Everything You Want to Know About Amelia Diamond’s Hair

Your prayers have been answered.


Amelia, the deputy editor and senior writer at Man Repeller, has the kind of hair that has its own fan club. People have actually stopped me in the streets to try to get her secrets. That’s the kind of impression her mane leaves. And I’m not using the word “mane” out of some journalistic endeavor to not re-use the word “hair.” She really does have a mane, in the truest sense of the word. It hangs off her head in a thick, shiny, billowing sheets. It looks almost magical. So, as a public service, I corralled her into answering a bunch of questions about it. It was finally time to give the people what they want. Below, everything you ever wanted to know about Amelia Diamond’s very special hair. — Haley Nahman

How often do you wash your hair and when?

Three times a week, usually in the mornings but sometimes on Sunday nights. I dread washing my hair because it’s heavy and I don’t think I’m very good at getting all the shampoo out. Plus, it means brushing out the tangles — which takes forever and makes my arms tired (and then I have to vacuum after).

I work out four mornings a week, five when I’m really going for it, so I have to be strategic. It gets more complicated when I’m in a hot-yoga phase, which I do at night. I also HATE TO BE UNCLEAN.

What’s your hair approach in the shower? 

I tie it up into a high bun if it’s a no-wash day. If it’s a wash day, I brace myself, turn on a podcast and get to work. I shampoo first and usually wash, rinse, repeat. Then I wring it out like a washcloth and put globs of conditioner on the hair that falls below my ears.

What products do you use?

I’m completely disloyal to hair products because I feel like they stop working really fast. This month it’s been Head & Shoulders, the minty one that makes your scalp feel like it took a swig of mouthwash. Last month it was R&Co shampoo specifically for colored hair. Sometimes I listen to my colorist and use New Wash.

The only two products I currently swear by are Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask (once or twice a week, depending on how thirsty my hair is — it smells AMAZING) and Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt. It gets all of the buildup out. I love it so much. I also use R+Co’s Pinstripe detanging spray, John Masters Organics leave-in conditioner, John Masters Organics “Shine On” cuticle smoother, R+Co’s “Sail” wave spray and John Masters Organics lavender salt spray. I think I use too much product at once but I don’t really listen to suggested portion sizes, either.

What’s your daily routine?

I let my hair air dry, then twist it into a bun when it’s still a little “damp.” Fuck that word, by the way, because it’s ambiguous. I do the same thing when my hair is dry-dry, too — I can’t sleep with it down. Then I wake up and pray it looks good. Sometimes I brush it, sometimes it looks cooler un-brushed.

Do you do something different for special occasions?

I get it blown out. I tell them that I want to look like a Pantene Pro-V model who lives in Texas and is related to Connie Britton. I do not like cool fashion hair. I like smooth, wave-y, late ‘80s glam hair with volume at the crown for events.

I almost always use GlamSquad, although I just tried Glam&Go and liked it. I got it done on Friday for a wedding on Saturday, then I worked out Sunday morning and it lasted.

How often do you get it cut?

Three times a year, maybe? I go to Paul Fox Salon for cuts. Paul cuts my hair and he’s amazing. He’s fast and will be real with you while also fixing what’s been “off,” even if it’s subtle. I’ve also seen Cheryl, who I love and once had to deal with me while some RELATIONSHIP DRAMA was going down. She just made me laugh the whole time, which I really appreciated. They’re all great there. They also have snacks.

Tell me about a standout hair-related memory.

I had a really itchy head last year and saw two derms about it because I was convinced it was lice (I am paranoid because my hair is so long and one time I volunteered with kids who kept hugging me, then got NITS and I can’t even talk about it but oh my god was that miserable). Anyway, turns out it wasn’t lice, it was just stress!!!!!!!! That was cool.

Do you dye, highlight, treat it?

I dye it to “the color my hair naturally turns,” which is probably BS. I am very gray on the left side of my head — like Stacy London, but less chic. I also get it balayaged once or twice a year. Roxie Darling is my hair-dye guru and has been since 2012. She’s amazing and does color therapy and makes rose-quartz necklaces and if I could hang out with her all the time I would. She works out of Suite Caroline.

Have you gone through a bunch of hair phases or have you had the same hair your whole life?

I’m not sure if you saw this story, but I kept my hair short for many unfortunate years. Before I did that to myself, when I still had long hair, my mom took me to Supercuts and they gave me sideburns. To make that look even nicer, I cut a piece from the crown of my hair, which gave me an Alfalfa-like antenna. This was all great for character development.

I also went through a phase where I thought I was sooo punk rock, but my school wouldn’t let us have dyed hair. I could do whatever I wanted in the summer though, so between 8th and 9th grade I had a hot pink “ombre” that required tubs of grape-scented Manic Panic all summer long. I felt like my truest self that summer.

When do you hate your hair?

When it’s FLAT.

When do you love it?

Fresh after a dramatic blowout or when it’s salty and wind-blown. I am so jealous of anchor women and ocean-adjacent golden retrievers.

What’s one product you couldn’t live without?

Conditioner of any kind. I will take Suave if that’s all you have. I can’t shower without globs of it. 

Who first taught you how to do your hair?

My aunt is the one who taught me how to comb out a rat’s nest, which has proved helpful since I have one every single day. My mom has very different hair from me — it’s wild and curly and super dry. She did teach me how to French braid, though, which I’m really good at.

What does your hairdresser tell you to do that you ignore?

Stop using cheap shampoo with silicone in it, but it’s like sugar and my hair is addicted.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do with it, but still haven’t?

Dye it really red, like Christina Hendricks-red.

Photos by Edith Young.

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  • Sonia

    Supercuts, where good hair goes to die. They BUZZED my neck once. UGH!

  • Oooo you should tooootally get res hair, Amelia. You’d look vavavoom!

    Also, what brushes do you use?

  • Caitie

    “I tell them that I want to look like a Pantene Pro-V model who lives in Texas and is related to Connie Britton.” ❤ ❤ ❤
    Learning to embrace what you love/have vs. cool fashion hair is the key

  • Andrea Raymer

    YESSS! so I box dye my hair (I know, I know. bad. My mom has box dyed her hair for 15 years and thinks going to the salon is a wast if money and gives me a hard time about it) But if I were to go to a salon to dye it I would just bring in a picture of Amelia and say, “I want this”

    • Amelia Diamond

      Your hair color looks amazing so clearly you’re doing something right

    • I actually DID that last year, but the colorist talked me out of it because she didn’t think I could pull off the reddish color. Boo her!

  • Vanessa

    This is the greatest story Man Repeller has ever produced.

  • Lucy

    i didn’t know how much i loved Amelia’s hair until i read this !! incred

    also holla for stress induced scalp itches

    • Amelia Diamond

      medicated itch shampoo whatuppp

      • Emily

        hit a girl up with a product reck please Amelia??

        • Amelia Diamond

          my derm legit gave it to me, i’ll write it down when i get home so you can ask yours about it

          • Emily

            Thanks babes!! Saving my life!

    • Emily

      i have it SO bad, what can we do??

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. forget a fan club, your hair needs its own place of worship. i’ll be the pastor. also so impressed by your sunday work out following a wedding.

    • Amelia Diamond

      by workout i secretly mean i went riding but it was v sweaty because all my hair was in a helmet

      • Sweaty post-riding hair is the WORST post-workout hair I find, because sweat + helmet never equals good results.

        • gracesface


  • It is now going to take everything in my being not to google nits. I don’t even wanna know. I am scared.

    Amelia your mane is that of a majestic unicorn and I hope you never go a day without looking in the mirror and thinking, dayum, look at all this lusciousness that sits atop my head.

    ALSO. And this is my last note. One of these for Harling? Please? My hair is like hers and ideally I’d like to know all her secrets.

    • Amelia Diamond

      do not google nits. YES we gotta do harling’s!!!

  • tmm16

    Hair goals 4eva

  • Hil

    NEW WASH so expensive but no way I can stop using it at this point

    • Amelia Diamond

      can you tell me how you use it and what your hair is like and what i’m doing wrong because sometimes i just feel like it makes my hair greasy even though i know it’s literally like green juice for hair

      • Hil

        My hair was kind of gross and greasy for a couple weeks before it started working well. Now I feel like it stays clean longer (I also wash my hair about 3 times a week). I have really thick slightly wavy hair. Since using New Wash I have no bad hair days unless I wait too long to wash it. It’s soft and shiny and has body but not in a poofy way. And I stopped using all other hair products. Your hair seems to always look great, so maybe it’s not worth it to you. But if you want to try, I would suggest only using New Wash for a few weeks and see how it goes.

        • Hannah

          I will totally second the New Wash rec. My hair was also greasy at first but I figured out it was because I wasn’t scrubbing and/or rinsing thoroughly enough. You have to get. in. there. good. I do basically the same thing with the upside down scrubbing, though I use more pumps since I have a lot of hair. And I bring a comb into the shower with me to really make sure I get everything distributed and rinsed out. I either use a bit of their Hair Balm and just air dry, or use a combo of the Hair Balm and Dressed Up, blow dry half way, and let my hair air dry the rest of the way (usually at night on my pillow). And that’s all I use anymore either! Love this stuff and will never go back.

      • Hil

        Oh, and I use a pump for the top of my scalp, then the sides, then flip my hair over to get the bottom and middle (if that makes any sense haha). Then I comb it and let it air dry without any product.

      • Elsa Jeanette

        I came to the realization that with New Wash, you have to actually follow the directions. I don’t look at directions because I’m an Aquarius and don’t like being told what to do…but I digress. Use a LOT of product. I have fine, dense, wavy shoulder-length hair, and end up using about 6-8 pumps. Massage it all in for a minute or two, and let it sit on your hair for another minute or two while you do other shower things. Rinse super-thoroughly, and do some more head massage to make sure it’s all gone. I wash about 3x per week (at night) slap some devacurl in to help my waves along, and sleep on it wet/damp. I get heavy balayage done a couple times a year, and I think New Wash preserves it way better than traditional shampoos.

        Personal peeves with New Wash: one pump out of the white bottle is barely any product. (This probably doesn’t happen with the big bottle with a real pump, though.) It’s also just a lot of work to do all of the necessary head massaging! I started using New Wash when my hair was chin length, so it took barely any time and I fell in love immediately. Now that my hair is down to my shoulders, it’s becoming a huge event to wash my hair. I can only imagine how it would feel to do it with hair that’s your length!!

        • Ciccollina

          Also the bottle doesn’t squeeze so it’s a 24-hour effort trying to get the last bits out 🙁

      • belle

        Same!!! I don’t think I’m doing enough rinsing and I end up with product residue.

    • Interesting. I have super long, thick hair (honestly, very similar to Amelia’s) but it tangles like crazy and I am always trying new shampoos and conditioners to glom on there. Now I’m super intrigued by New Wash, but worry that I’ll have to use a ton of it for how much hair I have…which is a problem with how expensive it is. It’s nice to hear from real people that have tried it- so any other feedback is super appreciated!

      • Gene

        I have fine curly hair so can’t relate to long thick issues, but I am a new wash evangelist. I use one and a half pumps (from the big fan club pumper) per wash, mainly on the roots and then it gets combed through with fingers and massage. You can run your head quickly under the water after first applying to get it (duh) wetter and more spreadable. Also, how dirty do your ends get in most daily activities? I pre coconut oil my hair as it’s super prone to dryness and new wash cleans it easily (just be sure to rinse and don’t rush). Stick to their products (I cheat and add pure aloe with my hair balm for extra moisture). And I am Canadian so add the exchange to the price. Totally worth it.

      • Chrissipio

        Haven’t tried New Wash yet, but I also have a “mane”. Thickness is similar to Amelia’s, but a bit more wavy. I wash it 2x/week and let it air dry. I don’t know why, but the Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner in the blue bottles has worked better for me than any other drugstore or salon brands I’ve tried. Once it’s rinsed, I wrap a towel around it for a few minutes, but I’m pretty careful not to break up my waves. After that I use 5-6 pumps of Frizz Ease’s original serum. Once it’s dry, I normally put Moroccan Oil on it, but I recently ran out and Rosehip Oil has been my stand in. I also use this Barr-Co salve on it sometimes for a little extra moisture or to tame flyaways. It smells like the beach, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when I’ve used it. My friends with fine hair say it’s too heavy for them, and even I have to use it sparingly (something I’m not used to). If I’m trying to go a little longer between washes, R+Co Death Valley is my favorite dry shampoo. I also like Herbivore’s Sea Mist if I’m trying to revive my waves after a workout.

        • this is super helpful! I also really like the Hello Hydration (in the blue bottles), but I should use it more regularly. I used to use Frizz Ease in high school but stopped and I think I’ll bring that back into the routine. For an oil, I currently use Keratase which is amazing but also $$. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Martha Pietruszewski

    um but how do you not have frizz I’m AMAZED

    • Amelia Diamond

      i get sideburn curls?

  • Lou Boom

    I really don’t like to wash my hair when I’m also taking a ‘normal’ shower (mostly because it takes for ever and ever), so I separate the two. I’ll shower at night and/or after working out and then wash my hair in the morning whenever I need to by flipping it over and washing it with my head upside down over the bathtub.

    It does take some getting used to, but I can use cold water (and not feel as guilty about the massive amounts going down the drain) and don’t go crazy from taking endless showers 🙂

  • Hayley

    I have very similar hair to yours, but with a little more wave. Thanks for the detangling spray recommendation; I’ve been looking for a good one since I was like, 7.

    Note — My husband gets concerned about how much conditioner I use BUT HE DOESN’T GET IT LIKE YOU DO.

  • Lauren

    Amelia, your hair is truly amazing, and the color is the best part (of all the very good things about it). It’s so natural looking and vibrant.

    I recently switched from using Oribe products to the Rahua Classic Shampoo and Rahua Conditioner (they sell it at CAP Beauty), and it works so well. It totally eliminates dry scalp, smells incredible, and gives me the best hair day every day, even one or two days after washing. Highly recommend.

    • Hayley

      Like Sunday RIley products, there seems to be a love/hate relationship with the smell of Rahua products. I personally cannot stand the smell of Rahua.

      • Lauren

        I loooooove the smell of their products. It’s so earthy and not girly, floraly, or too feminized or fragrant. To me, the shampoo and conditioner smell like vacation and in between washes my hair smells like my hair and not like perfume.

        • Hayley

          It smells kind of like licorice to me (???) but it’s so unfortunate because the shampoo/conditioner works so well.

  • Rebecca

    I HATE it when my hair is flat too!! Can I ask what do you use/do to prevent that??

  • Jennifer

    This is great!! Can we get one of these for Shari?! Pleasee!!

    • Yvonne Dunlevie

      Re-tweet ^^

  • Lyla

    FYI there are now hundreds of women who hate you because your hair looks that great after air drying.

  • dietcokehead

    What is the serum in the dropper that Amelia is applying to her ends in that one photo??

  • Mary

    IT’S AMAZING but I yam only sad that no product, tool, or treatment could replicate this.

  • dayman

    IN AWE of that hair. Glorious. Mostly came to say though that if you haven’t tried the Wet Brush yet, you totally should! Makes brushing/detangling sooo much easier for me, wet or dry. I also compulsively brush my hair before washing, makes the whole process way easier IMO.

  • Esther

    We really need to know what that serum thing is with the pipette. It’s not disclosed in the product section but whyyyyyyyyy? WE NEED ANSWERS

    • Kelsey Moody

      also did amelia eat it?? did it taste good?

      • Aydan

        the more important questions 😉

        • Amelia Diamond

          ugh ok it’s annoying. it’s this rose oil stuff that roxie my hair dresser gave to me but i don’t think it’s sold any where. it’s like moroccan oil or argan oil but … roses? will look into.

  • Your hair is the hair mine aspires to be…so I’m going to see if that Oribe conditioner brings me 1/100th of the way closer! Will report back 🙂

  • Celeste

    “I felt like my truest self that summer” Amelia you are hilarious!! And your hair is absolutely divine. Xxx

  • Amelia your hair is truly a thing of beauty. Also, I went through the dip-dyed bright pink during the summers too and have v. distinct memories of wrapping a plastic bag around my shoulders and getting the bathroom all grape scented.

  • Lauren Carlson

    Honestly, loved this. I follow Amelia on Instagram primarily because my hair will never be as fabulous and I need to live vicariously.

  • Eric D.

    Amazing photos! You are GORGEOUS! (Your hair ain’t bad, either!) Hahaha! Love you, Daddy xoxoxoxox

    • Kelly

      Aw, Dad!!!

      • ultracookie

        This exchange wins my life <3

    • Kaylan Waterman

      oh my word, PRECIOUS.

  • Elizabeth


  • Bo

    ty for giving the people what they want!

  • Stephanie

    True/false: You were reenacting your camp talent show performance while singing into your brush on the bed.

  • She really does have incredible hair! I’m trying to grow mine out and this is pretty much my aim – maybes I’ll get there in a few years

    – Natalie

  • Nik Aliye


  • Grace

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! 😄

  • Amelia’s hair is perfect!! Reading her description it sounds like mine but mine looks nowhere near as nice.

  • Rachel

    I just loved your hair. You look fab!!

    best bingo sites

  • Jeanie

    My friend has hair like Amelia. She hardly does anything to it. It’s just perfect all on its own. I think she’s one of the few people I know who has zero complaints about her hair.

  • Mun

    WOWEE. Such gorgeous hair, and i’m not even a hair person!

  • kforkarli

    AND THOSE PHOTS! Stripes, the hair – GORGEOUS. You have heaps of new, envy-inducing profile pictures here, Amelia (also, you could be Connie Britton’s sister/child)

  • Emily


    i’ve never heard anyone else has it too!

    help a sister out, what did you do??

    (don’t say destress…. please.)

    • Dana Mathews

      you might actually be allergic to your shampoo. for a while i was using ABBA products (trying to go for the sulfate & paraben free, vegan thing) and i ended up finally realizing i was soo itchy after a few months from the products!!

      • Emily

        Ooooh thanks, what did you switch to? My scalp is so itchy, sometimes it wakes me up and I have to wash my hair at 3am

      • Emily

        Oooh, what cured yours please?

  • Wanyizee

    I’m in love with this girl, not to mention the hair.

  • Cristina

    So, I read this post yesterday morning thinking to myself “Oh yeah, Amelia’s hair is perfect but my hair is not perfect and I’ve tried everything so whatever.” All in love though. I have long hair like you. I have thick hair, but not as much of it as you. I don’t color it, so I feel like I’ve got no texture or dimension, and I don’t want to color it so I’m stuck with it. I’ve got a million cowlicks in the worst places. Well, I came back to say that this morning, I brushed my hair for the first time in…. ohhhh… 10 years, give or take a couple. Everyone always thinks I’m weird, but my hair doesn’t get tangled and isn’t that why people brush their hair? I used the same barrel brush I’ve had since high school LOL. YOU GUYS. It’s like I have all new hair. I brushed it dry then straightened the ends. I have this voluminous mane on my head. My old hair was like “I woke up like this” and my newly brushed hair is like “I woke up like this with amazing hair”. I am now hopping over to get that Free Your Hair brush Haley wrote about a couple weeks ago!

  • mapillski

    If I could make my hair look like Amelia’s when it’s long I would get rid of my much beloved lob.

  • lateshift

    Actually, this humblebrag interview (sorry. am sure it’s unintentional. but: it kinda is) could be shortened to a single haiku. And here is that haiku:

    the big secret to great hair is…
    parents whose genes gift you
    with great hair.

    It’s possible to screw good hair up of our own accord. It’s also possible to give decent hair a small boost in the direction of great hair, especially temporarily, with a great deal of time, effort, money, or all of the above. But by and large, each of us is working in a pretty small hair potential spectrum, 99% of which is determined by what our mamas gave us. (This is not a hair fact that we want to hear. Or a tip that it’s possible to take advantage of, since we can’t actually change our parents after the fact. But the reality is that 95% of us reading this very detailed Q&A could follow every single tip in this story, and it would accomplish just about nothing for us. For the 5% or less of you guys who have hair like this: congrats. This story was written specifically and solely for you. Use it in good health.)

    • I do think a lot of it has to do with what we are born with but all hair has potential! I used to think my hair was frizzy and problematic and that I was just destined for poofy-ness, but learning how to really embrace the GOOD parts of my texture was a game changer. I do think the genetic lottery plays a big role, but the spectrum is a little bigger than you think!

    • Lucille

      I hear what you’re saying, but I think this also has to do with what we consider “great hair”. These types of pieces are super interesting (and is basically the entire premise of Into the Gloss), but of course they are not prescriptive. If your hair is similar, cool. If your hair isn’t, maybe there are tips for you in this. Maybe you need to figure out what styles/routines make you feel like you have great hair. Thin and wispy? Maybe super slick buns are your “great hair” look. I refuse to buy into the “5% of people have good hair and the rest of us are just buying shit that won’t help us” narrative. Sure, commercial beauty is definitely tricking us into seeing certain styles as more desirable than others, but my biggest pop culture hair moment continues to be bald/buzzed a la Natalie Portman post- V for Vendetta and Paola of the blog Finding Paola. Plus don’t even get me started on internalizing all the crazy negative shit about black women’s hair including relaxers, perms, and being legally forced to wear head wraps. So… do what makes you feel good, boo.

      • Yes, it is amazing and sad to me how many women believe there is only one kind of “good hair.” I hear this a lot from curly haired women who seem to idolize the idea of straight hair and believe they only look pretty when they attack themselves with a flat iron.

    • Haley Nahman

      For what it’s worth, Amelia always insists she doesn’t do anything special and that she’s worried people will be disappointed there is no secret to it! I forced her to answer my questions due to popular demand.

  • Kaylan Waterman

    “I do not like cool fashion hair.” Best line of this interview. Your hair is an iconic wonder, girl! Thanks for sharing.
    Love the volume-y 80’s glam too! Especially since rebellious natural curls and unstoppable thickness is my lot too! For better and for worse.

  • Morgan Rhe Tadlock

    I have pretty good hair and I’m currently growing it out to basically look like yours. Do you only have it layered in the front? Also, what’s your bun technique for night time because mine never seems to look right in the morning. So important!!

  • Love the hair color! It’s done so well!


  • Leah Kate White

    Dying to have a “mane” of my own, however hideous impatience and a lack of vigilance in trimming always lead to a big chop.
    Which isn’t the worst, since short hair suits me, but man, oh man, do i wish my hair could grow 2 ft overnight, (almost down to my shoulders now, ugh)

  • Ciccollina

    Excuse me Amelia! I remember your article about having junk food hair and I was SO JEALOUS. I spend basically my entire life trying to get my hair to behave. Such envy!

  • Hannah Thiessen

    I recently tried a salt scrub (intended for face and body) on my scalp. I mixed it with some Indian Healing Clay, (you know, the stuff in the sketchy plastic tub) and shampoo. I shampood again, conditioned excessively, and slept on it. I woke up with amazing volume minus the gross *product-y* feeling. I highly recommend.

    • Basil

      I tried this last night (I didn’t have the mask, so just did the scrub and a cleansing shampoo – read, not my normal one).
      It was great! Going to defo do again. My roots are my lifted and my scalp tingly

  • Basil

    So to clarify – do you use all the styling products you mention above in one go (sea salt spray etc etc) or you tailor it to what you want your hair to do? I mean, this is kind of a pointless question for me as my hair is super fine so is NOTHING like yours, but I need to know.

    Also – your Dad also needs his own fan club, not just your hair

    • me

      Agreed! I totally love Dad Diamond: I want him to adopt me.

  • Sandra Guedes


  • Sandra Guedes

    What color they use in your balayage?

  • young preeezy

    Not to steal ALL your secrets, but I’m also curious to know where you got your lovely bracelets??

  • Camille Acey

    Thanks for this. I am a black woman with thick coily hair that I love. But I also ADORE Amelia’s hair!

  • Hannah Cole

    I used to have Amelia hair and then chopped it off! Now I’m praying for fast growth and luscious locks all over again.
    Confirmed that the knots are worth it

  • Late to this but two thumbs up to this interview. My hair is similar in length and texture to yours and I was wondering about how much you shed?? (because I do ALL THE TIME and occasionally it begets a freak out)