How I’m Paying for Laser Hair-Removal (Even Though I Can’t Really Afford It)

I’ve got this down to a science called denial


Everyone always says to me, “Amelia, you are so lucky that your is hair so thick. You’re like a horse.” I accept the compliment and smile because yes, I am lucky. This equine mane not only allows me to bond with wild mustangs, it also retains the scent of every restaurant I’ve ever been in. More than anything, it means I hit the jackpot with fat-follicle’d parents. But no good gene ever goes unpunished. For every superfluous strand that grows on my head, at least three sprout on my legs.

I am always shaving. When I’m not shaving, I’m complaining about how I need to shave. Where I don’t shave, I wax, which means I’m in a constant state of dreading something. Both are imperfect solutions if you prefer to be as hairless as a tooth, as I do, and are worsened by a propensity for being lazy, which I am. Shaving leads to razor burn, ingrowns, 5 o’clock shadow, a debilitating fear of goosebumps and time spent in the shower that I just do not have. Waxing also leads to ingrowns, requires diligent scheduling and an awkward week of growth (thus defeating the whole “hairless” point, no?), plus it hurts. In all my years of waxing, it’s never not been brutal. The last time I got waxed, feet in the air and fury swirling though my body (at the woman ripping hair out of my skin, at myself for paying her to do this, at my inability to accept that my unique and individual physical manifestation of a human female includes hair in places other than the head, brow and eyelid), I decided to put an end to the torture and invest in some laser beams.

Laser hair-removal is blindingly expensive. It’s so expensive that a lot of places make you go in for a consultation to discuss the price, as though laser hair-removal were a long-term relationship breakup and estheticians “owed it to you” to “tell you to your face.” (I was recommended six sessions per area, not including touch-ups — we’ll get to the math in a second.) It works by using a heated laser to damage hair follicles which, over time, reduces growth. The laser targets hair pigment, so the general understanding is that the lighter your skin tone and the darker the hair, the better.* As a white cactus, this makes me an ideal candidate. If I could take a time machine back to 2001 to tell my younger self, “Girl, one day you will be thrilled your legs look like mayonnaise that black a cat rubbed up against,” I would. I wonder what the older me will wish she could come back and say to my current self about the amount of money I have spent so far in total.


After the following disclaimer, let’s talk numbers.

*No matter your skin tone or hair color, go in for a consultation. Different places will have different answers, different lasers, different recommendations. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Cosmetic Dermatologist, uses the LightSheer Desire Laser on his patients. The industry’s “Gold-Standard,” he says, “has been clinically proven to safely and effectively treat all skin types for both women and men.”

I’m just going off of what my esthetician repeats to me each and every time I see her. Each and every time.

Once it was decided that I’d go forward with this irresponsible financial decision, I prioritized which areas I’d laser first. While lasering, you’re to avoid sun exposure on the treated area. I’m a rule-follower, so this eliminated any hopes of doing legs until September, which meant armpits and my nether regions were up first. As I wrote above, I was recommended six sessions per area, five weeks apart. I began at the top of March and have an August graduation date.

Which leads us to the money convo.

Armpits, considered a small area, are the cheapest option: $55 for a single session; $279 for a package of six. Brazilian, a larger area, is $129 for a single session, $649 for a package of six. Legs, a giant area (?), which I’ll start from thigh to ankle in September because I am not one of those people who “doesn’t have to shave above the knee,” are $270 for a single session, $1,379 for a package of six.

They tell you about the single session (which doesn’t really help anyone, because who gets lasered just once?) to make you think you’re getting a deal. I committed to blasting the follicles of my armpits and my Brazilian topography into oblivion, which came out to $928 total.

Because the laser center where I go to have money singed off my bank account is as accommodating as my desperation will allow, they let me pay half that during session one, and half during second two. That’s $464 twice, spaced five weeks apart  — strategically planned with with rent and payday in mind.

Because I can’t handle a $464 hit twice in five weeks on body hair, emotionally, I split that up between two cards: debit and credit — $232 — and do the tip ($30 — because $928 divided by six sessions is $154.6) in cash.

Legs are going to be harder: $1,379 total for six sessions. Split twice, that’s $689.50, five to six weeks apart. That’s $344.75 on my debit, $344.75 on my credit card and a $45 cash tip if I do a full 20%. When September comes, that means saving an extra $225.5 for two months so as to not feel the burn. I don’t know if you remember my money diary, but that means I need to sit at home and not move for a week. To answer your other question, yes, I am still trying to become responsible, so here’s what I’ve given (or am working on giving) up:


Manicures: I can DIY them.

Haircuts: It’s almost the summer. This is the one area on my body (besides lids and brows) where I welcome hair growth.

Cabs: This is a work in lazy/late process but I, my friends, am doing a lot more walking.

Two or more drinks on weeknight dinners: I really only need one, if that.

No appetizers: Just eat the free bread.

Mid-day snacks: I’ll bring an apple instead and chug water. I don’t need a $5.00 kombucha.

Skipping workout classes: I get charged when I miss a class and used to suck up the loss. No more in the name of being slick like a baby seal.

Plus, I keep selling stuff from my closet.

I am probably the only person in this industry getting lasered who is actually paying for it full price. Many places offer press discounts. Some will offer free sessions if you’re reporting on the matter. Me? I’m writing about this because it’s the only thing I’m talking about to anyone who will listen. It is life-changing. I am obsessed. I didn’t have to shave my armpits until the middle of the fourth week after my first session, and that was just your usual day-old stubble.

That said, SATORI LASER ON 14TH STREET IN MANHATTAN, FEEL FREE TO THROW ME A BONE. Horse mane and eyebrows aside, I would like to enter summer 2018 as a fully hairless cat.

Illustration by Anna Hegarty.

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  • Mary

    Thank you for this! Informative and hilarious as always. How much does it hurt though?! I know that pain is the price of beauty but I’m such a wimp…as in sweating and teary-eyed during every Brazilian wax

    • Charlotte

      Every laser is different. I had an extremely painful one in the past. I’m now using a laser that is close to pain free (I would have to look up the name). And because I have such light skin they really crank up that thing haha (with my permission of course). Go in for a consult and ask if they can do a short test so you can feel it before committing to it. That way you can make a decision you feel comfortable with.

    • lateshift

      it hurt me a lot less than waxing, tbh

    • Amelia Diamond

      my pain tolerance is EMBARRASSINGLY LOW. here’s how low it is: when i get my hair washed at the hair salon, i have to give a head’s up to everyone that it hurts me beyond a normal level, because i turn into a psycho and start to tear up and spit venom. so i would say that lasering your hair off hurts LESS THAN getting your hair washed, if you have my head.

  • I enjoyed reading your experience regarding laser hair removal as well as your payment plan. Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World

  • gracesface

    Woah dude. This sounds hard core. Thanks for being so transparent and candid about it. Best of luck! *neeeeeiiiiiiigh*

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Lindsay D

    there is one right by my apartment. I did it about 5 years ago on my arms, DID NOT WORK AT ALL. I’m intrigued by these new lasers, I’m going for a consult

    • Amelia Diamond

      do it do it

  • Jay

    For my high school graduation gift, I asked for laser hair removal on my armpits and bikini. My dad: are you sure you don’t want a watch or something?? Me: It will pay for itself in 3 years!!

    Not only did it pay for itself in the cost of waxes and razors, it has immensely lessened the summer scaries and painful ingrowns. It’s also my FAVE topic of conversation in the summers and I never shut up about it because it’s amazing.

    • Maren Douglas

      Yes omg I asked for laser hair removal for Christmas gift last year from parents and honestly it is great.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I never shut up about it i get it!

  • Eleanor

    Amelia where do you sell your clothes?

    • Amelia Diamond

      beacon’s closet on 13th in nyc!

  • Ivana Markovic

    I did it few years ago twice (have stopped because I couldn’t afford it anymore), than did IPL twice in the meantime. The results are fascinating, although I did not make the full series. I did not do anything for couple of years and now I plan to buy Philips Lumea BRI956/00, IPL device to use at home. It has such a good reviews and it is priced several hundreds… I am convinced it is going to be a great investment

    • Amelia Diamond

      tell me about ipl !

  • Charlotte

    Haha! I’m reading this while waiting on my train after my 3rd laser hair removal session. MR timing is 🔮🔮🔮. (or should I say 13th after I did 10 almost a decade ago and it didn’t work. It is was torture. Cold packs that stung, a stress thingie in my hands and incredibly expensive – nothing compared to this). Technology however improves and my experiences now are very positive. Like Amelia I don’t have to shave and I still have 5 sessions to go – only the stubble (which I don’t because I’m curious to see how it grows and falls out during each session). Yes, it’s crazy expensive but with the hair that isn’t growing, my confidence is. It does mean that like Amelia I sold some clothes and other things too (hope the woman who bought my Chanel bag on Vestiaire is happy). But it’s worth it if you ask me. I would advise to do your research, read reviews about the place and always ask for a trial (they often do your arm pit) to see if you think it hurts. Invest in new razors every time (unless you are not treating that much areas of course) because a close shave will help the results. Do not use body lotion or anything that clogs your pores a day before. They forgot to tell me that at this salon but I remember that tip from last time.

    • Amelia Diamond

      No one told me the lotion thing actually so noted!!!

  • shayna gonsalves

    Legs are infinitely worse pain-wise than any other area. I could be done if I did it every 5 weeks but it’s more like every few months + after a shot or two of tequila. The things we do to ourselves!

    • Catseye Nebula

      Look up pain free laser options. There is no excuse to keep suffering with archaic tools!

      • Amelia Diamond


  • meme

    Oh the thick hair not only in my head thing is real. I so want this but I cannot justify the cost for now and I am also scared in ten years they say it’s bad for you.

  • jdc

    ” I wonder what the older me will wish she could come back and say to my current self about the amount of money I have spent so far in total.” – As someone who is on the other side of this equation, I suspect that the older you will continue to be delighted with this choice – IT’S LIFE-CHANGING! Some of the best money I’ve ever spent, and I wish I would have done it sooner.

    • lateshift

      +1000. This was seriously the best money I ever spent – and I’m including my college education and my first apartment in that. Yes, I’m serious.
      I used to spend hours each week on hair removal – which only left me smooth for like half a day, max, and was painful, and expensive, and never 100% effective. I’m now a 5-minute shower girl. I’m never worried that because I didn’t have 30 minutes to spend in the shower that morning, people can see (or feel) hair or razor burn or ingrowns. I used to have this crap on my mind all the time – especially in the summer – and now I can go WEEKS without thinking (or doing) a single thing about it…I always tell people who are pale with black horsehair like me to DO IT – you can’t realize how life-changing it is until after the fact, but as you say: it totally, totally is.

      • Amelia Diamond

        “I used to have this crap on my mind all the time ” that’s me

    • Amelia Diamond

      wahoooo! this whole comments section was so fun to read through. thanks everyone!

  • Catarina Oliveira

    Hi Amelia!
    My advise to you (because with those prices I think I would go bankrupt!) is to buy yourself a ticket to Porto and have your laser treatmente here because is SO much cheaper – to prove myself here are the prices - (the difference to € is not that much)
    It works & it’s worth the trip 😉

    • Ana Tavares

      Haha, I was going to say the same thing! I just got a sweet package of five laser sessions for €95 and I got to choose which area I wanted done. If I do decide to get extra sessions for a different area, it will only cost me €19 per session. Amelia, the answer is: Come to Portugal! 😉

      • Amelia Diamond

        Okay I’m on my way!!! (Seriously I went to Portugal for Thanksgiving and it was so beautiful, I would love to come back, lasers or not!)

    • Amelia Diamond


  • RazoRSnaKE

    The question shouldn’t be “How?” but “Why?”

    and the answer is

    “Because I am an idiot!”

    • lateshift

      “why” what? why are you posting here?
      wow, “idiot” seems a bit harsh – it’s important to love yourself. Good luck to you.

      • RazoRSnaKE

        I love myself three times a day.

        What about you?

  • Linda

    Hold your horses and google “Diamond touch laser hair removal”. I am just finishing my 6th session and I didn’t lose ANY of my limbs or organs in order to pay for them. There are also coupons on Groupon and it WORKED!!!!

    • ihaveacooch

      ugh i go back and forth on whether or not to do a groupon deal for laser. i’m glad you had a positive experience.

      • Linda

        Honestly I haven’t heard of anyone having a bad experience at that particular studio. They are not on Groupon anymore but you can find them on social living.

      • belladonna_16

        I did a Groupon for laser once. I got away with the deal (I think I had 2 sessions left), but the place did close without warning, and lots of people got screwed out of their money.

    • Kate

      haha Linda I literally just posted the same thing on here!! Sonia at Diamond Touch is THE BEST and also somehow magically one of the cheapest laser places in the city. I don’t know how she manages to have such low prices but it saved life/bank account that she does!

      • Amelia Diamond

        ok diamond touch it is! you guys are convincing me! I’m gonna do that for legs in the fall

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m going! You have all convinced me!

  • Sukie

    I get laser hair removal done every time I visit my parents in Korea. The prices somehow make me feel so much better about the exorbitant plane tickets, even though I’m spending money. Hear me out though: the price is $10 for 1 armpit session and $90 for 1 Brazilian session, or $30 for 5 armpit sessions, and $360 for 5 Brazilian sessions!

    • Amelia Diamond

      ok so looks like I need to go to Korea AND Brazil now!

  • Perhaps I should start saving. I’m in need of a solution to my STD-looking razor burn/ingrown problem in the bikini area. So frustrating!

    • Amelia Diamond

      the werst

  • Kat

    Just finished my sixth session on my legs – I live in Texas now so one must always be shorts ready since you can wear them year-round – and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. My appointments were spaced out every 7-8 weeks and after the second session I had hardly any regrowth already. Fair skin, dark, coarse hair. It was a total pain to shave (endless maneuvering, never smooth) and also wax (hair growing in a million directions) so lasering was the way to go! Best money I’ve ever spent!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Yvonne Dunlevie

    SATORI LASER ON 14TH STREET HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Tomomi if you are reading this, you know I love you!!!!!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      yvonne we should coordinate appts

  • Pandora Sykes

    God this is funny. I did not anticipate the joy I would derive from reading it. Favourite line: “hairless as a tooth” and, also, “I smile, because my hair retains the smell of every restaurant I have ever been to.” It’s almost a Roxanne Gay short story.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Man oh man do you know how to compliment a girl and make her world

  • Kristin

    I had my underarms and bikini done 7 years ago; and while I don’t regret it, I do now have hair regrowth–about 20 hairs in my underarms, none in the bikini–thin but still annoying. This has lead me to consider legs with a lifetime guarantee which is so absurdly expensive (I was quoted $175/mo for 18mo)—but I cannot decide if it’s more annoying to have to pay for more sessions later, or to like stop eating/buying stuff now.

    • Amelia Diamond

      it 7 years to grow back? see, i seriously don’t even mind spending the money just to have LESS. i hate prickles so much.

      • Kristin

        I think I just felt really let down by the promise of hair free– thinner is still so good. I feel inspired to pull the trigger on legs. Except summer…

  • JJPP

    There are several places in NYC now that are offering full-body packages, which are a DEAL. I recently bought the $1000 full-body, 6-session package at Laser Bar & Spa, which is near Penn Station. I’ve only been once so far, but they’re really nice, and thorough, and so far it’s been effective. (Per their website, they use the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser, in case anyone is curious.) I was referred by a couple of other friends who have gone there, and they’ve had good results. I’ve been other places in NYC and elsewhere that I’ve liked a lot too (and that have used less painful lasers — this one does sting), but as far as price, this is an amazing deal if you want to do your whole body.

    • Amelia Diamond

      wow ok I need to check this place out, that’s so much cheeper. and you’ve been/ you trust them?? i started going to satori because a reallyyyy hygiene-paranoid friend of mine had fully vetted this place before I started

      • JJPP

        I’ve been to them once, and several of my friends have gone there as well (more times than I have). Everyone has been happy with them. It’s not fancy, but they’re very professional.

  • belladonna_16

    If it makes you feel any better, laser used to be WAY more expensive (and even more painful!). I think I paid $500 for my pits, and that was a major deal at the time (maybe 8ish years ago). Money VERY well spent. Now I just use an epilator on the 10 hairs I have left every few weeks. My bikini was “half price” (I actually won a drawing at the laser place), and was also at least $500. And I have paid many hundreds to have my ‘stache and chin hairs burned into oblivion. I would love to have the back of my neck cleaned up, and my legs done, but I am not made of money (I am apparently mostly made of hair). So many places insist on only selling “packages” (paid in advance) and the owner of the last laser place I went ran off with everyone’s money, so I am not eager to sign up again. But I’m still an advocate of laser for hairy girls; it’s the only thing that really works (although still not perfectly).

    • Amelia Diamond

      “I am not made of money (I am apparently mostly made of hair). ” hahahah

  • Julissa

    I used to think I *wasn’t* one of those people who didn’t have to shave above the knee, and then I just stopped shaving above the knee and it’s fine! I’d love to laser the shit out of the bikini area, though. That shit sucks to shave.

    • Amelia Diamond

      amen. that shit sucks to shave

  • Lebanese Blonde

    Ok question re: bikini–is it less expensive to do just the bikini line and leave a solid several square inches of hair? Or is it the same Brazilian or no? Anyone know?

    • Kate

      i think it’s depends at each different laser place, but usually just bikini line is cheaper than full brazilian.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • emac

    Thank you for NOT saying laser is a permanent hair removal solution. I too am white as Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls, with super dark hair. I spent a ton of money on laser hair removal, and THEN discovered it isn’t permanent. This best-case candidate can tell you the hair came back, and it was not lighter in color or smaller in circumference. I’m now investing in electrolysis.

    • gaby

      Came back in full force? How long before this happened?!

      • TherapyCranes

        Full force within a year for me.

    • Amelia Diamond

      tell me about electrolysis > laser — I had it in my head that electrolysis was face-specific?

    • TherapyCranes

      My armpit hair came back in less than a year (and I’m also an ideal candidate), but my bikini line is lasting longer. So depressing after all the money and pain.

  • Erika Galan

    Amelia can you share the side effects (if any) ?!?!?
    A fellow white (and freckled) cacti

    • Amelia Diamond

      Seriously none for me. You’re not supposed to workout 24 hours after or go in the sun for two weeks after, and like I said, I’m a rule follower, so all’s been fine for me so far. A friend of mine got really irritated pits but it went away after a few days.

  • Kate

    I used to get terrible folliculitis (awful ingrown hairs which left me with dark spots all over) anytime I shaved my legs, so switching to laser was an absolute game changer for me. No more folliculitis and all my spots have pretty much all faded away now.

    For new york ladies looking for somewhere to go, I’ve been going to Diamond Touch Aesthetics (its on 7th ave near herald square). It’s much cheaper than what you would pay at a larger salon/spa, which made me skeptical about going there, but after doing my legs/bikini/upper lip, I can fully vouch for Sonia being amazing. If anyone wants to be a baby seal/hairless cat without going completely broke, I’d recommend this place by far.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Ok someone else recommended this place too, I’m gonna look into it

  • Rachel

    When I got lasered (for an even cheaper price in Midtown, if you can believe), they promised me during my consultation that I would be a smooth baby dolphin by the end. I am so happy to report that this indeed true. I am as smooth as baby dolphins come. I am also as pale and thick-haired as they come. This is about the only time in my life I have ever appreciated my pasty skin and Israeli hair.

    Here is the full story if you don’t believe me:

    • Amelia Diamond

      yay for dolphins!

  • Clea

    Yess this article!! Although I’m shocked at how expensive it is for you – I’m from Sydney and I pay $29 for 1 session of armpits and brazilian! I’ve had 4 sessions this time around and so much more impressed than my first foray several years ago – the miracles of tech advances.

    • Kelly

      Yes, I’m in Melbourne and got a package deal at a place near me $300 for 6 sessions, lower leg, brazilian and armpits…
      We also don’t have to tip!

      • Dropbear

        Oh my gosh! Where on earth is this? I’m in Melbourne and I’ve been looking for a good deal.

        • Amelia Diamond

          Can I come visit you guys in AUS?

        • Kelly

          DBB in Strathmore 🙂 She’s so good, really nice.
          I started back in Feb, so not sure if you can still get such a good deal. Obviously in Summer there is less people getting laser.

  • Rau

    Am I the only one who did it once and never came back because of how much it hurt?? I started accepting my bear-self so I didn’t have to go through that torture ever again.

    • Catseye Nebula

      But it doesn’t hurt! This is the new modern painless laser hair removal. Not the olden days of being zapped to death.

      • Tereza Lima

        Mine hurts too! What type of laser is yours, please?

        • Catseye Nebula

          Look for laserists using the Soprano laser. That’s what mine is using. I’d refer you but I’m in Canada and you’re probably not. It specifically should be labeled pain free or painless. The wand moves very fast and they use cool ultrasound gel to control the heat (which is where the pain comes from). It’s such a breeze compared to the old gun-style single zapping system. I think that’s why those old style places are on sites like groupon.

          • Charlotte

            Yes Soprano ICE! Doesn’t hurt at all.

          • Amelia Diamond


          • Tereza Lima

            Thanks a lot!

  • Kelly

    I started getting laser this year, I’m currently 4 out of six sessions down, and I don’t know why I waited so long to do it! Seriously, amazing. I’m trying to convince all my friends to do it. Worth laying down a bit of cash to be hairless.

    • Amelia Diamond

      everyone commenting who’s further along is making me feel so good about this decision!

  • Charlotte Ellens

    Yikes. Being an incredibly fair skinned brit with delightfully dark hair living in Australia, I heaaaar ya! I just started getting laser because I couldn’t deal with all this hair stress for one more year, and it has been magical. It is however, a lot cheaper, with sales often running at $9’s for underarms, and $36 for Brazilian and underarms. Maybe you just need to be yourself an ole holiday down under, literally and metaphorically laser wise, and save some of your hard earned pennies.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I think that’s a great idea

  • Madeline Hairfield

    Another option that I have personally used: Groupon and Living Social. They ALWAYS have deals on laser hair removal.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I don’t know WHY I DIDN’T CHECK THAT. do you think it’s too late? wonder if i find one if satori would retroactively apply..

  • Jenna Bruwer

    So I have also finally started laser hair removal (wondering what the HELL took me so long) – second session for bikini in the bag! My biggest stress, and our biggest bookclub discussion point, was, with regards to the bikini line, was how far do you go? With waxing I usually did the full hollywood and was prepared to do that for laser as well, and then the therapist blurted something in the line of “most clients leave a small patch cause they are worried about how it will look when they are old” – and now I am constantly worrying about my old lady labia. Another fair point of a friend of mine, was that she didn’t want her future daughters to see their hairless mother and worry that they don’t look the same. Life is full of stresses, man.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I actually, weirdly, thought about the daughter thing (which is creepy because that’s not even a distant future reality at all). I’ll deal with that then. but also, I’ve heard that the hormones from being pregnant make your hair grow back anyway.

      • It actually does! Two of my friends got laser before their marriage and the two got it back when they got pregnant, isn’t it “wasting money” in this case!? And should I jump for it because I now literally wasting my 20’s thinking about my 30’s!?

  • Ruth Castillo

    @amelia ….What about the at Home lasers? Would they work? Neiman Marcus sells one that I want to try but I have been reluctant to do so. It’s pricey but way cheaper than going to a laser center. Thoughts? Can you do a trial?

    • Amelia Diamond

      I actually have one and never used it – I don’t think they’re as strong? But yea, that would be a good story. Let me look into this.

      • Ruth Castillo


      • Bianca

        I have a The Philips Lumea bought for almost half the price on a Black Friday sale. It’s mush less strong than the salon lasers, but it works. The problem is that if it doesn’t cost you half a leg and an arm and it’s super easy to use, it will end up sitting in the drawer. I too am lazy, you see, sometimes very lazy. However I did use it a lot on my armpits and it works- now the hair is dramatically thinner and grows real slow. It saves money but you need discipline and time (about 1,5 hours every 10 days/ per session). But it saves money.

  • Hayley

    I did this to my bikini region last year and do not regret the expense, at all. You will love it. There is nothing better* than being able to put on a bikini bottom without having to consider the hair situation down there first.

    *there are plenty of better things but for the sake of this discussion, there are not.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Love the *

  • Mae

    Just throwing it out there, I recently got a Groupon for Cane + Austen on the UES for a year of unlimited laser on two areas for $150. I recommend! It’s been a great experience thus far.

    • Amelia Diamond


    • lilyelle

      unlimited!? and they have incredible reviews. thanks for the tip, I thought I’d be months away from laser buuuut I’m diving in 😀

  • nicholeNYC

    My husband asked me what I wanted I wanted for my big 3-0, I told him ‘laser hair removal’. He laughed and said, ‘no, really!’ I gripped his face and said, ‘no. REALLY.” I realized after my 8 (not 6!) sessions that I had wasted my 20s shaving. Lost years, friends! Best decision / investment ever!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Emily

    Seconding few others on this thread in recommending Sonia at Diamond Touch! Seriously the BEST. I’ve gone to a fancy dermatologist and Satori Laser … neither compare to Sonia in results/price! It feels like I’m somehow cheating because it’s such a good deal. I was nervous because I tend to believe you get what you pay for with cosmetic services, especially laser, but she is the real deal.

  • Mimi

    Erase Spa on 7th Ave is where it’s at.

  • Alisha

    but did it hurt? if so, more or less than a wax?

  • eye4style

    I did laser hair removal as well, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent on a beauty treatment. If you’re getting regular waxes, they’re wildly expensive (and miserable!!) anyway, so the sooner you do laser, the better off you are.

  • Brittany

    Love the commentary Amelia! I will echo all the people before me. ITS SO WORTH IT. Who needs kombucha anyways…

  • Daria Poletaeva

    Oh lucky me, while being temporary located in Baku (Azerbaijan) for work, I’ve decided to remove hair from those zones once and for all…and it cost only $50 per session for all three together.

  • Ella

    You know you can get those home machines right? Ive 8 sessions in from the nose down with the phillips one and it sounds like the results are the same but waaaayyy cheaper. Just takes a lot longer but you can touch it up at home if they start sproutin’ again.

    • sally

      agree, i am also made of hair and have had very good success using a BBB coupon to get a remington home laser version 3 years ago. i too echo the utter joy others report feeling, but i haven’t gone all the way w the bikini area, just enough for sweet sweet freedom. recommended to all who suffer from constant shaving/worries. it’s probably not big enough to tackle the legs unless you are super into it though. worth it for everything else.

  • katherine posey

    I go to Satori Laser on 14th Street and during my consultation they asked if I was a model, and of COURSE I said no but asked what the benefit would be, and it’s 30% off of all treatments — you just need a portfolio…

  • Hannah Gierosky

    I’ve been waxing my upper lip since I was 12 and have always wanted to get laser hair removal on that area. To never have to worry about it again would be such a luxury!

    Also, I just got my first bikini wax and I can SO relate to “feet in the air and fury swirling though my body.” Why do we do this to ourselves??

  • TRS

    Girls, from a sister that discovered LHR one year ago, and who managed to keep her a*s, jello white, while living in the Dubai desert, can we talk about the pain though?
    Could anyone advice something for the “your smiling to me while my legs and Vgg* feels like it’s being dipped in hell” burning pain?
    I am in desperate needs of solutions as I have to drag myself to my sessions while having my mom cheering me up on the phone every 5 weeks!

    • doublecurl

      lidocaine numbing cream!!

  • Loraine de Sanctis

    I recently moved to FL from brooklyn which meant I had to start shaving EVEN more than before since it’s always hot here. And I am too one that can’t just not shave above the knee. I want to murder my 7th grade self who started taking that razor higher and higher above my knee. Anyway I started doing laser hair removal, full leg, underarms, and chin at 330 per session and it’s been fucking life changing (excuse my French) I can go almost a week without even touching the razor in the shower, hallelujah!! I used to dread beach vacations because I knew I would have to be shaving constantly and didn’t want to subject my poor husband to my cactus hair on my legs. Best investment I’ve ever made!

  • pamb

    Back in the day (6 yrs ago), I did 6 sessions of laser for the price of three through a Groupon. Actually, two Group;ons: a fancy salon for my underarms, a cheaper salon with a terrifying woman who always ran late for my bikini. Both did decently: I shave my underarms about every 10 days, and there are just random hairs. My bikini is also fine, but I’m an old married lady who doesn’t wear a bathing suit, so I just got it strictly for neatness’ sake.

    I recently took my teenaged daughter for her underarms, and the salon had us do the consultation first, and wouldn’t let us schedule an appointment until the following week. Why? I have no idea. It didn’t take as well, but I assume that’s because she’s so young. Lots of hormones running around!

  • Miss J

    I’ve started in March- bikini area, underarms, and half legs (below the knee). If I wasn’t blond, I’d do full body, but the laser doesn’t work on my thighs, knees, or arms. My mother has done her entire legs 7 years ago, and she said it changed her life. Now for maintenance, she just has to do 1-2 treatments per year (after 7 years!). The problem is, when you’re dirty blonde, and don’t have dark hair or aren’t by definition hairy, the laser treatments don’t work as perfectly as you’d expect in the first place. That’s just my disappointment with them, but for me, even the fact that I’d have to shave those areas less frequently, and only have to wax my arms is money well spent.

  • Sarah

    Hey girl, come over to our clinic in Toronto, and we’ll hook you up with complimentary LHR for press 😉

  • Lol that one was very funny indeed Amelia.
    I loved the idea of it tho.

  • There is cheap Laser Hair Removal Spa located in Houston too by the name of Blair Med Spa.
    Quite a place with excellent services. I, myself went there to experience the fun. They give you a full consultation before touching a thing and tell you exactly how much it is going to cost before you begin. It cost me minimal. You can also check out: Hope this helps. Cheers girls =)

  • Emma Igaune

    I tried doing laser hair removal for my armpits – did not work for me. After a while my black just grew back out (also very coarse hair – I mean I’m from Northern Europe but if you look at my body, you’d think I was an Italian man in a previous life). I even bought one for at-home use – so I could save more money (not really time, because man, it takes 45 minutes to do just one leg)
    Anyway, do you have any experience with electrolysis, I’ve been reading like a mad woman, came across this ( and now I’m starting to comprehend the difference between the both methods – which is that electrolysis is the ONLY permanent hair removal method.

    Maybe anyone here has experience/advice if it actually works better than laser hair removal?

  • Christina

    I think, finding the right cosmetologist and good outfit is a key thing. I waxed every month for more than 10 years and it costed more than 6 laser procedures do. At last this autumn I have passed the procedure of laser epilation. Yea, it s rather expensive but several procedures alowed me to get rid of odd hairs, forever, I hope. Don t believe those who say that is painful. My cosmetologist works with the new device 1S PRO from Innovatione. I think, it is the best investment in my life.

  • Aleda

    Laser epilation is really a very effective way to remove hairs. But I’m “lucky” to have light thick hair all over my body. I tried lasering 3 years ago, but there was no effect after 2 procedures and my cosmetologist said that laser epilation wouldn’t help me. I thought that I will have to wax for the whole of my life, but a half year ago I tried 1S PRO. I was amazed that the hairs began to disappear. I have passed 3 procedures already and I’m happy with the result.

    • Cris

      I think, finding the right cosmetologist and good outfit is a key thing. I waxed every month for more than 10 years and it costed more than 6 laser procedures do. At last this autumn I have passed the procedure of laser epilation. Yea, it s rather expensive but several procedures alowed me to get rid of odd hairs, forever, I hope. Don t believe those who say that is painful. My cosmetologist works with the new device 1S PRO from Innovatione. I think, it is the best investment in my life.

  • Holly Humphrey

    Wow that is so much more expensive than here in Australia….$90 for legs. And I had fantastic results immediately, but I will have 10 sessions spaced out over a year or so. I am SO happy I had it done after nearly 40 years of shaving 2-3 times a week amd sandpaper legs just 12 hours after shaving. I never tried waxing due to living in a hot climate…my legs are visible to the world 10 months of the year and having to let the hair grow back would have been a nightmare. Plus pain averse!

  • Ray L

    I bought a beauty parlor Iplaser Innovatione. All employees were remote training via Skype, difficulties with work arose. He’s so smart, making even self-diagnosis.The advantages which have already appreciated all is the fact that do not need gel, working up to sixth phototype, and consumables to him cheap.

  • Elen V.

    Before you buy this device for hair removal in your salon I was hesitant. but the price was tempting.. In fact, proved to be effective, some visitors missing 5 sessions to completely get rid of hair

  • Lara

    There was IPLASER hair removal. For 8 treatments, the hair growth on legs and underarms have almost disappeared, leaving only the light sparse hairs, now I go less frequently to consolidate the effect, I think then just do once a year is enough already to go

  • Christina

    I only go to 1S PRO to do hair removal. You have fair your hair? For long time you go there… I had 5 sessions, all))) No hair! Like the gel at first it was weird and scary to do, but turned out to be. So even better

  • Nguyen-Manh Linh

    How many different applications is have laser. I so far only used the laser depilation, by the way, the last time also went to 1S PRO Innovatione. But my skin is very sensitive and I have slight burning sensation is still felt, although such as irritation from the razor fortunately not.

  • Ella

    I bought a beauty parlor Iplaser Innovatione. All employees were remote training via Skype, difficulties with work arose. He’s so smart, making even self-diagnosis.The advantages which have already appreciated all is the fact that do not need gel, working up to sixth phototype, and consumables to him cheap.

    • Cat

      Before you buy this device for hair removal in your salon I was hesitant. but the price was tempting.. In fact, proved to be effective, some visitors missing 5 sessions to completely get rid of hair

  • 98Lusy

    Great review! Useful information for each girl. I myself left long ago epilator for ingrown hairs. Now after 1-2 years I spend procedure of laser hair removal on lower legs, underarms and bikini. He has already managed to visit five showrooms with different devices. Stopped in the end on the apparatus 1S PRO Innovatione. Why? Because it is not painful. Now waxing for me is no mean feat.