Scrunchies are BACK (Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw)

2017 is basically 1989

FeatureImage Harling Market Report Scrunchie May 2017 Man Repeller

Here is a true statement completely deserving of your likely scorn: Until recently, I thought Carrie Bradshaw and I saw eye-to-eye in the fashion department. Sure, she pushes the envelope further than the average mailman and I’ve always been a little unsure of her cropped, white button-down plus belt look, but on the whole, I pretty much always see her and think, “Would wear! Correction: will wear.” But before I crack another self-deprecating joke about how I’m the first person to ever admire Carrie Bradshaw’s style and oh my goodness I am the! most! original!, let me stop myself right there and get to the meat of this story which is that LATELY I have found myself hankering to wear…a scrunchie.

(Requisite pause for dramatic effect).

Are you familiar with Carrie Bradshaw’s anti-scrunchie tirade, essentially the beginning of the end of her relationship with one Jack Berger? If not, please direct your attention to season six and thank me later.

At first I wasn’t sure where this hankering originated, so I started investigating. I Googled recent news hits for “scrunchies on the runway” and “scrunchies street style,” thinking maybe they made an appearance at fashion week this past February, thus freshly infiltrating my subconscious. Nope. The only somewhat relevant thing that came up was a New York Times article from 2014 entitled “The Scrunchie Grows Up,” which provides a smattering of proof that the scrunchie might be staging a comeback. But that was three years ago, and I’m pretty sure the scrunchie hasn’t come back. Yet.

Vogue US March 2017, taken by my baby in Japan 🌸 @theo123456 @voguemagazine

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What was the genesis of my scrunchie yearning? I found the answer tucked away the bookmarks folder of my Instagram, where I had previously saved a photo Frederikke Sofie posted of herself from the March 2017 edition of Vogue. She’s applying face lotion and her curly blonde hair is swooped up in a haphazard bun with (DUN DUN DUN DAAA): a scrunchie. And she looks so dang cool. Clearly my subconscious had registered this fact and planted the seed from which scrunchie cravings suddenly sprouted.

Magda Butrym dress, Mango jeans, Foundrae necklace, Lanvin heels, American Apparel scrunchie -- similar here

A mere two days after I made this discovery, we published a story on Man Repeller about the comeback of 2000s-era denim (things are always coming back, aren’t they?) by Pandora Sykes. In the accompanying photo editorial, Pandora wears a bright red scrunchie in her hair. She, like Frederikke, looks impeccably cool, and I would go so far as to attribute the nascence of her entire outfit’s it-factor to the rosy ring of elasticized fabric around her bun. My craving promptly thrupled in size.

Market Report Scrunchie May 2017 Man Repeller-5666

I ordered a two-pack of white scrunchies on Amazon that very evening — white because I liked the idea of wearing them with crisp, almost see-through white lace blouses and a dark, raw denim skirt and ballet flats or maybe espadrilles and a swipe of lip gloss (which is also coming back, I think), plus a little black cardigan if it’s chilly. And there’s my summer 2017 lewk! So glad that’s settled. Scrunchies, take the wheel.

Feature image by Edith Young.

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  • Hayley

    Scrunchies are definitely back (because I recently bought a plethora of velvet ones and because I say so AND BECAUSE YOU SAY SO TOO).

    • Lindsay D

      I call it my “party scrunchie” I always think of Elaine Benes when I wear mine. <3

      • Harling Ross

        Elaine vs. Carrie scrunchie showdown is a TV crossover episode i can get behind

  • Now I want some, too. Good thing my hair is a bit longer these days 🙂

  • Lmao “scrunchies take the wheel” why not?? I think you sold me, Harling. Off to Etsy I gooooo…

  • And here is how to make them by yourself:

  • tmm16
    • Harling Ross


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  • Kay Nguyen

    I always think they look not bad but now it feels like they just got an upgrade and I need to buy some for myself <3

  • V. happy to read this since I just bought a soft grey scrunchie <3

  • Meg S

    I never left the scrunchie behind. Elastics break my hair so I don’t use them. But scrunchies. Scrunchies are great.

  • Anni

    YESS! I lowkey “curl” my hair for the day by sleeping with my hair pulled up in a messy bun and the scrunchy is the best way to keep my hair secure and all twisted/bedhead without hurting like hell in the morning.

  • T-Fierce

    Bought a scrunchie for an 80’s mixer in college. Haven’t stopped wearing it to bed since. Maybe it needs to see the light of day…

    • Harling Ross

      IT DOES

  • Leandra Medine

    well done.

    • Harling Ross

      just doing my part!

  • MerBearStare

    I’m sorry.
    I can’t.
    Don’t hate me.

    • Harling Ross

      could never hate you after this comment

  • Lovisa

    Can this be true? Are people in Sweden actually ahead of New York fashion?? This second wave scrunchie trend cropped up in Stockholm in 2014 or something and now it feels like I’m the only one still wearing one here (because it does nearly no damage to my hair!!!! And it’s cute!!!!!!). This article gives me a good reason to keep wearing it, though, so thanks for that.

  • I have been wearing scrunchies since my hair grew long enough to wear a scrunchie (so, like when I was 2 years old, so it was 1994). I never stopped liking them 🙂 Always thought they were cute. PLUS they are gentle, they don’t cause as much breakage to hair as regular hair ties.
    Basically when scrunchies were “out of style” I never cared. Weird, because for basically everything else I’m kind of influenceable fashion-wise.

  • Selena Leigh

    Thank you for the links! Have been trying to find the perfect velvet scrunchies but no one else is ahead of the curves yet and I couldn’t find any!

  • Jadorezrg

    This thrills me! I have thick wavy frizz- prone hair, so I flat iron it 2 to 3 times a week. At bedtime I put my hair in a high, messy loose bun with a scrunchie. Been doing this for the past 5 years, it doesn’t leave a dent in my hair and it saves my hair from heat damage because I just have to brush out my hair in the morning instead of flat ironing it again.

  • Rockprof

    Some trends that have died should stay dead. It’s a slippery slope from scrunchies to jacked-up, oversprayed bangs and a clip that looks like it was meant to keep a bag of potato chips closed. I will not be resurrecting the scrunchy, thank you very much.

  • sierraheidinger

    I’m in high school and I LOVE SCRUNCHIES!!!!! This girl wore one this week, some were skeptics, some were unsure, but I tried them . I went home and showered through my mom’s stuff, and sure enough, I found some. Absolutely LOVE. You can dress them up or dress them down, either way, extremely comfy!!

  • Martiono

    Hi, you can buy it at

  • Christine Dyson

    And I love scrunchies because they are really easy to make x

  • Eve

    Since when scrunchies went out of style. Everywhere I go for years been seeing it on all type of ages, especially on children. When you enter any cosmetic stores, they’re on display. I’m confused.