How to Make Wicker the Star of Your Summer Wardrobe

Ready to be in a good mood?


Stylist Calvy Click got into wicker back when the Jane Birkin-lovefest began to grow on social. That IG-infamous wicker basket she wore as a purse started to trend, and Calvy got the bug as all bugs happen: against her will. She ordered one on Etsy (“Baaaaaahhh,” she emailed me when I asked what prompted her idea for this shoot, “because I’m a fashion sheep like that sometimes. Ugh I know”), but when her bag arrived, rather than feel like the dreaded everyone else, she started to think about how good style means taking something and making it your own, which kicked off “a full-blown wicker obsession.”

Wicker is perfect for for the final bits of spring that peter out into hot, hot summer. (Have you been outside today? Lordy and hello sunshine.) Wicker is light, playful, reminiscent of a picnic basket or a beach tote without being too pack-a-lunch, or too where’s-the-ocean, and this season, the material isn’t just relegated to predictable shapes. So why not blow said full-blown obsession out even further?

With photographer Tory Rust behind the lens — who chose Coney Island as a playground for the wicker to run wild and free, Click put her dreams of woven-twigs together. If this doesn’t get you pumped to play mental hookie, I don’t know what will.

Photos by Tory Rust @toryrust, styled by Calvy Click, modeled by Olantha Moran @olanthamoran of Fenton Models & Maja Brodin @majabrodin of The Society Management, casting by Eric Cano @cano_castings, makeup by Tony Tulve @ttulvemakeup, hair by Jenni Wimmerstedt @ivainane.

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  • Teresa

    Those G. Vitera bags are my favorites, but where can I find them for myself? I tried googling but no luck!

    • Gaby

      Hi Teresa! Thanks for the love <3
      You can find our bags at our website 🙂

      • Teresa

        Thank you!!!!

  • Hilary

    THESE PHOTOS !!!!!!

  • Natty

    this shoot is SO GOOD… bravo ladies

  • Sonia

    Photo 17: Hello Kirsten Dunst in DICK!

  • Inaat

    Love every single one with pompoms! Need one

  • Omg love this shoot!! It’s been in the 80s and 90s at where I live for the last month…desperately needed some outfit inspo!!

  • Kay Nguyen

    Wicker bags are everywhere now and I’m so in love! But it’s so hard to find one that’s not that popular but looks good since well… everybody has a wicker bag now…

  • Maggie Lanham

    Each outfit from this shoot had me click on to shop at least one piece. Loved it all! The colors, shapes, textures – really, really well done. I’m also pumped to follow Calvy, too! She’s amazing. MR continues to be inspiring!


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  • SL

    I really dont like the new lay-out 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • kay

    i loooove these outfits!!!! but having trouble with the clothes credits in the slideshow. they aren’t showing up except for the first pic, both mobile and regular site.

  • Christelle

    What is the bag on slide no.8 ?