These Bags Are Different and Special, Just Like You

The basket bag has had a good run. In fact, it’s still running. It’s on the arms of every person who’s ever dreamed a Jane-Birkin-in-the-South-of-France dream, in the sweaty palms of every hand who’d drop it all for an apertivo and on the shopping mind of those who took a while to get used to the idea that wicker or straw could replace your classic leather. I’m certainly still using mine.

But I’m also starting to get itchy about it. The spark is gone and my stomach is beginning to growl for something new. The basket-bag trend encouraged those who fell in love with it to think outside the box. Right now, a classic clutch or tote won’t do, so what’s different and special? What’s a unique stuff-holder that does more than just hold stuff? What surprises, delights and adds life? In this age of the tap-for-credits internet, what is something everyone else and their (very chic, I’m sure!) mothers don’t have?

A polished wooden sculpture might do the trick, or a black teapot with a bamboo handle. A red knit tote with tassels? Who knew the possibilities for non-bags were so vast. In fact, I wonder if my keys are in there.

Photos by Edith Young. 

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  • Leandra Medine

    That Waiwai baggggggggggggg

    • Leandra Medine

      Also! Edith! insane pics.

  • spicyearlgrey

    the bags at the bottom are not doign that new mr thing where the price comes up as mouse hovers?

    • Amelia Diamond

      oo er..hold please! let me see if i can amend.

      • Leandra Medine

        HI! Good eye. There is a reason tho — it’s because they’re not generated by the same affiliate partner we use for mouse-hovering price come up thing! (not all the products are avail through that partna)

  • Meg S

    Japanese brands hold the corner on unique bags. I’ve got bags shaped like hearts, teapots, even one that looks like a circus tent. I can’t say I use them very often (the circus tent bag is highly impractical), but the heart bags can hold as much as my daily bag. Vivienne Westwood makes a great heart bag too.

  • jules_js

    woOoooow that hayward tote is a freakin dream (cannot afford but will admire from afar)

  • I love the Rocia Wooden bags and covered them last August at . They’re also carried at Patron of the New on Franklin Street. The quality is amazing and compared to “It” bags a bargain. Glad to see they’re getting some attention.