Body Hair: Do You Shave, Wax, Laser or Leave it?
Photo by Edith Young

I asked my mom if I could shave my legs the summer before sixth grade. I was convinced smooth shin bones would catapult me into adulthood, despite the innumerable indications I was still a playground-dwelling child. When she gave me a tentative yes, I donned my favorite daisy-pattered tankini and hopped up on the bathroom counter. I lathered on shaving cream and, under her camera-wielding supervision, ran a blue disposable razor up the lower half of my legs in careful, meditative strokes. The comically serious expression I wore is immortalized in our family photo album.

I’m not sure how pre-teens approach it today, but back then, leg-shaving was a sort of unchecked rite of passage. I didn’t know anyone who forwent it. It seems like there are more options these days. We’re waxing, lasering, sugaring, lazily shaving or just letting it grow. Hair removal is a tradition with undoubted misogynistic roots, but it’s also become its own beast, not unlike makeup, capable of either empowering or disempowering.

Remember when photographer Petra Collins shot to fame for posting a photo that showed her pubes in 2013? I doubt it would make such a splash now — body hair on women is a much more common sight on Instagram these days — but it’s still considered shocking in the mainstream to go hairy. When Miley Cyrus and Jemima Kirke wore hairy armpits on red carpets in 2015, they made loads of headlines. Maybe I’m in a bubble, but hair-removal approaches seem less uniform among women than they’ve ever been.

I shave, but very lazily. I’ve tried quitting cold-turkey, but couldn’t stick with it for more than a year. My relationship with my body hair remains complicated, but I still resent if and when people — particularly men — inject their opinions into the mix. Do you remove your body hair? If no, why? If yes, why and how do you do it? Shave, wax, sugar, laser, something else?

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  • Adrianna

    I dunno if I’m an outlier or something, but I’ve never had a man complain or care that I had hair. And I mean hair. Crotch and upper thigh hair. They got up close and personal even when I didn’t reciprocate the favor. (I’ve lived in NYC for ten years.)

    I forget to shave my legs and armpits all the time. I prefer the (partial?) Brazilian look, but I refuse to go through painful waxing. Otherwise I keep it trimmed or kind of shaved. Kind of for looks, but mostly because I realized that I get far sweatier with longer hair.

    • Cristina

      I had one. We aren’t together anymore. HAHAHA. But other that, same. My husband tells me my legs are so smooth when it’s like day 8 of no shave. I think he means “soft”…?? Lol.

      • Adrianna

        omg men and the word “smooth.” I’ve heard that at ages 17 and 27.

    • lateshift

      you may not be an outlier. You’re just (I’m assuming?) unlikely to be someone of full Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Jewish heritage. If your body hair isn’t super-thick, coarse and dark against pale to medium skin, then even if you’ve got full-on fuzz all over your person, you are genetically blessed in the body hair department. Rock on. And offer your nightly thanks to the body hair gods who blessed you thusly.

  • Isabela

    I would love to accept my body hair but I shave my legs and armpits every single day, even when it’s cold.

  • Cristina

    In an effort to be plastic-free (Barney song anyone?), I finally took the leap and got a straight razor. I LOVE IT. Like I love it so much, it has it’s own pretty special place in my bathroom cupboard. Environmentally friendly AND cheaper AND pretty. I started shaving my arms in high school. I think all the cool kids were doing it? I dunno, but what I once thought would turn into daily hell actually it totally fine. I still shave them maybe once a week. I probably shave everything once a week, even in the summer. Like who is really looking at my legs that closely? No one.

    • Jac

      also got a straight razor out of (seemingly possible) zero waste aspiration, also cannot reccomend it highly enough. something about how pretty and heavy it is has turned shaving from an irritating chore to a luxurious spa ritual

      • Can yall share which one you bought?? I’d love one but they seem unwieldy…

        • Jac

          well it turns out i misread the first comment and i have a ***safety*** razor, not a straight razor (which def seems a little more complex to use!!)

          I have the bevel brand safety razor and love it a lot. it’s not at all scary or awkward to use, and it looks much nicer in my bathroom (plus, replacement blades are like 5 cents and are easily recyclable

  • JC

    I occasionally shave my legs, armpit, and bikini line. I have done Brazilian waxes in the past and I stopped for several reasons. I resented paying so much money for something that wasn’t expected of male counterparts, it was painful, and ultimately I felt sexier with hair. Personally, I feel sexiest with pubic hair that is occasionally trimmed a tiny bit and an occasionally shaved bikini line. Also, in my queer opinion, both men and women look sexiest with some pubic hair. Also, I feel the same way about other body hair. I think that people look sexiest when they feel comfortable in their own skin, regardless of shape, hair, weight, clothing, etc. I’m all for everyone doing what feels right for them.

    • JC

      I also shave my face sometimes! It’s amazing.

  • I’ve been waxing my bikini / private parts for about 6 years now, I’m 22. I have literal holes on my bikini line from ingrown hairs that got inflamed and left marks in the process. Every single time I get a wax there’s at lest 3-4 bumps that feel like little balls under my skin. They also usually last around a month and hurt like a mofo.
    I’m Hungarian and I feel like in general Eastern Europe culture is very unforgiving when it comes to body hair. Or maybe it’s just the circle that I grew up in. I’ve been living in Berlin for the last 4 years and I’ve now come to accept that waxing anything apart from the parts that would stick out of my bikini is just not for me. And I now prefer my bush actually, it makes me feel more feminine and in control of my body. Underarms and legs I shave when I don’t forget about them hahaha

    • Adrianna

      I’m Polish-American, grew up in a Polish immigrant community, and agree 100% of that Eastern European expectations can be insane. I lost a lot of my anxiety about how I looked like – including body hair – when I moved away. It’s also why I’m dating an American.

      • Thank you for saying this! Americans are the best btw, I studied abroad in NYC and never had any comments on any form of hair on my body. I was actually surprised, but also very relieved!

    • Jolie

      Yep, those bumps are the worst! I have so many scars from waxing and ingrowns.

    • Ana Paula Butucaru

      You might have keratosis pilaris. Google it. Might change your life.

      • I just did, unfortunately it isn’t 🙁

  • jen

    I had my legs waxed one time and got a terrible staph infection that led me to the ER. AHH! Since I am petrified to get waxed ever again, I now shave nearly everyday. Laser hair removal would be a dream but who has the time!!! (or money obviously)

  • Abby

    I never grew much body hair (nothing on armpits or arms), so I shave sporadically. If I’m going somewhere fancy, have a big work meeting, or will be in a swimsuit, I shave. Otherwise, I only do it when the mood strikes.

  • heat11her

    Completely hairless from the neck down save for my upper thighs (blonde hair). All thanks to complimentary hair laser treatments when I worked at a cosmetic office. I wouldn’t change it for the world! Any temperature, any adventure, I’m ready.

  • Jolie

    I shaved forever, then started waxing, then stopped waxing a year later when I realized I had to pay $100~ every three weeks to have someone rip into my skin and make me cry. I found it nauseatingly painful. I also started have a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa, which means I get these cysts in my groin area and the waxing made them much worse.

    So I found a cheap, reputable laser place and got a Groupon there. They had affordable membership deals and I still go there every couple months, since my hair doesn’t want to disappear completely and I’m never shaving or waxing again. The cysts are kept at bay, I don’t have a panic attack on the subway ride there (like I used to with waxing), and all is well.

    For the record, I kept my public hair pretty grown out (but trimmed) for years and no one ever complained. I’m in NYC, so that might be why. Actually, I remember one guy saying something critical about it and I broke up with him, so…yeah, that shit won’t fly here. He was from Jersey, so. Outlier.

  • Bria

    I shave my armpits, legs, stomach, and lower back. I get my pubic hair waxed monthly. The only hair I’m super self-conscious about is the hair on my upper arms, and that’s only because I have never ever seen a girl with hair on their upper arms besides me 🙁

  • Julia

    Being Mediterranean meant I started shaving legs, arms, pubes, underarms, and waxing my face as soon as I hit puberty. It was a major rite of passage for any girl. Nowadays I wax my underarms and legs whenever I feel like it, and leave the rest. I’ve grown to love my black pubes, arm hair, thick eyebrows and peach fuzz on my cheeks. People who touch my face say ‘IT’S SO SOFT!’ It’s actually fluffy :~)

  • Lazyyyyy.

    Meg @

  • tmm16

    Shave my armpits, legs, and stomach (around my belly button, weird right?) I leave everything else! I love being natural. I am interested in a Brazilian though and will probably try it out for fun.

  • Isabella

    I wax my arms, armpits and facial hair by myself. I get my Brazilian done professionally because I’m too much of a wuss to do it myself, even though it would save me tons of $$$. I only shave my legs because leg waxing is excruciatingly painful for me

  • Madeline

    I wax sometimes, sometimes I don’t. Men don’t seem to care… the only comments I’ve ever gotten were from women.

    • Cristina

      Ahahah this reminded me of a friend once in college. We were all smushed in the backseat and she was like, don’t rub up on my legs, we might start a fire!

    • Charlotte

      Yeah, the guys I’ve been didn’t seem to care either (if they did they never spoke up). I also feel like comments generally come from other women and not from men.

  • lateshift

    Said it before, I’ll say it again: LASER. I am not exaggerating when I call it life-changing – especially if you, like me, are someone with thick, dark, coarse body hair and pale to medium skin. I used to waste countless hours in the shower every damn day waiting for my skin to get soft enough to shave my entire body (and getting cut anyway, or missing spots, and never feeling smooth – especially not my armpits – and always having to repeat the whole process again the next day.) I’d spend weeks waiting for my leg hair and bikini line and facial hair and etc to grow in enough so I could spend an hour of my life getting waxed – and of course, hating life while I waited. And then I’d spend more hours getting waxed, which always did bad things to my skin. I had hair EVERYWHERE…like, my elbows. The tops of my feet. My knuckles. And this was not silky baby-fine hair. This was off-duty bouncer at the Bada Bing body hair. My Mediterranean ladies feel me on this one.

    Now I use maybe two razors MAX over the course of a year, just for monthly touchups (it never feels urgent.) No shaving cream. I haven’t shaved my legs in a month, but last week a guy I hooked up with couldn’t stop raving about how insanely smooth they were – and these are legs that used to have permanent 5 o’clock stubble, even moments after a good shave. I used to think about body hair constantly, especially in the summer. Now I never think about it at ALL. Yeah, the initial financial investment is a bit more than you’d pay for waxing and shaving, but over time it basically evens out – and in the meantime, it more than pays for itself in time and all the goddam mental energy you may not even realize you’re devoting to body hair until you free it up. It is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself…and I’m including my masters degree on that list. Yes. THAT GOOD.

    • Sophie

      I’m SO glad to hear this because laser has been on my mind lately. I’m only 23 so I feel like if I can make it happen (saving up to gift myself treatments for my next birthday, I think) then I should. I almost feel guilty about not just being able to embrace my leg hair.. I dont show my legs in summer (sitting right now in 90 degree heat and jeans) but its not just looks. It is PAINFUL even before I shave because it’s so thick and coarse and living with roommates I feel guilty taking the longest showers waiting for it to soften.

      I’m so happy you said all of this and now I’m pretty much convinced.

    • Hayley

      Yes — totally agreed. Laser is the way to go. I love that I never have to think about shaving my bikini region whenever I don a bathing suit. It’s freeing.

    • LEM

      Me too. After I finally bit the bullet (I was terrified that it would hurt) I felt like telling strangers on the street. Best beauty investment I have EVER made. If you’re cool with body hair, more power to you. But I wanted a clean bikini line and laser got me there.

      Also there are ALWAYS Groupons for it, so it should really only cost you a couple hundred bucks at a reputable place (at least that’s what it cost me at a great laser spa in Manhattan). If you’re on the fence, just do it!

  • Jennifer

    I shave my legs, underarms and around my pubic area 1-2 times a week, but it’s basically a tidy bush down there. My fiance doesn’t care too much- he has hinted at “switching it up” down there, meaning he would probably appreciate a Brazilian on me of some sort a few times a year, but I don’t want to pay for it, I don’t like PAIN, and I don’t like the grow out process. Maybe on his 30th birthday I’ll surprise him 😉

  • Devon

    The only thing I am diligent about shaving daily is my chin. When I consider gear for backpacking trips, I always think – save a place for a razor because no one needs to see the bearded lady. I’m planning to get it lasered this fall and I cannot wait. As for everything else, I shave my legs if I’m going to see my girlfriend and I nair my armpits. Everything else gets left alone.

    • weni

      Please, be careful with the laser in the chin area. I had some hairs I wanted to remove. I’m very pale, with dark hair, so apparently I was the perfect candidate (so I was told). Many sessions and hundred of euros later I gave up: the hairs were still growing and, what’s worse, the laser made very fine blonde hairs I had on the neck and face turn dark and coarse. I am much worse than I was before 🙁 Unfortunately, laser can exacerbate the hair around the treated areas, especially in the face

  • Kate

    i’ve recently started shaving my legs (only from the knee down though, i’ve never shaved my thighs and the hair is so fine it makes me wish i’d never shaved any part of my legs at all!) only because i’m into it these days. i shave my armpits almost every time i take a shower so if the armpit hair is long, i know it’s been a while. i bleach my mustache and trim my pubic hair. i have coarse hair, and a lot of it. it’s not black but it’s dark. i just do whatever i want whenever i want, basically.

  • Merrynell

    You guise! Raise your hand if you’re like me who don’t grow hair on their legs. I’ve never owned a razor, ever. I do go get my hoo-ha waxed tho 🙂

  • The Fluffy Owl

    I’ve been getting rid of it a lot less over the years. Now it’s only done if I think I’m gonna be in a bathing suit or I want to give my husband a little surprise. It’s too much hassle, it’s time consuming and whether I shave, wax or use NAIR, it hurts like a mother, and afterwards I end up with spots I missed, and lots of nicks and irritation. I actually have to wait a few days to wear deodorant if/when I shave my pits because they get so irritated. Plus, honestly, if men can proudly walk around in 90+ degree weather with their hairy beer bellies and backs out, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with me walking around with some fuzz on my legs. Plus it’s an extra layer of warmth in the winter!

  • Meg S

    I can shave my legs below the knee every 2-3 weeks and be fine. Shaving in the winter doesn’t happen. The pits are a must-shave, and trimming below the belt happens. My eyebrows are waxed once a month, my upper lip every 3 months. To put things in perspective, I’m looking at my forearm and I know there’s hair, but I’ll be damned if I can actually see it.

  • I shave my pits every two or three days, my legs weekly (except for the backs of my thighs), trim my pubes but leave them for the most part and pluck that one annoying hair from my chin once a week. Thank god I’m blonde.

    I’ve considered sugaring though…

  • Paige

    i am italian so i have lots of pretty dark hair but it always felt like such a massive waste of my time considering i don’t like to show a lot of skin anyway! i am always covered up so why not just chill out in the tub instead of squinting with my terrible vision and doing wet, naked yoga with a razor? it also ended up that by letting it grow, a lot of my skin issues (including hidradenitis suppurativa which someone else mentioned ayyy girl whats up) almost completely subsided. almost like my hairs were making a protective barrier for my delicate skin. now i just trim when the bits get a little too long and pluck the face hairs when i get scraggly. hell, i even stopped waxing my eyebrows when the whole weird, thick, hyper-precise, over-drawn instagram brow took off in defiance of them. my eyebrows are huge and dark and imperfect and so so SO fun!

  • Basil

    I get my legs waxed, as I found shaving / epilating them myself too much work (lazy). I used to get regular bikini waxes, but now I can’t be bothered. I just do it if there’s a chance I’m going to be in a swimsuit. I get my eyebrows threaded, but that’s largely so that a professional can trim them (I’m too scared to trim them myself). I also have to frequently have a go at my chin with a tweezer as I have more of dark hairs sprouting all over the place.

    Once I’m able to (not pregnant or breastfeeding) I really want to get laser done on my legs and bikini line. Unfortunately my pubes like to go down a quarter of the way down my thighs and I hate it. I’m hoping laser will fix that

  • megmary13

    I’m a pale person with dark, corse hair so hair removal has always been a part of my life. Face, armpits, legs, pubes, stomach and nipples (ughhh!!!). While I generally enjoy the feeling of shaved legs and armpits, pubic hair removal was something I always did “for others”. On top of that, I would get so many ingrown hairs and red bumps no matter what means of hair removal I did! I recently decided to go au natural down there, and am so happy I have! I feel more like an adult, even sexier. It does help that my boyfriend is very into it. Would def. recommend to anyone who is thinking about it!

  • starryhye

    I used to be *so* self conscious about my body hair. I’m Greek and Armenian (Gremenian, if you will) so dark body hair just comes with the territory. I want to say I started shaving my legs when I was in 5th grade!? I used my moms old electric razor, so it wasn’t that great. I still have faded scars around my ankles, knees and shins from my many razor mishaps. At one point in middle/high school I took to shaving/Nair-ing/ bleaching my arm hair. That was a colossal waste of time! Now that I’m an older, wiser (ha!) adult, I recognize that body hair is the norm and have relaxed in some of my depilatory habits. I shave my legs and pits about 3x a week, and that seems to be the sweet spot. I do get monthly brazilian bikini waxes, but that’s my chosen “style”.

  • L Winfree

    I use an epillator on my armpits pretty regularly: 1x every 2-3 weeks. Leg shaving happens if there’s some kind of event and I want to look fancy, otherwise I assume my legs are far away enough from the general public’s eye level for anyone to notice the cactus fuzz. The lady garden runs wild–it reacts badly to all methods of landscaping, so I’m resigned to living with a few escaped pubes near the bikini line.

  • Kiri

    I don’t shave, wax, laser or anything. I trim my leg hair in the colder months or else it tangles (haha) under leggings and jeans. When it comes to the summer I definitely feel more pressure to shave or at least trim my pits and my bikini area, but just the fact that I’m feeling that pressure in the first place makes me want to resist the urge. A male friend once said that it was okay if I had armpit hair as long as it didn’t stink, and I just thought that was so funny that if men have hair under their armpits then it’s okay to smell, but a hairy woman needs to be smelling good all the time. Those double standards drive my resistance to removing my body hair.

  • Erica

    Bleach my arm hair to avoid prickles, sugar my lady parts, and shave the rest (face, armpits, and legs)

  • Chloe

    I’m Italian and have PCOS which means I’m a pretty hairy person. I shave my pits, legs and happy trail (yeah, I know) every other day, arms every week and pluck all the foul stray nipple, chin and upper lip hairs I also get. I’ve got really sensitive skin down there, so I mostly leave my pubes alone except for some occasional lazy trimming.

  • gracesface

    I shave my legs when I feel like it, about every 3 months or so. I have pretty light hair and honestly i just don’t care that much. Armpits? Weekly.

  • mapillski

    my hairy hobbit feet/hands are pretty much my biggest insecurity, I Nair them because the smell doesn’t bother me and ingrowns on your toe is v painful. I shave my arms and pits whenever I feel like it and wax my bikini line pretty regularly. I thought we’ve come a long way as a society and then I realize I use 3 different products for the sole purpose of removing hair and I suddenly feel v susceptible to marketing.

  • liv

    I got my lady parts lasered Brazilian style (all off) and it was definitely worth it. It is pricey upfront, but like another poster mentioned, it evens itself out in the long run. However, it is not permanent. You do have to do touch ups every so often. I stopped working and returned to school so I wasn’t able to keep it up, but I almost never get ingrowns now, which was the sole reason I opted for laser (it is the only method that treats ingrowns, apparenty).

    I’m not bothered by the hair on my legs because I’m darkskinned and my body hair isn’t thick, so I randomly shave/Nair that when I’m just in the mood to “up my sexy.” I shave my underarms weekly, although I experimented with growing it out from about March to May this year. I did start to get self-conscious about it as the weather grew warmer, though. Hence, I caved! I think when I’m working again I will get my underarms lasered, too, and pick back up with the pubic lasering.

  • I’m accepting my body hair more and more. I’m half-Nepalese and got all the hairy genes. My body hair is dark and long but luckily it’s not too coarse. I used to get my arms and legs waxed because I was self-conscious about it, but I stopped waxing my arms and do my own legs because it’s cheaper. I shave my pits and pubes because I’m scared to wax them. But honestly I don’t mind my pubes at all and the only reason I continue shaving is because they get itchy if I don’t.

  • Sarah

    I am currently sitting in the waiting room of a laser clinic in Melbourne and wowee there are a LOT of people in here! I have extremely pale skin with thick, coarse, black hair and am also a broke university student, but found a really cheap deal on Groupon and took the leap. Dear hair gods, please please please be the answer to the cystic ingrown nightmares of yore.

    • annie holland

      My ingrown hairs are so ratchet!!!! i have the same situation, really pale with thick black hair and its really hard to manage. I have been waxing but the ingrown hairs get so much worse every time i feel. when I am no longer a broke student- im going for laser.

      • Sarah

        The struggle is so real sometimes! I mean, woo hoo when I wax I have no hair, but then I have to deal with these awful red and purple spots all over the place. Definitely get onto Groupon! I don’t know where you are, but in Australia there are heaps of deals and they are really really affordable. The one I got was AUD$220 for six sessions of my full legs and Brazilian. Worth the extra work shift that week.

        • annie holland

          I feel you. I will have to get on and see! And honestly it’s an investment. I’ve been so insecure about my ingrown situation

  • Charlotte

    I shave my legs probably once a week. I mostly do it for myself, I usually don’t care but because I love to wear my pants cropped above the ankle so sometimes I prefer to have a clean shaven leg. I feel that I have to shave my underarms at least every other day because if not it gets itchy/uncomfortable. As for the bikini line, again, I do it for myself…. the guys I’ve been with have never commented on it (or on my legs for that matter). I mostly just get self conscious about hair when I have to wear a bathing suit.

  • Charlotte
  • Anonymous

    These articles are getting boring

    • Emily

      don’t read ’em then love

  • ABadler

    I just figured out myself why I cannot let it grow or show it off: it draws a lot of attention. I dont like to be in the center of it (even if it is positive) and it makes me self concious and I get distracted. It is almost like a political statement or when people in highschool dressed up in a certain way so they make sure you know to which subculture they belong. It probably shouldnt be like that with female body hair but that is how I perceive it.

  • Nam Trần

    These articles are getting boring
    lò nướng bánh gia đình

  • Letting it grow. Currently getting used to having hairy legs out in public summertime, slowly getting less and less conscious about it – feels so good! Wouldn’t trade it for the stubbles or pimples after a wax or shave. I think the most important part of deciding what to do, removal or not, is to reflect on why you do it. I let it grow for myself, and last time I considered shaving I really realized I was doing that for others, so ditched it!

  • Julianna Lee

    Im brazilian, here we have all this mandatory beauty standards of shaving, I started shaving really soon, but nowadays I said fuck it, and let it GROW. Im learning that is fine to woman have body hair, just as men do.

  • BarbieBush

    I don’t shave anything. Years of lazy shaving have made the hair quite soft. I don’t know… I just don’t have it in me to care at this point in my life. Teenage me shaved more but never too consistently. Actually I shaved my pubes consistently as a teen and then stopped at once in college and never did again.

    I never thought it was tooo big of a deal but I think it is interesting that I started stopping to care when in college and I started hanging with queer peeps and foreigners (started having bi relationships and moved abroad).

    I think you do you and don’t really have a strong opinion for anyone else. I think all peeps are entitled to shave or not, for me personally, something about bald genitalia is off putting, men and women. I draw the inevitable connection of hairlessness to pre-pubesence. I hope to say this without judgement because some people are into that and I really don’t think that reflects anything particular.

    • Anna

      Same, same, and same. I stopped when I started college (9 years ago?) and never looked back. I try not to judge because everybody’s body is their own personal territory, but seeing shaved armpits and especially genitalia kinda grosses me out. I know it’s been waay easier having fairly fine and light-colored hair, but I often wish my pit and leg hair was *more* visible so I could make more of a political statement with it. Honestly no one has ever commented.

  • Gwenn Guthrie

    No hair removal for me! Been a few years now of being a generally ‘fuzzy’ person, (with the exception of patches temporarily shaved off for the next tattoo, so freaking itchy growing back) and while it did change my personal style, it was for the better. I would not go back. Don’t have to worry about tattoos being obscured by dark body hair because I’m a natural blonde, don’t know if being a brunette or of a different ethnicity would change my view on body hair. Initially ‘let it grow’ because it was the best zero waste option, felt more natural, but have also noticed my skin seems a lot happier not having to deal with constantly battling stubble.

  • Alain

    Thank u for this revolutionary suggestion on how to peel a kiwi! Cutting off the top and eating w a spoon just leaves too much flesh on the skin!

  • Lil

    I let everything grow except for my pits and bikini line. Weirdly enough my legs don’t get hairy at all so I can go weeks without shaving them, but my arms are an entirely different story.

  • D

    I have very dark body hair, pale skin, but dirty blonde hair on my head. So I choose to get lasered every other month. I get my chest, stomach, nipples and bikini line lasered and it usually only costs me about $75-100 per session in LA. I go to a really great place – Dr. Gina Danesh is the shit. She’s amazing and her girls are so courteous and kind and just so so so lovely. In LA it’s not widely accepted to have lots of body hair (at least in my circle) and I definitely do this to feel better about myself (as it totally makes me ashamed!) I mean when you look at me you wouldn’t ever ever guess that I grow the darkest hair in spots that most ladies don’t have to deal with. I’ll keep doing this until I’m really broke, but for now this keeps me feeling the most confident. 🙂

  • I stopped shaving in college and I’m never going back. The only thing I’ll do is occasionally my bikini line if I’m going to be in a swimsuit. I’ve never once had a man complain about it but if one did I’d kick him out on the spot. I can’t help but think that women are being bamboozled on a massive scale when it comes to hair removal. It costs us thousands of dollars and countless hours- not to mention the pain of waxing. Men are under no obligation to do it, yet we’re considered gross if we don’t. It’s so ridiculous, frankly it makes me furious! Free your hair, ladies! Let it grow and fuck the haters!!

  • Rheanonn Perez

    i let most of my body hair grow, i only shave my armpit hair once it reaches a certain length & i pluck my happy trail like once a month. my leg hair is very thin but it’s reached a length where i catch people staring once in a while. it started out of laziness & then i realized how my hair removal habits were shaped by society rather than my own values.

  • Lyla

    I have very fine hair and not much of it, but I find that I get ingrowns on my shins and armpits if I only shave sporadically. I exfoliate and shave my pits and lower leg every other day. I only ever deal with my bikini line if I’m going to be in a swimsuit. Then I just get rid of the few strands that show outside my swimsuit.

  • SammiAnna

    I’ve never had a lot of body hair so going without shaving was never a big deal to me. Now I just don’t shave at all! It started out because I was lazy but I’ve really started to like my body hair. Its apart of me, and it makes me feel like an adult woman rather than a hairless child! Overall if removing hair makes someone feel more comfortable in their body that’s wonderful. Not removing mine makes me feel comfortable 🙂

  • ApocalypsoFacto

    Shave legs, pits and pubes. Legs only in the spring/summer TBH. In February, if you look at my legs you’ll be looking at legs that haven’t been shaved in awhile.

    Before people get indignant about the pubes thing – I ride my bike a lot and learned from an older lady when I was still in my teens that shaving/hair removal solves a lot of problems with getting ingrown hairs from tight bike shorts and long hours in a bike saddle. I was suffering with tons of ingrowns till she told me, just shave it off and problem solved. And she was right. I didn’t even have a boyfriend when I started doing this, so male preference pays no part of the decision. Few years ago, I had an injury and couldn’t ride and I let the hair grow back in. My husband’s indifferent (or at least has had the good sense never to express a preference either way about what I do with my body). And even if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t care. It’s my body; I do what works for me.

  • Tanya

    Would like to give the laser a try but a little pricey for us right now. So we both, me & my hubby will continue to shave down there, & we both go & get waxed (Hollywood style) on a reg. basis. We both enjoy the look & feel of the silky smoothness of it on each other. It’s so much more pleasant than dealing with hair that just get’s in the way, not too mention it makes his beautiful manhood look even more endowed who’s at 23 cm’s (9 in.) Were just a happy couple of smoothies! 😉 No hair, Don’t care!