of summer shoes. It’s scroll time.

Day 1

Vintage Dior top and skirt, Laura Lombardi earrings, IGWT and Monsieur Paris rings, straw bag bought in Nice on vacation — similar here, flowers from the deli next door. GLAM.

This is my Brigitte Bardot-goes-to-Park Slope look. I found this vintage Dior “lingerie” on the racks of Reformation in Soho. It’s technically see-through, but if Leandra can brave a see-through dress, I can too, right? I imagine walking along the beaches of Cannes in this or twirling in the mountains a la The Sound of Music. (Except Julie Andrews would never approve. Sorry, Julie.)

Day 2

This a non-nudist dress. Florals are always a good idea, in my opinion. A friend actually painted me in this dress because he liked the pattern so much.

Day 3

Vintage top found in Palm Springs — another here, American Apparel bodysuit — similar here, Alighieri necklace, vintage Levi’s 501, Jane Birken Basket bag

This is my Chinese-girl-in-America look. It’s something my grandma would wear, and since my grandma is the chicest woman I know, I think that’s a good thing. Also, shout out to the Levi’s camel toe.

Day 4

The I-wish-I-were-French outfit. I was this close to wearing a beret. Special thanks to whoever owns this car I’m leaning on, because it’s definitely not mine. (Peep the slideshow above for these details.)

Day 5

The other day I overheard someone say they would never wear pajamas to work. Oops. But they offer so many advantages. You’re already in sleepwear, so why wear a bra? Free yourself. Also, it’s a good excuse for the half-tuck and an even better excuse for skinny jeans, which aren’t as much dead as just in hibernation.

Follow Wanyi on Instagram @wanyizee. Photos by Edith Young.

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