Let This Be the Summer of the Skort

I have an unproven theory about clothes, which is that the more overwhelming our world seems, the more it becomes essential to dress like a human Swiss Army knife. Perhaps that is why I’ve been trading in skirts for skorts.

Skorts are essentially the wearable equivalent of everyone’s favorite undecided utensil, the spork. It’s not a spoon nor a fork, but both! The skort is the same but different, plus spandex. It’s a true hybrid vehicle. The skort is work, play, all of the above. It doesn’t require you to know what your future will hold. It wants you to do it all without worrying about what some creep next to you is up to with his iPhone. Your skort can bike. It can hold tennis balls in convenient spandex pockets. It’s a garment that laughs in the face of the weird hot air the subway ejects and says, what now, life?

Market and styling by Elizabeth Tamkin. Photos by Edith Young, collages by Maria Jia Ling Pitt. 

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  • Does anyone remember G&G that store in many a northeastern mall that stocked polyester skorts of every color and spaghetti strap tanks in the 90’s? I wish that store was still around.

  • mapillski

    I just bought a skort from Zara for like $15 so news could not have come at a better time.

  • Eliza

    !! I was on a hunt for a skort all last summer, but ended up talking myself out of every potential purchase. You wouldn’t believe the looks you can get from saying, “I’m just looking for a good skort.” Thank you for giving me the push I needed.


    I just bought a skort from Zara for like $20
    Nồi luộc gà

  • Bambi loves Rose

    wow! Yesterday I thought i need such a “skirt” thing without knowing that there is actually a name for it “SKORT” ! 🙂

  • liv h

    SZA is the leader of this movement!

    May you all be blessed with unchaffed thighs this summer!

  • I think we all needed a few years’ break after that Zara skirt that everyone had but I’m ready for this!

  • ChiefCC

    Love this article — great styling!!!

  • Kalei

    Bringing this back, any recs for non-athletic/tennis-y skorts?